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SEO link building techniques to be used in 2014

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Many of us are trying to build social media prescence by content strategy, some use twitters some uses G+. But what if we get to know some strategy to build social presence over the web by using our regular link building strategies. Here we are sharing some of the ways how can regular link building programs help you in making social media presence.

PDF Submissions You can create PDF files for your business and submit to PDF submissions websites, earn you traffic for your websites. Sites like issu, yudu, Slideshare provide these facilities.

Infographics Submissions A regular user of the internet want to look for a catchy designing and images part. Beyong being catchy, it should be understandable to the users. Instead writing an article that takes a lot of time to read, understand and confuse readers, we can make a logical infographics which will help in visual represenattion of any topic we are trying to share with our users.

Creating Linkbait Linkbait, are those great contents and aticles on the web on which other sites willingly links to. These should not be bad thing, should be very informative and creative. It may be some controversial topic to genearte discusions. In this way people can link to these contents and topics and hence can earn links and thus popularity.

Competitors Analysis To use the best strategies and getting positive effects from search engines. Always be updated what your competitors are doing and what type of strategy they use for their on page and off page techniques. Try to get your prescence on different forums, blogs and social networking sites.

Implementing Q & A Questions and answers on websites are good techniques for getting traffic towards your websites. We can select these questionaires from the pages having good page rank. For this we should have written some controversial topic on our site or we can start controversial topics on these forums.

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Seo link building techniques for 2014 SEO company in india searcheccentric  

Searcheccentric- SEO Company in India. In the year 2014, lots of things have been changed. Google has drastically changed its search algorit...

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