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KATY PERRY Candy canes and cupcakes are a thing of the past.

Scouting for girls storm Guildhall! Portsmouth



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Photograph by Yu Tsai .

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November issue 2013




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COLLIDE Editorial



Hi there! I’m Sophie, the editor of Collide. This is the magazine that brings you the best from all your favourite music genres! We hope you enjoyed last months issue, this one is sure to be just as exciting. Full of features about your favourite bands including Enter Shikari, Katy Perry and Portsmouth based DJ, Sam Hatty as well as interviews and plenty of reviews, gossip and up-coming news. Find out the good, bad and the ugly about your most loved artists from interviews, full page features, reviews (we can be lethal!) and look out for Listening to System of a Down unreleased photos! Turn this sh*t off! Collide has everything you need to be constantly up to date with everything music related. Don’t forget to check out our website, ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @collidemag.

S.Hollister x All your alternative favourites are here:

For everything Rock, take a look at:

If you’re looking for Ska, check here:

For your Pop needs look no further than:

P.3 – Gig guide P.6/7 – Where to tune in… P.8/9 – An up close and personal interview with Pointed Fingers P.23 – Alternative singles Review! P. 28 - Biu Rainey Profile

P. 3 –Gig guide P.6/7 – Where to tune in… P.10 – Rock club review P.16/17 – Enter Shikari Review from Warped Tour 2013 P.20 – Rock singles Review! P. 26/27– Which is better Rock or Pop?!

P.3 – Gig guide for Novemeber/December P.6/7– Where to tune in… the best radio stations to suit you! P.12/13 – An interview with DJ Hatty, Portsmouth based DJ P.22 – Ska-Punk singlesReview

P. 3 –Gig guide P.6/7– Where to tune in… P.11 - Scouting For Girls Gig Feature P. 14/15 – Katy Perry Prism Review P. 19 – Lady Gaga Artpop Review P. 21 – Pop Review! P. 26/27 – Which is better Rock or Pop?!

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COLLIDE Listings



DREADZONE Photo credit: Tony Woolgar

One of the country’s top reggae and dub acts is coming to Portsmouth as part of their Escapades tour

22nd Nov Eastney Cellars 7.30pm £9.75

Expect: Packed room with happy bouncing people

Photo credit: TAlfa Garcia

PAPER AEROPLANES The Welsh folk duo add another date to their much awaited 2013/14 tour due to high demand

26th Nov Wedgewood Rooms 8pm £15

Photo credit: Kmeron

Expect: Teary audience and jaw-dropping vocals

PAPA ROACH The explosive rock gods add another tour to their long list of success and prove they are still going strong

1st Dec Pyramids 7.30pm £17

THE DARKNESS 6th Dec Pyramids 7.30pm £28.05

The unique glam-rock pop band are back with a bang in the beginning of thier three-month tour

Photo credit: JJ Cau

Expect: Mental mosh pits and head banging

Expect: Outrageous outfits on stage and in the crowd


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09/12/2013 16:24




Bringing you the news, our reviews and gossip picks for the month

grammy nominees! The 56th Grammy Award’s will be held on January 26 2014 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles and nominations were released this week. Jay Z is leading the way with 9 possible wins including best Rap Album. Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis were nominated for 7 awards each, also possible big winners. Nominees for Song of the Year are ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by Pink, ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ from Bruno Mars, ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry, ‘Royals’ by newcomer, Lorde and finally ‘Same Love’ by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert. Record of the Year is one of the toughest categories with Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ up against Lorde’s ‘Royals’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, ‘Get lucky’ from Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams and last but not least the hugely controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke featuring T.I and Pharrell Williams (a song I think should get no recognition, regardless of it’s wonderfully catchy dance beat). SOPHIE HOLLISTER

LESS THAN JAY-KE? Ska punk band Less Than Jake have announced a 2014 tour, which is always something to get excited about. But more importantly they’ll be coming to Portsmouth! I have been waiting for this moment for a good 2 years and now the time is finally upon us. There has been some scandal recently about band member Chris Demakes, and a certain ‘boyfriend’ called Jay (Ironically). If he is gay then good on him! It doesn’t detract from the music at all, plus it’s the 21st century, as Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a-changing” and rightly so. Now the gossips out of the way, I want to gush over their album “see the light” which is AMAZING. Absolutely brilliant stuff if you’re into the ska punk sound. I would urge you all to listen to their album! It gets four stars from me! VICKY CASTLE

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Reader’s picks:

Want to share NEW MUSIC with COLLIDE readers? Send your name, Band and song to abis news page.indd 2

BIG BANG Big Bang are a south korean hip hop/ pop band who are really popular in Japan at the moment. I love this band so much! I think all COLLIDE readers will love them! Kennedy Richards, 24

09/12/2013 16:19

HERE’S TWO 50 SHADES OF Calvin Harris has bagged this week’s number 1 spot with “under control”, knocking Lily Allen down to number two. The DJ paired with Alesso and Hurt’s frontman Theo Hutchcraft to record this incredibly upbeat song that has secured his ninth top ten single, the first time this has ever been done. Calvin Harris is my pick alternative pick of the month for this achievement, but ALSO because there is a rumour flying around that his girlfriend, music artist Rita Ora, is to star in the film 50 shades of grey! If this is true, if makes me wonder if Calvin Harris will make a cameo appearance? This would certainly be a first for the highest paid DJ. Or perhaps he may make a soundtrack for the movie? I’m thinking rather than “Here’s 2 China” and more “Here’s 2 50 shades of grey. . .”

want to buy the album’s?

Justin Bieber’s new album Download on Itunes for £9.99

BLACK TIDE ARE BACK! After a two year Hiatus, I’m happy to finally be able to say that BLACK TIDE ARE BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM! This news comes after Gabriel Garcia, frontman of the band, confirmed the rumours on twitter last week. This band is one of my favourites ever, I love their classic 80s rock vibe with heavy metal elements. I actually managed to speak to bassist Alex Spencer, who said we could sit down for an interview sometime soon, so keep an eye out for the next issue guys. The band has released just one song from the forthcoming album entitled “Bury me” and it’s really good. It’s a little different from their previous album, slightly more heavy, more complicated solos, but I don’t mind. They’re a young band and growth is always a good thing, I very much look forward to listening to the whole album.

Less Than Jake’s “see the light” available on spotify and Itunes for £6.97 Now

Calvin Harris “18 months’ Available on iTunes £8.99



RY X is an australian indie singer that all the alternative lovers out there would love. His album No.18 is one of the best I’ve listened to in a long time. Check them out! Shirley Ahura, 19

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Black Tide’s “BURY ME” available on iTunes and £7.99

09/12/2013 16:19


These Pompey radio stations prove that radio isn’t dead and it’s still worth tuning in. Check out our review to choose the best one for you

106.8 and 106.4 When they say ‘varied playlist’, they actually mean it. Jack FM play classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Live hosting is quirky, original and a bit edgy and you definitely won’t hear the same song twice in a day—or even a week.

Online only Everyone scoffs at student radio but Pure FM has something for everyone. Confident, eager, enthusiastic hosting plus great tunes. They have a variety of shows to suit all music tastes and all of this is done purely out of love.

96.4 and 105.2 Despite being pretty difficult to find, the wave are great when you get there. First for local news, playing tunes that are not just old school, they’re greatly missed and defining the fine line between nostalgia and classic. Shame they’re plagued by rubbish local adverts.

Expect: Epic old school hits and to say ‘oh I love this song’, or ‘this is a choon!’

Expect: Slight technical hiccups but fantastic hosting and the most eclectic playlist available on the air.

Expect: A wild goose chase to tune in but great hosting and retro songs if you get there.

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09/12/2013 16:19

Photo credit: Wikicommons

WOW! I’m deleting my iTunes

Will tune my car radio in

Happy to have this on at work

Umm, can we change it soon?

ARGH! Please just turn it off

Fearne Cotton in the early days

96.7 and 96.5 We love a bit of cheese and since Heart is known for overplaying the classics (and little else) it’s a great station to tune into while you’re on that thank-god-its-nearly-Friday drive home. Best to avoid this one if you’re getting ready for a big night out.

96.7 and 103.6 The best radio for sports, in particular, Pompey FC fans. Great shows and commentary. But in terms of music the playlists are outdated and the chart shows are past-it. Not old enough to be considered classics but old enough to be ‘so last month.’

96.1 and 103.8 If you need to know whats going on all around Hampshire, this station provides fantastic up-to-date news, regional and national. Presenters are a bit dull and it’s not the number one channel for chart toppers so if you’re looking for what’s hot, look elsewhere.

Expect: Cliff Richard, 90’s classics and those tear jerking Celine Dion songs that your Mum has on repeat.

Expect: Sport lover’s football highlights and last years Now That’s What I Call music on repeat.

Expect: annoying one hit wonders and prepare for momentary nostalgia becoming irritating pretty quick. Page 7

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From left to right: James H, Joe, Micheal & Chalky

This month, Collide introduce four British rockers,The Pointed Fingers. The boys, Joe, James, Micheal and James H, all hail from the East end of London, Walthamstow, and were spotted by our team at Brixton Academy, supporting Carl Barat who has graced our pages many a time. These Londoners earned their place in this month’s edition as we really dug their classic British rock sound tinted with bluesy basslines, reminscient of the one and only B.B King. They have a fresh new sound that we think you guys would all love! we met up with The Pointed Fingers who turned out to be one of the most humble and nicest guys we’ve interviewed to date, a welcome surprise in an industry full of high balling rock and rollers. We managed to drag them away from gigging and ask a few questions. Here’s what they had to say to our very own Abi Bashorun:

So, do you guys wanna introduce yourselves? Joe: I’m Joe and I’m the lead vocalist. Micheal: I’m micheal, it’s pronounced Me-hall, don’t ask, it’s Irish. I’m on the drums. James H: I’m james and I play the guitar as well as the group’s sexy mascot *he winks*. Chalky: My names James too, the better one I’ll add. But people call me Chalky. So, The Pointed Fingers,How did you come up with that? Chalky: It’s a visual name, pointed fingers are meant to be the opposite of the peace sign. Micheal: Not that we don’t want peace or anything but. . . Chalky: We wanted to be cool. Micheal: That’s really selling us Chalky. Joe: Yeah, this isn’t really selling us very well haha. It’s meant to be ironic. Sort of like flicking the V? Not to be confused with bean, that would be crude. . .

How do you all know each other and when did you form? Micheal: we all went to the secondary school, and we’ve been friends since year 7. We’re all 20-21 now so we’ve known each other for quite a while. Aren’t you all so lucky to have spent so much time with me? James: No. . . Micheal: Yes. We’d all been playing guitar since about 11, but it was only a couple years ago we decided to join together and start a band. We had to persuade Chalky a bit, him being the smart one and wanting to go uni. Chalky: well, it worked guys. Who’s the most annoying? Chalky: That depends on how many drinks we’ve all had laughs Joe: I think everyone would say me, I’m a mess once I’ve had a few in me. Chalky: I don’t know, I reckon Micheal could give you a run for your money. . . Micheal: You’re a c***. Joe is! He’s a mess


abis pointed fingers final.indd 12

09/12/2013 16:37

Micheal: Maybe if you had better swag Chalk. . . Chalky: You’re a c*** Micheal. Firstly I would like to point out that my clothes are not synonymous to my sex life. . . Or should I say lack of sex life haha I’m in a band now, and I’m touring with Carl Barat, I’m a P**** Magnet. James: This is why you don’t get laid. This is definitely a first for Collide. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen!


album artwork

You mentioned Carl Barat, what’s touring with him been like? Joe: It’s pretty sick, I’m having a f****** blast. I’ve suddenly become more attractive to girls, I can’t complain. Micheal: we’re really enjoying it. It’s actually quite surreal, growing up we used to listen to The Libertines, and we used to play their songs, now we’re touring with one of the members, It’s crazy. Definitly Crazy. James: Carl’s a really great guy, and we love getting up on stage and performing to the crowd. His fans are


Do you write your own songs? Joe: Micheal writes all the songs, he’s all fucked up, Hidden depths and all that Micheal: I am not fucked up! I do write all the songs, whatever I’m feeling at any given moment, I just try and put it on paper. Chalky: You are a little fucked micheal James: You’re a lot fucked. He’s fucked. How would you describe your sound? James: we’re a bit alternative. A mix of old school riffs like Pwtera and metallica, with a very British rock sound. Think, the clash meets Metallica with a hint of artctic monkeys. We’ve got to ask Chalky, what’s with the backpack in all pictures? Micheal: Haha yes! Please answer this Chalky, it’s no wonder you’re still a virgin! Chalky: Micheal! seriously! Joe: Well the cat’s out the bag now haha!

Finally, what’s next for you boys? What can we expect from The Pointed Fingers? Chalky: We have our self titled album coming out next month and it includes the songs we’ve been playing on tour like Judas, Richer than Rich and all but poets. It’s definitely worth checking out. Micheal: We’ll also be gigging on our own soon after the tour, so watch this space!


Exclusive pictures of a photoshoot taken in Shoreditch London for EP.





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“ Thekla was the best rock night I’ve ever had. Portsmouth has some catching up to do ” Since being the one who loves Rock out of my friendship group, I find it hard to find decent places to go for a night out. Tiger Tiger has been the closest to success in pleasing both me and my friends since being in Portsmouth, with their alternative room playing bands such as Linkin Park, All American Regrets and Blink 182. It’s fine that they love a bit of 80’s and often drag me in PopWorld, they do play some of my guilty pleasures, you know… “Boom boom boom, I want you in my room.” PopWorld even used to do a Rock Saturday, but me and Sophie walked into to hear the Sex Pistols and walked straight back out. When Sophie turned 20, she thought it would be a great idea to show me Thekla in Bristol on a Thursday which was its rock night. I remember walked towards the boat (cool right) and thinking, my friends aren’t going to enjoy this at all. “Stop being silly and enjoy it” I remember Sophie saying to me. We walked in, went to the top room and got some awesome cheap drinks, which instantly put us in a good mood. Then on came Green Day, American idiot, a song that everyone knows, even Sophie knew some of the words. The room was small, with the bar in the corner and the DJ set in the middle of the room with the dance floor in front. Everyone was dressed down, jeans, band t-shirt, hoodies, vans, this was my perfect place to sit and enjoy. As we sat down at a round table, I told Julie how amazing it would be if the DJ would play Enter Shikari. I contemplated getting up and asking but was far too shy. As the night went on, many drinks and laughs were had, we were dancing to Sum 41, in too deep and having a great time. When suddenly, I hear the familiar intro

from Sorry You’re Not A Winner by Enter Shikari, I lost it, I shook Julie and screamed “Oh my f**king god he’s playing SHIKARI!” Totally forgetting about my white top and the red drink I was holding. As the famous 3 claps in the song come up, I was thinking, no one will know this, and then the whole room clapped along with me. A small mosh pit started and my mind was blown, a mosh pit in a club! This was my perfect night out. Over the course of the night, Slipknot, System of A Down, Korn, Panic At The Disco and many more bands were played. My friends at that point had gone down stairs to Alternative room, as I stayed upstairs talking to random people, making new friends based on music taste alone. This is why Portsmouth needs a good rock night, Skye Bar has started doing a Rock Friday, but when I went, there were only a few groups in there, and it was more “screamo” than rock. Skye bars rock night will either flourish into the amazing boat that was Thekla or fail like PopWorld. Thekla was the best rock night I’ve ever had, Portsmouth has some catching up to do. Page 10

thekla .indd 1

10/12/2013 14:00

COLLIDE Opinion Scouting For Girls

“It was incredible to watch the audience’s reaction, a crazed frenzy of excitement” Excited screaming filled the Portsmouth Guildhall on November 11 as Scouting For Girls took to the stage. After being truly warmed up by Lovable Rouges as the support band everyone was buzzing for the boys to start. A classic opening with ‘Heartbeat’, it was a flashback to 2008 and everybody knew it. Singing and dancing along, it was the only way to open the set and boy did they! Giving some details about the inspirations for each song, it was an insight into the chart topping hits that clearly everyone in the room was an avid fan of. It’s easy to see how far the guys have come since playing at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth back in 2008, when they first started out. Scouting For Girls have been around for 5 years (it strangely seems longer, maybe I’m just getting old) and have over 2 million record sales. With their new “greatest hits” album release back in July, it could pose the question as to whether this is the end of the indie/pop band from London. It has been rumoured however that this may be their last tour (possibly ever) as they go back to singing and writing together for fun – the way they first began. The gig itself was hugely popular with 16-25 year olds, presumably the crowd that grew up with them and their excitement has clearly never faltered. Being one of the oldest there it meant that the queue for the bar moved rather swiftly, a plus at any gig in my book! Playing most of the tracks from their greatest hits album including ‘She’s So Lovely’, ‘I Wish I Was James

Bond’ and their newest single, ‘Millionaire’ which of course had the whole room dancing around with tenacious enthusiasm. The cutesy romanic lyrics such as “you make me feel like I’m a millionaire/the moment I set my eyes on you girl /I’m like the richest guy in the world” had the crowd singing along, much to the bands obvious delight. Possibly the most memorable moment of the show was when Roy (the one you’d recgonise) appeared on the balcony and sang with fans from there. It was incredible to watch the audience’s reaction, a crazed frenzy of excitement. Throughout the show it was more than clear that the band were having just as much fun as the rest of us watching, and they relished in the joyful atmosphere, making the most of everyone singing and dancing along. The 11 date tour started in Norwich on November 10 before coming to Portsmouth and ending in Liverpool on November 24. Although rumours of their last tour, don’t lose hope of ever seeing them - keep an eye out for next year! Until then however, enjoy their latest Greatest Hits album but don’t forget their classics! Page 11

Scouting for Girls copy.indd 1

09/12/2013 15:11

COLLIDE Interview Photo credit: Delight Alt Night

DJ Sam Hatty playing all the alternative anthems for Pure Delight, Astoria Mondays

DJ SAM HATTY I caught up with Portsmouth’s hottest alternative DJ to find out how, where and when this city rocks When someone says they are a local DJ, you usually assume that they are one of those underground hipsters who only plays the latest synth-fuelled, ear-bleeding, electronica until it gets cool or someone requests it. But meet DJ Sam Hatty, 25, (aka Sam Chatfield), one third of Southsea Mafia - the alternative DJ’s, specialising in rock, metal and okay, maybe a bit of dub-step. Collide: So where did it all begin: DJ Hatty: I wanted to start an alternative night, called it the Kids Aren’t Alright. There are a lot of commercial nights in the city but there’s very few places for people who like alternative music to go. I wanted to change that, I wanted to give alterative kids more to do. I called around a few clubs to see who would have it and that’s where it all began. It was alright, it started out well and I was pumped

to be doing it but the club was a bit incapable. It wasn’t managed very well so it shut down. Collide: Where are you working now: DJ Hatty: I’m part of the Southsea Mafia, we are a group of alternative DJ’s who do most of the takeovers in Portsmouth. We do Waster every Friday, Delight on a Monday and I play at the Deco every Wednesday.

“The hottest parties are not eskimo. fuck eskimo.” Collide: Who’s throwing the best parties in Portsmouth at the moment? DJ Hatty: The hottest parties are where the Southsea Mafia are playing. The best parties are not eskimo -

fuck eskimo. I’d say Will Chump. He’s been running the alt scene for a long time and that’s where I spent most of my youth, before I became a DJ. He was the front of that environment and he was the one who made it happen. Colllide: Where does the name come from? DJ Hatty: I always, always wear a hat. That’s genuinely why name is Hatty. I needed an alias. I should probably change it as it’s a bit stupid but I guess I’ve kind of got to stick with it now. That’s the important thing that people know who I am and remember my name. It’s memorable, right? Collide: What’s the best event you’ve played at? DJ Hatty: I’d definitely say the stuff I’m doing at the moment, waster and stuff. I’ve played in Southampton, at some cheesy venues. It’s ok but Portsmouth is home. I want to be part of making the scene here bigger and better, so no plans to leave anytime soon. I am open to playing anywhere though. Brighton’s got a great scene so I would like to play there for sure.

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09/12/2013 16:25

I caught up with DJ Hatty

Photo credit : Mark Wigle swort


the decks at Sam spinning t gh Ni Delight Alt

Night : Delight Alt Photo credit

DJ Hatty be fore his week ly residency at the Deco

Photo credit : V.icky Ca stle


Collide: What was your first record you bought? DJ Hatty: Greenday dookie, that’s the first one I recall, might have been slipknot. I still play them. Collide: All the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’ DJ Hatty: There’s millions, there’s loads of songs that are a surefire way to get people dancing, even across the board of music appreciation. Mr Brightside, because that keeps anyone happy, from an alternative crowd to a commercial crowd. Collide: When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out? DJ Hatty: Hang out with my friends, play video games. I still DJ when I’m at home because it’s really fun. Collide: So how is the scene in Portsmouth in your eyes at the moment? DJ Hatty: It definitely could be better. Its ok for what it is, the band scene needs to improve a lot more. We need more promoters, better venues. There’s not an exact science, I’m not even a proper promoter.

Best song: The Middle, Jimmy Eat World Best band: Blink 182 Best film: Into the Wild Best food: Pizza Best drink: Becks Video game: Silent hill Best book: The Celestine Prophies Best sport: Skateboarding Nickname: Wanker Best childhood memory: My grandparents, family shit. They rock If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be: Hawaii, or somewhere like it. Carribbean some shit like that Pet peeve: Ignorance Tattoos: Not yet. One day I will get a sleeve but I want to be really sure about it What do you never get tired of: Music Describe yourself in 3 words: Self-loathing, self-improving, fun-loving Collide: Who are the best DJs on the scene? DJ Hatty: The three people I work with, definitely. There’s a reason why I like working with them. When it comes to mixing, song choice and being creative they’re great cats. Collide: When you play is it a preplanned set? DJ Hatty: Nope. I just go with it. I tend to start out with a slight plan with my first few tracks having a bit of purpose. Sometimes when I make a mix at home I think of a topic, I’ve done one about conscious thinking, and I plan to do one about harmony and shit, sweet harmony and good vibrations. It’s a challenge to make all the songs work together with a theme. Collide: Do you ever play commercial stuff? DJ Hatty: Of course, I don’t mind it. The money’s good and nowadays that mostly means playing house music, which is fine but it’s when you have to play all that Rhianna shit that I have to remind myself that the money makes it worth it.

CLUB NIGHTS Check out these alternative-takeovers

Wedgewood Rooms 10pm-2.30am

Friday Nights Free entry

Room one is where resident DJs Mikey Sparks and DJ Lemon have been playing for years. Room two hosts a relection of regular nights. Look out for Pete Scathe’s Thunderdome on the first Friday of the month - the only pure rock/mental club night in the city. Next best night: Friday 22 November

Wedgewood Room 10pm - 2.30am

Every Friday £5

The Southsea Mafia take over Envy every Friday playing Festival anthems, Dirty DnB & Dubstep, Indie classics, Party Rock and E They often have takeovers from bands, national and internationally famous DJs but the main crew is a cult following of the Southsea Mafia DJs. Next best night: Friday 6 December The Astoria Every Monday 10pm - 2am £4 Aimed at University students but still open to anyone, you are guaranteed an old school rock night, every Monday. The Southsea Mafia have a residency here with DJs Will Chump, Sam Hatty and Daddy Alex playing rock upstairs. The downstairs room hosts the takeovers but will mostly cater to dance and drum ‘n’ bass. Stay upstairs if you want some good old rock. Next best night: Monday 9 December

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Final DJ Hatty.indd 3

09/12/2013 16:25


“EMPOWERED LYRICS MAKE FOR A CLASSIC KATY PERRY SMASH HIT...” Katy Perry’s mantra of the moment is “let the light in” and that’s exactly what she’s done on her new album ‘Prism’. Officially released in the UK on October 22nd, it was at the top of the UK album charts for two weeks, as well as already having a number 1 hit with her single ‘Roar’. Released on August 10th, ‘Roar’ is the pop anthem of the album. Impossible not to dance and sing along to, it’s empowered lyrics make for a classic Katy Perry smash hit. The track is a possible modest dig (like a couple of the songs on the record) at ex-husband comedian, Russell Brand, although it’s not an

in your face backlash against him, keeping her dignity intact. The jungle themed video for ‘Roar’ was released on September 5th, in which Katy is seen taking selfies with monkeys and painting the nails of elephants. The latter did cause a stir amongst animal rights group PETA for using the endangered elephant in her video but Perry insisted no animals had been harmed in the making of it. It has a hint of modern day Tarzan and Jane but without Tarzan… and with much less clothing… but being the gorgeous woman Katy is, I don’t think anyone’s complaining. Go and check it out if you haven’t already! The second single from the album

is ‘Unconditional’, which she recently performed at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam, as well as winning the award for ‘Best Female Singer’. With lyrics such as “there is no fear now/let go and just be free/I will love you unconditionally” the song is a simple reflection of unconditional love, something perhaps she’s found with country-singer boyfriend John Mayer. She may have a reputation for appealing to a female teenage audience however her lyrical phrasing in songs such as this one, really speak to anyone who’s ever been in love. Her raw emotion is glowing through the lyrics making this track (and many others) a truly relatable collection of songs. Taking inspiration from the 90’s dance vibe, ‘Walking on Air’ is a power track, great for all you fitness lovers – try stopping yourself from

Page 14 Katy Perry First Draft.indd 2

09/12/2013 15:20

Katy Perry Help for Heros Concert 2012

tion on any level with this song if you’ve ever been through a tough breakup. Kudos to Katy for presenting this is song in such a classy, mature way. ‘Double Rainbow’ is about finding something as amazing and special as a double rainbow. This song has beautiful lyrics and is perfect for chilling out to, rather than being a major dance anthem.


working out to this one! Even if you’re not a 90’s pop fan, it’s hard not to bop along, regardless of whether you’re in a “walking on air” mood or not. Other stand-out songs on the record include ‘Birthday’, guaranteed to get you dancing. With a Whitney Houston feeling to it there’s no way you’re skipping this one (or any come to think of it…). With cheeky lyrics and a character similar to ‘Peacock’ from her Teenage Dream album, it’s full of double-entendres and sexual banter, nothing but classic Katy. ‘By the Grace of God’ is the most revealing and personal track on the album, and possibly the most intimate song she’s ever released. It deals with the dark time after split from Russell Brand. Although the song has a subtlety extreme undertone, it’s simple to find a connec-

The gorgeous harmonies on this track also make it one to listen out for - a possible favourite! The muse for ‘International Smile’ was Mia Moretti, worldclass DJ and one of Katy’s closest friends. This track also has an infectious beat, perfect for singing and dancing along to. This song is definitely one of the more light-hearted pop tunes from her traditional Teenage Dream era. Finally, the last stand out track is ‘This Is How We Do’ which is also one of Katy’s favourites. It’s almost ‘Last Friday Night’ part two, with hints at one night stands “this one goes out to the ladies at breakfast in last night’s dress” and yet it’s another classic Katy hit that you can’t help but groove along with. Details of her ‘Prismatic’ world tour have recently been released, with tickets on sale from November 22nd. Starting in Belfast on May 7th 2014 she makes pit stops at Newcastle, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield before finishing her UK leg in London for three nights. Katy, who’s just been nominated for 2 Grammy’s, will be supported on tour by Icona Pop. There are rumours of a ‘reflection section’ in each arena (an area in front of the stage for fans to get even closer to the star), similar

to Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster Pit’ on her Born This Way Ball tour last year. With her fantastic new album, Grammy nominations and tour preparations underway Katy really couldn’t get any bigger. All in all it seems like our favourite pop princess, although much more demure, knows how to create a killer album with tracks perfect for every mood, download it now! Prism Tracklisting: -

Roar Legendary Lovers Birthday Walking on Air Unconditionally Dark Horse This is How We Do International Smile Ghost Love Me This Moment Double Rainbow By the Grace of God Spiritual It Takes Two Choose Your Battles

UK Tour Dates: Belfast - 7/8 May Newcastle - 10 May Nottingham - 11 May Birmingham - 13/14 Glasgow - 17/18 Manchester - 20/24 May Liverpool - 21 May London - 27/28/30

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09/12/2013 15:20

COLLIDE Gig Review

ENTER SHIKARI amazed fans at Warped Tour this November and i was lucky enough to be there “And still we will be here, standing like statues.” The crowd echoed throughout Alexandria Palace, waiting for the last band of the day, Enter Shikari. It was sweaty, people were swaying and falling from people pushing forward. I had been up since 7am that morning and seen some pretty crazy stuff to wait for Enter Shikari. However cramped and hot it was, I was smiling. I could feel the buildup as the crowd became louder with their chants. Rou [lead singer] walked onto the stage and started to sing “there was a house in a field on the side of a cliff” the whole crowd knew, ‘System’. They all cheered as Rou came to the front of the barrier, he climbed up and started to sing with

the audience. I was so close I could touch his shirt.Rou then got back onto the stage as ‘Meltdown’ kicked in, masses of energy swamped the crowd as a mosh pit erupted in the middle. The bass from ‘Meltdown’ was incredible, I could feel the bass pulsating in my chest- it was the most amazing feeling. As the song came to an end, they went straight into ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ from Take To The Skies. My smile was huge as the crowded clapped and roared along to the epic bass. But my smile was short lived as someone pushed back hard and I fell over, falling under 6 people. Fans quickly pulled everyone up and pulled me off the floor, but even being thrown to the ground couldn’t have

spoilt my mood and luckily I was up just in time for the next 3 claps in the song. After playing their new single ‘Rat Race’, Drummer Rob Rolfe and Guitarist Batty C came into the crowd with barrels for the audience to hold as they drummed on them for the start of ‘Gandhi mate Gandhi’. As if by queue, the crowds responded in typical fashion, chanting the beginning rant of the song word for word. Rob then threw the drum sticks into the crowd for two fans to try and grab them and take them off each other. “This next song [the Paddington frisk] deserves the biggest circle pit… I want to see the floor!” Rou shouted to the crowd and a huge pit began to form in the middle of the floor and fans excitedly began to run around it. Countless people started to fall over in the massive pit but everyone lent a hand to help them up. I could feel the build-up again as Shikari started playing the Motherstep remix and then suddenly, the

Page 16

shikari spread.indd 2

10/12/2013 14:00

Photograph by Chiara Ceccaioni

familiar intro of’ Mothership’ kicked in. A mosh pit opened to the side of me but I couldn’t resist and I immediately ran in to join in with the screams of the Shakiri fans. This mosh pit was amazing, only 10 people, it went from pushing to funny dancing. There

“THEN SUDDENLY FROM OVER THE SPEAKERS ‘NOW THE FLOODGATES WILL OPEN.” was so much energy from the fans as someone grabbed me by both arms and we screamed in each other faces, “GO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, THAT THIS IS THE END!”. Only seeing seeing Enter Shikari is it okay to scream lyrics in someone elses face. The lights flashed to the beat of the music, as Mothership/Motherstep pounded my ears. Then Rou came on

stage with a magic glowing ball which changed colour to the beat of the bass and walked around it. Then suddenly, from nowhere over the speakers “NOW THE FLOODGATES WILL OPEN…” I can’t begin to tell you the joy, the excitement, the happiness that flooded through me as they were about to play ‘Solidarity’ from Common Dread-a song I’ve wanted to hear live since I first saw them live in April this year. No one could understand the energy unless you were there, in the middle of it all ike I was. Despite all the pushing and shoving, I somehow made it to the front barrier just in time for their encore ‘Zzzonked’. Although I was boiling hot and had sweat dripping down my face, nothing will ever beat the sound of hearing the whole crowd scream and shout the lyrics in sync with Rou. “MATE WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU ON ABOUT”, This night will be something to remember, after seeing them in April this year at Plymouth University and again in June at Download Festival, they top their live shows every single time, with flawless singing, incredible lighting, and how they work up the crowd. They leave fans craving more and leave non fans buying their albums. This year, they won, Kerrang! Live Show Award and it’s completely clear to see why. A show full of human pyramids, circle pits, lasers and white smoke definitely made it the best live performance in Alexandria Palace that night. As I write this on the train home, my hands are still shaking from the energy that Shikari gave me and my head and ears are still pounding from the bass. Shikari have earned their fans through amazing albums, dedication and their incredible live sets. Before the first band even started to play at Warped Tour, Enter Shikari even did a signing for 2 and a half hours, taking photos with fans and signing endless amounts of posters. Although this is Enter Shikari’s last tour and last UK show until they return with a whole new album hopefully in 2015, we as their fans will still be here, standing like statues.

THE TIME I MET SHIKARI Having just seen Enter Shikari Live at a small hall at the University of Plymouth, I felt post gig depression soon after we left the venue. We went back to my friends and the four of us debated whether to go out because it potentially ruin a good night. At 12 am we left the house to go to Bang Bang, a small club near the venue, and outside, I saw Shikari’s Drummer, Rob Rolfe! I completely freaked out and told my friend that I had just seen their drummer! When we got in I obviously looked around to see if I could see the rest of the band. I went outside for a cigarette with my friend and I caught a glimpse of Rory C, their guitarist, and Batty C, their bassist. I was so happy I bought my camera! The best part was, no one knew who they were, and because there were only a few fans there, and we got to talk to them all evening, Rob danced with me, took me to the bar where he covered my eyes and told me to point at shot menu so it would be a random choice, it turned out to be a delicious Jelly Bean shot. Through out the night we just spoke about everything and anything! He mocked me from being from Somerset and told me say phrases such as “tractor” and “my lovely.” He also stole my glasses for most of the night. I was so sad to leave, but at 5am Rob hugged me goodbye and said it was a pleasure to meet me and I knew I would probably never meet him like this again. I went back to my friends and all night we spoke about how amazing it was. We took so many photos and sat and laughed about them all night. Even on the train home the next day I couldn’t stop smiling, because after all, I did have the best night of my life.

Me and Rob Rolfe ! Page 17

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‘Artpop’, the new album from Lady Gaga was released worldwide on the 11th November after much anticipation. The 15 track record is said to take inspiration from Gaga’s friends and family as well as her cult fan base the ‘Little Monsters’, whilst taking time off from her hip injury last year. The album is typical of her past work, focusing on themes of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll as well as strong fashion references, for which she is infamous. Throughout the album she addresses a variety of boundary breaking issues such as gender equality and religion, although always filled with double entendre and a type of sass that only Gaga herself could conjure. Top 5 tracks on the album: ‘Applause’, having already been

a hit across the globe, it’s a dance anthem that even non-Gaga fans will have a hard time standing still to – sing-along, you know you want to! ‘Gypsy’ is touching and rather relatable; a song about being away from family and friends whilst travelling yet finding that special someone who’ll accompany you, “I don’t wanna be alone forever/maybe we

could see the world together”. Also with a classic Gaga dance beat making this track is an all-round winner and my personal favourite. ‘Dope’ is more of a ballad than any other track on the record with a deeper meaning than the name leads you to believe. With lyrics like “my heart would break without you/ might not awake without you/I need you more than dope” I think it’s clear to see (and hear) that Gaga does have a very human side (and maybe she should be treated like such). “Artpop” (stylised as ‘ARTPOP’) is the title track from the album and this song explains the whole album (and possibly Gaga’s whole persona), The whole album is typical of Lady Gaga and fans of hers will not be disappointed. Whatevertrack you chose to listen to you won’t be disappionted, so go ahead Little Monsters, enjoy!

Lady Gaga Artpop promotional photograph

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KORN - NEVER NEVER ‘Never Never’ is a track from their new Album the Paradigm Shift, with the song beginning with instrumentals it’s a far cry from their previous album The Path of Totality which was a dubstep rexmix album. The best thing about this song is that his lyrics are vocally sound, they bring back nostalgia from their album Untouchables in 2002. It appears like they are going back to their roots when they first started recording in 1994. I hope that they tour in the UK because this is an album that deserves to be played live.



The third installment of their 3 single releases this year, the 90 second ‘Paddington Frisk’ being released in April and ‘Radiate’ being released in June, the long await ‘RatRace’ was released this month. This one is the last of three songs recorded in a converted chapel in Lincolnshire earlier this year (together with Dan Weller, who mixed the track too).The song gives us a taste of what to expect from their new album, which should be released in 2015 after taking a year break to record it. With the mix of electro and guitars, this song is a glimpse into the past from Take To The Skies but also shows that Shikari have not just disappeared since their Flash of Flood Colour from 2012. RatRace is clearly one of Enter Shikari’s songs just be hearing the lyrics alone, with the aim to show political and governmental issues “Gotta keep up, gotta get ahead, Gotta go and get a job and work ‘til I’m dead, They

know what’s best for us, They know what’s best for us.” This song is fast, clearly, and when listening to it with a bass system, it will blow your mind. If anything, this song gets fans eagerly awaiting their next album. They are half way through their Warped Tour stint, and have already performed all three singles on their current set list. With powerful guitar riffs, amazing drumming by Rob Rolfe and the epic bass line by Chris Batten, with a breakdown in there, you get the patented Rou Reynolds growl and scream, which makes every Enter Shikari fan feel at home. Finally though, bassist Chris Batten gets to fully show off his voice and with a chorus all to himself, it truly is spectacular. Enter Shikari go from strength to strength with their new songs. Although Shikari are taking a break from their tours which happens every year. Rou said during his show at Warped Tour in Alexandria Palace, “We are going to a hut, a small hut where we will record the best album we’ve ever made, and we will be back with some new songs for you amazing fans.” RatRace is by far the most powerful song they’ve released in a long time, surpassing The ‘Paddington Frisk’s’ 90-second electric music mayhem.

OF MICE & MEN you’re not alone Listening to Of Mice & Men’s new single (a sneak peak from their new album being released on January 28th) ‘You’re Not Alone’ through my headphones, my ears nearly exploded from the powerful bass and singing, it goes from peaceful to screamo in seconds. I’ve had the song on repeat for nearly two hours and I can’t get enough of its catchy rhythm. With epic guitar riffs and strong vocals from the lead singer, Of Mice and Men are back. With their new album set to be released January 2014, they will be set to perform at Reading Festival. Page 20

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REVIEW for people who like

“The track itself isn’t anything spectacular vocally but the lyrics are what makes this song so powerful”

Lily Allen Hard out here

James blunt Bonfire heart

Ellie Goulding -

Another classic Lily Allen song has finally been released. ‘Hard Out Here’ is the first track from Lily since 2009 and she’s back with vengeance. A feminist, society bashing tune is hopefully only the beginning, with the release of her album next year. The track is full of brash, sassy lyrics that don’t beat around the bush of serious issues in true Lily Allen fashion “forget your balls and grow a pair of tits/ its hard out here for a bitch”. A solid beat gives this song perfect shoulder dancing, head bobbing potential, however it would be a push to whack out a routine - although no one’s going to stop you! Released around the time of her other single, a cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ produced for the Christmas John Lewis advert, the song is full of wistful melodic phrases, ‘Hard Out Here’ is much more “Lily Allen” and we’re so glad she’s back with such a punchy track (although ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ was a delightful change). Check out the video now at (www.

‘Bonfire Heart’, released October 7th, is the first single from James Blunt’s current album Moon Landing. It debuted at number 6 in the singles charts, moving to number 4 after some generous airplay from BBC Radio 2. Recently performed on Australian X Factor and The Ellen Degeneres Show, the song is partly acoustic (which although showcases his rather irritating voice) it does entice you to sing along. The lyrics are rather heartfelt and relatable which added to the seemingly catchy beat, will have you humming and tapping along before you realise. The rather folky rhythm makes this song a subtly catchy winner. The lyrics “days like these lead to/nights like this lead to/ love like ours/you light the spark in my bonfire heart” also make this song popular (despite taking some hits from various radio DJ’s). Climbing the charts (as it should) it’s one of the best tracks on the album and deserves some kind of recognition. The album is available to download now.

Ellie Goulding’s track ‘How Long Will I Love You’, a cover of the original by The Waterboys, is the second single from her reissued album Halcyon Days which was released October 5th. The song was released on November 10th in aid of Children in Need, on which she also performed it live. The track itself isn’t anything spectacular vocally but the lyrics are what make this song so powerful. With phrases such as “how long will I love you/as long as stars are above you/ and longer if I can”, it really touches the heart and Ellie’s wonderfully soft vocals do this song all the justice it needs. It jumped from 17th place on the singles charts to 3rd in a week, due to its Children in Need involvement (it was previously on the About Time soundtrack, released September 2nd) proving this songs popularity. This is a beautiful ballad enthused with what can only be described as magic. For fans of Ellie Goulding that haven’t already listened to (and downloaded) this song, I highly recommend you do, this is a track not ot be missed!

H. L. W. I. L .Y

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“I waited so long for this album and I expected a bit more.”




Streetlight Manifesto’s fifth studio album has been in the works for far, far too long. Known for being a consistently great band, they’re back with a bang. Punchy tracks, chaotic instrumentation and powerful vocals are back and I’m tapping my toes quicker than ever before. Tomas Kalnoky does not hold back as The Hands That Thieve throws you straight in with the fast-paced opening track “The Three Of Us” and from there, the tracks are pretty much what you’d expect from these golden oldies. Until you reach track six, “If Only For Memories”. The stunning use of horns give it a light Caribbean feel that makes you want to dance, not skank, DANCE! From there on the album’s tempo slows down a lot and actually, it makes a nice change. The Hands That Thieve is better than expected. There are no bad tracks. It goes further than previous albums while maintaining the charm that makes these guys all-time favourites. Available to download now.

Finally, FINALLY the JB Conspiracy’s second full-length album is here but I’m not sure it was worth the wait. Fans were held at bay with five-track EP The Calm when the release date for the full album had to be pushed back but The Storm arrives with gusto, bravado and that’s about it. Any Ska album will be brimming with energy but even this album slips towards the end of the album, like they are running out of steam. But we can all be grateful for finally having a proper recording of their brilliant track Drop Your Anchor, which the band have been performing at shows for years. The catchy chorus stays in your head for days and it’s quite possibly my favourite track of theirs, ever. With a few good songs snuck in, the album overall is a good ska album, but I waited so long for this album and I expected a bit more. That’s not to say it won’t be played a lot, I just won’t scream about it. Available to download now.

The thing is, Sonic Boom Six have always been a unique band, blending genre styles like paint and pretty much (not always) hitting the mark. Reggae, drum ‘n’ bass, metal and grime influences create a blend of something that for ease, we’ll just call nu-wave ska. Things start off with an air of familiarity with opener “For the Kids of the Multiculture”, it sounds much like their last three album openers. Politically-charged rapping, angry lyrics, bouncy riffs are all reminiscient of the SB6 we know and love, but the one change in this self-titled album is the distinctive electronica undertone. It just doesn’t seem to go away, ever and it’s ruining all the good bits. The loud, bombastic track “Virus” is a bit more like it but we’re soon back to a shrill synth in “The High Cost Of Living”, which frankly, just makes my ears hurt. I don’t love it, I probably won’t listen to it much and I wish they would just make their mind up. Available to download now. Page 22

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REVIEWS for people who like

“The song lasts a mere 2 minutes and 50 seconds which is nowhere near enough, he leaves you wanting more.”




This five-piece acapella band took Youtube by storm with their cover versions of popular songs and have now released studio versions of the songs. Their latest release is a medley of Daft Punk songs and it is one of the best thing’s I’ve ever heard. The song starts with the ever popular ‘Around the world’ and quickly switches into ‘get lucky’, Daft Punk’s number one release this summer. All the percussion sounds in the songs are purely formed through Avi and Kevin’s voices, which is spectacular in itself, but if that wasn’t enough for one song, Avi the bass percussionist for the band, debuts his deep baritone voice for ‘Television’ which shows off his incredible range. If you’re a die hard Daft Punk fan, and you’re not a fan of covers, I can assure you Pentatonix do not disappoint, they do the band a justice and more. Honestly, this song is one of my winter faves and the video is definitely worth checking out, amazing visuals. This song gets the full 3 headphones from me.

If you’re looking for something soft, light and beautiful, look no further than ‘Berlin’, Ry X’s Debut release. Melancholic melodies, haunting vocals with an ethereal atmosphere, the Australian singer songwriter has created a beautiful piece of music here. The song lasts a mere 2 minutes and 50 seconds which is nowhere near enough, he leaves you wanting more. I can only hope his album consists of similar songs. His voice has a clean rasp to it which is very soothing if you just want to listen to something whilst relaxing. When I first came across this song I listened to it a good four times, and each time it made me feel calm and peaceful. This song makes me think of snow, and cold weather, appropriate for the winter season! Ry X get’s a massive thumbs up from me as this is a welcome change to the upbeat songs I’ve been listening to. If you haven’t heard or checked out his music yet, what are you waiting for? This is another winner for me, giving it at least 5 headphones!

Pharrell has been on a roll reviving his music career with the daft punk’s “get lucky”. He now follows through with ‘happy’ marking the world’s first 24 hour music video. The song is a standout from the ‘Despicable Me’ soundtrack which has been on everyone’s mind since the songs release in late November. He’s definitely onto a winner here with this incredibly upbeat song that is sure to put a smile on your face if you woke up on the wrong side of bed. The song is reminiscent of a Curtis Mayfield high falsetto style of singing, alongside a funky soul groove that erupts with percussion and old school swing beats. The video for the song has also been very popular as there are celebrity cameo’s from the like’s of Steve Carrell, Jamie Foxx and Magic Johnson. For each time of a day there is a different video, and viewers can pick which video they would like to see accompanying the song, a very original idea in this day and age. This song is definitely one of my favourite releases this year. Page 23

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Aisha Knight:

Sophie Hollister:

Mosh girl

Sweet as candy

From System of a Down to Katy Perry... Who wins?

However, we both can be quite similar, we both enjoy Me and my friend always have this problem, who makes gigs and concerts and both went to festivals this sumthe music set list when we pre-drink before a night out. mer. Reading and Download 2013 to me count as festiI have the issue of not wanting to depress my friends vals, I’m not sure Magic Summer live counts as one… I and they have the issue of me wanting to jump off a mean, Rammstein and Slipknot headlined Downbridge. My set list would probably consist of load whereas Bryan Adams headlined Magic Enter Shikari, Slipknot, Rammstein, System Summer live. So this gives you a clear picture of a Down and Sophie’s, Katy Perry, Katy Tweet us at of how different our music is, I have postPerry… and Katy Perry. Oh did I mention @collidemag ers of Corey Taylor on my bedroom walls she likes Katy Perry? on twitter for and Sophie has vinyl records from ABBA There are a few bands we agree on, our next and the Sound of Music on hers. Having she does like Jimmy Eat World and All debate topic! said that, Sophie has seen Lady Gaga and American Regrets, so not all is lost. This Katy Perry live, who admittedly have amazing page will just be a small debate on why we stage shows, with Lady Gaga entering the stage think our genres are better, hopefully it might through a giant vagina/egg for Born This Way and even make you rethink why you hate pop or rock rode a massive unicorn. Of course I’m being bias as I’m so much! We both grew up with our music, I had Slipknot the one writing this but this is why we had this debate, and Green Day in the car whilst Sophie probably had so you can see that pop or rock can be enjoyed and Abba on a 100 volume. There has now been a rise in Pop liked no matter what your genre of music is, even if it’s Rock remixes, such as Korn coming undone and Taylor classical or something else. We hope that you enjoy this swift (guilty pleasures right here) and Justin Bieber and debate as much as we enjoyed arguing for it. Slipknot’s psychosocial.

Page 24

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10/12/2013 14:01

SH: Well I’m glad I get a chance to now speak… Where shall we begin? AK: I’m not too sure, when and how did you get into Katy Perry? SH: I got into Katy Perry when I was 15, and I just heard her song “I kissed a girl” on the radio… My mum didn’t mind me listening to it as she’d rather that than death metal and listening to lyrics like “I’M GONNA DESTROY YOUR SOUL” AK: *laughs* I didn’t listen to bands like that when I was 15…. More like 10. I’m kidding by the way. The first band I listened to was probably Guns N Roses, I loved them, I owned all their CD’S and live show DVD’s. It was a shame they split up because I’d still see them now! And of course the same goes for Green Day, I had posters on my wall of them and owned all their albums too!

AK: How sweet… Nothing beats the German Band Rammstein headlining at Download, when he came from the lights wearing a pink fluffy jacket! It was the campest thing I saw all weekend! For their encore song ‘Pussy’ Rammstein came out on the stage riding a massive penis and sprayed the crowd with foam! It was amazing! SH: That sounds hilarious! AK: Yeah it was the highlight of the weekend. So, who else have you seen live? Spill all! SH: Well, I know you’ll laugh but Barbra… Mcfly, The Overtones and Eliza Doolittle. All these concerts were sitting down only as well, it was nice and calm! I’d hate to be stood up for hours on end. AK: That’s the best bit! Especially seeing a band who are so energetic on stage like System of a Down. Some songs you

“Rammstein came on stage riding a

giant penis

and sprayed the crowd with foam!”

SH: You finally got to see Green Day at Reading this year didn’t you? AK: Yeah it was incredible, I cried when they played Time of your life. What about when you saw Katy Perry? SH: Oh god, it was amazing, I waited all day to make sure I got near the front but to be honest, the crowd was really nasty! Girls getting into fights, pulling each other’s hair to get closer to the front. AK: Oh wow that sounds worse when I saw Slipknot and had to be pulled out of the crowd near the front! It was worth staying until two songs near the end as their staging was incredible, fire, lazers and amazing lights. When Corey sung a line from a song “and the rain will kill us all” it started to pour down with rain during their show, the whole crowd cheered because of it. SH: Yeah I can imagine, that actually does sound amazing. I think the best bits of Lady Gaga’s stage was when she came out of a massive fake vagina/egg... It was so crazy. And don’t get me started on Katy Perry! Her outfits were awesome, because it was her California Dreams Tour, she wore her famous candy dress from California Girls!

just know there’s going to be a massive mosh pit and you can’t just stand there and be like, “nah I’m not going to go into that!” SH: Well that’s because you’re a mosh girl and I’m a… Sit down and do nothing girl! AK: *Laughs*. You do like some of the rock remixes though and some rock covers of songs! SH: Yeah that Slipknot song mixed with Justin Bieber was hilarious! And Patty Walters Rock cover of Miley Cyrus’s song, wrecking ball! AK: This just shows that two genres of music can blend easily! SH: Yeah but that doesn’t mean you’ll hear me in my room any time soon singing any Slipknot songs! AK: That’s a shame as you have a wonderful voice. Singing ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music.’ SH: Cut the sass and sarcasm. Lets just end this and agree that our music tastes are very different, and I’m not going to enjoy System of a Down any more than you’ll enjoy Katy Perry! Maybe someone should remix those two together and then we can listen to something that we both can enjoy when we go out drinking from now on! Page 25

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10/12/2013 14:01




‘I WANTED TO BE A ROCKSTAR, NOT JUST A PRETTY BOY WITH LONG HAIR’ Biu Rainey, is a 22 year old model turned musician. Not the most conventional transition of day jobs, I know. He came to my attention when I went to a crystal fighters gig at the Jazz Café in London and ever since that moment I’ve been entranced with his music. He performed a short thirty minute set and despite being new on the music scene he won over the crowd with a surprisingly soft dulcet tone. Now for those of you who may not be familiar with his music, the only way I can think to describe his sound is ‘different’. It’s very much an alternative sound, there’s a very strong

eclectic Spanish musical influence along with hints of indie rocker, not to mention he sings with an Albanian accent! Now, as with every new musician we introduce, you all want to know who’s the man behind the music? Well look no further, I grabbed a quick chat with him after he performed at jazz café and he agreed to sit down for an interview with COLLIDE. Biu was born in Albania in 1991 and at the age of 15 he was scouted for Ford modelling agency, one of the most famous agencies in the world. From the age of 16 to 21 he modelled for a number of designers such

as Chanel and Givenchy and of course Hugo Boss. However, he wasn’t always into modelling, from the age of 8 he had always wanted to be in a band “ I wanted to be a rockstar, not just a pretty boy with long hair and that’s when I decided something needed to change. Biu decided to postpone modelling and pursue what he really wanted to do, which was make music. When asked about his sound and how he came up with such a unique sound, he replied, “I’ve always loved latin music, I love how it makes you want to get up and move and I want some of that in my music, who says you have

to be Spanish?” After giving up modelling he then went into the studio and hooked up with some contacts he made in modelling

“That’s one of the perks to knowing famous people. They know people who know people” and in June 2011 there began his music journey. Biu is currently touring with the crystal fighters, but will be perorming here in Portsmouth at the Guildhall on December 14th 2013. Tickets are available on the official Guildhall website

Page 26

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