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Poetry makes us look, feel, reflect and contemplate. It is the lived experience of word and thought. For children, it is the springboard to discover how language can dance and play.

DARE Lorna Gutierrez Illustrated by Polly Noakes

Dare to dream. Dare to aspire. Dare to trust… dare to inspire! This simple yet inspirational poem encourages children everywhere to dare to dream big, to help others and speak out for what is right, but also to take time for simple joys and to be comfortable in their own skin. With charming rhymes and energetic, inclusive illustrations, this is a book to empower every child. • Paperback • ISBN: 978-1-910328-42-2 • Publication: 2 April 2019 • Price: £6.99 • 32 pp • 235 x 235 mm • Age: 4+ • Rights Available (excl. North America and the Phillipines)


Lorna Gutierrez

Polly Noakes

Lorna Gutierrez is an author and poet who enjoys making difficult subjects easier for children to understand. She has written two previous collections of poetry to encourage building self-esteem and confidence in children. This is her first book for Tiny Owl.

Polly Noakes is an illustrator and author with a passion for creating lyrical images for children’s books. Her love of illustration started at Cambridge School of Art and Polly graduated from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration in 2015. Polly lives in the countryside with her family and rescued Romanian street dog Bertie.

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Tiny Owl Publishing Autumn 2019 Catalogue