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Over the last year my focus has been the design and architecture of a financial advice platform with multiple features.

Realtime user testing and feature prioritisation, balancing business requirements with development project deadlines.



I thrive on mapping complex models of content and interaction and fathoming the best, customer centric design solutions.

I have designed multiple UI kits with responsive components, most recently for Pepper Money and Advice Intelligence software.

sophie greenfield - ux consultant

UX CASE STUDY 2018 Brief Create UI / UX design - test and deliver financial advice software from wireframe concepts to launch. Translate and prioritise Business Analysts’ requirements and create build ready assets for the development team. Scope Highly complex online subscription software for financial advisers. Features including B2C acquisition tool, insurance and cashflow strategy tools plus customer pipeline management. Results Delivered multiple information architecture maps and user flows, designed a comprehensive UI kit and high fidelity layouts delivered to the dev team using Zeplin. The Advice Intelligence product is currently at its initial ‘MVP’ release which is going through user acceptance testing.

sophie greenfield - ux consultant

UX/UI CASE STUDY 2018 Brief Collaborate with developers to create a UI Kit and a set of UI designs which would make this complex logistics software easier to use and to navigate. Scope UX/UI design, creation of a full icon set for enterprise level logistics planning software. UI Kit, core screen templates and marketing site plus collateral. Results Ecstatic client! The software is currently under development.

sophie greenfield - ux consultant

UX CASE STUDY 2016 Brief Rebrand and re-architect Peppermoney online. This required the consolidation of 3 global websites with both B2B and B2C content and functionality. The scope included two websites for Pepper’s European businesses. All sites needed new integrated IA, content rebrand and responsive UI components. Scope End-to-end UX/UI design, Information architecture (IA), low and high fidelity wireframes, integration to third parties for data sharing and retrieval, build an online borrowing capacity calculator that would integrate to CRM and origination systems and create automatic leads and opportunities. Results Winner of Best Online Presence - Australian Mortgage Awards. To date the leads from this site have contributed to over $30m in settled volume to the business.

sophie greenfield - ux consultant ING Direct

UX CASE STUDY 2017 Brief ING Direct needed to upgrade its Superannuation product offering to consumers - with a specific focus on engaging with potential Gen X and Gen Y customers. Scope UX / CX product development workshops with entire product team and senior stakeholders within the business. Brainstorming, product feature concepting and consumer research. Storyboarding and development of ideas to inform the future direction of ING Direct’s Superannuation product. Results Delivered a series of UX workshops that were very well received. Produced storyboards and product concepts that were tested with real ING Direct customers. Received positive feedback from both the customers and the ING Direct product team.

sophie greenfield - ux consultant ING Direct - Enabled by designathon

UX DESIGN CHALLENGE 2017 Brief ING Direct invited me to participate as the sole UX designer on their team for a 2 day design hackathon. Scope 12 teams used design thinking and lean startup tools and had a support team to coach them while they developed prototypes that address real world problems for those with disabilities. The 2-day workshop concluded with a competition - each team had to pitch their prototype concepts to a judging panel. Results Our team won the competition with the ING Direct “Beacon pass� concept - which allowed hands-free access to transport using Opal travel cards and iBeacon.

Sophie Greenfield - UX Consultant  

Recent UX case studies by Sophie Greenfield.

Sophie Greenfield - UX Consultant  

Recent UX case studies by Sophie Greenfield.