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Territory Lines Manchester St 1:50 Elevation

Section AA: Green Territory

Christchurch CBD

I became interested in the zones that were created in the Christchurch CBD after the devastating earthquakes of 2011. These Zones were introduced to classify the extent of the damage to the buildings and inform the residents. As a result the Christchurch Recovery Plan was introduced. The plan had new anchor point projects to revitalize the city. The corner of Manchester Street and Hereford St is part of the ‘East Frame Project’. The frame in tandem with zoning provisions reduces the extent of the Central City commercial area. The objective of the East frame is to create street link from the city to the East and create pathways for walking and cycling. Abstracting the concept of the earthquake zone plus a new zone that has been created, I aim to interrogate the meaning of territories and how people respond to entering a new territory. The concept is that there is no physical territories or zones that can be seen. These steel poles will placed on the foot path and the grass. Sound and Light these poles will be produced to communicate to people that they have entered into a new zone. Motion sensors will trigger the persons movement which in turn will create the sound and produces the light. There will be three main territories that produce the sound and light. These will be representative of the earthquake zones. The intention of this is to enable the public to explore and experience a different portrayal on the perception of what these territories are.

Diagram of Sound

Representation of the closer you get to the centre of the zone the louder the sound gets.

Sound for each zone _Red Zone represents the devastation that happened _Green Zone constitutes for the zone being satisfactory after the earthquake _Orange reflects the unwary at the time _Three main territories produce sound and light _Each sound is representative from the earthquake zones (Red, green and orange) _The rest of the poles trigger no sound and light

Plan 1:50

Diagram of light

Illustration to show the closer to the heart of the zone, the more intense the LED lights become.

Manchester St




Orange Territory Activated

Sophie Gibbs

Red Territory Activated at night

Sophie gibbs a2 poster  
Sophie gibbs a2 poster