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David Nieper Promotional Strategy for a Cruisewear Line Sophie Gould

Consumer Research (Interview) Age: 74 Fashion brands: Madeleine, Phase Eight, Coast, Rene Langer, M&S. James Lakeland is a perfect example of who David Nieper are competing with. Accessories: Sometimes I buy my shoes from M&S. I like LK Bennett if I have a choice. Aldo too. Gadgets: I have an Ipad, mobile phone and a computer. Mobile Phone: Nokia 6303-1 Cosmetics: Estee Lauder, MAC and Boots. Perfume: Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Davidoff. Food: Dover Sole. Mostly I like vegetarian food, fresh fruits and we like fish. Drink: Champage, Disaronno. I drink sparkling water; I don’t really like any sugary drinks. I’m not a lover of sugary drinks. Supermarkets: Marks & Spencers and Tesco’s. Restaurants: We don’t go into town a lot. We like local restaurants, the Alpine & St James in Bushey Village. Music: I like light classics, I like people like Michael Buble. I like Neil Diamond and I like modern music, but you’ve got to be able to hear it! Mind you I like the guy who sings ‘Happy’ – Pharell Williams and Bruno Mars.

Newspapers: We read the Daily Mail. We also like the Telegraph but we don’t read it all the time. Magazines: I don’t buy magazines regularly. If I do I like to read Red. I used to like Cosmopolitan but I find it a bit off now. I often read the supplements that come in the newspapers on Sundays. Internet: I use it for communication and information. I also use Skype. Cruises: Yes, we cruise with Celebrity, We have also cruised with Oceana. We have done Royal Viking but they don’t exist anymore I don’t think. I think cruising is very enjoyable and enables you to visit many places. Other holiday destinations: Israel and we’ve also been to the US, Italy and Greece. Icons: Shimon Perez. Celebrities: Well I suppose I like Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Julie Walters. So if I were to see them advertising the brand I might be interested.

Consumer Research (About David Nieper)

Have you heard of David Nieper? Yes If so, how? Postal mailings and from thist I have then looked on the internet. What words would you use to describe their clothing? They have wonderful fabrics and they are very well made. Good quality. Have you ever purchased anything from their website? I don’t think I have. Yes/no why not? Because I feel they veer on being slightly too expensive for what they provide. I looked at a silk dress and it was £175 which is too pricey so I would therefore go to Coast or Phase Eight. They are not very market competitive. They also lack good advertising,. If they were to produce a more appealing cruise wear line would you be interested in buying it? Yes. If it was less expensive. Right now its too expensive. They cant rely on the quality – they have to be market competitive. For example there is a company called Gray & Osbourn and they do lovely stuff and they are market competitive. Jerry Webber/Betty Barclay – they make you interested. They offer free postage and free returns, discounts to first time buyers. Click and Collect is also very good. I’m more interested in trying something if there is free postage/returns. For your age group, what do you think the best form of communication and advertising is? E.g. social media/brochures/events? Brochures. I don’t think events are great. Recommendation – emails sent to you. Mail shots. That is where they can get to us. Magazine/ newspaper adverts. TV Advertising – women of my age have gone for is ‘isme. com’ ‘’ – for women between size 12-30. That catches your

eye. Fashion adverts in the back of YOU magazine/STYLE. Feature on this morning, advertising the line. I don’t think David Neiper is well promoted at all. Do you think social media is an effective use of promotion for people in your age category? Yes, I really do. We are much more tech savvy than you think! How do you feel about the fact that David Nieper’s clothes are made in England? Does that make you more or less inclined to purchase or no feeling? I think it impresses a certain type of person. I’m not ‘anti it’ being made in England. I think it is a good promotional point. “You can’t just sell to the older woman. They ought to aim at women from 40+ and their sales would increase tremendously. They are not reaching that market at all. There is nothing to suggest they are modern, not even their website. The website could definitely do with updating, nothing catches my eye. They can’t expect the customer to know they are good, they have to make the customer want to buy from them”. “They aren’t well known enough, they stress the fact they have great customer service/ made in England, but at the end of the day it’s the clothes that’s most important”

“Quality is key – woman at my age don’t expect anything less. The golden rule in fashion is to make the customer want to have the stuff they are selling”.

Consumer A’s Wardrobe

Consumer A’s Fridge

From looking at these images it is clear that consumer A wears a lot of dresses, and she is a perfect candidate for David Nieper to be aiming their cruisewear line at. The cruisewear line features a lot of dresses, wide trousers and long - sleeved tops which are typical clothing items in Consumer A’s wardrobe.

Consumer A’s Favourite Dress

Flat Age Society Trend Briefing SS14 London: Flat Age Society

Key Points: • The group of consumers who are aged 50 years + are the ‘Flat Age Society’. • They are also better known as the baby boomers. • The flat age society will be pioneered by the first wave of baby boomers. They will change the way we think of people in their 70’s/80’s and 90’s. • By 2050 there will be 2 billion of them worldwide. • Over 70% of 50-65 year olds in the US sign onto social networking sites once everyday. This statistic shows that they are very engaged with technology and brands such as David Nieper need to come forward to faciliate this. • Brands like David Nieper need to make content more manageable online for the flat ages. • People over 50 are huge luxury consumers and they account for 45% of the total luxury spend worldwide. This is an important statistic for David Nieper as this is their target age group.

“They are going to be the pioneers that begin to change the way that this age wave is proceeding and the way it is acted out in life” - Maddy Dychtwald - Co-founder of age wave

Rebranding Of David Nieper Main points to take from the consumer profile interviews •To focus on advertising and promote the clothing line to appeal to the more trend-conscious of older women. •Lower pricing or if keeping the same price justify reasons for doing so. E.g. Offers - 10% off, free postage/packaging etc. . •Re-design the website layout, make it simpler in design. Less information and more images. •More creative mail-shots - eye catching. • Images for website - exciting photoshoots to promote the new Cruisewear line. • David Nieper needs to modernise their branding and promotion. E.g. create an app.

Colour Suggestions for Website Re-Branding

Website Suggestions Re-design logo

Change colour of header background

Unnecessary place to put information - overcrowded

Too many font sizes

Photoshoot image is outdated

Unnecessary place to put feeback

Brand Ambassadors Jackie O Shaughnessy Judi Dench Beatrix Ost Joanna Lumley Dame Helen Mirren Jacquie Tajah Murdock

Photoshoot Inspiration The current David Nieper retail images depict women far younger than the brands target market. It is important for the brand to recognise who their target consumer is and create their advertising images accordingly.

Branding & Packaging In order to best promote the David Nieper cruisewear line it is important to consider the website, seasonal catalogues and delivery packages. I feel that it would be best to keep the branding and packaging simple to ensure that the focus is kept on the quality of the merchandise. It is important that the branding and packagaing is consistent to present a cohesive identity. LUXURY TIMELESS CONTEMPORARY EFFORTLESS MINIMALIST FUN CLASSIC CHIC COMFORT

The Collection

Promotional Strategy A major part of re-branding David Nieper is focusing on the promotional strategy. It must be taken into consideration that most flat agers will not purchase magazines on a regular basis and instead will rely on newspaper supplements for information on travel, fashion, news, gardening, food etc. Therefore, supplements such as Stella, S magazine, Style and Telegraph magazine are perfect magazines to advertise the brand.

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