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“More diversity” “Interviews and not airbrushing” “Don’t use Photoshop and edit models to look unrecognisable” “I don’t” “I think variety is key. People are all different shapes and sizes (not just fat or skinny), so I think they need to focus more on showing and maintaining variety)” “Less about looks and weight and more about talents and achievements” “Use more influential role models, based on their personality/hard work/success” “Use a more diverse array of models for young people” “Different body types/ disabled models/ disfigured people” “Use models that are a realistic weight and use people everybody can relate to” “Different models wearing different clothing from a greater variety of stores” 6) Do you think that there is enough diversity with body size within advertising? (Answered:24) Yes = 6 No = 18

Which brands are leading the way? 28

Advertising Essay