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Me: Why do you shop there if you feel that way? 1: “If I didn’t I worry people would judge me” 2: “It is cool to shop there, I aspire to look like the girls they feature in their adverts etc.”. Me: Thank you ladies. That is all.

Appendix C - Survey Monkey Results I created a survey on on 06/01/14 with 25 participants responding via Facebook. These are the questions I asked. 1) Which category below includes your age? (Answered: 25) 18-20 = 14 people 21-29 = 7 people 30-39 = 1 40-49 = 2 50-59 = 1 2) How often do you read a magazine/newspaper per month? (Answered:25) Daily = 5 people 2/3 x a week = 9 people Weekly = 5 people Fortnightly = 3 people Montly = 5 people 3) Do you think there is a problem within advertising and only using the best looking models? (Answered: 24) Yes = 13 people No = 11 people 4) Do you feel pressured by adverts to look or act a certain way? (Answered: 25) Yes = 10 people No = 15 people 5) How do you think advertisers could change the way they communicate role models in the future? (Answered: 16) Responses: “By not emphasizing how skinny person X is or how stunning person Y is” “It’s not just advertisers. I think TV and the media in general needs to look at the way they portray women”. “Using a more diverse mix of models – ranging in size, ethnicity, age etc.” “More diversity in size, shape and ethnicity would make the brand more relatable” “More diverse” Which brands are leading the way? 27

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