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Fig 9, H&M, 2013 When considering the success of this brand advertisement my opinion is somewhat divided. In some respect, yes it is amazing to use a plus size model, perhaps even revolutionary in high street terms. But, using one plus size model does not mean that H&M will stop using painfully thin models in their regular adverts. In 2011, a Swedish online retailer noticed that all the swimwear models had identical bodies in the advert. Only then did H&M admit that the images were not real and had in fact been doctored on a computer. Figure 10 and 11 clearly shows how they simply have altered the skin tone of the models to match their faces.

Fig 10&11, H&M, 2011

As a student in communication and promotion I am concerned about the future, but perhaps using Jennie Runk, two years since the previous swimwear incident means H&M are taking a step in the right direction. Which brands are leading the way? 13

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