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In 2001 a study was undertaken to see if the relationship of advertising model attractiveness and body satisfaction correlated. The results suggested that there is a strong association between the level of a subject’s body satisfaction and the use of models in advertising as a basis of comparison by the subject. (Harrison,Juric, Cornwell, 2001). Dove has understood this idea and they feature models of all skin colour, shapes and sizes to lead the way with diversity amongst advertising. Dove’s campaign for real beauty features women who some might consider flawed and others might consider beautiful. Figure 7 shows an older lady, some might consider her to be wrinkled and some may consider her to be wonderful.

Fig 7, Dove, 2012.

I showed one of the Dove adverts (fig 8) to a group of eight girls (a small focus group) with ages ranging between 19-21. They all filled in consent forms beforehand to make sure my results would be ethically sound and I wrote out all the questions before so I would not be tempted to go off topic. During Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”, an overwhelming 81% of women strongly agreed that “the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can’t ever achieve” (Etcoff et al, 2004). I wanted to see if my focus group would produce similar results.

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