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The iPhone 4 By Sophie Garrod

Functions On The iPhone: Is it just a phone? • • • • • • • • • •

Voice Dialling (for iPhone 4) Audio Conferencing Video Camera Music Text Messaging Email Internet Camera Touch Screen Apps including: -Games -Social Networking -GPS Navigation

When you receive a call your music fades

Is an iPod 4 a Technological Convergence? Yes because not only is it a phone, but it also has music, internet, books, films and cameras – so it is a mixture of different media devices

How to get Music Onto An iPhone 4: iTunes - Buy music - Sync CD Youtube

Websites That Offer Music For an iPhone 4: http://www.iphonedownloadsforyou .


Payment? From iTunes you have to pay, price ranges from 79p, 99p and £1.99 per song, depending on the song. There are also Album Only songs, where you have to buy the whole album (albums range from £6.99 to £9.99) to get the song.

Would I Like An iPhone 4? YES!!! Because it is an iPod, Phone, Internet, TV and has voice dialling and is a pretty extraordinary device which is a brilliant example of Technology Convergence

The iPhone  
The iPhone  

The iPhone