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The4 Major MusicLabels By Sophie Garrod

Artists UMG Promotes:

Lady Gaga


Black Eyed Peas

Miley Cyrus


Subsidiary MusicLabels UMG own: • Geffen Records • InterscopeRecords • A&M Records • Polydor Records

Controversy! In 2006 an investigation revealed that UMG bribed radio stations top play song by artists under their label – the company paid 12 million dollars to the state in settlement

Sony Music Entertainment

ArtistsSME Promote:

Britney Spears

Alexandra Burke

Calvin Harris

Kings Of Leon


Subsidiary Labelsthat SME Own: • Syco Music– founded by Simon Cowell • JiveRecords • RCA Records • EpicRecords • Columbia Records

Controversy!! In 2005 SME sent out CDsthat had DRM (Digital RightsManagement) technology built in that when put in a computer could hidea virusundetectably in a ROOTKIT, causing all sortsof problemsand another part of theDRM technology meant that SME could find out who’slistening to theCD and howoften. Sony recalled theseCDswhich led to lawsuitsand PR problems

Warner Music Group



Michael BublĂŠ

Bruno Mars

Ceelo Green

Subsidiary Labels owned by WMG: • Atlantic Records • Lava Records • LaSalle Records • Sire Records • Maverick


In 2008 – WMG fell out with YouTube and as a result blocked or muted videos that have music belonging to its labels – claiming Copyright. This is still continuing and the CEO of WMG said that WMG would stop licensing songsto free music streaming services and that WMG will focus on services that require payment.

Artists that EMI promote:

Robbie Williams



Eliza Doolittle

Katy Perry

Subsidiary MusicLabelsthat EMI own: • Virgin Records • Angel Records • Manhattan Records • Priority Records

Recent Developments On February 1st 2011 Citigroup took 100% ownership of EMI Group from Terra Firma, writing off ÂŁ2.2 billion of debt and reducing EMIs debt load by 65%

4 Major Music Labels  

4 major Music Labels powerpoint

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