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Music Magazine Evidence Sophie Garrod

This is the original flatplan for my Front Cover

This is the Contents Page and Front-Cover Flat-plan when I started adding colour and including the proper fonts.

This screenshot shows me experimenting with filters to make the Masthead stand out. I decided after this that I did not want to use a filter on the Masthead

This screenshot shows that the flat-plans have turned into the actual front cover and contents page.

This screenshot shows that I changed the colour scheme. I did this because I felt the bright red would clash with my models hair and the background would look better as an entire picture

This screen shot shows my Second Front Cover, I decided that on this picture her face was too dark.

This screenshot shows the Third Front Cover I used on the Front Cover, I felt it was too blurry

This is my First Contents Page, I felt this picture was too blurry.

This was the first picture I used for the first page of my Double Page Spread with the text. I felt this picture did not suit a Double Page Spread, although I liked the effect of making it opaque so you could see the text.

This was my first Double Page Spread, I really liked the picture and fonts although you couldn’t read them over the picture, even when I made the picture opaque. I also needed to add a Standfirst and Title

This screen-shot shows my Second Contents Page, although I liked both pictures I felt it looked too similar to my Front Cover with the whole picture covering the background, I decided to add another picture from another shoot

This screenshot shows my Third Contents Page, I felt you couldn’t read the writing and it was too dark, I decided not to use a full-blown picture as the background but use a more simple approach

This screenshot shows my Fourth Contents page, I really liked the layout, but I didn’t really like the colours.

This was the Fourth Front Cover, I liked the picture and fonts, but not the colours. I decided to change the colour for the Front Cover and Contents Page. I also decided to put the CD cover in the Left-Third where it could be seen from the shelf

This Screenshot shows my final Contents Page

This screenshot shows my Final Front Cover

This Screenshot shows my Final Double Page Spread.

Music Magazine Evidence  

Evidence for my Music Magzine Project

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