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The fonts and main image work really well together in this music magazine because the colour of the Lead article is the same as the top that Mia is wearing in the main image. In the main image they have styled Mia in a fiery styled and coloured top and she is holding a burning torch. This connotes her fierce attitude; they also have her in a pose that makes her look untamed and uncontrollable. The main image has been styled to make her look wild and outrageous. The pull quote ‘I’m rich enough to have you killed’ also connotes her ferocious attitude. Another code that connotes her tempestuousness is the main article ‘The Global Terror Returns’ makes the reader feel scared but this code catches the reader’s eye, and they want to read on. The Masthead also suits this magazine cover because the font connotes rebellion. The over-all style of the magazine show that it is meant for younger readers as the font colours are quite bright and the sans serif font which would appeal to a younger target market. All the codes meet the basic conventions of a magazine; there is a masthead, main image, lead article, pull quote and cover-lines, and all the codes work well together.

This contents page uses simple yet effective colours, the house-style of this contents page is very straightforward yet works very well and would attract the younger readers, with the black serif font standing out against the white background and the page being split up into sections which is very effective as it grabs the readers attention and makes the information easy to digest. The simple images in this contents page work very well with the fonts and set-up of the page, especially the biggest image of Brandon Flowers playing the piano, which connotes music. The fonts used in the contents page are similar to the fonts used in the Front-cover so the reader knows that this contents page goes with the Front-cover. As well as the main articles, which are accompanied by an image, there is a little section titled PLUS, which tells the reader about the other pages in the magazine. This shows that the pages labelled under PLUS are not as important as the big articles, as they only have a small caption, and are written in small fonts and have no images whereas the big articles have been spread around the page with big fonts and images. These big articles are the ones NME magazine feel the readers will be interested in. All the codes in this contents page meet the basic conventions of a magazine contents page, it is easy to follow with the page numbers clearly laid out, it uses large images and it has a good use of graphics which are not as similar to the front cover as Q magazine.



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By line

Pull Quote Standfirst

The layout of this Double Page Spread is really effective and reflects MIAs personality. It keeps the same house-style of the front-cover. The graphics used are amazing, for example the font of the Pull-quote looks like it has a fire behind it, it is very effective and catches the reader’s eye, and it reflects MIAs character. The lead image makes MIA look insane and wild; with smoke surrounding her. This gets across her fiery nature, very similar to the one on the front page which means the house-style of this Double Page Spread is consistent throughout the magazine. This DPS also uses a pull-quote as its headline. The pull-quote is really effective as it looks like the font is on fire to match MIAs fiery personality, also the pull-quote is really witty, and makes people want to read on. It gives the reader an insight into the article and into MIAs attitude. It goes really well with the lead image. The standfirst is effective because it invites the audience to learn more about ‘the any contradictions of MIA’ and makes MIA seem scary by saying ‘Confronts’ instead of ‘interviews’. This would make the reader want to read on. All the codes in this DPS meet the basic conventions of a DPS because it attracts the reader, gives an insight into the article and although it does not show MIA in a good light, it makes her look interesting and someone you would want to read about. It has a pull-quote as a headline, a by-line, a lead image and a standfirst.

Music magazine analysis 2  
Music magazine analysis 2  

My analyssis of NMEs music magazine Front cover, contents page and dps