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In this screen-shot I have made the contents page heading in the same font as the Masthead on the front-page. I also included the masthead above it. I have tried to maintain a colour scheme throughout my front page and contents page.

In this screenshot it shows my lead article and Features in the same font as my masthead.

I felt this was a good cover article because Stephen Fry is a very famous man who has achieved a lot and people would like to find out what it was like for him at City College.

This screen-shot shows my next feature article. I feel this article will appeal to students, especially females.

This screen-shot shows my third article.

A lot of people in my questionnaire stated that a college map would be very helpful to them in a college magazine, and young adults live freebies.

This screenshot shows my fourth article

Lot’s of students in my questionnaire were interested in local gigs and club nights in the local area.

This screen-shot shows my 6th and final article

Tips are very useful in a college magazine and woudld be hekpful to quite a few people.

This screenshot shows my final contents page, with another picture on the side with some extra artistic touches. I have kept a constant colour theme and tried to make my contents page look very similar to my front cover.

Contents page evidence  

Contents page evidence

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