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The Artists Robert Frank is a Swiss photographer and filmmaker who grew up under the World War II threat of Nazism. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1947 and pursued a career in photography. He is best known for his photography collection The Americans. Initially published in Paris, the book faced significant criticism upon its U.S. publication. It is now considered an important piece of work in American photography and art history. During his trip to America, he wanted to convey the feelings he had


Robert Frank

about the country in his photographs. He would often shoot during the night incorporating blur, imprecise focus, radically cropping and distorting prints, bleaching negatives and printing two photographs on top of each other because he wanted to capture the experience rather than the facts. We decided to incorporate these techniques while photographing and editing our images. We used his colour palette of black, white and red and played around contrast and blur, which enhanced the lyrics of the song.



The Songwriter

Bob Dylan


Folk rock singer-songwriter Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota. While attending college, he began performing folk and country songs, taking the name “Bob Dylan.” In 1961 Dylan signed his first recording contract. Dylan’s lyrics have incorporated a variety of political, social and philosophical influences. He has been a significant figure in music and culture for more than 5 decades. Dylan’s lyrics were inspired by the civil rights era and he wanted them to be controversial and create a reaction.



Published by Andrew GrahamDixon The first piece of research we collected was this article based on Robert Frank and his current work. 12

We beganw to learn about the techniques he used when photographing in London; shooting into light-glare and large amounts of shadow and using effects such as blur.




lyrics onto the pavements in chalk and then having calligraphy hand written type on scenes like Clifton using After Effects showing the diference in classes. After developing our idea we decided to focus more on the techniques Robert Frank used when photographing the Americans. Our second idea was to travel to places in London that linked to war and class for Masters Of War by Bob Dylan. We would then get the photos developed onto a contact sheet and the video would zoom in and out showing clips of London and having the type scratched on in red interpreting Robert Franks handwriting. We decided to have the layout as a contact sheet influenced from the book Looking in: Robert Frank’s The Americans. Initial Ideas

Our first idea was based on how Robert Frank portrayed America in The Americans, traveling around America photographing different cultures and class. We wanted to travel around Bristol and film different locations i.e. Clifton and St Pauls. In places like St Pauls we planned to scratch on the


Initial Ideas


Initial Ideas

After analysing Masters Of War we picked out places in London that we thought worked well with the lyrics. Creating a map we planned out our journey around London and gave ourself a day to travel from place to place. Places to visit in London:

Buckingham Palace Imperial War Museum Tower of London St Pauls Catherdral Houses of Parliament Westminster Catherdral 22




We decided to shoot using stop frame animation, panning and zooming in and out of places. We placed signs with words from the lyrics around London, and asked passersby to hold up the signs. We got a variety of shots including long distance as well as close-ups of the environment.


After visiting London we began narrowing down what clips we thought worked best along with the lyrics. We were keen on including Buckingham Palace where the camera panned across the entire building as well as close up shots of the guards walking through the gates. We also felt that the shot of shadowed statue overlooking Big Ben was another strong piece we captured.

interpreted his style of handwriting We created signs displaying on our own signs and when we extracts from our chosen song travelled to London we asked which was influenced by a Subterranean Homesick Blues video members of the public to hold up the signs. where Bob Dylan flicks through signs displaying his own lyrics. We





We decided to include this particular stop motion sequence of the guards in Buckingham Palace pacing up and down as the camera pans across the gates capturing close up shots of the barriers that were between ourselves and them. We thought this clip would work well as an opening sequence as it reveals the separation between the camera and participators.


the appearance of it being written onto. We used media such as chalk and charcoal to overwrite parts of the lyrics.


We gained influences from Robert Frank by imitating his handwriting from letters that he composed during his time in America. We used stop motion to reveal the lyrics which gave




effects we could later apply, and consider how we would combine different clips. We wanted to apply audio clips of bombs and gunshots, and have a radio clip of Einsenhower announcing the military industrial complex which is what Bob Dylan based Masters Of War on.

Final Outcome

For our final idea we decided to not to include the contact sheets and focus more on the techniques Robert Frank incorporated in The Americans. We combined our handwritten sequences and our stop motion sequences onto After Effects. We began researching moving typography pieces based on war and gain inspiration on what


Final Outcome


We worked really well together constantly communicating our ideas successfully combined our thoughts into one final piece and learnt from eachother through this experience.

Final Outcome

Overall we are proud that we were able to translate our ideas into film and feel that the effects we have applied portray aspects of Robert Frank’s photography. We felt that Masters Of War linked with emotional side of Robert Frank’s work and we believe that we have demonstrated this succesfully.


Words in Motion  

Combined project with Holly Atherton combining Bob Dylan's 'Masters of War' with the visual elements of Robert Frank.

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