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Research Development Positioning Sophie Dolan

There was once a lost girl. Lost, not in the physical sense but lost introspectively. Lost in her thoughts, unable to position herself, her work and her practice into a realistic professional context. Six one week briefs One two weeks brief And a re-evaluation And she was found.


Being over organisational, systematic and investigative, research has always, and will always, play a major role in all design briefs I face. Definitions and synonyms are my starting point to all research. I find they play a key role in sparking not just ideas but different ways to think about briefs. Definitions and synonyms are my way of finding unique ideas and not being stuck in the norm. Books, one of my biggest loves for design, grammar and intellect, are always my next step. There is nothing better than being able to read and visualise in your way while reading a book rather than being attacked by the visuals of Google images. My style of research was achieved and implemented based mainly on the discoveries of how I work best over the last few weeks.


The ways in which I have developed my work over this unit show who I am and where I can be positioned in the industry. The outcomes focus on some of my key interests and strengths in design. During the further development two week brief I found myself stuck in an idea that wasn’t working. I wasn’t happy with it and was struggling to change my mind about the approach. The crit on this piece of work was the only bad I’d had for the entire unit, which acted as a wake up call from becoming too happy, settled and stubborn in my work and ideas.


I aim to be original and not be a designer’s “design-alike.” I like developing my own ideas, work ethics and processes taking inspiration from the most random places I can find. I came into the third year with a rough idea of what I liked but no consideration of what each “like” consisted of. I am still broad with my positioning but I can see myself, my work and my practice fitting into realistic professional contexts. I can realistically see myself working for a design brand’s in-house design group, such as Paperchase, rather than working for a design agency with various clients. Branding, packaging and book design are what I have found I enjoy the most and succeed in the most and will be the basis of my positioning of myself, my work and my practice.

Sophie Dolan | University for the Creative Arts | Year 3 | Semester 1

Research, Development & Positioning  

Year 3 | Semester 1 | Brief 4

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