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The Puckwick Papers an Upstart Publication founded 2002

12th August - 10th September 2011

Courtyard, Schönes Haus, Nadelberg 6

Midsummer Manor August and September 2011 The latest Royal news and features, brought exclusively to you by the Puckwick Papers.

Hippolyta’s Wedding Dress Who will she wear? The winner of the most anticipated contest of the year is announced this weekend. The winning designer is revealed exclusively here, in the Puckwick Papers.

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Hoary headed frosts fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose! New research reveals that recent changes in the weather are apparently not due to global warming but are a knock-on effect of a marital spat in the fairy world.

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The Royal Wedding

Theseus, Duke of Athens and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons finally to be wed

Spotted Stars of ‘A Simple Life’ shopping at the ‘Not so simple’ boutique Gorgeous girls and full-time socialites Hermia, Egeus’ daughter and Helena, daughter of Nedar were seen leaving the fashionable boutique last night, heavily laden with bags much to the annoyance of Helena’s poor pet pooch. Economic crisis in Greece?

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Wedding preparaions are afoot all over Midsummer, not only at the Manor House but also in the town; tinker, tailer, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief have all invaded the town. All manner of thespians can be spotted practising their bid to perform at Court on the occasion of the Royal Wedding. It’s a regular hustle and bustle. The streets are being decorated with flowers and new lights, and Pat à Cake, confiseur to the Duke is struggling to

keep the design of the wedding cake secret. Robin Starveling, a local tailor, is rumoured to have accepted the RFP and pitched for the position of royal dressmaker. Snug the Joiner noted his disappointment that he wasn’t behind the matchmaking, whilst Oberon has sent his best wishes to the royal couple all the way from India - though he is expected to return in time for the wedding. Titania was unavailable for comment.

3 Editorial

August/September 2011

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Agony Aunt
















Editorial How it all came to pass - a word from the producer For years we’ve sat in this fabulous courtyard and listened to it scream at us to play Shakespeare here and we turned a deaf ear. Following last years’ production, however, some of Will’s iambic pentameter seeped through, the deaf heard, the blind saw and an involuntary proclamation left my lips: “ Let’s just do it!”. Once pronounced there was no retreat, leaving my poor partner in crime, Nicolaia, no chance than to yet again step up to the breach and not only accept the role of director, but also take on the challenge of acting in and co-producing it. This production may well be my brainchild, but the product is almost entirely thanks to her tireless and relentless driving. A Midsummer Night’s Dream seemed the most appropriate choice for what we hope will be the start of an an-

nual Shakespeare Festival in Basel as it is one of his best-loved comedies, it has all the elements which make Bollywood films so very popular, and most of all, it allows easy access to Shakespeare - which many find quite daunting. We hope you enjoy some of the magic and if you think that it’s a good idea to make this a regular feature of Summer in Basel, then do send us your feedback! Upstart has set itself the goal of promoting young local talent, but we can only ever achieve something with the help and support of our audience. So thank you for being here tonight.

Andrew Fernandes

Upstart Entertainment

Thank Yous Special mention for the many people who contributed their time and skill to this production Thank you to Linzie Stephenson for a getting this newspaper off the ground and the printed version and to Sophie Debrunner Hall for the wonderful electronic version. Thanks also to Alex Van Lierde, for being a helpful fairy in many departments, not least for putting us into the right light for fifteen shows. A hearty thanks to Bianca Müller for being a great sounding board and for her inspiration in creating the whole concept of the show. Bee was also instrumental in developing this program itself and handled all of our promotional work. Sincere thanks also go out to Eleanor Low who designed our flyers and posters for the umpteenth time.

Silvano Braga we are grateful to for creating a new website dedicated just to this production - one which has earned numerous compliments to date. Colleen Dunkel and Claudia Ott must be thanked profusely for dressing us up and having a lot of fun with creating wings and snouts and tutus and corsets. Elaine Shaw kindly came to many of our rehearsals and took our rehearsal shots, as well as most of the cast headshots in this program. Further, the Fernandes family and Peter Geddes for taking responsibility for the bar, box-office and the general management of the entertainment area in the smaller courtyard.

Not least, we’d like thank our many volunteers for their time, without whom it would not have been possible! A big thank you is also due to the English Seminar for its generous support and the beautiful venue, and to all those living and working nearby for not just tolerating but actively supporting us!

If you wish to stay informed about exciting upcoming Upstart projects, please either subscribe to our newsletter (found on the top menu at or visit our website: www.

August/September 2011


Alix Austin

Patrick Deslarzes


Puck’s Pranks


Alix was born in the UK and moved to Basel in 1996. With a keen interest for acting, she started taking classes at 7 and has played in Animal Farm, DNA (Theater

Patrick was a member of the Gay Beggars Drama Group at the English Seminar of the University of Basel for ten years. During this time, he appeared on stage as Ma-

Basel), Unoriginal Sin, RENT, junges theater basel & vitaminT. After graduating from the Swiss Fachmaturitätsschule in Basel with drama as her major. Alix is now pursuing her ambition to make acting her career and has been auditioning for drama schools in England.

cheath in The Beggar’s Opera and Jack Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest among others.

r e h

t ea



Fann’d with the eastern wind

Wind Temp.

Hoary headed frosts fall.

In 2000, he directed the Gay Beggars in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.



Merry wanderer of the night or a threat to society? Village Maiden got a fright recently when trying to sit on a stool which had disappeared from under her. Analysts speculate that it was the work of that knavish sprite Robin Goodfellow changing shape to look like a stool. It certainly isn’t the first such incident which Puck has been implicated in. Police suspect that the series of petty thefts of late are also the work of Robin Goodfellow. Reports that phones at the Royal Court were hacked by Robin working for a rival publication are as yet unconfirmed, though this is the widely accepted explanation for the leaking of Lysander and Hermia’s affair.



Dance thy ringlets to the whistling wind!

Foul wind is but foul breath.

Lean, rent and beggar’d by the strumpet wind!

Sun, lose thy light!

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.

Fairies to blame for meteorological changes New research suggests that a quarrel in the fairy kingdom is to blame for recent changes in the weather Local meteorologists have published new research into the recent unusual weather. It seems that the main cause is the longrunning custody battle between the fairy King and Queen. The child has been in Titania’s protection since his mother - a votress of the Fairy Queen’s order - died during childbirth. “For her sake, I will not part with him”. Oberon has been battling Titania for custody of the child in the hopes that he can be recruited as an official henchman.

How this will pan out when Oberon returns from India remains to be seen, but readers are advised to expect a plethora of unnatural occurences. The fairy King had travelled there to “find himself”, but rumour has it that he in fact found a few buskin brides instead. Titania and Oberon have been separated since June, and since then Athens has been assailed by the seasons altering; hoary headed frosts fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose. The spring, the

summer, the childing autumn, angry winter change their wonted liveries, and the mazèd world, by their increase, now knows not which is which. Puck and Peaseblossom, spokespersons for Oberon and Titania respectively, denied any difficulties between the fairy couple and rejected any rumours of infidelity as unfounded.

5 Weather

August/September 2011

Nicolaia Marston

Titania’s tips


The fairy queen’s beauty routine

Nicolaia Marston trained at the New York film academy in NYC, and earned an MA in Acting from East15 Acting School in London. She’s a founding member of Upstart Entertainment.

“The summer still doth tend upon my state”, Titania protests when asked how she copes with aging in the fairy world.

Previous roles include Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing, Mother in Doña Rosita, Anna in Closer, Mrs Peachum in The Beggars’ Opera, and Nanny Weatherwax in Wyrd Sisters.

She may no longer be a spring chicken, but she says she has yet to reach her peak. Oberon may have headed off to India on his “self-indulgent and egocentric trip to ‘find himself”, but this is no indication that she has lost any of her “youthful charm”, Titania replies.

From November 2011, she will be on tour throughout Switzerland with the Basler Märlitheater Fidibus.

She does however admit to using Weleda’s rose line to keep wrinkles at bay. Not that she needs it. Honest.

August/September 2011

Andrew Fernandes Theseus

Born and bred in Bombay, India, Andrew has pursued acting and singing all his life and has performed on stages all over the world. Possibly his most memorable Basel performances have been Tony in The Boyfriend, Fagin in Oliver!, Eric “Rubber Legs” De Vene in A Slive of Saturday Night, Prospero in Return to the Forbidden Planet and Milton in Twist and Shout, an Upstart Entertainment original musical.


Jasmin Rindlisbacher Hippolyta

Cécile Hertzog Hippolyta

Jasmin is a student of English at the University of Basel. Whilst she’s always been passionate about theatre, Jasmin only recently joined the Gay Beggars Drama Group at the English Seminar. She was last seen this Spring as Gallathea in the Gay Beggars’ production of John Lyly’s Gallathea .


Cécile is a former member of the Gay Beggars and now teacher by day, joining the Midsummer Night’s Dream gang to cover the first three shows. She was last seen as Cassandra in Stuck, as Nanny Ogg in Wyrd Sisters and the wonderful Mrs. Trapes in The Beggars Opera here in the cellar theatre.

Royal Wedding Rumours Hippolyta takes flight after hearing of the Duke’s tomfoolery with Titania Some dreadful rumours were heard circularing round Midsummer Manor yesterday that Hippolyta, the “bouncing Amazon” has gone into hiding after hearing about Theseus’ fling with Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Robin G.*, a source close to the fairy couple, was able to confirm this story. Being a respectable publication, we held off printing this news item in the hope that it was just malicous gossip - we suspected the forgeries of jealousy - but the story has since broken in media outlets around the world today. Duke Theseus of Athens, known in some circles as a bit of a Lothario or Ladies’ Man is struggling with Hippolyta, his Queen of the Amazons who he allegedly won in an Olympic Amazonian Tournament. Hippolyta’s defeat is somewhat disputed - there are still some allegations of an unfair battle. A Puckwick Papers source confirms that there was a heated discussion at the court last night and that Hippolyta took off, only to be stopped, in a dramatic turn of events, by the Duke’s security detail on reaching the airport.

The Duchess was visibly unamused at the rumours.

Philostrate, Master of the Revels, Head Wedding Planner and spokes-

person for the Royal couple denied all of the rumours. “His Grace, the Duke, and Her Royal Highness Hippolytta are both very much looking forward to their nuptial hour, which draws on apace.” The Editors of this paper do indeed hope that these rumours are unfounded, and would be shocked to find someone had been so malicious as to fabricate such a story just before the wedding which is widely considered not only to be a high point for the happy couple but also the residents of Midsummer who’ve been waiting for this royal wedding for decades. Many locals had given up hope that the fifty-something Duke would finally submit to the yoke of of marriage and relinquish his freedom. We are confident that this is all much ado about nothing and that all’s well that ends well - not least because we’ve all bought our hats for the public part of the wedding ceremonies at the new moon in four days’ time. But, oh, we think how slow this old moon wanes! *Name withheld.

7 Agony Aunt

August/September 2011

Norman Koeth Egeus

Agony Aunt

Our in-house Agony Aunt, Agatha, provides some sound advice to our gentle readers. Dear Agatha,

Norman has devoted his life to theatre. Originally from the USA, Norman came to Europe some time ago to study European Theatre. Norman has had his own theatre company and appeared in numerous roles with a variety of companies in Europe over the years. Memorable performances include appearances in Love for Love, a restoration comedy by William Congreve, The Boy Friend, Sandy Wilson’s twenties musical, Reg in Quartet and, most recently, Bertrand in Upstart Entertainment’s Café Brel.

Sophie Debrunner Hall Hermia

Half Swiss, half Scottish, Sophie grew up in Glasgow and moved to Basel in 2005. After finishing her Matura last year, she’s starting a Bachelor in Politics and Philosophy in Zurich. A theatre fan for as long as she can remember, Sophie’s six-year old stage debut was as Judas in her primary school’s Passion of the Christ. She didn’t like having to kiss Jesus. Since then she’s appeared on stage as Abigail in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and with the Gay Beggars as Susie in Half an Hour, a J.M. Barrie short play. Next to theatre, she’s involved in the European Youth Parliament and falls down stairs on a regular basis.

I have a daughter, who I was fortunate to have relatively late in life. Her mother sadly passed away a few years after her birth and I was left the sole provider, educator and I hope role model of our child. Recently, I’ve been deeply unsettled by changes I’ve observed in her; she^s no longer seeing her most respectable beaux, Demetrius - to whom I had given my consent, my consent that she should be his wife. Instead she’s been seen fraternising with a new friend, a certain ‘Lysander’ who, I fear, is a bad influence on her. She’s grown insolent and disobedient. With cunning has this woman filched my daughter’s heart, and turned her obedience, which is due to me into stubborn harshness. She’s even begun to dress most inappropriately, wearing - I am ashamed to say - trousers! In gaudy gold tones! It’s most disgraceful. I’ve set her an ultimatum for the announcement of her engagement to

Demetrius (a spiffing chap by all accounts), but she’s let it pass. I’m at the end of my tether and am considering going to Duke Theseus to ask my ancient privelege to dispose of her as I like, which shall be either to the aforementioned gentleman, or to her death. I did consider sending her to a nunnery but given how inappropriate this new ‘friendship’ is, I fear that won’t be enough. Begging the law on her head would however be a last resort - do you, dear Agatha, see any other way out of this quandary? Yours indignantly, Egeus A. Nobleman Athens

Dear Egeus, Get with the times! In case you hadn’t noticed, ‘the times they are a-changing’. If you like Demetrius so much, do you marry him!


Dear Agatha,

Dear Hermia,

My father’s an old fart who just doesn’t understand me!

Don’t be hasty. I don’t recommend running away to Las Vegas. For a start, the state of Nevada doesn’t recognise samesex marriages, but more importantly, you risk ruining your relationship with your father for good.

I’ve fallen in love with Lysander, and am determined to spend the rest of my life with her. But my father has set his heart on my marrying Demetrius - I’m pretty sure that by now you will have read his letter. Lysander is every bit as worthy as Demetrius - as well derived as he, as well possessed - she just happens to be, well, a she. To top it all off Demetrius is my bestest ever friend, Helena’s, ex, which is making things more than a little awkward. I’m at my wit’s end! By now, I’m pretty much set on stealing away to the woods tomorrow night and eloping to Vegas with my Lysander. Do you have any packing tips? Which of us can wear a dress? And if we’re in Vegas, does one of us need to be dressed as Elvis? Hermia

I know it may not seem like it right now, but your father loves you and only wants the best for you. Take time to pause, and by the next new moon try again to explain your feelings to your father patiently. You never know, he might understand if you phrase it tactfully. Have you asked your father why he objects to Lysander? He’s probably terrfied of losing you, explain to him that your marrying Lysander doesn’t mean you don’t still respect and love him, too. As for the dress: you can both wear a dress. I’d seriously discourage you from having any Elvis lookalikes at the wedding. Fake quiffs only ever worked in Grease.


August/September 2011

Stacy Lucido Helena



‘In the woods you do me mischief ’

Nedar’s daughter Helena and Demetrius, betrothed to Egeus’ Hermia, spotted together.

Stacy Lucido, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, made her acting debut with a riveting performance as Mary, mother of Jesus.

Helena, daugher of Nedar, who shot to fame after her appearance in ‘The Simple Life’ with her fellow socialite Hermia, was recently caught on camera getting close to Demetrius, now the latter’s fiancé, at his usual watering hole. Given that Demetrius has since been engaged to Helena’s best friend, the situation is far from clear, especially with rumours still circulating that Hermia is more than just friends with Lysander.

Much later, she fell in love with England and Shakespeare and completed her M.A. in Acting London in 2004, before moving to Zurich

If the reports that Hippolyta is planning to leave Theseus at the altar after learning of his credit with Titania are true, might this be an alternative celebrity wedding to enchant Athens?

Film work includes Something Blue and This Love. On stage, she’s appeared, amongst others, as Julia in Homecoming, Amy/Susan in CDS Show, Anne in Richard III (London) and Miranda in The Tempest (US).

An official statement from Helena merely said that “We women should be wooed, and were not made to woo”. Demetrius refused to comment.

August/September 2011


Thea Morris


James Bailey



Thea has a PhD in clinical Pharmacology, but is currently re-assessing her life and considering a professional career in acting. Training Guildhall

James has been on and off stage and in front of the camera since he was a child. He studied acting and music after leaving school and has been in a variety of

School of Music and Drama Summer Intensive, Central School of Speech and Drama, 10wk p/t acting course: Practical Aesthetics, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Chekhov workshop, London Centre for Theatre Studies (LCTS) Stanislavski technique course, CityLit London various acting courses. Classical ballet for 15 years as well as voice coaching for opera with Julliard teacher Philip Steel.

productions and bands since. Films: Coca

Cola UK, The Shed, Black Mambo, Behind the Mask.

“Disparage not the faith thou dost not know, Lest, to thy peril, thou aby it dear. Look, where thy love comes; yonder is thy dear.” Act 3, Scene II

Stage work includes: All in the Timing, Cobweb Theatre (Edinburgh), Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, Justin in RolePlay, Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, GTC (UK) and Pip in Great Expectations, Greenfields Theatre Co. (UK).


August/September 2011

“If we offend, it is with our goodwill” A new low in dramatic arts is reached by local Athenian amateur group’s bungling production of ‘The Mousetrap”. - Peter Quince What should have been a classic ‘whodunnit’ was nothing short of disastrous. The latest production brought to us by the ‘Mechanicals’ - as the group of local handymen call their excuse for a theatre group was The Mousetrap, performed at Kronborg Castle, Denmark, last Wednesday. It was a night to remember. Painfully so. Stumbling aimlessly across the stage with no pace, point, focus, interest, drama wit or originality, the lacklustre cast appear to lack even a modicum of talent. Words are rendered utterly meaningles in the face of the monstrosities committed by these would-be thespians. Our readers are urged to avoid this or any future productions from this group. Most notably poor was the aptly named Mr. Nick Bottom (far left), who, after attempting to play every part in the piece successively and unsuccessfully is advised not to give up his day job as a weaver. The playwright, HRH Prince Hamlet himself’s poigant intention was clear-

Ariel Steffen Peter Quince

A tenor, percussionist and hobby-pianist, Ariel has had diverse music performances since early childhood, and has won the Promotionspreis of the Musikakademie Basel. He’s played of Princess Grace in The Hostage, Simon Gascoyne in The Real Inspector Hound, Captain Tempest in Return to the Forbidden Planet, Duke Felmet in Wyrd Sisters, Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, Sound Control in Resurrection Blues and Tityrus in Gallathea.

ly to deliver an ingenius and ingenuous critique of his mother, Queen Gertrude’s second marriage only four months after the King’s death. Despite the words being apt; a marvellously well-writ example of traditionally dark Scandinavian emo-theatre, the players were unfitted. The only emotionally challenging aspect left by the ‘Mechanicals’ was the upcoming challenge to repress the urge to get up and leave after five minutes.

Lacked any spark of éclat or élan. To be avoided at all costs.

“” This is the silliest stuff I ever heard!

Casting Notice

Actors wanted for a production of the very tragical mirth of Pyramus and Thisbe. Actors interested in performing in any of the following roles in a submission to entertain at the royal wedding should get in touch with Author and Director Peter Quince at his carpentry: Pyramus, m., 30-40, a lover Thisbe, f., 25-35, his love Pyramus’ Father, m. 50-60, a tyrant Thisbe’s Father, m., 50-60, likewise Lion, m., a lion The Wall, m. or f., mortar and hale The Man in the Moon, m. Also seeking prop- and costumemakers. No experience required.

August/September 2011



Jacob Dixon Nick Bottom

Jacob is from New York and lives and works in Basel.

“For aught that one could ever read, Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth!”

Previous theatre experiences include the parts of: Todd in

Joining the Ying to your Yang.

A Streetcar Named Desire, Surprise, Kev, Les and Rosie in Bouncers, Bill in Unoriginal Sin. Film experience: Agent Delaware in Digital Evidence, Bank Customer in The Vault, directed by Noémi Bésedes.

Since 1595. S n

The Author’s Voice, Steve in


e th


Jacob’s voice can also be heard offstage; both as a primary host for The English Show on Radio X here in Basel and a ring announcer & commentator for Swiss Championship Wrestling.


Methinks you have a great desire for a raincoat. Good raincoat, sweet raincoat, hath no fellow!

Bottom’s Brollies

Call 0900-JOIN-ME-NOW Samuel Ammann Snug the Joiner

to keep your asses dry!

Snug the Joiner

Sam completed high school last summer and has shown a keen interest and talent for the stage.

Josh showed interest in theatre from a young age and attended Pedros Theater School Basel.

From September he’ll be studying Biology at the

Stage appearances with Upstart Entertainment as Eddie

ETH Zurich.

Available at the entrance for -.50

Josh Malik

His first stage appearance was three years ago as Pastor Samuel Parris in The Crucible. More recently, he joined the Gay Beggars at the English Seminar in the role of Mr. Redding in Half an Hour (in Unexpected Returns).

in A Slice of Saturday Night, Bosun Arras in Return to the Forbidden Planet, Dan in Closer, Security in Twist & Shout. Film: Alex Maier in the movie Welthund.

13 Business

August/September 2011

Local tailor disappointed in bid to design dress The Puckwick Papers speak to Robin Starveling about his rejected entry for the wedding dress of the century. How are you recovering from coming in second? I won’t lie. I was absolutely devasted to lose. This could have been my breakthrough. To design a dress like that.. what an opportunity. It’s been tough. Although of course coming in second has thrown me into the limelight somewhat. And I must admit, second place is rather impressive, don’t you think? Weren’t there only two entries? I - well, that’s not the point, is it? As I was saying, the media have been giving me some attention. I can’t say I blame them. I like to think I was born for the limelight. Oh? Who’s been interviewing you? Well. Several, eh - a few - one or two papers. One, really. You’re interviewing me, aren’t you? I suppose so. What do you think of the win-

ning design? It’s so predictable. Dull. White is so 1590. My dress was a fashion phenomenon. Revolutionary. Too bad the world will never see it. Where do you think you went wrong? Wrong? Well, why do you think yours wasn’t selected? What was the essential flaw? Flaw? There was no flaw! It was merely misunderstood. Much like that unfortunate incident with the new clothes I made for the Emperor a few years ago. The world isn’t always ready for designer’s vision. That is our tragedy. So you’re saying the Duchess was wrong? Yes. I mean, perhaps I could have put a little more time into the design. Less snakeskin might have been moderately better. I was rather busy appearing

in the unparalleled The Mousetrap (see p. 11). That was misunderstood, too. Now I have my hands full with costumes for Pyramus and Thisbe. I think the costumes really are what makes it so sublime. Do come.

Charlie Brickman Robin Starveling

Charlie is from Blackpool, England, and discovered an interest in acting early on. Stage appearandes have been in: Cinderella and Rockerfella, Starcrossed and Animal Farm. Charlie studied performing arts in Blackpool and at the Fylde College. He’s recently moved to Switzerland to join his family and is studying English language and literature at Academia International School.

August/September 2011



Frédéric Anklin Francis Flute

Frédéric grew up in Asia, holds a Swiss and a No r w e g i a n passport and speaks German, French, No r w e g i a n and a little Swedish. His acting career is just as mixed up. He was an Italian Renaissance wifebeater in ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore, a middle-aged theatre critic in The Real Inspector Hound, a Shakespearean monarch in Henry V, a Wildean dandy in The Importance Of Being Earnest, a Polish-American wife-beater in A Streetcar Named Desire and a dubious priest in Doubt. This is his third Upstart production: He helped create Twist & Shout, their original musical play, in 2009.

Personals Francis Flute, 34, steady income, part-time thespian, good-looking, sporty, with a good sense of humour WLTM that special person (15-25) to enjoy long romantic walks under a starry sky (not so keen on moonshine), someone who enjoys reading poetry in front of an open fire. “More strange than true. I never may believe These antique fables nor these fairy toys.” Act V. Scene I

To get in touch, call Snug the Joiner at 0900-JOIN-ME-NOW.

15 Varia

August/September 2011

Andy Tobler Snout

Andy was an assistant Director and Stage Manager at the Stadttheater Bern. He directed the Swiss premieres of

Welche Droge Passt zu mir? and Ein bisschen Ruhe vor dem Sturm, both staged by the Stadttheater Bern. In 2002 he won an award at the FEATS Festival in Brussels for his direction of Guts. Following Heute Abend: Lola Blau in Zurich, Andy directed Upstart Entertainment’s production of Doubt earlier this year.

Nicolas Hunziker Snout

Nicolas ‘Hunzi’ Hunziker is currently studying English and History at the University of Basel. He’s a member of the English Seminar’s drama group, the Gay Beggars, and has appeared in two of their plays. In 2010 as Dick in A well-remembered voice and this Spring in John Lyly’s Gallathea.


Fairy Dancer Dance has always been Gauri’s second nature. Beginning at only six years old, Gauri first studied traditional temple dance, then went on to develop her own style. Born in Germany of Indian origin, she graduated in Fashion Management/Design from the University of Amsterdam. She loves travelling, swimming and all kinds of creative activities, but dance remains her greatest passion.

The Puckwick Papers  

Program of Upstart Entertainment's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

The Puckwick Papers  

Program of Upstart Entertainment's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".