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Celie Nigoumi Visual Communication - Photography Birmingham City University first year


“It has always facinated me that with one quick movement a moment can be captured & kept, then distorted or retained�



“I love travelling and comparing the sights, culture, language between different countries�


“My image making often takes a spectators point of view, with the intention of describing a scene, mood or atmosphere to an audience to whom it may seem unfamiliar.�



Ryan Connor English Literature & creative writing Birmingham City University second year


hen we received a submission from English literature and creative writing student Ryan Connor we didn’t know that we were about to come across a musical voice and mind as special as this. The whole team could not stop listening to his raw rough tones and heart achingly truthful lyrics, not to mention his completely transformed covers. We were hooked straight away. Directory Mag met up with Ryan to find out about his love for music and why he does what does. Its great to finally meet you after watching all you’re YouTube videos (seriously, we mean all of them) It’s great to meet you! And thank you, I’m glad you guys you liked them, I still get nervous that they’re not good enough sometimes despite how long I’ve been making and performing music. You’re too modest. So, how would you describe your sound to those who haven’t had a listen yet? I’d say very stripped back; I only use my acoustic guitar and my voice, there’s no messing around with editing afterwards. What you hear is completely real. What other music do you take inspiration from? All sorts! I’ve always loved punk and heavy American pop-punk, like A Day to Remember, I love covering their songs. At the same time I take what is out there on mainstream radio as I like to change it up and see how I can mess with it. I recently did a cover of Britney’s Toxic, it was so fun to play and sing. What are you listening to currently? Johnny Cash on repeat. Constantly. I’m obsessed with the film Walk the Line as well, I love singing It Ain’t Me Babe and Get Rhythm. It really pushes my vocals and allows me to sing completely differently to how I usually do.

12 Where do you take inspiration from? A lot of other musicians and bands inspire me a lot, especially Nirvana and Johnny Cash (of course). In terms of writing my own stuff, its just however I’m feeling at the time or maybe one line or bar will pop into my head and I just go with it and see what happens. Its a very fluid, naturally process, I never set out to try and write something; it just happens. Where do you see you and your music going in the future? I’m honestly not quite sure, right now I’m trying to focus on completing my degree and my music is something that takes my mind off it and helps me to relax. It would be great to be a successful musician and I secretly would love music to be my career. I guess going out and doing gigs would be the next step, but its not something I’ve properly thought about. I’m very content with recording and showing my music on YouTube for now. So there you have it, Ryan Connor, acoustic singer and songwriter with the whole world in front of him for the taking. Check out his extended interview on and watch an exclusive performance of Wrong Time.

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