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This Is Bruce Personalised campaign proposal March 2014

This four week online campaign will involve establishing a visual identity and creating an online presence for the artist in preparation for the near future when he begins to gig in the local area. As it is a short campaign the aim is to promote a track a week extensively over social media (both the company’s and the artist’s) which will lead up to the release and promotion of his first EP.

Soundbite PR is a music public relations company based in Birmingham. Our humble team of four have experience in music promotion as well as public relations and marketing. We aim to bring all our skills together to provide our clients with expertly designed promotional campaigns. Soundbite puts the client first by creating fully flexible, personalised campaigns with as much or as little involvement as the client needs. Whether they are just starting out or already established, we have the knowledge and expertise to help them get to where they want to be.

With a penchant for sitting at my computer on the internet, it didn't take long for me to develop an interest in how to make the websites I was spending so much of my time on. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress, I have created websites for a wide range of clients from musical artists to media festivals. I am constantly learning new skills and keeping up to date with the latest developments in web technology.

I love words and telling stories, but journalism just wasn’t for me so naturally I found myself in PR. I write press releases, bios and most of the copy you see on screen and print produced by Soundbite. I also put together campaign documents ready to be pitched. Musicians always have a story to tell and I love that I help to provide a platform for them to do this.

There is not much I love more than working directly with talented musicians and this is why I am the middle women between the company and the artist. I liaise and communicate our plans with the client and vice versa. I also oversee our company’s social media presence as well as producing the odd research document on various topics such as audience and genre when needed.

I’m the visual design executive for Soundbite and deal with all the design and output of visuals connected to the artists we represent. I have worked on visual design marketing teams for companies in the past and enjoy creating unique and inspiring visuals to build representations and brand images.

This_is_Bruce, known to his friends and family as Luke Bruce, is an aspiring EDM/house DJ from Bedfordshire. At only 19 years old he has already spent two summers on the Ibiza circuit as an avid follower of EDM and house music, meeting huge names in the process. His passion has also taken him across the channel to France, regular trips to London and travelling the festival season. It was this passion for EDM and house music that acted as the final push in the decision to leave university. It was a natural progression that Luke found himself remixing his favourite artists and setting up a small home studio. Since November 2013 he has practised and built up an array of mixes and sets in preparation for gigging in the near future. In fact, as we speak, Luke has just secured his first gig in Bedford as a support act for a local DJ. He is a naturally talented individual with a great ear for what sounds great, and with the helping hand Soundbite PR can offer we feel he is destined for big things.

This_is_Bruce is a young and talented new DJ from Bedfordshire

He is home grown and self taught

Brings together the best of current popular dance music and more unknown house producers 

Passionate about the genre and music in general— always attending gigs and shows across the world

Sex: Male & Female Age: 18- 27 Location: Bedfordshire Ethnicity: White British Occupation: Student Interests: Electronic Dance Music (EDM), House DJs and current chart music

EDM fans

Students/ Young Adults

Inhabitants of Bedfordshire

The ideal audience for This_Is_Bruce would be a combination of all three. To start out with it will be easier to target This_Is_Bruce to this specific audience, however Luke’s sound has a wider appeal to it and we hope to gradually go on to target a more mainstream audience once established.

EDM festivals - Creamfields, Parklife

EDM gigs/DJ sets—i.e. Avicii , Alesso, Deadmau5, Sebastian Ingrosso

EDM magazines/online magazines -Mixmag, Elektro

New music magazines - The Fly

Local music magazines/online magazines - Trendlife Magazine, The Bedford Clanger (also a blog)

EDM blogs

EDM social media

EDM/music university societies

As Luke is a very new artist he has yet to develop a visual identity, so as part of our objectives and main aims we have decided to tackle this in order to prepare him for his future in music. The visual identity created will have an impact on his career as it is what he, as an artist, will be associated with and identified by. Also, it is important that the style created fits in with the genre so that straight away people are somewhat aware of the type of music he produces. First of all we will liaise with Luke over the style and aesthetic he wants to be associated with and look into other artists from the same genre whose visual identity appeals to him the most. Once a style has been established we will get to work on possible outcomes, constantly referring back to Luke for his feedback. A ‘house style’ will first be decided, fonts, colours etc. which will be applied, in some way, to all promotional material. From this a logo and a poster will be designed for the EP as well as the EP cover itself.

As a Soundbite PR client, Luke will feature on the company website on his own artist page. This will include imagery, a biography, a sample of his music and links to his Soundcloud and Twitter. The page will be updated frequently with any new imagery, promotional material or music. Any updates surrounding what we’re doing with regards to Luke’s PR will be updated as ‘news’ articles, which will not only keep the site current but also act as further promotion. Included in this will be any achievements that Luke accomplishes throughout the duration of the campaign, for example a gig or article/blog post. The website will also provide a platform to showcase Luke in a way that social media cannot, it’ll allow us to talk about him in more detail, and this could be done via the biography or in addition an interview.

Having only very recently set up a Soundcloud account the foundations have already started to be laid down for an online promotion campaign. There is currently only one mix uploaded onto the account which is ideal as we can immediately begin the promotion process, and in our eyes it is definitely quality as opposed to quantity. Having an active Soundcloud account is a must for any artist so we intend to help Luke release regular tracks, whether they are sets, mixes or even reposts of tracks that particularly stand out to him. The intention is to pull together the best of the work Luke has already produced and upload them onto Soundcloud at regular intervals until the release of the EP at the end of the campaign duration (4th April).

As it is an online campaign social media will play a huge role throughout in order to achieve our objectives . We will promote Luke as an artist on our Twitter account and provide a link to his Soundcloud page. Then after negotiating what tracks should be uploaded next we will Tweet about any new uploads on his Soundcloud account. We will also share on Twitter any other things he has lined up that he has arranged without our aid, for example gigs, collaborations etc. After interest has been built up, we will begin to Tweet about the release of the EP and then finally Tweet that the EP has been released and where to find it. As well as promoting Luke and his work on our company social media, we will also encourage Luke to share and repost what we’ve said on his own social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) as well as creating his own posts, which in turn we will share and repost.

Over the four week campaign progress will constantly be monitored, however because the length of the campaign the core evaluation will happen once the campaign is complete. Below we have laid out a selection of evaluation methods which will be used to assess the success of the campaign and can be used to plan future promotional campaigns by the artist or ourselves. Objective 1—Upload five remixes onto Soundcloud and promote on Facebook and Twitter 

Were five remixes uploaded onto Soundcloud? If not why not—did we upload more/less?

How many times was it played on Soundcloud?

Were there any comments on Soundcloud? If so, how many and what was the overall tone?

Was each upload promoted on artist’s Facebook and Twitter? Was each upload promoted on Soundbite Twitter? If not why not?

How many people liked the posts on Facebook? How many people shared the posts? How many people commented on them—what was the tone?

How many people favourite or retweeted the Tweets?

Objective 2—Create upcoming EP cover and corresponding identity 

How did Luke respond to the designs? Did we take in his feedback? Did we ask for audience feedback? Did we listen to feedback?

Did they both correspond or look totally different?

How do they compare to other visual identities in the same genre?

Objective 3—Promote EP on Facebook and Twitter 

Was the EP promoted on Facebook and Twitter? If not why not?

How many times was it promoted on Facebook and Twitter?

Did people interact with the posts? How many people shared and liked? How many people favourite and retweeted?

Objective 4—Design poster for promotion of EP 

Did poster visually correspond with the artist visual identity and EP cover itself?

Feedback from Luke—did we take on what he said in the design process?

Feedback from audience—what do they like/dislike about it?

How does it compare to other artist promotional material in the genre?

Objective 5—Create artist page on Soundbite website 

Was it updated regularly? If not why not?

Feedback from Luke—did he like how we portrayed him as an artist?

How many hits did the page receive in comparison to the website homepage?