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It is my belief that if an object embodies a value that transcends its functional duties, it has the ability to become an ‘artefact’. By enabling the wearer to create meaning through the underlying content of an object, allows the artefact to create its own language and conversation that exceeds the brief existence that many objects have in today’s consumer culture.

The mixing of handmade traditional craft and technology has inspired my thinking from the beginning,

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restoring a cultural shift back towards recognising the importance of interaction and communication

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Recycled paper, dip dyed fabric, cotton and driftwood.

I began by thinking of something that has the function of opening and closing, similar to a flower blossoming. I also wanted to incorporate a traditional past time within the design. This led me to experiment with folding sheets of paper allowing movement, similar to the traditional ‘fortune teller’ game.

The directions were taught to each generation and then handed down to the next to become part of the cultural heritage of Japanese people.

When the shapes open it represents a way of communicating to the person wearing it. The shapes play with keeping loved ones close regardless of distance, encouraging communication.

Driftwood, cable, charm, rubber and prism kaleidoscope

The kaleidoscopic effect continues to inspire people, whether or not it has been over used, we enjoy getting lost in patterns, colours, the mirror and butterfly affect to create vibrant artworks.

Invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster a Scottish inventor whilst looking at objects at the end of 2 mirrors. He noticed patterns and colours were recreated and reformed into beautiful new arrangements. He named this new invention after the Greek words, “Kalos” meaning beautiful, “Eodos” meaning shape or form and “Scopeo”, meaning viewer - the view of beautiful forms.

Found objects have been recycled to form a neckpiece that acts as a piece to hold the kaleidoscope. Designed to reach back in time and embrace the once newest form of technology. The kaleidoscope awakens a fascination in young and old alike that defies easy explanation and encourages a recaptured picture for our environment.

Made of rusted metal, string, wooden beads, cotton and seaweed.

Paying homage to woodsy-craft and folklore. This piece is a wearable artefact that reacts and responds to physiological changes, in order to enhance the emotional dialogue between people.

Inspired by old traditions within Cornish and Devon fishing villages, a favourite fire charm was seaweed, known as ‘Ladies’ trees’. Some say that a piece of seaweed in the house ensures that you will never lack a friend. An old folklore tradition uses the shape change within seaweed to detect weather changes.

Using its natural form, the seaweed can detect changes and react accordingly to enrich the visual display of the wearer. It is intended to augment the expression of emotions, to make it easier for people to show how they feel by using changing compositions and to suggest how our cherished possessions may interact with us through wearing.

Made of a wooden dome, curtain ties and handmade printed textiles

The necklace plays with ways to hold onto memory. Inspired by the humble sounds from the richness and diversity of a trip into the Australian rural landscape. Familiar sounds were collected such as magpie calls, the sound of water flowing through drainpipes after a very rare downpour, and the sound of surf and cicadas on the south coast of New South Wales.

This texture informs the sound incorporated into the dome like shape. As such it becomes a device allowing the user to re-experience a personal memory and environment to share with others.

The wooden pendant is designed to act as a conductor of sound. Inspired by recapturing the childhood curiosity of pressing shells to our ears to ‘hear the ocean’. As the wearer places the wooden dome to their ear, small sounds are emitted from the pendent, audible to the user but not perceptible to the surrounding world.

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Made of string, metal tin can

Inspired by the joys of family, childhood and conversation. There was a time when it wasn’t uncommon to use a piece of string to guide words that otherwise might falter on their way. Now the practice of attaching cups to the ends of string is a favourite childhood past time.

When the string is pulled tight and a message is spoken, the sound vibrates across the taut string to the other can. The person at the other end of the telephone hears your message after the sound vibrations are collected.

The wearable accessory is designed to encourage communication between two people, helping us to value the process of craft, and our reactions to playful conversation.

Restoring Tradition  
Restoring Tradition  

Intended to restore a cultural shift towards encouraging conversation