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Abigail Nelson and Sophie Abell

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Focused on a playful aesthetic. Rather than changing the language too much, these designs will be highly beneficial to the company, ensuring the language is clear and concise. They will appeal to a wider audience and also the meaning of the message will be clearly expressed, as most shoppers will not take the time to decipher what a message is trying to say - they will just move on. This way, it remains playful, yet also effective.

Abigail Nelson and Sophie Abell


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The different phrases use a mix of hand drawn type and an existing font (Brannboll Fet.) This is to establish a consistent theme throughout. The scale of these would generally be larger than usual - predominantly seen as stand alone typography. This is to ensure they were visible from afar and could not be missed. In context this means they would have to be vinyl cut and placed indoors - on the floor, walls and windows.

Abigail Nelson and Sophie Abell


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ime S In addition to the vinyl stickers, there will be various digital designs, either projected in store or with the use of these designs within the company’s website. As an interactive media source - touch screen computers would be placed in-store with access to ordering different sizes, applying for loyalty cards and also get involved with the company’s social media network. Ideally these would be located near the designated changing room areas. Alternatively to activate Wi-Fi, you would connect to the network by ‘liking’ or ‘following’ Oasis’ social media.

Abigail Nelson and Sophie Abell


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Accompanying the digital and large scale messages, there will also be small scale prints in the form of leaflets. This will allow for promotion outside of the store and an added personal touch for the overall customer experience. These will be distributed within the OASIS shopping bags. This will promote a friendly brand and encourage customers to return to the store.

Abigail Nelson and Sophie Abell


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Abigailnelson,sophieabell oasis final boards  
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