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Not So Clueless Afterall:

Sara Brown

Why Cher Horowitz is the ultimate style queen.

THE daring designer on the path to success

Spring 2014 ÂŁ4.00

GRACE Spring 2014

18 Featured designer Sara Brown talks to us about what it’s like being an up and coming fashion designer in London and how she plans to conquer the design industry. 5 - Editor’s Letter 8 - The Tumblr Edit: Our top picks of Tumblr 13 - Why We Love... Nicole Richie 27 - On The Street 34 - Beauty Guide: Nail Trends 45 - Born To Dye: Why purple is the IT hair colour this season

52 - The Sound of Grace: Foxes, the stylish singer that has risen to success in 2014 54 - Hot For Haim: three sisters that are always on trend 56 - Monochrome vs. Loud Prints: what will be your Spring wardrobe staple? 61 - The Bucket Bag Is Back 63 - The Tattoo Edit

47 - Find Your Scent: which perfume should you should wear this season?

65 - 90s Revival: chokers, midriffs and jelly shoes

48 - Northernisms: From unique slang, The Beatles and the infamous Liverpool tan, this season we’re celebrating everything Scouse

67 - The Originals: why the original 90s supermodels will always reign supreme 69 - Pretty In Pink

Editor’s Letter...

70 - Shape Up With Spring Shakes: get bikini ready with these homemade healthy shakes and smoothies 72 - Cocktail Recipes: this season we’ve sourced the best Gin cocktail recipes 74 - Is It Time To Ban The Fake Tan? 75 - Grace SS14 Wishlist 77 - Flying High: forget your flats, heels are hot this Summer 80 - Baggage Claim: What’s In Our Travel Bag 81 - Looking Shady: our fave sunglasses on the high street right now 82 - How To Wear: the statement sweatshirt 83 - Feeling Blue: the hot new eyeshadow shade for SS14 84 - Five Steps to Luscious Locks

14 She Got It From Her Uncle: Why Aila Wang is the one to watch this season

86 - London Hotspots: reviewing the best cocktail bars in the city 87 - What’s Trending Now 95 - Instagraph: Who’s On Top This Week? 102 - Models Off Duty

To have grace is to have elegance, charm, fluidity and poise. It is a pleasing and attractive quality to possess. When we envision a Grace reader, it is someone who has already established their own style, and is self-aware and effortlessly stylish. It is someone who does not need a magazine to dictate what they should be wearing or what music they should listen to - they simply read for pleasure. Grace is about confidence and composure. Primarily fashion and art based, Grace evolved from the idea of modernizing the print world. Online platforms are the most popular source of content at the moment, and the idea was to take snippets of photo-sharing platforms, such as Tumblr and Pinterest, and bring it to print. We want Grace readers to enjoy flicking through this magazine, the same way they enjoy scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr. This way you have a personal condensed Tumblr blog, with the latest online trends and interviews with up and coming art-based professionals. In this issue we spoke with up and coming fashion designer Sara Brown about her work, inspirations and her favourite trends. Sara is perfect for Grace - her designs are individual, artistically beautiful with intricate details, and she uses her own online platforms to share her ideas, inspirations and creations. Not only is our aim to connect with you lovely readers, in a way that doesn’t occur in the print world, but you also have the opportunity to feature in an issue of Grace. Each season we’ll be on the look out for our favourite blogs, pinboards, and even YouTube channels to feature in the magazine. Throughout this issue, you’ll notice the simplicity and elegance in which it is presented. The non-fuss fluidity of the magazine aims to supply you with enjoyable content in an unusual, modern way. Enjoy!

114 - King Karl Lagerfeld: Our fave legendary quotes from the man himself 122 - Five Festivals To Visit This Summer 125 - Living With The Parents: when’s the right time to be a responsible adult, pack up your bags and move out of your folks’? 130 - Your Chance To Star In Grace

32 Not So Clueless Afterall: We take a look at some of the most influential films, and see why Cher Horowitz is the ultimate style queen

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Dolce & Gabbana SS14


Eiffel Tower Art

Gisele B端nchden


Regina George & Aaron Samuels

Queen Mossy

Carrie Bradshaw Quotes


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Nicole Richie

Wednesday Addams ‘Boho Chic’

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‘Rachel’ Banksy Artwork

Why We Love...

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SHE GOT IT FROM HER UNCLE... Is ‘microfashion’ the new trend? We take a look at the ultimate hipster fashionista, and we have a severe case of wardrobe envy… Words by Sophie Davies



he’s one of the most stylish females on the planet, donning the latest trends from snakeskin to fur, denim, and even throwing in some leopard for good measure; this fashionista is on the ball and never misses a trend. Not only is she wonderfully stylish, she has close connections with one of the most notorious designers on the planet – Alexander Wang. Who is this style maven? It’s only four-year-old Aila Wang

(niece to Alexander). That’s right, forget Harper Beckham and Suri Cruise, there’s a new girl in town and she’s pulling out all the stops. Having caused major controversy wearing a black leather mini skirt with the infamous ‘Parental Advisory’ Wang t-shirt, it’s up for debate whether this pint-sized princess is dressing too old and inappropriate, or is rocking those runway looks that girls can only dream of pulling off.


Wang pictured sporting an all-fur ensemble with a pair of signature Timberland boots, accessorising with a leather bear.

in clothes of that glamour and worth, she’ll know it, and she’ll make sure you know it too. Aila Wang is impossibly stylish and edgy, and she most likely doesn’t even know it. Is there anything more depressing than knowing a fouryear-old dresses better than the adult you? She’s been labelled fashion’s most stylish niece and was the centre of attention at New York Fashion Week. Don’t worry about Alexa Chung or Olivia Palermo; the style icon you should be taking notes from is Miss Aila Wang.

Either way, one thing is for certain – this infant has a larger and more luxurious wardrobe that most grown women. ‘Effortless chic’ is the look every girl dreams of pulling off, and that’s why Aila can wear any look – simply because she has no clue of the value of her wardrobe. At four years of age, materialism does not exist - she is simply dressed in the clothes and doesn’t acknowledge what she is wearing. If only a grown woman would have the same nonchalant attitude to fashion, then we’d all look so stylish. The fact of the matter is that if you dress a woman

Casual chic in a beanie hat and converse. Wang has mastered the ultimate effortless look.


Fresh, Flamboyant & Fabulous Up and coming designer Sara Brown. reveals her top inspirations, favourite blogs and secret plan for success.


Words by Sophie Davies


edication and enthusiasm are traits that rising fashion designer Sara Brown takes incredibly seriously. At just 22-years-old, Sara has interned for top designers such as Meadham Kirchhoff, Jonathan Saunders and Mary Benson, and has also had the opportunity of working as part of the design team for ASOS. She says, “Working so closely with the head designers of these companies has given me such inspiration and knowledge for the future. It’s a great insight into fashion as a business rather than simply an art, like it is at university.” The Camden-based designer, who works by the mindset “a lot or none at all”, uses similar designs repeatedly in all of her own work. Sara Brown is not one for understatement. In fact, it is her confidence with colour and print, alongside her technical and modern embellishment designs that sets this student apart from other young designers. Although she has learnt a lot through her degree at the University of Westminster, Sara has always had a knack for designing. She says, “Ever

since I was little my mum made my dresses and I had experience of sewing at a very early age. Once I was confident enough, I made my first dress at 12 and have been continuously producing since. Most of the time it was because I wasn’t happy with what I could buy in the shops. Before university I was doing a lot of screen-printing as well as making garments. At this stage, the design is much more conceptual. During my foundation I did a lot of knitting, but at this stage I was focusing more on textile technique rather than fit.” With a strong passion, willingness to succeed, and a degree under her belt by 2015, it seems Sara Brown is a force to be reckoned with. Describing her own creations she says, “Although I think my style can change quite a lot, my work is always quite technical, normally with a feminine silhouette. I love to work with print and have recently become rather obsessed with embellishment. Throughout my designs, I like to take a technique and use it a lot, such as my dress with 270 buttons. I also love to use a lot of colour.”


She is utterly in love with the combination of art and fashion and says she loves “making something beautiful but with a function something to make you stand out, feel beautiful or sexy.” Taking huge inspiration from couture, both past and present, Sara says she “tends to be drawn to technical and delicate embellishments rather than silhouettes in this case. For beautiful technique I look to Dior Couture and Meadham Kirchhoff.” With her recent print designs inspired by Japanese ceramics, specifically their blue and white pottery, it is clear that Sara thrives on inspiration, and takes it from all cultures. She says, “I find it helpful to take inspiration from an era or a style of dress such as a cultural tribe, especially for the silhouette design. Although I might decide on certain areas to research at the beginning of a collection, I find I will always end up taking some inspiration from current trends due to their presence in the media and blogs.” And her favourite blog at the moment? “I like the blog Patternity for print inspiration. However I mostly work on Tumblr and Pinterest, always looking at new boards and blogs depending on what I’m researching. I’m really loving Masha Mel on Tumblr at the moment.” Sara is also incredibly inspired by Londonbased designers. She says, “They tend to take more risks and introduce new styles and techniques. A good example of this is Claire Barlow’s leather painting”. When asked what fashion house she

“[I love] making something beautiful but with a function - something to make you feel beautiful or sexy” 20


would love to work for, she says, “I love the idea of working for Prada or Missoni. Ideally I love Christopher Kane, he is my favourite designer, or even Ashish.” If there’s one thing Sara has learnt over the past couple of years whilst living in London and gaining experience in the industry, it is the importance of all aspects of the business. She says, “I have learned how important press is to a company and that ultimately you need someone solely working on it to succeed as a business. Along with this, you need to develop trustworthy connections to machinists and factories, where they can understand your style and techniques quickly without having to come back with questions each time.” This budding designer is not only creative, but is strongly business-minded and talks about her future once she graduates: “I think the biggest challenge will be funding. It will be great during my final year to have access to such a well-equipped studio and a show to present my work. However, once I leave I am worried about how to maintain my personal work and how to set myself up as an individual designer. The money to initiate this will be immense and I think the only way forward will be to try and get sponsorship or funding from the new designer competitions.”


“For beautiful technique I look to Dior Couture and Meadham Kirchhoff”


Sara Brown’s Tumblr

Sara Brown’s Pinterest



Jennifer G, 21, California


“I love this Céline bag, it adds a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit”

“I’m not exactly clean cut, but I am obsessed with all-white. I added the tights and the dark lip for a gothic feel which is more me”

Adenorah M, 25, Paris

Emilijia V, 17, Lithuania


“Ripped jeans are really on-trend right now. This is my favourite way to wear them”

“I like to wear feminine dresses with leather jackets and chunky boots or shoes to toughen them up”

Lena M, 24, Poland

Vu T, 21, Vietnam


“This is my go-to outfit for Spring this year because it’s not warm enough for my Summer wardrobe, and can be too cold for a coat so this jumper is the perfect medium” Amy B, 22, Scotland

“I’m obsessed with this skirt - it’s feminine but edgy - and it’s surprisingly versatile” Katerina K, 24, Moscow


Not so Clueless after all... We take a look at how the film industry has influenced the fashion world and why Cher Horowitz is the ultimate style queen


Alexa Chung has admitted to using Margot Tenenbaum as her personal style muse.

Iggy Azalea recreating Cher’s signature look.

This iconic look from Grease is one that will forever be recreated and seems to never not be cool.

The original Clueless girls: Cher and Dionne (both named after “famous singers of the past who now do infomercials”)

strap slip dress pretty much everywhere, as it seems this is the ultimate dress style for this season. Last year, Los Angeles based clothing brand Wildfox revealed a Clueless inspired collection for SS13, and Iggy Azalea recently channeled her inner Cher Horowitz, sporting the infamous yellow checked ensemble for her new music video

‘Fancy’ in which she re-enacts some memorable scenes from the film. So dust off your fluffy jumpers and old school skirts, because this oh-so 90’s trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon; in the words of Queen Horowitz herself, ‘As if!’


hether it’s Julia Roberts’ demure brown polka dot dress in Pretty Woman, Olivia Newton-John’s iconic skin-tight black jumpsuit at the end of Grease, or that infamous white halter neck dress that Marilyn Monroe wears in The Seven Year Itch, film has always influenced fashion and trends, and continues to do so. It was Madonna that introduced underwear as outerwear in Desperately Seeking Susan and Gwyneth Paltrow’s fur coat/tennis dress/vintage bag ensemble in The Royal Tenenbaums is a look that is constantly recycled in the fashion world. You can see style icons such as Nicole Richie, Alexa Chung, and the Olsen Twins often attempting a similar look. However, the film that has recently resurfaced and had a huge fashion reboot is Clueless. That’s right, the film that brought us mini skirts teamed with knee high socks and Mary Jane’s, and taught us what it meant to be “a full-on Monet” is back. Sister by Sibling’s SS14 catwalk featured skirt suit coordinates and the A-line skirt has been a must-have on the High Street. You can also find versions of Cher’s iconic spaghetti

By Sophie Davies




We’ve Nailed It! From the infamous glitter nail to chevrons, lovehearts and calligraphy; here are our top nail art inspirations for S/S ‘14. Whether you’ve bought every nail pen and brush under the sun, or you’re improvising with cocktail sticks and cellotape, we have a bunch of great tips and tricks to make life easier when you’re out to up the talon stakes.

Get Summer ready with the latest nail trends


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