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BA Joint Politics and Philosophy General Description Our BA in Politics and Philosophy allows you to develop a thorough grounding in the relationships between abstract concepts and values on the one hand, and the practical exercise of collective power on the other. The degree begins by examining the most fundamental areas of both disciplines, after which you can choose second and third year modules that reflect your developing interests and career aspirations. You will be encouraged to test what the greatest philosophers have argued regarding the moral dimensions of politics, such as power, justice, freedom, equality, legitimacy and authority. You will be encouraged to explore the conceptual and moral structures of human life, to ask the ‘big’ questions about human nature, the environment and how we should live both as individuals and as citizens. In addition to these moral and conceptual questions, you will be able to study the practicalities of power in areas such as international politics and security, the government and politics of various parts of the world including Britain, America and the EU, as well as issues in epistemology, metaphysics and the philosophy of mind.

Department of Politics and International Studies 2013

Teaching Usually teaching is by a combination of lectures and tutorials. For lectures you will have the opportunity of studying with all your colleagues; for tutorials you will be divided into small groups to discuss set topics with the tutor in a more informal environment. Many first year modules utilise interactive lectures rather than the lecture/tutorial model. As the modules become more specialised, in the second and third year, the lecture & tutorial model may be substituted by two-hour long seminars. This allows for variety, as well as high levels of student participation. Each tutorial/seminar group has a maximum of 14 students.

Study Abroad Students can apply to study abroad during the first semester of the final year. The period spent abroad replaces that spent in Hull, with credits and marks awarded counting towards the final degree classification. The Department and University have exchange agreements with institutions in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.

Careers This course helps to prepare you for a variety of careers, for example in academia, journalism, human rights work, international organisations, charity work, political parties, the civil service, lobbying organisations and think tanks, among others. It can also help you to become a more rounded and thoughtful person in whatever career path you choose to follow.

Entry Criteria We like to take each case on its merits and, and a consequence, our offers may vary according to your specific case. However, our standard UCAS offer for BA Joint Politics and Philosophy is AAB (340 points). If you are studying the International Baccalaureate our standard offer is 34 points with 16 from any three higher level modules. We welcome applications from mature students.

Contacts For further information please use the departmental website

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Colin Tyler E

The modules listed here are indicative only. Applications should check the Department of Politics and International Studies website under the relevant degree programme for a full list. Year One Year Three Human Nature, Society and the State Politics Options Introduction to the Politics of the World Approaches to Presidential Power in the Economy USA Introduction to Philosophy I Comparative Legislatures Introduction to Philosophy II EU Politics and Governance History of Western Thought EU Politics and Policies New Labours Legacy: UK Politics in the Plus options from the following: Age of Austerity Introduction to European Politics The Reunified Germany in the New Introduction to Comparative Politics Europe Introduction to Globalisation’ The Contemporary House of Commons Parliament in the UK: Approaches to Year Two Reform Politics Options: Long Dissertation Political Thought from Plato to Marx Short Dissertation The Cold War and After The International Politics of the British Government Environment Understanding America Contemporary Political Philosophy Parties and Institutions in Europe Intelligence and National Security Paths of Research in Politics Global Communications and International Security and Defence International Politics Policy The US in Vietnam Understanding States and Markets: An Manias, Panics and Crashes Introduction to Political Economy International Relations Theory The United Nations and Global Security Democratization in Latin America Sea Power Dangerous Minds: War, Fear and New Media and Politics Conspiracy Comparative European Politics Critics of Capitalism The Global South and Development Hate, Violence and Pornography The Politics of the Environment New Media, Old Responsibilities Media Ethics The World We’re In: Globalisation and Democratic Governance in Practice Philosophy Options Moral Philosophy Philosophy Options Ways of Knowing Medicine, Ethics and the Law Mind, Brain and Behaviour Dissertation Bodies and Selves Wittgenstein on Knowledge and Philosophy of Law Certainty Gender, Science and Knowledge Bodies and Selves Authority and Obligation: Issues in Kant Political and Legal Philosophy Theories of Responsibility Theorising Gender Philosophy of Science 20th Century Philosophy Theorising Gender Applied Philosophy Applied Philosophy Topics in the Philosophy of Religion Topics in the Philosophy of Religion The Labyrinth of Existence: Metaphysical Fiction Students are also able to take a free elective in the second and third year

*Please note that there may be some small changes in the list of options offered, according to occasional staff research leave and staff changes. Joint Politics and Philosophy/4.12/Lou/Job no 2700

Politics and Philosophy  

Politics and Philosophy

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