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PPD level 3 Sophie Gilbert

Content Article analysis from TATE ETC - relevent artist Peter Fraser Artist Talk notes and further research into relevent pieces Guest Speaker Jobs and Oppertunities : Project space leeds -Briefing and notes Current exhibition Development of practice

TATE ETCISSUE 27 JAN 2013 Relevent artist Peter Fraser

Jobs and Opertinities LOUIS VUITTON YOUNG ARTS PROJECT PARTICIPATION 2 SLG Young people’s forum visit Chris Ofili’s exhibition at Tate Britain The Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project is a partnership between Louis Vuitton and five of London’s leading art institutions: Hayward Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, South London Gallery, Tate Britain and Whitechapel Gallery. This three-year arts and education programme gives young Londoners from across the city unique access to the museum directors and curators, artists and collectors who shape the British contemporary art scene. **An opportunity to create an art project/event in the local Leeds area. Funded by Louis Vuitton Briefing for this took place at the Hepworth Gallery 22/01/2013 in partnership with Project Space Leeds

Notes from the pitch Between 5 organisations Works with groups of young people to develop projects/events for themselves and their peer group. And from those projects it developed a website (REcreative) as an exhibition space for all those projects that happened. An online community and area for debate. For blogs, reviews, with the aim that not only is it a space for young people to put their work online and their views out into a wider community, anybody can register for the website. You can create a profile to put your own work online. Taking place between Project space Leeds Leeds Art Gallery The Hepworth Gallery Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Has a small amount of funding to do projects with the same age group of participants (16-25) For us to be the programmers and to design an event of our own. With projects that could create content for the REcreative website and as an outreach to young people as well. The art assasins 13-22 year olds, work with contemporary artists, film makers, designers to create programs they want to do. They come up with the ideas and work with South London Gallery to make it happen. Recent exhibition- culture shop Voice of the voiceless: a publication about the riots in London. The banquet: had a meal with 80 people to discuss the riots. Same ethos. We have the ownership and they fascilitate us to do it. All MUST be done by the end of march! Each organisation has a core group. Can be event, pop up, gathering, an intervention etc happening outside the institution to engage a wider audience. All about the outreach! To engage people who are not necessarily into visual art. Provided with a lead artist (possibly) and a budget available which will be discussed individually Event planned in Feb, to produce a follow up event in March that brings the people with you to the institution.

Key: it is a participatory project.

Invisible flock – Rich Warburton Leeds based artists An interactive arts organisation – digital interactions between the city and the audience The audience is always the final element to the project. Work with games, instillation, first person adventure and digital Very playfull, making games and taking away the rules. Using costumes, hidden phones in pockets to give feedback or to lead the game slightly. using a game structure but making the participant the author of the piece. Each game was individual every player.

Bring the happy- Built an architectural landscape of happiness and memories Asked the audience to tell them a happy memory, where it took place and to rate it out of 10. A piece was then placed on the map with a height depending on the happiness of the event/ memory. Turned into a . A bittersweet landscape of different emotions, people began to reminisce on the times that they considered better than the present. A sounding board to let off lots of emotion. Over 1300 memories collected! Taking place in 5 more cities, must try get involved! Learning curve: the area determines the catchment of people you would reach. From an instillation to a performance. Piece, this project works as a sounding board for the publics emotion. Dealing with happiness and memory in a sculptural form. An hour and 40 minute show made entirely of the audiences contributions. Worked and reworked peoples idea of happiness and memory In 2010 Invisible Flock set out to map the happiness of Leeds by building a giant map of the city in a disused market stall in the city center. Over 2 months they spoke to thousands of people about their memories of happiness, the where, the what and the why of it all. Each story, each individual memory was marked out, creating a 3D landscape of the city’s happiness.

Bring the Happy

Leeds KIrkgate Market

Invisible Flock in association with Hope & Social (local Leeds band) Performance at Northern Stage Aug 21st

Sea of voices: another memory based project. A sound poem of the memories and messages people left. Translated into morse code and sent out to a boy in the sea and broadcasted to the sea. People could leave their messages out to sea, unload a worry or project a wish. Its them that recovers the electric boxes! Hidden ideas in work. To make you feel like you have stumbled on it. You have ownership on your own experience. -Link - John Burnside Make work that interacts with the public. Interaction like: Make it accessible to everyone. That they feel like its worth them turning up. That there is a reason for them to be there, either in witnessing it, contributing, participating so that they leave with a feeling that you personally have made an impact on that work. Latitude festival: a phone box built with an internet phone that you could leave a message to another area of the festival. Like cat nip for kids! Development process. The more you test the more you learn. Try and try again.

Second Guest speaker

Dan Thompson- Revolutionary art The King of Pop- ups A very small company-Him and his wife Makes temporary art projects ‘We will gather’ a website that was inspired by the riot cleanup. Target of 50 people, tweeted and followed, ended up with 1200 people all across London. All achievable by one person All started by one inspirational quote. Peter coyote? ‘A mans vision is his responsibility, if you have an idea make it happen, find the resources and do it. Your personal autonomy and power, expose the shallowness of endless theorising and debate. Visions become real by being acted out, and once real serve as endless inspiration and free food for the public imagination’ If you want to change the world its up to you not anybody else. Has written a book pop up for dummies Brief for the project. To use town centres to promote that the high street is not dead. Pop ups are a place you can trial run and test out an idea

-Have an eye for detail -Use it as a starting point

Skills needed for pop up success: -Need to be entrepreneurial- the call of being an artist -To find ways to make it sustainable -To make and use local connections- so when you get there you have an interested audience and network -You need to be able to do many things at once. -Social media, planning and fulfilling a project as well as life -Use word of mouth as a tool to your advantage. Always be spreading the word -Have an eye for detail -Use it as a starting point After the briefing there was half an hour to discuss ideas in groups

Current exhibition: James Ryman at Hepworth gallery ‘A new outdoor installation has been unveiled outside art gallery The Hepworth Wakefield. James Pyman’s artwork – titled Upper Mill –is a wrap covering the early 19th century Grade II-listed watermill opposite The Hepworth. Pyman made a series of meticulously hand-drawn illustrations which capture and record the walls and features of the watermill. The drawings were reproduced to life-size scale and printed onto a building wrap which covers the building.’ (Exert from This piece has been made to fit over a dilapidated and run down house underneath, covering the entire building using enlarged detailed sketches of an old water mill. As well as finding fascinating, I couldn’t help but notice the irony of covering one old building in the skin of another. The aesthetics transports the viewer to a moment frozen in time, the mills experience is told through out its weathered appearance, until the new covering is made the following year. I will be interested to watch the wrap itself deteriorate through the year, rather than the building depicting. This piece holds and protects the house underneath masking the memories its withered walls could tell.

Development of practice The progression of work from second to third has been heavily influenced by my dissertation. From looking back at previous PPD, the main thread and topic of interest was there, as I have used the cover letter of interest for the corners exhibition (submitted as part of last years PPD) as a starting point and grounding artist statement for design in action. This year I have focused mainly on the development of my work and concept through theory work, and have chosen opportunities that will tie in with my practice and future plans. The PSL project will be used as the starting point to my FMP, and will use t as a spring board to test out ambitious plans. Or at least get the contacts to do so.

PPD Sophie Gilbert  

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