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Let me know that you have agro wastes in your local area and your determination to do something with it.

 Then we will return you with creative solutions that might work for you and match with your budget. If you have biomass wastes available, how to deal with them? Throw away, directly burn or let it alone? Here is a good idea. Turn Waste into Briquettes !!! With much attention paid to environmental protection, green fuel has a demandable market for worldwide people. Azeus Machinery has been devoted to the green fuel concept and stick to the motto of “ Leave Earth More Green ” . Our self-researched biomass briquette machine and charcoal briquette machine have been exported overseas and make contribution to full use of agro wastes as well as reducing hazardous gas emission. We provide customized machines that match with customers’needs. We work together with customers to find out the best possible way to handling their wastes. We stress on making heavy-duty machine that is durable with less trouble & maintenance required.

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Sawdust Flash Dryer

Overview of Sawdust Flash Dryer The sawdust flash dryer is new type design of biomass material drying equipment widely used in wood pellet plant and charcoal briquetting factory. Know as pipe dryer, it is good choice for solid raw material which has good flow ability. The suitable biomass material moisture content for making wood pellets and biomass briquettes is 8%-17%. This efficient wood dryer can process material with initial moisture content below 50%. Sawdust Flash Dryer Structure and Working Principle The whole wood drying machine mainly consists of hot wind stove, material feeder, drying pipe, dying cyclone, cyclone separator and controlling system. When the sawdust pass through the pipeline, the wet moisture will be removed from the material and the dried sawdust is discharged from the cyclone separator. This drying machine adopts two time circulate heating system, strengthening the heat and mass transfer rate, material moisture at 50% can be dried into the requirement of making wood pellets/briquettes at one time, greatly save the labor. We have two types of sawdust dryer for the customer choose. Remarkable Advantages of Pipeline Drying Machine 1. Adopt the hot air jet self-priming device, automatic feeding

Contact person: Sophia Ren Emai: Skype: sophia-ren717 More information about charcoal briquetting plant, please visit 2. Fast heat flow velocity, material is fully mixed, excellent drying effect 3. Large intensity of drying, short drying time 4. Big capacity, high thermal efficiency, energy-efficient and labor saving 5. Simple structure, small occupation area, easy to install and repair Pipe Dryer Application 1. Drying the wet saw dust into optimal moisture (8-14%) for making wood briquettes . 2. Drying the biomass material to the moisture (8-17%) for making biomass wood pellets 3. Drying the wet wood flour into best moisture(below 3%) for making WPC products 4. Essential drying equipment in wood pellet plant and biomass briquetting plant. How to Dry Material with Pipeline Drying Machine? The pipeline type dryer uses homemade combustible gas as heating source, drying is divided into two parts: drum part and coiled pipe, drum part has two layers of inner drum and external insulation layer. Inner drum is equipped with three head inner helix slice which can move the drying aggregate in constant speed, we call it stir-frying heating. Coiled pipe secondarily uses the heating source, using draught fan negative pressure to pump the drying aggregate to screw device, then separating and drying. Why Choose Our Pipeline Drying Machine? The dryer on the markets generally adopts coal, firewood as heating source, high labor intensity and cost, thermal efficiency loss is large, heat utilization is less than 30%, moisture content 35% materials need to drying 3-4 times. Compared with the current dyer, our new type pipe drying machine can make the moisture content 35% of the raw material dry all at once, it can save 75% electricity to low the cost. The combustible gas of pipe dryer is methane which is can be in the carbonized kiln.

Sawdust Flash Dryer for Small Biomass Briquetting Plant  
Sawdust Flash Dryer for Small Biomass Briquetting Plant  

Dedicated to designing and manufacturing BBQ charcoal sawdust flash dryer.This wood drying machine has good performance in charcoal briquett...