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! onality s r e p fun & t u o b d get a n e a r e a r s prepa rtrait o o t p else, e r l d l u i a u e Yo g v is style ions, but abo h sonal t r e e p s U n t a our ow inspir y e g v i n t i its! a s a s r e t cre r r p o x p that e great r e e k b a m m reme ways l a l l i style w A little goes a long way, when choosing items to wear for your portrait session, use the following guidelines to help you. la la!

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Bring a bush or a comb to help tame hair on a windy day. Consider waterproof maak-up, this will keep your look fresh rain or shine, from start to finish! Choose classic and timeless patterns. This will help your portraits last the test of time. Choose solid colors and clothing with fabric details such as knit and lace. This will add visual texture without taking away from you. Comfortable shoes and/or shoes to change into between locations. There will be a lot of walking so think of wearing flat shoes. Bring accessories, accessories & more accessories. Some great items are scarves, costume jewelry, hair accessories, hats, picnic blankets, banners and large belts. Don't be afraid to glam it up, it's your portrait session & you can be as fabulous as you want!

Avoid bold and modern patterns as these will date the photographs. Avoid wearing too much black. Try to wear only one black item for your portrait session, black bottom or a black top. Avoid glittery make-up, and choose make-up with a shimmer instead. Glittery make-up can make you look older in photos and shimmery make-up can add a great healthy glow or dewy effect to the skin. Need more help? Take a look at this article.

Sacre Bleu!



Gentlemen Dress shoes Jeans/Casual pants Button down shirt Suite Jacket/or sweater Choose small and subtle patterns, like pin stripes and choose solid colors Great accessory options are belts, watches and hats.

Dressy casual for the win!|

Avoid bold patterns Avoid clothing that has writing or large logos. Avoid light colored jeans. Skip the tie! You're on vacation, after all.

Couples Better

Choose colors that are complementary, but NOT the same. Match in style, if the bride is in a wedding dress the groom shouldn't show up in jeans. Awkward.... Accessories that are great for couples would be picnic blankets, umbrellas, banners or anything that's special to you.



The younger the children involved, the more active they will be during the portrait session. So make sure they have comfy and kid appropriate attire. Avoid clothing with writing, large logos or caricatures. Everyone should be wearing dress casual and children 14 and under get to be just a little more causal, than the adults. A colorful picnic blanket would be a good accessory option.


"I travel the world by myself often, taking photos of places, things + other people. The only evidence I have of my physical presence in such amazing places are selfies. There's only so far those will go :-) So when I discovered Photo Perfect Paris awhile before my trip to Paris, I booked right away. Everyone should have at least one awesome shot by the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to PPP + Sophia, I have quite a few. I didn't know what to expect + felt a little odd making the photo shoot all about me. Putting myself out there was worth every euro! Any hesitation I felt immediately disappeared when I met Sophia. She's warm, smart, personable, professional, with a good head on her shoulders. On top of all that, she's real, with heart + she has discovered secret spots for the best shots. I felt as if I was hanging out with a long lost friend, someone who knew exactly how to put me in the best light. Merci beaucoup, Sophia! I received my photos today + was blown away. The only problem is trying to decide which to order. When you're in Paris by yourself or with others, go for it! You're investing in your legacy, your authentic world, your creative expression, YOU!" - Denise-Marie, Florida U.S.A

"I booked this amazing experience with Photo Perfect Paris as a surprise for my wife, and to capture our honeymoon memories in ways we could only imagine. From the pictures we have seen so far Sophia has managed to capture beautiful, creative images that are worth so much more then a million words, and exceeded any expectations we may have had. Along with the artistic work Sophia produces, she is a fun, down to earth person that we thoroughly enjoyed spending our morning with. Her insight into the city and her love for what she does makes one feel confident that you are working with the best of the best. We had so much fun and we would defiantly return one day for a family photo shoot. Keep up the great work Photo Perfect Paris, you guys rock." - Shaun & Sylvia from South Africa

I started Photo Perfect Paris to combine my love of Paris with my love of photography and to share that passion with others. In the years that Photo Perfect Paris has been open I've been lucky enough to spend countless hours meeting and photographing amazing people while they experience Paris and create images that they can cherish for years to come. This is my work, my pride and my passion and that's why I'm so honored that we've been shortlisted by Luxury Travel Guide as one of the best travel experiences for 2016, nominated by you. From myself and the Photo Perfect Paris team, Thank-you!