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Cedar Cliff Notes June 4, 2014

Don’t shame the selfie

By now, we are all familiar with the “selfie.” Hold your phone high, strike your best pose, and prestoyou’ve got an instant glamour shot. Through social media, we control how people view us. But does this mean social media can also control how we view ourselves? We all know it feels great to get a large number of likes on a post, especially a selfie and, yes, this can affect the way we see ourselves. But at the same time, shouldn’t a selfie be a celebration of who we are and how we feel? If you feel confident enough in a single moment to snap a photo and share it with the world, then go for it. Kudos to you. We should praise the confidence that comes alongside the selfie. However, it’s important to separate ourselves from who we are in the real world and what social media says about us. For the most part, apps like Instagram only show off your physical features and, while a comment remarking on your good looks can feel great to receive, it’s crucial that as a generation we remember that we are also smart, hilarious, creative, and a multitude of other features that go beyond the physical. If we shift away from shaming the selfie, then we can turn it into an outlet for body positivity. We’re a generation of embracing who we are, so let’s continue the self-love by snapping a few selfies.

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Tips for college survival

new friends, especially Managing Editor on larger campuses. We’ve all heard the typical However, many schools college advice mantra: do have their own social your work promptly, create networking sites for students a schedule and follow it, to create profiles, display and go to class. But here are their interests and majors, some other tips to make your and talk to peers. It’s an easy, college life a little easier. pressure-free way to make friends or pick a roommate 1. Laundry: I know without the overwhelming it would be so simple to feeling of being on-campus. leave that giant pile of Even if your prospective dirty clothes alone and wait college doesn’t have a social for your parents to clean site, many have a Facebook it when you take a trip page for new students that home. However, throwing you can utilize to introduce a blanket over it doesn’t yourself. If social networks make it disappear. Even if aren’t your thing, most you only do laundry once a colleges will have their clubs week, embracing that part listed on their website. Keep of your newfound freedom track of the ones that interest is an important milestone in you and get involved once becoming an adult. Besides, you’re at school. nothing beats the rewarding 3. Health: It’s really easy feeling of burrowing down to throw nutrition out the in a giant pile of warm, clean window when you get to clothes (just don’t forget college. After all, you don’t to eventually fold them). have any parents dictating WikiHow has an excellent, what you should eat. Still, step-by-step article on how it’s important to practice to do your laundry while restraint and maintain a living in a dorm. balanced diet. While the 2. Friends: One of the quick options like popcorn scariest parts of going away or fries may temporarily to college is having to make satisfy a grumbly tummy, Sara Williams

they aren’t the healthiest options available. Make sure you eat well-rounded meals in the dining hall, if only for breakfast and dinner. Many schools will have a healthy eating guide on their website to show you how to correctly portion meals. Additionally, exercise will help you maintain good health. Whether it’s a lap around campus at the start of the day or using the college’s gym in the afternoon, it’s important to get up and move. 4. Money: Unless you’ve worked part-time through high school, then being away for college is the first time that you’re going to have to keep a budget. Make sure you give yourself a set amount per week or month to spend. The temptation to splurge on things you want is strong, and it’s okay to reward yourself, but you’ll run out of cash faster than you think if you don’t keep a budget. Also, avoid registering for a credit card because it seems like unlimited cash when you need it. Most have ridiculous interest and you’ll end up worse off when all the costs stack up.

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