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8 only

8 percent

of the U.S. population

prefers pink. (for comparison: 19% prefer blue. 19% prefer green. 14% prefer purple.)

the only colors

less popular than pink

are neutrals. (which begs the question: why?)

pink is a culturally it is far from neutral. it is confrontational because of its associative properties with contentious topics in social history.

pink has long been, for example, a gendered color. today, we associate pink with femininity.

charged color.

‌yet pink used to since red is intense and full of dichotomies....

lovehate patriotismanarchy sacrificecruelty ......

... and pink is on the spectrum of red, pink was seen as a bolder color than its lightblue partner. in the baroque and victorian periods, parents dressed their girls in blue and their boys in pink.

be masculine. but today, pink is associated with gentleness, not the passion of red; with passivity, not the action of red;

and homosexuality.

the nazis are responsible for this association.


note: upper-class american males may still wear pink without losing their man-cards.


hating pink is pink is not associated with ‘flower power.’

boys are supposed to hate pink.

flowers are meek and docile.

girls are supposed to love pink.

{feminist] girls are not supposed to be meek and docile.

men in pink want you to know they have money.

pink is a clichĂŠ of femininity.

there is too much theater around pink.

understandable. pink is the gentle side of red.

pink is an unnatural color.

red has incredible power.

homosexuals were labeled with pink triangles during the holocaust.

pink does not evoke a strong emotional reaction like red does.

pink is associated with powerlessness.

pink has no power.

pink is emasculating.

but not all pinks different pinks mean different things.

pastel. for babies (female babies). for women.

berry. mature. fun but subdued.

fuchsia. can be masculine. bold. not subdued.

skin tone. warm hue. feel-good sensation. natural.

salmon. warmer. softer. gentler.

gray-pink. unnatural. ghastly. underwhelming.

are created equal. we must acknowledge potential benefits.

R:255 G:145 B:175 drunk tank pink. warm. too pleasant. lowers heart rate.


what if pink can (it is physiologically harder to get angry in

so let us‌

forget sexual orientation.

forget gender.

make peace? the presence of drunk tank pink.)

forget all the drama.

forget feminism.

make waiting rooms pink.

make the courtroom pink.

make prison holding cells pink.

make assault weapons pink.

use pink in the

right places.

(then what?)

a problem. is not


pink pink isaa is

solution. solution.

Pink Manifesto  

A manifesto about the color pink (a color I generally strongly dislike). The conclusion: because it affects our physiology, it has its uses....