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Sophia Meger

“Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.� Albert Einstein

Work Samples

Headstart Late 2010 Central Arizona College decided to build a New Childcare facility doubling the capacity of existing on campus childcare. Charged with a tight budget and time span of 7 months (design to completion) we were able to fully integrate Headstart Design Guidelines into this facility.

3,600 SF; $ 0.98 M; Project Architect: Programming through Construction Documents.

play yard

class 1

class 2 kitchen

mechanical yard




Central Arizona College, New Childcare Facility 2011

Nursing and Health Careers The growing popularity of health degrees and the desire to adopt latest teaching methods warranted a full renovation and reprogramming of the existing Wakefield building. Remediation, integration of existing structure, ambitious program requirements, and scheduling within the academic year required close collaboration of the the project team.

Central Arizona College, Wakefield Building Renovation 2010

Grand Canyon University As a design built team, we were challenged to deliver this facility at cost and schedule of a prefabricated fabric dome structure. We chose a prefabricated steel building housing the main gym spaces, and added conventional masonry construction in the adjacent spaces. The glare free day lit three court gym, and adjacent state of the art training rooms are the pride of campus and trainers, and continue to attract athletes from the whole nation since its opening.

Student Rec Center and Athletic Training Facility 2009

East Valley YMCA The New Osteopathic Health Campus of A. T. Stills University was in need for a Recreation Center and offered the YMCA to partner up for a new facility serving the East Valley Community along with the students. While initial plans included additional campus functions as food service and day care, the current 2-story build-out provides full YMCA programs, including child care, swimming pool, gym, climbing wall, fitness center, strength training, teen zone, aerobics, and administration. The design protects the program spaces from the harsh western sun, while opening up to a protected entry canyon and numerous shaded areas. It recently won the 2010 Arizona Masonry Guild Honor Award, and raised an additional $1 M donation on opening day for naming rights.

East Valley YMCA and Pool 2007+

6 Degrees Six Degrees, an international branding agency, approached Architekton after purchasing a shell building in a new office development. In contrast to the nondescript exterior appearance, the owners envisioned a collaborative work space that felt “more like a night club than an office�. We incorporated the firms brand colors into the interiors, used day-lighting strategies in conjunction with theatrical tools (black stage fabrics, acoustical treatments; spot lighting); designed custom mill work to accommodate numerous private offices with minimal footprints, and common work and lounge areas. The result was featured in Desert Living Magazine, and has helped the company to grow into new markets over the last few years.

Tenant Improvement: Creative Branding Agency 2006

Rio Vista As a first project out of school, and tutored by a great project team, I became intimately familiar with this project type. My main contributions to this project became interiors, custom lighting and millwork, lobby, climbing wall, and childcare areas, along with the exterior entry design.

Peoria Community Rec Center 2005

Other projects with Architekton: Being a collaborative practice, I had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects during my years at Architekton. Besides the core projects listed above, those include: Arizona State University, ASU Foundation Center for the Arts. Tempe Lakes residence, Tempe Light Rail Stations, Tempe Public Safety, Surprise Tempe Transportation Center Palo Rosso YMCA Ahwatukee Foothills YMCA Addition YMCA Design Standards Civic Park Shade Structures, Phoenix Central Arizona College, Library Renovation Central Arizona College, Administration Building Renovation Central Arizona College, Pence Performing Arts Center Escalante Community Garden

photo credits architekton projects: pages 2-15: Architekton; Michael Masengarb; Nicklaus Astrauskas; John Kane; Matt Winquist; Sophia Meger;

Architekton 2002-2011

Photography Over the years, the lens has become a tool to document and share observations. While architecture has become a common theme, urban life and nature have often attracted my attention. Architekton repeatedly used my photography in award submittals, and publications. My Phoenix photo studies were published in Shade magazine, and used in “Integral Urbanism� by Nan Ellin, PhD.

“Photography is an art of observation (…) I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Elliott Erwitt

photography Europe + US

CU3 The 2010 annual cube competition paired participants with Pinta Acoustics, a sound treatment manufacturer. Our interdisciplinary team decided to pair the product with standard emergency relief containers. After satisfying most basic survival needs in the area, the empty containers transform into an opportunity for quiet reflection before re-emerging into the surrounding chaos.

A quiet space in the face of disaster

Cube competition Pinta Acoustics 2010

ASU Interventions Under new presidency, Arizona State University was eager to explore future opportunities for their different campuses. As part of the Master class of 2005, I was involved in a wide range of case studies, and project proposals, ranging from conceptual to actual projects.

Conceptual Interface between ASU and Community 2003

Netbase In an online collaboration between different European universities, our team developed a concept for a future web based university. As heart of the scheme we designed a traveling floating base station, at which students would meet for exhibitions and workshops.

European University of the Future - Mobile Event Base 2001

City Furniture With the two hundredth birthday of University of Karlsruhe approaching, our team designed and built a city furniture piece materializing an artificial landscape. Located under the curtains of a weeping willow, visitors can rest on the installation. Straw, turf, sand, and water invite to a quiet sensual experience amidst the anniversary events on campus.

Installation for UTH Karlsruhe Anniversary 2000

Addition Learning by reconstructing, analyzing, documenting, and adding. Given the extraordinary stock of existing structures in Europe, this project taught disciplined analysis and documentation, as well as design opportunities in context of existing buildings.

Building analysis and addition 1999

Light Exploring the properties of various steel materials, this project taught me to integrate technology into design on a very small scale. This light fixture still sits on my desk eleven years later.

Steel Desktop Lamp - Metal Workshop 1999

Chair Hands-on experience of working with different materials is integral part of German Architecture Curriculum. While this chair turned out to be very uncomfortable, it thought me lessons in materiality, workmanship, and ergonomic design.

Chair - Wood Workshop 1999

Dress for Two Expanding the comfort zone by applying architectural design methods to other areas. Material requirements (Tyvek), attachment methods, and the range of motion of our bodies heavily influenced the final design.

Tyvek - Gestaltung 2000

Excerpts 1998-2010  

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” (Albvert Ein...

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