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+ MODELLING Rhino. Sketch Up. Lumion. AutoCAD. + ANIMATION Unity. After Effect CC. + GRAPHICS Illustrator. Photoshop. Lightroom. InDesign. + MAPPING ArcGIS. ArcScene + OFFICE Microsoft Office 2012 The First Prize / Taiwan Tunghai University Barrier-Free Environment In Girl’s Dormitory Project 2014 Award of Excellent / Taiwan Taoyuan Aerotropolis Planning Design Student’s Competition 2015 The First Prize of Graduate Project / Taiwan Tunghai University Alumni/ae Association of Landscape Architecture Department



Studio I Islands: Images of many natures

Studio II Technosphere: How heavy is a city?

Studio III Fortification and Ctiy






Islands: Images of many natures ( Fall 2017) by Luis Callejas Oslo School of Architecture and Design Site / Gjushaugsand (59°54’14.27”N 11° 8’21.83”E). Norway Paradise is for the animal world that is created by mankind. The animal starts to interact with these land, and these new land will be changing by the time. The beautiful landscape has been recorded by the creature. In the lowlands of south-east Norway, Nordre Øyeren nature reserve has been formed by three rivers. The island of Gjushaugsand is in the central of Nordre Øyeren; since 1864 the island has increased by 53% in size. More than 230 species have been recorded on and around Øyeren and a particularly large number of these stop here while migrating. How people sketches the realistic relationship between animal and landscape. I tried to program this animal system in the 3d visual world. It is not only to realize their behavior but also use animal thinking to transform my idea and design. Thus, the design will connect to the animal world and create more interaction with people.

Video /

Unity Final Film “The Hill of Animal Shelter”



Through this new 3d technological media “ Unity�, the studio tried to find a new approach in order to be more further to touch real environment. It provides the new opportunity to let people know more about the system of environment and creature. For example, using the bird view to fly over the delta, people would realize the whole function of landscape and animal. By my design, the intervention would change the entire landscape with sediment. Thus, landscape simulation is the main part of my design.

The new delta be constructed by sediment

ISLAND PORTRAIT SITE ANALYSIS Nordre Øyeren The largest inland delta in the Nordic countries

In the lowlands of south-east Norway, the rivers Glomma, Nitela and Leira meet in an unusual delta landscape at the northern end of Lake Øyeren, 100m above sea level. Where they enter the lake, they spread their load of sand and silt across their joint estuary to form the largest inland delta in the Nordic countries, a type aptly called a birdsfoot delta. As much as 100m of sediment has accumulated over half of Øyeren. About 10km2 of this is visible when the water level is normal in summer and 60km2 stretch south to the middle of Øyeren, where the depth gradually increases from about 5m to 70m. In spring, the water level is comparatively low and much larger areas may be laid dry, sometimes giving rise to sandstorms and other Sahara-like conditions, before the River Glomma rapidly becomes swollen with meltwater when the snow thaws in the mountains. The lake is suddenly filled and the inhabitants of Lillestrøm and Fetsund are occasionally forced to move their goods and chattels form cellars and ground floors as water seeps in from the ground and sewers, as happened in 1966,1967, and 1995.

“Animal Scene In the island: How animal live in floating island?� The wild geese do not intend to cast theri reflection; the water has no mind to receive their images. The animal is crossing the forest without any attention; the fog has already covered them.


The balance is betwee n void and solid. Another way to balance forces is

The dynamic line is to separate or define the new boundary of space.

to actively design the space between them. What is the dynamic element

What kind of the cutting would become harmonious whole in the is-

of empty space in the island or the garden?


The island of the unit is the sequence of space to define void

The island of unit, unique in its form, diversity in its creature, and autonomous in its systematic, can cluster,

and solid. By the time, there is just a stable ground. Next time

expand and contract to perform various scenarios. The project is to give the island a new appearance. The

it is a shallow or mirror.

water level fluctuates throughout the year, changing the look of the island moment by moment.

“Messy ecosystems and orderly frames� to describe novel landscape designs that communicate human intention while celebrating ecological quality and diversity. Joan Nassauer


he island will be modified by the ‘L shaped 'geometrical structure, which transforms into the new artificial islands. They would be constantly renewed, by the slightest movements with water sediment. This flexibility is considered in this study. At the

same time, in order to specialize the respective water space, I consider what is positional relationship between L shaped and water flow, meanwhile what is the best solution on the function of each location. The design will be a new challenge in order to rebuild the new ecological space for animal.


ater is coming to bring more sediments to the environment. The new intervention will cut into the land and collect the sands that will be

a new land for the creature. How the sediments reform the atmosphere? What kind of material will connect to the space between forest and wetland? The bridges will become a new horizon on the island. Up and down, weaving and stopping, no one can be interrupted by something, and they will know where they are. Finally, they are just an outsider in the Paradise and observe the animal world. The pier will be the main entrance for people getting on the island. It will be open to different direction, and the path will be connected from north to south of the island. One platform is in the high position, and the other is in a low position. They will be part of the path system on the land.


Animal Characteristics APPOACHES The animal is the first creature to live on the earth, and they also dominate the nature of our environment. In order to interact with nature, they have their own innate behavior to perform their habits. Before we transform our design into fitting the environmental condition, the process of design will more concentrate on how the functions in animal’s world would be. The first research question is what animal characteristics are? and what kind of design would make a balance between animal and human-being? The idea of programming animal is from Unity, the media provides a service of animal action. Through these of playing actions, I started setting different scenario of an animal. Thus, the design also followed the idea to become a new transformation on the island.

FINAL MODEL Island is a shelter

conceptual model

The island shelter is a hill or a mark to provide the safe or high point for clustering. It not only become the concrete of island but also protect the animal.



Islands: Images of many natures ( Fall 2017) by Luis Callejas Oslo School of Architecture and Design Nonimation of AHO Work: Computer Graphics & AHO Exhibition Award



Technosphere ( Spring 2017) by Ann-Sofi Rönnskog & John Palmesino Oslo School of Architecture and Design Site /Oslo Fjord. Norway The cycle of mineral raw materials illustrating their discovery, recovery, processing, manufacturing processes, and use by consumers, ending with their return to the natural environment as waste products. When people start to create more and more products, some part of the waste is not be decomposed and others would be transformed into the new material. In addition, these huge of hazardous waste will be transported to everywhere by technological transportation. Therefore, my main question is how heavy waste flow is and how they impact on the entire Oslo fjord. As a starting classification, the idea of the program will be focused on four crucial targets for the waste transition, which are waste volume, waste treatment plants, landfill, and shipping flow, four motives that have been around for the whole waste system. First of all, the waste volume is growing up, which mixes with the huge of hazardous waste in material. The report of Statistisk sentralbyrå indicates” A total of 1.41 million tonnes of hazardous waste were sent for approved treatment in 2015 – an increase of around 75% compared to 2003”. Video /


he area between the metropolitan of Oslo and Oslo Fjord is characterized by infrastructural connections (harbors

and roads and Underground pipelines) and would be suitable for transporting waste into the outside of the capital, using the vast of cargos and trucks. In order to concern about the human health security, when more and more hazardous waste is being produced, the isolated and stable bedrock of island became the potential dumping area. This area, which lies in the transitional zone between island landscape and high-development urbanism

Waste Flow Calculation

landscape, would be the main environmental issue between pro-

The volume of hazardous waste on sample site:

duction and conservation.

16 plants / 2011-2015 / annual volume: 20550.48 tonnes The volume of importing waste on Langøya:

The transformation of Oslo fjord is linking to the different waste

hazardous waste / annual volume: 175020 tonnes

system and ecological system. This all kind of process is an interaction between this component to material flows of technosphere and biosphere. Moreover, these phenomena are included human life. For example, Langøyane is an old landfill island, where it be a recreational space now. The report is observed high levels of the metals lead, copper, mercury and zinc in the sediments in the bay on the north side of the island.

There are already large waste treatment plants and factories on the sample site, which are the main production of hazardous waste. Waste flow chimes with the large-scale landscape of territory and dumping land and with the industrial harbours. The biggest landfill of Langøya marks the entrance to import the hazardous waste from the different area; the 12% of hazardous waste is being transported from the sample site, and the 88% of hazardous waste is imported from different county or countries.

Oredalen avfallsdeponi

Langøya Old limestone area:

45 000000 tonnes of stone were extracted

9.3 000000 cubic metres, under the sea

CONTAMINATION LAND Survey area: 647 contaminated sites 57 (heavily contaminated) Oslo area: 608 contaminated sites 38 (heavily contaminated)

HARBOUR Survey area: 24 sites( International ship and port facility security sevices)

SHIPPING FLOW Record time: 2011/01-12 Transport Capacity of Oslo harbour: 5.753.924 tonnes/ per year

CONSERVA Protected a preserve na portance.

VATION AREA areas established primarily to atural resources of national im-

Teigen avfallsdeponi

Grønmo avfallsanlegg 1969-2009 Grønmo counted over 8000000 cubic meters of trash. Langøyane 1904-1948 The landfill is covered and

MARINE HABITATS It takes a survey of the marine habitats along the coast, in the coastal zone and in the transition from sea to land with a focus on identifying key habitats and key areas for particular species and populations.

the surface was adapted for swimming and recreational purposes. Total filled land is 90000m². Klemetsrud energigjenvinningsanlegg Industry of non-harzardous waste: 350000 tonnes per/year

Haraldrud energigjenvinningsanlegg Housefold of non-hazardous waste: 100000 tonnes per/year.

TERRITORY & TRANSPORTATION Metropolitan of Waste System ANALYSIS The geological conditions for the submarine area define the boundary between marine and mainland. Marine habitats are more evenly spread across the Oslo Fjord, which means that they are part of the waste transition. Thus, the spacial scenario of waste interface combines the different elements between two parts of space. One is a parallel dimension that represents the waste flow that it is more intensity of moving; another one is the vertical dimension that follows the diversity of terrain to establish the technological infrastructure and plants, and with expanding the marine habitats. Norway has a comprehensive route network. It consists of container, RoRo and combination carriers in fixed route as well as international RoPax ferries. The cargo is transported in containers, in accompanied and unaccompanied trailers on ferries and RoRo vessels, on pallets in side door vessels or on rolling mafis or as modules lifted by cranes. There are several industry shipping lines serving industrial ports with pallet, bulk and combination ships. ​Container ships in 2015 amounted to approximately 44% of load capacity, RoPax 38%, RoRo 12% and the remaining 6% was combination carriers.


Langøyene vs Langøya RESEARCH

Langøya is situated in the Holmestrand Fjord and belongs to

Langøyene is an island in Bunnefjorden in the inner part of

the Re municipality in Vestfold. It was a raw material source

Oslofjord, in the municipitality of Nesodden in Akershus,

right through to 1985.After 1985, it became mainly about

Norway. It is owned by the municipality of Oslo. Langøyene

waste treatment and disposal of waste that was harmful to the

were originally two islands, Nordre Langøy and Søndre

environment, as well as disposal of inorganic industrial waste,

Langøy. The strait between the two islands has been filled

dug up soil and sediment. From 1994, waste from other coun-

with garbage deposits.The report, prepared by the consult-

tries, in particular Denmark and Sweden, was also brought

ing Multiconsult, indicates that the upper layer of soil is sig-


nificantly more polluted than the limit allows for a recreational area.

How heavy is city? How much volume of waste will be filled in the land?



Technosphere ( Spring 2017) by Ann-Sofi Rรถnnskog & John Palmesino Oslo School of Architecture and Design Nonimation of AHO Work: Computer Graphics & AHO Exhibition Award



Fredrikstad and City ( Fall 2016) by Jeppe Aagaard Andersen Oslo School of Architecture and Design Site / Fredrikstad. Norway

Fredrikstad is an old city in Ă˜stfold County and forms the fifth largest city in Norway. In order to fortification, the city of Fredrikstad was established in1567, and the location of the fortress was chosen in the mouth of Glomma River. For the environment of the fortress, there are many good advantages to form the city, like the estuary of Glomma River, provides industry and housing; people have more interaction with land. However, nowadays new urban development shifts to the west of new town region; gradually, the old city transforms in order to serve the sightseeing spot. For the residential area around the old city area, the recreational area and the southern industrial area lack a complete future sustainable urban planning and design. Therefore, the plan will address the future development of the old town and the new city planning, proposed a new sustainable city strategy and historical preservation of the landscape reconstruction.

The Transition of Fortification- Wetland Park



There was a strong relation between old town and kongsten fort. Through how to explore old and new, historic political boundary and contemporary space, the two direction transform in the different generation. This territory constantly has been itself functions in each

time. However, this protective landscape has been existing in the different ages. Thus, in this project, how to find a new function and pattern to connect two areas is the main idea. In the past how strong and power they were for this two places. In this project, I think they will be reconnection and reformation. Through water system and green system could revitalize this area into a lush green recreation space. In the same time, the design aims to enhance the natural beauty of the area.

(1) hydrologic framework From the graphic of the water network, there is a potential flood area on the east side, and it is also relatively low in the fort area. For the overall drainage direction, it indicates how the surface run-off goes through the ground. Thus, the low points are located by searching our hydrology. Obviously, these low point would be designed to become small pond in the future. (2) relative green structure For analyzing the green structure, how to classify the vegetation in the map is the first thing and find the basic plant structure. Thus, people can find a good way to plant the city of the landscape in the future. There are large arbors in the fortress area, but the surrounding area has not developed relative arbor group and lacked the extension of the corridor. Residential areas have been the domestic garden to develop its network; the eastern part of the riverbeds area contains a broad farmland and golf area. (3) public function network The development of public function will affect the way people live and how people move in this area. On the map, the historical field is the main public function for local people or sightseeing people; another main function is water activities that people always take the ferry from the new city to the old town in order to visit and enjoy their beautiful afternoon. In the eastern area, the most of the public function is recreational activities. Thus, people can adjust the spacial function and create the new activities platform.


The Glomma is 617 km long and the longest river in Norway. It rises in the Roerosvidda and has its outfall at Frederiksstad. It catches precipita

tion from 13% of the total area of Norway. The Nedre Glomma region is located at the mouth of Glomma and is centrally located in relation to the metropolitan area, other countries, and sea routes. Thus, Frederikstad is an important spot for the whole water system. Water will pass through these areas and go into the marine area. For this project, I think waterscape design will be a good point to remediate water system in the final part. It not only provides cleaning water to human lives but also helps the underground earth to be not pollution.


ow to establish a new water system is the main goal, and also simultaneously create an ecological wetland space for helping the regional creature. For the whole area of

targets are cleaning water and stormwater management, so the idea of the program will follow water concept to develop functions and layouts. To the regional development, this program will bring the new opportunity to connect old town and kongsten fort, such as new community square, performance space, sitting platform, botanical gardens, and also the coffee shop. Finally, second is not only provide incredible natural environment but also reconnect historical memory to human life.

Water Process & Functions Rain Garden Area Section Wetland Garden Area Section




CN Studio / URBAN PLANNING Site /Hulundan Park, Fongyuan, Taichung, Taiwan

In Taichung world flora exposition, the goal was to discover GNP that meaning was green, nature, people; Production, life. Ecological would become important concepts to introduce into the expo. And then in order to perform the local agricultural technology, the flora exhibition would be an emphasis on this planning. Therefore, The Hulundan Park, Fongyuan, Taichung, represented a life of concept of Taichung world flora exposition to conduct a series of landscape space rebuild. The new city space, the flora patterns went into the city and combined with ecological water space, to present multi-functions of city space, would perform a new lifestyle and become a good living city in Taichung. Video /

The Flora Exposition - Home

BACKGROUND CONCEPT & ANALYSIS The Hulundan Park is a waterfront space that is the long park and has four streets to cut through; it is formed five partitions which are lack of continuity and integrated function space. However, there are many abundant plants, especially in Zone 5, and it will be a big issue to transplant the local trees under construction. Therefore, it will be a critical issue that how to establish a new program can solve the original problem in Hulundan Park and also combine with the Taichung world flora exposition. Through analysis to know these issues, the team thinks rebuilding the Hulundan Park is the one step before Taichung world flora exposition. So, they need to develop a new strategy for the Hulundan Park. And then next thing is to create a new concept to be suitable for the topic of Taichung world flora exposition. Thus, the concept of development will become an important stage to produce the master plan.


ublic space consider as significant city’s life of field which is such as art center, performance center, transportation center, and park.

However, the park is the best place to concentrate activities of human’s behavior; it not only is close to city’s inhabitants of lives but also has many functions which can provide the ecological reservation and disaster prevention in the city. Thus, a park has been a stander to determine local lives of quality. The team will provide a new goal to follow this design; that is the “New Lifestyle Field” in Hulundan Park.

Friendly human’s waterfront space, modern sponge park, and with nature

The original space functions are single and dispersed for local residents because

surviving education field, are as a goal to develop ecological waterfront and

of the long site and lack of integrated planning. So, the team needs to devel-

create a new value for people. Thus, the first thing is to establish the local

op diversified space after they assess the different regional functions and space

water management of infrastructure, such as ecological basin, rain garden,

conditions. For example, zone one will enhance this area of space functions

ecological path…and so on; the next thing is to improve the local plants and

from three to seven, and at the same time, this zone produces more activities

create a new planting planning which not only gives a good cure for a park

which can attract more people to come here.

but also bring more profits for ecological environment.


TAICHUNG WORLD FLORA EXPOSITION APPOACHES As a premise of life concept, the team wants to extend this goal from the global city vision to local country space. People’s lives space is hometown; everything happened is from hometown, like restaurant, shopping mall, transportation‌and so on. Therefore, home is also miniature to lives. For the exhibition, a home image is going to be an element of representation on flora exposition. And this ideal also is added lacquerware art, local cake, and rice to promote the local culture.

O utdoor is representation of

L iving

I n this zone, food is a impor

I n traditional chinese building,

house face; zone 1 is main ex-

ceiption space to people, so

a fantasy concept to imple-

tant element to perform local

a garden is the representation

hibition place so that the team

decoration is so important to

ment in this place that pro-

food culture, including the cake

of education and growth space.

uses the local nature image

show a host’s taste. Buring the

vides a new experience for

and rice. Thus, the team will

This zone has been planed the

and big lacquerware art with

exposition performing, the

people. And then the device

plan dining space and sell store

ecological detention basin of

flower sea to create a nature

dishes of lacquerware will be

will be retained after the ex-

for visitors.

space. So, ecological education

and culture combination of




room perform a re

O utdoor

bookshlef will be

will be the main point of this exposition.


Hulundan Park will perform multivariate lifestyle of exposition in modern society during the Taichung world flora exposition; life is a not only single type but also various and complicated type. Flora exposition, from arts, music, foods, reading, sports to the main ideal of promoting the local culture, will be immersed in the new lifestyle. The team will output two master plans that one is during the Taichung world flora exposition another is its configuration of a park after the expo.












CN Studio / URBAN PLANNING Site /Taichung, Taiwan

The Fulfillment Amphitheater Park LANDSCAPE DESIGN PROJECT


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