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Final Major Project. UNIT 13 Working with Visual Arts Briefs. By Soph Flack

KEYWORDS. Independently research artist. Use diverse materials and techniques. Explore imaginative ideas. Evaluate experimental and development final work.

. Shapes

Letters. Comic Strip.

Red Y ellow .B l ue Colourf ul. Celebritie s

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Effective Comic

Iconic on o t r Ca

Maril yn Mo n r oe

Audrey Hepburn.

Andy Warhol

Screen printing and pop art artist. 1st Idea.

Roy Lichtenstein- Pop Art. 1st Idea.

Peter Blake 1st Idea.

To Do List • Take photographs of people doing what I want my cartoon characters to do in my strip. • Draw these people in a cartoon style.

Statement of intention . The theme I am looking at is time I am specifically interested in iconic stars/celebrities I am also interested in the pop art art movement and I am attracted to the over saturated colours and block of colours.

The artists I have research which have inspired me are Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Peter Blake all creating art work in the 1960’s. These artist have inspired me because there pop art work is very interesting, the colours and the famous people includong Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn inspire me in there work. I like working with old iconic stars so there work fit perfect with my criteria.

The techniques I plan to use in my work are going to be drawing, painting, screen printing the materials I plan to use will be paints and colour pencils. What I am going to do different in this project is really developing my recording skills using the media.

In this piece of work I have used the 2d technique of ink and acrylic paint pva trapping. The subject matter is abstract and consists of shapes and a dominant red. The idea I am exploring in my work is the death of celebrities, for example John Lennon and the way he died. The red I have used symbolises blood. The line in the piece is chaotic because I applied the paint in gestural way were my whole body has throwing the paint onto the PVA. The texture in the piece is fluidity which has been made into a solid piece. The PVA creates a smooth finish on the the piece. The materials I have used in my piece of work has made it into translucent piece allowing light to pass through parts of the piece. The tones in this piece has got some darker tones of red and some lighter tones around the edge of the piece. To develop my project I intend to monoprint iconic celebrities onto tissue paper or tracing paper to let light pass through onto both pieces of work.

Experiment 2.

In this piece of work I have used a 2D technique called mono printing. I used an iconic celebrity which was Prince because the picture I used had a good shape and line, which was easier for me to mono print.

Information and Facts – Artist name, size, when it was made, materials used Subject Matter – What is it? E.g. a print Has it got a meaning? Is it telling a story? Does it serve a purpose? Has the artist worked from memory or real life? And how can you tell? Composition – the layout of the work Is there a design? Does it look balanced? Are there any repeated shapes or symmetry? The Formal Elements – Describe how the artist has used: Line Tone Colour Shape Form Pattern Texture Materials and Techniques What art materials have been used? How have they been used? Your Thoughts About the Work What is attractive about the piece? Why? What is not attractive about the piece? Why? How Might This Work Influence Your Work? Think about: The design The colours The materials Anything else which could influence you

Helen Frankenthaler Helen Frankenthaler was born on December 12, 1928 and passed away December 27, 2011. Helen was an American abstract expressionist painter. She exhibited he work over six decades., early 1950’s to 2011. She spanned several generations of abstract painters while continuing to produce vital and everchanging new work. Frankenthaler work is made out to use a water color effect, though it is painted in oils.

Andres Serrano Andres Serrano from Berlin, age 63. I chose Andres Serrano’s work because it relates really well with my piece of work. Andres Serrano’s skills and techniques really caught my eye, the materials he uses and the way he sets out he’s work. The materials he uses are different and unique to other artists, for example he uses Semen, Urine and Blood to create his work. Even though I will not be using the exact materials in my work, I was very inspired by he’s work . The colour used in Serrano’s work most of you can see in the piss christ photograph there is a mixture is red, yellow or white as he uses semen, blood and urine. You can see a mixture of orange and yellow because the urine and blood has been mixed. In some of Andres work the line looks chaotic. The angle that the photograph has been taken at means that the part of the object closest to the lense is sharp and clear. The texture in this work looks slimy and fluidity from the materials used. It also looks wet and soggy. I would not like to touch his work because of the materials he has used. There is something repulsive about the blood, semen and urine. In reality this work is presented as photographs so you never actually faced with the real object. Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Seranno. It depicts small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artists urine .

Photos being used for FMP.

Why I used these photographs. With the photos on the slides before, I used them to mono print on to tracing paper. I used these photographs because the model I used has a clear complexion on her face. Her facial features stand out, her eyes and lips stood out the most that’s why I put them in colour. Also I used these photos because they were close up and easier to mono print.

What I am going to do for my final project. With the photos I have took and edited on to photo shop, I am going to mono print on to tracing paper or sugar paper to get a see through effect. I am doing this so that when I put in against the window with my PVA piece of work and let the light shine through it.

Final major project  
Final major project