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William Turnbull Sculpture Many modern offices are incorporating a Howard Hodgkin drawing today to add a bit of sophistication. You can modify your art collection with a Kitaj painting. Many people enjoy improving their home or office with art such as a William Turnbull sculpture or a Kitaj painting. William Turnbull is without a doubt one of the most successful artist in the world. His pieces of art were for long regarded for their ability to combine both realism and thrill so much. During his time, William Turnbull became a very significant person in terms of art. However, many people don’t seem to understand his real background. William Turnbull was born in the year 1922 in a small town called Dundee. His parents were John and Ann Turnbull who were Scottish. William Turnbull fell in love with art at a very young age such that his parents were fascinated by what they saw in him. He first learnt to draw by copying pictures and illustrations from magazines and books. When he was 15 years old, William Turnbull’s father lost the job during the great depression which affected the family a lot. The father was a ship yard engineer. However, William Turnbull did not give up on his dream to become an artist.

He started to attend art classes at night at Dundee University where he was taught by the king or art and landscaping at the moment that was called James Macintosh and Fred Mould. Fred Mould was an illustrator. William Turnbull was very good at what he did such that he decided to apply for a job at DC Thomson. During the World War 2, William Turnbull was listed in the RAF after undergoing training in Canada. He then became a pilot in Canada, Sri Lanka and India.

When the World War ended, William Turnbull joined the Slade of Fine Art in London where he envisioned a long career as an artist. This was not to be. In fact, he did not like what he met at the company. After a short period of time, William Turnbull decided that it was time to leave the art department and he decided to join the sculpture department in the same organization.

Being fond of travelling, William Turnbull travelled to many countries such as Cambodia, Japan and Singapore where Kim came from. During this time, he decided to give a try to teaching where he started to teach sculpture at the Central School of Art. It was at this school that he met Brian Wall who was a legend at the moment in sculpture. Life took another turn in William Turnbull’s life as he ventured into steel. He worked with steel for a period of 7 years where he gained a lot of experience. He then decided to give fiberglass and Perspex a try. He liked these materials for their abilities to be reflective and transparency. He was really good at everything he decided to do.

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