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Introducing David Hockney There are many popular British artists who gained huge fame for their significant contributions in twentieth century British art by delivering wonderful artworks. David Hockney is one of them who created beautiful artworks and also invented new style of photography. Born on 1937 in Bradford England, he spent his early life in Los Angeles and found his huge propensity towards paintings and drawings. Later on, he got huge fame worldwide for delivering incredible artworks like ‘A Bigger Splash in 1967’ and ‘We Two Boys Together Clinging’ in 1961. His achievements revolutionized the art field and drew attention of lots of people. David Hockney noticed great skills in art even at the age of eleven and worked hard to convert his dream into reality. He wanted to offer something different to get huge exposures on their artworks. He also became famous for experimenting beyond regular artistic parameters to offer unique and interesting artworks. He also painted exteriors interiors of California homes and showed his keen desire of becoming a finest painter. Also while working on some of his popular projects, he took a series of images and fixed them together mainly to paint from the image.

When he completed his job successfully, he finally identified the collage as an art from unto itself and developed more. He also gained recognition as an adept photographer who started working with photography more extensively. By the coming of 70s, he developed lots of artworks but abandoned paintings in favor of projects involving lithographs, photography, and set costume design for the theatre, ballet, and opera. He created a commotion in the world of art by incorporating technology in his works and certainly proved he is different from others. He then delivered his first homemade prints on a photocopier in the year 1986. He also used laser fax machines and printers in 1990, and also started using the brushes application on iPhones and iPads to develop paintings. In order to explore all his famous artworks, you need to stay in touch with a reputed and genuine art dealer. Offer Waterman & Co, located in London, United Kingdom, gained huge fame for dealing twentieth century British art and became the most popular destination for all those who enjoy beholding beautiful paintings and drawings. It has a wide gallery that houses the largest collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to behold other famous artworks like William Turnbull sculpture, apart from popular paintings and drawings of Hockney!

ABOUT Offer Waterman & Co. There are many modern British artists who have created a stir in the whole world by showing their great creativity and skills through their amazing and valuable creations.

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Introducing david hockney  
Introducing david hockney  

Offer Waterman & Co gives you an excellent opportunity to behold the great beauty of arts, paintings and various other creations from popula...