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A to Z​ Parks and​ ​Rivers​ in ​the United States edLogo.svg.png

By: Sophia Alampiev

A is for‌ Acadia National Park

The Acadia National Park is located in Maine. Each year, 3.3 million people come to explore seven peaks that are above 1,000 feet in this national park.

B is for‌ Big Bend National Park

Big Bend is is a solitary mountain range surrounded by a weather- beaten desert, in Texas. Tenacious cactuses bloom in the southwestern sun here in Big Bend.

C is for‌ Colonel Denning State Park

Right here in Pennsylvania is the Colonel Dennings State Park. Colonel Dennings State Park has many activities to do like hiking, swimming, and camping.

D is for‌ Denali National Park and Preserve

The Denali National Park is a six million acre wild land. With a taiga forest, alpine tundra and snowy mountains in this national park it is a beautiful view to see in Alaska.

E is for‌ Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled landscape which also protects many different species in Florida. This includes the manatee, American crocodile and the Florida panther.

F is for… Fort Washington Park qX5HCYCiEDaLUBLg4zuFDoEMVBSfnipTlTriGPvpzuqkiY4rDXrtf4JvDFcsi8hLvcXrokYlrTYfo=w227-h128-k-no

Fort Washington Park joined the national parks service in 1946. This national park was originally built 200 years ago to protect the river approach in Washington DC.

G is for‌ Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park it the headwaters for many streams that flow to many different oceans and other water features. This includes Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Hudson's river bay.

H is for… Hot Springs National Park

The Hot Springs has a nickname of, “The American Spa”. People come there just to use the thermal waters to heal and relax in Arkansas.

I is for‌ Isle Royale National Park,c_fill,w_1000,g_face,q_50/Michigan/account_photos/7517/c69de919fbc 9de6c0887c3b207c5732a_IsleRoyaleNationalPark-15282.jpg

Isle Royale National Park is far from civilization. The Isle is surrounded by Lake Superior in Michigan.

J is for‌ Joshua Tree Park

The Joshua Tree Park is made up of two distinct desert ecosystems. The Mojave and Colorado meet in Joshua Tree Park. There are many plants and animals that make their home here.

K is for‌ Katmai National Park and Preserve ode=crop

Katmai National Park was established to protect Mount Katmai and Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in 1918. Katai National Park and preserve remains an active volcano landscape.

L is for‌ Letort Park,q_75/ rt-Park-30_ea5d67b2-5056-a36a-0b7a560bcda27594.jpg

Letort Park is right here in Carlisle. You may have visited this playground mostly made out of wood.

M is for‌ Mount Rainier National Park al-park-mount-rainier.jpg

Mount Rainier is a active volcano in Washington. It reaches an outstanding height of 14,410 feet above sea level. Also Mount Rainier National Park spawns 6 major rivers.

N is for‌ North Cascades National Park

There are many things to do here in North Cascade National Park. From hiking, camping, climbing and exploring the peaks crowned by 300 glaciers there are many things to do and visit here.

O is for‌ Ohiopyle State Park

The Ohiopyle State Park has approximately 20,500 acres of area and also serves as a gateway to the Laurel Highlands. This state park attract millions of visitors annually.

P is for‌ Pine Grove Furnace State Park

This State Park is near Carlisle PA. You may have visited the 2 lakes here, Lake Laurel and Fuller Lake which both have beaches. Also the Appalachian Trail goes through this marvelous state park.

Q is for‌ Quantico Creek

Quantico Creek is located in Virginia. With a stunning length of 13.7 miles long this is an amazing creek to visit.

R is for‌ Rocky Mountain National Park

At the Rocky Mountain National Park you can enjoy the trail Ridge Road. This trail crests at over 12,000 feet which also have many overlooks.

S is for‌ Shenandoah National Park ode=crop

At the Shenandoah National Park there are many activities to choose from. You can visit the waterfalls, quiet wooded hollows and see the vistas. You can also hike, picnic and meander along skyline drive.

T is for Thrownald Park,q_75/ nwald-Park-10_ea5c540e-5056-a36a-0bbb92b04c4f1e13.jpg

Thornwald Park is right here in Carlisle. In the middle of the park is the Thornwald Mansion which was built in 1910.

U is for‌ Upper Delaware Scenic and Rec River

The Upper Delaware Scenic and Rec River is located in NY, PA. This river is claimed to be one of the finest fishing rivers in Northeastern United States.

V is for‌ Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park is located in Virgin Islands. Recently these islands have been hit by 2 hurricanes and are in the progress of recovering.

W is for‌ West Pennsboro Township Park

West Pennsboro township and park is right near Newville and Carlisle. This park has 5 pavilions that you can rent, 2 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, 2 softball fields, 4 multi use fields and 1.2 mile trail within the park. Also there are many playgrounds with different equipment that you can play on.

X is for… Appomatto​x​ Courthouse National Park

Around Appomattox Courthouse National Park on April 9, 1865 the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia signaled the end of the nation's largest war.

Y is for‌ Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the first national park. You can find a volcano with colorful hot springs, mud pots, and geysers. There’s also mountains, forests and lakes in the midst of all the natural beauty.

Z is for... Zion National Park

At Zion National Park are the paths where ancient native people and pioneers walked. Here are unique arrays of plants and animals. Also massive sandstone cliffs that consist of many different colors.

A to Z Parks and Rivers in the United States is an amazing book that teaches your child the alphabet. Also at the same time teaches your child different parks and rivers all around the United States.

A to Z Parks and Rivers in the United States- Sophia Alampiev  

A to Z Parks and Rivers in the United States is an amazing book that teaches your child the alphabet. Also at the same time teaches your chi...

A to Z Parks and Rivers in the United States- Sophia Alampiev  

A to Z Parks and Rivers in the United States is an amazing book that teaches your child the alphabet. Also at the same time teaches your chi...