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As part of my research into restaurant branding, I looked at the branding of Tokio, a Japanese restaurant in Budapest. I felt that it was important for me to gain an understanding in the branding of Japanese restaurants in particular, noting the potential products that I could design as part of the brief. The branding of Tokio shows a range of products from business cards to menus. The style of branding is fitting with Japanese style graphic design; sleek yet simple, with consistently subtle use of colour. The menu includes a guide to sushi for customers who are new to sushi. This is something I’d like to include in my branding for Moshimo.

SLA is a salad bar in Amsterdam that is driven by the concept of healthy eating. The design of the restaurant involves a lot of greenery, alluding to the concept of natural, healthy food. The restaurant is home to many plants, creating a greenhouse style when combined with the full length glass windows. The branding of SLA is uncomplicated and modern; the large scale sans serif typeface is eyecatchingly simple. The branding for SLA was designed by PUP, a young Dutch creative agency specialising in conceptual design.

Arbor is a restaurant within a hotel in Bournemouth. The branding for the restaurant was designed by Salad Creative, a Dorset based agency specialising in branding and communication. The concept behind the branding is woodland, as the name Arbor is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘tree’. The fluid movement throughout the logo is suggestive of growth, plants, branches and nature, linking the concept to the designs. The photography of the food contextualises the products, further alluding to the concept of woodland. The designs are applied to a wide range of products from menus to web based appliances such as computers, phones and iPads. It is great to see this branding applied to both print and web.

Theurel & Thomas is a French patisserie based in Mexico, specialising in French macaroons. The branding of Theurel & Thomas was designed by Anagrama, a Mexico based creative agency specialising in branding and identity design. Anagrama set out to create branding that would emphasise the detailing and elegance of the dessert. This was achieved by using white as a primary tool in which to direct attention toward the colourful macaroons. In this case, the product acts as the concept behind the branding; the hint of colour within the crisp white branding and packaging alludes to the colourful macaroons placed inside. The juxtaposition between classic style of branding and colourful desserts works very well in creating sophisticated branding.

Moshimo Branding Boards  
Moshimo Branding Boards