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: Hyperion Solutions 4H0-533


: Hyperion planning v.3.3.1

Version : R6.1

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1. After creating a new Hyperion Planning application, what are two steps that must be taken for it to appear as a valid Web application at the Web LogOn page? (Choose two.) A. Restart the Essbase server B. Run the HspSetupSupport utility C. Restart the Web application server D. Within Hyperion Planning, select Enable Web LogOn Answer: BC 2. Which three options are supported authentication providers for CSS? (Choose three.) A. NTLM B. Microsoft Active Directory C. Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) D. Novell NDS E. BEA's LDAP Provider Answer: ABC 3. What is the correct order Hyperion Planning will follow to generate a Web Form with Suppress Missing data enabled? A. Hyperion Planning Web Application suppresses missing data;sends the query to Hyperion Essbase;checks Metadata security for the user; displays Web Form to Client B. Checks Metadata Security for the User; sends the query to Hyperion Essbase; Hyperion Planning Web Application suppresses missing data; displays Web Form to Client C. Sends the query to Hyperion Essbase; checks Metadata Security for the User; Hyperion Planning Web Application suppresses missing data; displays Web Form to Client D. Checks Metadata Security for the User; Hyperion Planning Web Application suppresses missing data; sends the query to Hyperion Essbase; displays Web Form to Client Answer: B 4. What three properties can be defined for User-defined custom dimensions? (Choose three.) A. Name B. Security C. Data type D. Source plan type E. Custom attributes Answer: ABE 5. Which three statements are true about the Cut function in the Hyperion Planning Dimension Editor? (Choose three) A. It is not available for root dimension members.

B. It remembers a cut member if the administrator expands, collapses, sorts, searches, or changes pages in a dimension hierarchy. C. It remembers a cut member if the administrator adds a child or sibling member, edits or deletes a member, assigns access to a member or clicks the View link. D. It remembers a cut member if the administrator adds or edits a dimension, navigates to a page other than the Dimensions tab, deletes a member, or logs off Hyperion Planning. E. It allows for mulitple cut selections at the same level. Answer: ABC 6. Which three tasks can be performed by a Planner? (Choose three.) A. Modify Web forms B. Input, submit, and view data C. View data through Hyperion Reports D. Use Hyperion Planning Spreadsheet Add-in E. Create and update rules in Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) Answer: BCD 7. After the calendar is created through the application setup, which statement is true? A. You can change the rollup structure. B. You can change the base time periods. C. You can change the weekly distribution setting. D. You can reduce the number of years in the calendar. Answer: A 8. In a multi-currency application, a calc script was created using Hyperion Planning Desktop. The following selections were made: "USD", "CAD", Budget, "1st Draft" and "Bottom-Up." What will be converted after the Currency Conversion Calc Script is run? A. Parent members B. Level zero members C. Forecast Scenario for the USD Currency D. Saved Assumption account with Percentage Data Type E. Saved Assumption account with Non-Currency Data Type Answer: B 9. What is the ideal data block size? A. Between eight and 100 kilobytes B. Between 101 and 250 kilobytes C. Between 251 and 500 kilobytes D. Greater than 500 kilobytes

Answer: A 10. Which five tasks are performed when setting up a Hyperion Planning application? (Choose five.) A. Setting up plan types B. Creating the calendar C. Setting up exchange rates D. Defining the calendar range E. Setting up multiple currencies F. Defining base time period and weekly distribution. Answer: ABDEF 11. When refreshing the database in a multi-currency application, what can be selected to create a Currency Conversion Calc Script? A. Currencies, Scenarios, Version Type, and Versions B. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, and Exchange Rate Type C. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, Version Type, and Versions D. Currencies, Scenarios, Years, Exchange Rate Type, and Versions Answer: A 12. Which two statements about account level annotations are true? (Choose two.) A. Account level annotations can have 1500 characters. B. Only parent level members can have account level annotations. C. To enable the account level annotations, the Web form design does not matter. D. A specific option must be selected in the display options page to enable the account level annotations. Answer: AD 13. Which three are valid properties of Scenarios with the Hyperion Planning Web Dimension Editor? (Choose 3) A. Access Rights B. Time Periods C. Data Storage D. Exchange Rate Table Answer: ABD 14. Which two Hyperion Application Link Adapters can be used together to load data? (Choose two.) A. Essbase Adapter B. Flat File Adapter C. Web Form Adapter D. Hyperion Planning Adapter Answer: AB

15. When using the Hyperion Planning ADM driver within Hyperion Reports, which function is used to select Attribute members? A. Property B. Member C. Relative Member D. Range Answer: A 16. Supporting Detail can have which two properties? (Choose two.) A. Detail cannot be deleted once created. B. Data can be filled across a series of columns. C. Detail can be retrieved in the Spreadsheet Add-in. D. It can only be text information, no data can be input. E. Data can be in hierarchical form and include aggregation of values. Answer: BE 17. Which two are valid Account member names that can be used in Hyperion Planning? (Choose two.) A. 4200 B. Net-Profit C. _Gross Sales D. 'Cost of Sales' E. (Total Expenses) Answer: AB 18. The Create Blocks component within Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) is used for the purpose of _____. A. Creating blocks for dense member combinations B. Creating blocks for sparse member combinations C. Creating blocks for attribute member combinations D. Creating blocks for dynamically calculated and stored member combinations Answer: B 19. What are three valid variables to consider about Hyperion Planning application Web performance? (Choose three.) A. Network bandwidth B. Design of existing web forms C. Server hardware specifications D. Number of users that exist within the application Answer: ABC 20. When designing a report in Hyperion Reports, where do you set the Expansion Option?

A. On the Cell Properties B. On the Row Properties C. On the Grid Properties D. On the Report Properties Answer: B 21. Hyperion Planning connects to Essbase using the non-underscore username to establish a connection for which two products? (Choose two.) A. Hyperion Reports B. Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in C. Hyperion Planning Web Application D. Hyperion Planning Spreadsheet Add-in Answer: AB 22. Which list of data storage settings represents all of the available settings for the Entities dimension in the Hyperion Planning Dimension Editor? A. Dynamic Calc, Never Share, Shared, Store B. Dynamic Calc, Label Only, Never Share, Store C. Dynamic Calc, Dynamic Calc and Store, Never Share, Shared, Store D. Dynamic Calc, Dynamic Calc and Store, Label Only, Never Share, Shared, Store Answer: D 23. In a multi-currency application using a Target Version, what calculation options should be used with the Aggregate Data component? A. Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, Aggregate Missing Values, and Use Calculator Cache B. Aggregate Missing Values, Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions, and Use Calculator Cache C. Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions, and Use Calculator Cache D. Aggregate Missing Values, Aggregate Data up to Local Currency, and Optimize the Calculation of Formulas on Sparse Dimensions Answer: C 24. Which three predefined types of base time periods can be established when creating the calendar? (Choose three.) A. Weekly B. Monthly C. Quarterly D. Yearly

E. Custom Answer: BCE 25. Which three options are Maintain User tasks in Hyperion Reports? (Choose three.) A. Assign user to a Role B. Import Essbase Users C. Import Windows NT users D. Import LDAP Users E. Import Users from a text file Answer: ABE 26. What are two reasons for creating or re-creating a Currency Conversion calc script? (Choose two.) A. A currency is no longer a reporting currency. B. Data in the Essbase database were modified. C. Another year has been added to the application. D. A new entity member was added to the application. E. A foreign currency exchange rate value was modified. Answer: AC 27. A user receives "You do not have access to view this form" when trying to open a Web form. What causes this message? A. The user does not have Write access to the form. B. The user does not have Read access to the form. C. The user does not have access to every member in the form. D. The user does not have access to at least one member in every dimension in the form. Answer: D 28. When would account annotations be available? A. when the option is turned on in the application setup B. Only when the Web form is designed by an administrator C. When the Web form is designed to using the proper layout D. When the user has write access to all dimension selections on the Web form Answer: C 29. In a multiple plan type application, which statement is true? A. Security Refreshing can be limited to a Plan Type. B. A descendant member within the Custom dimension can be made valid for a Plan Type. C. The Accounts dimension can be dense for one Plan Type and sparse for another Plan Type. D. After the application has been set up but the Create has not been run, the Plan Type names can be changed.

Answer: C 30. The client wants to load actual data from the general ledger but the file generated requires fields to be ignored and the order of the fields to be changed. What is a possible method for completing this task? A. Use an Essbase data load rule B. Use the Web Form import utility C. Use SQL statement to load into Hyperion Planning Relational Database D. Use Hyperion Application Link flow diagram utilizing the Hyperion Planning Adapter Answer: A 31. User A is a member of the Hyperion Planning User Group "Northeast" and has Write access to the "East" Entity. "Northeast" Group has Read Access to "East" Entity. What report would be generated to verify User A's access to East? A. Users and Groups B. Assigned Access C. Effective Access D. Entities Access Answer: C 32. Which two functions are available from the Hyperion Planning Dimension Editor? (Choose two.) A. Promote/demote a dimension member B. Move a dimension member via drag and drop C. Sort dimension members in ascending or descending order D. Delete a dimension parent member Answer: CD 33. What is the result of selecting the Share Password (Windows/Essbase) option in User setup? A. Enables the Microsoft Windows password to only be used in Essbase B. Enables the Microsoft Windows password to only be used in Hyperion Planning C. Enables the Microsoft Windows password to only be used in Hyperion Planning Web forms D. Enables the Microsoft Windows password to be used in both Hyperion Planning and Essbase Answer: D 34. During the initial application setup, you create two plan types. You now want to add a third plan type. How do you add the plan type? A. You go to Manage Database and create a new plan type. B. You walk through Setup Application again for the same application. C. You go into Essbase Application Manager and create a new database for this application. D. You cannot change the number of plan types in the Hyperion Planning Desktop after the application has been created.

Answer: D 35. A Hyperion Business Rule (HBR) is being created to calculate benefit expense by Entity based on total salaries, which have been calculated for individual employees. Total Entity benefits need to be displayed when the calculation is complete. What is the correct sequence order of the components within HBR? A. custom calculation, aggregate benefits, aggregate salaries B. aggregate salaries, custom calculation, aggregate benefits C. aggregate benefits, aggregate salaries, custom calculations D. custom calculations, aggregate salaries, aggregate benefits Answer: B 36. Which two dimensions allow access rights? (Choose two.) A. Versions B. Calendar C. Scenarios D. Currencies E. Time Periods Answer: AC 37. If a Hyperion Business Rule has run-time prompts and the administrator wants the default member selection on the run-time prompt window to leverage the Use Members on Form option, in which sections of the Web form grid can prompted dimensions reside? A. page and POV axes B. POV axis only C. page axis only D. page and column axes E. POV and column axes Answer: A 38. Which two tools allow an end user to bold cells, underline, and insert blank rows? (Choose two.) A. Web forms B. Esscmd script C. Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in D. Hyperion Planning Spreadsheet Add-in Answer: CD 39. Which two statements are true about monthly distribution spreading? (Choose two.) A. How the values are spread depends on the Account Type and DataType. B. Monthly distribution spreading is supported using only the Hyperion Planning Web client. C. Monthly distribution spreading is supported using only the Hyperion Planning Spreadsheet Add-in.

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