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Physicians and Patients: Benefits of Gastroenterology EMR Software

Gastroenterology EMR Software Gastroenterology EMR creates comprehensive unit management systems along with other templates to improve practice operations.

What Can It Do? Gastroenterology EMR software can now enhance preprocedure, intraprocedure, and postprocedure production, which streamlines practice management.

Functions and Features This technology includes:

 Interfaces with hospital-wide EMR systems/pathology databases  Improved physician communication  Secure remote connections  Patient scheduling/automated follow-up  Inventory tracking  Endoscopy unit statistics

Choosing the Best Gastroenterology EMR Software To support superior patient care and improved administrative systems, it’s important to research features most important to your area of medicine, such as gastroenterology.

Customizable Templates The best gastroenterology EMR software includes customizable templates for things like Hematuria, UTI, ED, endoscopy images, and physical examination.

Ease of Use EMR systems should not be limited to desktop systems, so software should be compatible with many devices, like tablets or laptops.

Online Patient Portal The best gastroenterology EMR software includes the patient in the treatment process. An online patient portal makes it extremely easy to interface and communicate with your patients.

Practice Management Practice management software is a suite of tools tied into treatment and assessment templates that help streamline your practice or unit.

Practice Management These tools include:      

Document management Endoscopy image management E-prescription writing Lab interfacing (Quest, LabCorp, etc.) Billing task interfaces Scheduling software

Improving the Healthcare Continuum EMR systems open up lines of communication, which greatly improves:  Speed of care  Quality of care  Accuracy in charting patient information

Benefits For Everyone!

Office Staff:

 Efficient work flow  Improvements in office duties, billing, and scheduling


 More educated about their treatment  Closer monitoring  Can be more active in their healthcare

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Physicians and Patients: Everyone Benefits From Gastroenterology EHR Software  

RevenueXL's gastroenterology EMR software will benefit your practice considerably, both by opening up important features to physicians and h...

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