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Unit x

Sophia Claxton

Dragons den For this group project we were asked to investigate a brief a interpret it in our own way In the end our group chose; ‘A museum of the circus. Tell us more” We decided that we wanted to put on an event so that people could come along and dress up, we would then give them some lighthearted information back where they could find out a little more about themselves if they visited our website.



With the lead up to the event we screen printed some posters to display around www making sure people were a where of when and where the event was taking place. We wanted the poster to be bold and to stand out, Anthony Burrill’s poster designs influenced from a lecture in the previous weeks. We wanted people to recognize them and not just walk past them, but at the same time we didn’t want to give to much of what was going to happen away at the event.

We avoided the obvious circus themes by taking slight aspects of the circus.

The event - 15th April 2013 2pm-5pm

When people came to dress up we ticked off the props they had selected and gave them a feedback card on with a horoscope type of text. They helped us add up and determine which act in the circus they were most like.

On the Monday morning we spent decorating one of the rooms of the 3rd floor mak-

From our data we found

ing it inviting. We used cardboard boxes as display tables and an old suitcase to dis-

that our graphics course

play the props, we thought this would be appropriate as we were selling our ‘pop-up’

were mainly ‘showgirls’

business and it was easy to set up and pack away.

Juggler Your  remarkable  feats  of  agility  and  coordination  are  in  sync   perfectly.

Clown You’re  the  life  and  soul  of  the  party,  when  you’re  around   everyone  always  has  a  good  time.  

Ringmaster Your  dictator  personality  is  one  that  is  not  always  in  your             everyone  looks  forward  to  seeing.  


      nature  of  your  persistent  genorisity  to  those  around  you.

Juggler You  have  been  blessed  with  the  skills  of  multitasking,  with   the  ability  to  take  the  same  precision  and  care  over  each   individual  task.

Clown   You  are  able  to  amuse  as  well  as  take  peoples  breath  away   while  broadcasting  of  your  individual  tricks  and  talents.   Although,  dont  be  afraid  to  unleash  your  hidden  character,   people  will  be  more  accepting  than  you  believe.

The patterns were in relation to the different circus acts. It gave people a slight overview of what their main type of personality trait is.

In the end I think the event was a lot more successful than any of us had thought. People came along, dressed up got involved and the data collection we ended up with was enough to make our idea and designs a success. IMAGES TAKE AT THE EVENT

Video stills

Website Pages

WHAT YOU TRIED ON Home page > Select Photo > Props




Home page > Select Photo > Props > Diagnosis > Props Interpretation

WE HEREBY DECLARE YOU AS A... Home page > Select Photo > Props > Diagnosis

You like to take risks and enjoy the thrills of life. Tightrope Walker

Tightrope Walker You are able to stay in control in high pressure situations, which allows you to take risks and be adventurous keeping composed throughout.

You remain composed when detecting danger. Tightrope Walker

You like to make a glamourous statement when you walk in the room. Showgirl




You like to be in control and fight for what you believe. Ringmaster




After the events they will be able to log onto our website and access the photographs from their day, people who didn’t attend will be able to make a selection on the tick

We recorded the event throughout the day, capturing people trying the different props on and how they acted in front of the camera, individually and in pairs and make a video edit to show people and the dragons what kind of atmosphere we created when we popped up these events.


When observing people who came along it was you could see a change in attitude when they got in front of the camera when they didn’t have to be themselves.



INDIVIDUALS ARE ABLE TO DO IN THEIR This will then be generated to tell them more in depth information about the OWN TIME AFTER THE EVENT OR IFmeaning THEY DIDNT ATTEND.

of the different props and personality traits they acted out as an individual. It will also give them a percentage of how much of a type of circus act they are. To think ahead in the future of our business, afterwards we would offer a service of sending the groups on an experience day.


Individual brief - TOPMAN

For the top man brief

we were asked

to create a campaign that promotes the launch of a new collection: SCIENCE meets FASHION The collaboration is with The Welcome Research from the beginning of the project af-


ter two groups merged, discussing ideas in the

I decided to look at the brain and how

early stages.








Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

My main focus was on MRI scans and EEG scans when researching I wanted to used the bright colours. I chose Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia as I was interested in patterns and I felt that the two illnesses would Design development and visuals from screen printed photos around university

develop two unique patterns. I wanted to take symptoms from each such as the repetitiveness of Alzheimer’s where people tend to forget and repeat themselves so considered a repeat pattern, and schizophrenia I took the main aspect of hearing voices so when developing this pattern it would be showered and repeated.

Feedback cards type and the tumblr visual of how to access after attending the events

The best bit Within unit x I have most enjoyed the group project. Working in groups previously I haven’t enjoyed it and looked forward to working on individual projects a lot more. Our idea even if the dragons weren’t keen on it, was well thought out and as a group worked well together to pull everything off in the amount of time we were given especially with the Event, that went a lot better than expected. Even the video that was In response to the brief my main focus was on producing a lookbook, providing

a first attempt for me didn’t fall through and felt it gave a little something to the final presentation.

images that displayed my patterns. I went on to designing launch party cards, clothing tags, posters, vip and discount flyers and eventually printed

Things that worked My individual project being the TOPMAN brief. In the end as a whole I feel that It has

a couple of designs onto plain white

come out better than I expected. When given the brief and a lookbook was one of the


designs that was focused on I was unsure about how this would be developed haven’t

The background pattern that I have continued throughout the project is of

not been given any fashion designs, but after the talk with Gill and the visuals gave me a clearer understanding of what I could produce.

two different brains, the one to the left being healthy and then right hand side was a scan that showed severe signs of

Things to work on

Alzheimer’s disease.

Time management usually being my main fall down, this time I have defiantly noticed

Wanting to try and keep the bright

that I’m very indecisive with designs and if I change one aspect of a design like the

colours from the scans in mind but also

colours changed etc I have to re look at the whole project and redesign. Being a

remembering that it was for TOPMAN, I kept changing my mind about the colour pallet wether it should be the off pink or the bright blue, both used in scans but the blue was more TOPMAN.

indecisive person doesn’t help. Also sketchbook work. I start off with ideas and my sketch book is going ok and then end up writing them in a note book and leaving to write up at the last minute.

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