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FUSAAC The Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC), formerly known as FAAC (Fulbright Alumni Association of Cambodia), was founded in 2000 as an alumni association consisting of more than 300 recipients of the Fulbright scholarship and a number of exchange programs to the United States sponsored by the Department of State of the U.S. Government. Members of the Association, from alumni to the President, use their different skills and expertise on a voluntary basis to participate and run various youth-oriented projects throughout each year. FUSAAC’s vision is to foster peace and development in Cambodia through the promotion of access to quality education, youth capacity building and cross-cultural understanding. To achieve the vision, FUSAAC has committed itself to helping youth find a career in which they are at their best – a career that they are passionate about, that unlock their fullest potentials, and that allows them to meaningfully contribute back to their communities. With this mission in mind, FUSAAC has strived to conceptualize and execute numerous youth-oriented education and capacity development projects every year, reaching an average of 5,000 youths throughout the country.

VISION FUSAAC has a vision to contribute to foster peace and development in Cambodia through the promotion of access to quality education, youth capacity building and cross-cultural understanding.

MISSION This mandate, focus has been given further to help youth find career with which they are at the best, a career that they are passionate about, that allow them to contribute to their fullest potentials while contributing to societal development.

CULTURE FUSAAC wants to create a culture of “professional volunteerism”, meaning the outcome of volunteer work can be as professional as those done by hired professionals. In another word, FUSAAC expects every member to do the job with quality and commitment.




1. Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop Date: March - June 2015 4 Provinces: Battambang, Kampot, Siem Reap, Ratanakiri. 1 City: Phnom Penh

5. Entrepreneur Challenge

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2. MAJOR & CAREER FAIR Date: 03 May, 2015 (full day event) Venue: Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Phnom Penh Participants: 2500 high school and university students Exhibitor: 21 public & private institute

3. Urbral Shapers Date: 17-23 August Venue: Angkor Hub Participants: 20 Youths in total (10 from Siem Reap, 10 from Phnom Penh).

4. The Volunteer Training Program Date: September, 2015 Venue: American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) Participants: 20 Volunteers


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SPOONG Venture #1: Phnom Penh, 01-10 November, 2015 with 30 participants. SPOONG Venture #2: To be held in 2016 SPOONG Venture #3: To be held in 2016

6. Provincial Youth Outreach Program

ining a r T r e e t Volun Program AUPP @ r e b m Septe Education n Conventio KCC @C 13th/Dec PLUS ner la Din Alumni Ga otel @ Sokha H

Siem Reap: Date: 8 November, 2015 Venue: Build Bright University Participants: 123 students Rattanakiri: Date: 6 December, 2015 Venue: Krou Yerng School Participants: 95 students Pursat : Date: 28 February, 2016 Venue: University of Economic and Management Participants: 120 students

7. Education Convention Date: 13 December, 2015 (Half Day Event) Venue: Cambodia Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC) Participant: 400 university students and young professionals.

8. Online English Learning 5 Edemy







he workshop provides a platform to build knowledge and understanding on business concepts and opportunities among provincial university students. Students will be able to discover how to utilize their talents and skills in an entrepreneurial setting and use the shared knowledge and experiences to apply in practice in their communities. Student group who wins the challenge are invited to join a 10-day intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp in Phnom Penh jointly organized by SmallWorld Cambodia and FUSAAC. There are totally 7 senior alumni who have involved in technicality of the workshop including designing content and conducting the activities.

Kampot Province on 21-22 March,2015 with participation of 25 university students Siem Reap Province on 11-12 May,2015 with participation of 23 university students Battambang Province on 15-16 May, 2015 with participation of 20 university students Phnom Penh on 18-19 June, 2015 with participation of 19 university students Ratanakiri Province on 22-23 June, 2015 with participation of 20 university students 8







he Major and Career Fair (M&C Fair) is one of FUSAAC’s most successful annual flagship events supported and endorsed by both the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS). High school and university students are treated to an eventful day consisting of specialist talks from 30 different fields, education exhibits, interactive talks, and in-depth panel discussions on various aspects of university major selection and career preparation. The first M&C in 2011 attracted 1500 youth participants, there are a significant increase of participants every year; M&C 2015 attracted almost 2500 youth participants at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.


For 2015, Major and Career Fair featured 60 plenary sessions covering 60 universities majors, along with a big panel discussion focusing on “Vocational Training”. The major and career exhibition also accommodated 33 booths from 22 universities, companies and NGOs. The event was presided by H.E Youk Ngoy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Mr. Jay Raman, the Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia. The organizing committee consisted of approximately 130 enthusiastic and dedicated FUSAAC alumni members and volunteers. The fair is undoubtedly the biggest event of the year

for FUSAAC and it would not be possible if there had not been a sponsorship from IDP Education Cambodia, ACLEDA Bank, CamEd Business School and American University of Phnom Penh. Students were treated with career planning explanation by Ms. Srun Sovan, focusing on individual self-discovery and the reflection of the career at their best through the quiz from the Major and Career Guide Book. Following, the parallel session consisted of 60 university majors aimed to provide the detailed information of opportunities, challenges and a future career path. Students had the opportunity to meet and interacted with the guest speakers who are the experts in

their particular field of study. There was also an exhibition, which aimed to provide a space for students to receive more information on the admission process of each university, the details of majors each university provides, scholarship and other academic opportunities, from the representatives of 6 private universities, 7 public universities and 8 private companies and NGOs. In the afternoon, there was a panel discussion about the “Importance of the Vocational Training”. This discussion aimed to provide more information about the advantage of vocational training in response to the current job market demand and the institution that provides this sort of training.








rbral Shapers is a one-week entrepreneurship training, which brought 10 youths from Phnom Penh and 10 youths from Siem Reap province to explore the entrepreneurship topic. The project was funded by YSEALI grant. The program aims at increasing more skills targeted participant ages between 18 and 25. Cambodia’s rural development still faces many challenges with education. As a result of that, Urbral Shapers aims at increasing more skills labor, adding up their resources as a root to human capital development.


From the training, the 20 participants were inspired to consider the entrepreneurship as their career path, while all 10 youths in Siem Reap already have run their own start up in a traditional way. From this training, they can apply the newly acquired skill into their current business.

10 youths from Phnom Penh plus 10 youths from Siem Reap

17-23 August, 2015 Venue:

Angkor Hub, Siem Reap







olunteer Training Program was initiated to provide an opportunity for young Cambodian to not only get involved in volunteerism but to also to take collective actions to address issues that they think matter to their communities. 20 active volunteers were recruited to join a threefull-day intensive training program, which would equip them with knowledge and skills in project management. The program also aimed at unlocking the participants’ potential and leadership skills, as they were required to put together a project idea after the end of the training and implement it if they would win. Participants were formed into four groups, and paired with FUSAAC alumni members who have experiences in project management and implementation in the past years as mentors and mentees to sharpen and polish their project ideas.


One month after the end of the training, the participants would submit their project proposal, and made a presentation to the selection committee that consisted of FUSAAC senior alumni members. Two project ideas were selected and provided with a small grant to kick start. The three-day training consisted of professional volunteerism training, soft skill cultivation, project proposal writing and opportunity to pitch for small grant, for their own initiative project. The two winning team will work closely with FUSAAC mentors to execute their project in 2016.

Phase I, 12th Sep 2015: Professional Volunteerism Phase II, 19th Sep 2015: Soft Skill Cultivation Phase III, 26th Sep 2015: Project Management Participants: 20 Volunteer Venue: American University of Phnom Penh







ntrepreneur Challenge is the entrepreneurship development “bootcamp” and business plan competition that equips aspiring young entrepreneurs with the inspiration, knowledge, skills, mentorship, and funding to launch a new socially minded venture. The project was named “SPOONG VENTURE”. SPOONG VENTURE is run in 3 cycles from November 2015 to March 2016; the project aims to reach 150 young energetic from provinces and Phnom Penh and see at least 2 start-up companies from the participants. 2 Senior alumni who have tremendous knowledge and experience were invited to be the speakers such as Ms. Dek Dary who is the founder of 360 event planner (a young start-up) and Mr. You Sokun Panha, founder of Teach for Cambodia.

SPOONG Venture #1:

Phnom Penh, 01-10 November, 2015 with participant of 30

SPOONG Venture #2: Phnom Penh, 21-30 , 2016 with participant of 17 SPOONG Venture #3: To Be Confirmed








rovincial Youth Outreach Program, a series of Mock TOEFL test targeting 3 provinces annually, provided a great opportunity for a face-to-face meeting between FUSAAC alumni members and provincial university students and youths. This project was initiated in 2010. Alumni members ran two main sessions during each university visit. The first session focused on scholarship opportunities provided by the U.S. Government to Cambodia, strategies and tips to apply for each scholarship. The second session introduced the benefits of taking TOEFL test, as it is required for scholarship

applications. There were presentations introducing the structure of the tests, the guidelines and tips to get high scores made by experienced FUSAAC alumni members. Later, students would be required to sit in a two-hour and a half mock test to get real hand-on experience. This would ensure that students are familiar with the test format and know how to prepare for the real test in advance. We have conducted 3 workshops in the three provinces Siem Reap, Rattanakiri and Pursat. There are 14 volunteers and alumni taking part in delivering presentation and conducting Mock TOEFL test.

• Siem Reap Province Date: 8th/Nov/2015

Venue: Build Bright University Participants: 123 students

• Rattanakiri Province Date: 6th/Dec/2015

Venue: Krou Yerng School Participants: 95 students

• Pursat Province Date: 28 February, 2016 28

Venue: University of Economic and Management Participants: 120 students



Convention 30



USAAC EdCon (Education Convention) is one of FUSAAC’s most successful annual flagship events supported and endorsed by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh. The project was originally named FUSAAC National Convention (FUSAAC NatCon), which was last held in 2014 before the name was changed. The event hosted approximately 400 university students and 120 state alumni members every year. There are 2 events for FUSAAC EdCon held on the same day. Morning event: This event is to provide the discussion of key issue facing young people and the region. This year’s FUSAAC EdCon focused on the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. The conference mainly included two panel discussions, in which speakers gave their ideas on the challenge and opportunities on Cambodia’s labor market, and how Cambodian higher education helps prepare youth for the integration.


The event was presided by H.E. Yuth Ngoy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Ambassador Williams Heidt.

Date: 13 December, 2015 (Half Day Event) Venue: Cambodia Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC) ​​ ​​​ Participants: 400 university students and young professionals

Evening event: A networking gala dinner provides platform for FUSAAC alumni, volunteers, and stakeholders to reconnect and celebrate our collaboration. The evening agenda focuses on engaging alumni and key partners involved with FUSAAC’s activities, plus it is a platform to recognize the outstanding contribution of alumni members to the association.

Date: 13 December, 2015 (From 5:30pm to 9:00pm) Venue: Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel and Residence Participants: 81 alumni and stakeholders




Edemy is an online English learning using Moodle as a platform. FUSAAC is currently running the programs with a class of 50 students at Royal University of Agriculture and 30 students at Chea Sim Kamchay Mear University in Prey Veng.

The project is leaded by a Fulbright alumnus, Mr. Chea Kagnarith, with the input of other Cambodian Fulbright alumni who specialize in TESOL. The course of each lesson was created and instructed as a video and upload to Edemy channel. Currently there are 3 courses available, General English Course, Writing Course and TOEFL Preparation Course.



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