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“TIME” Dedicated To A Beautiful Person A Beautiful Life My Beautiful Sister, Carla

I’ll Give Your Silver, Give You Gold More Love Than Your Heart Can Hold. Gently Kiss Your Tear Stained Face. Fill Your Void, And Empty Place.

Keep The Secrets That We Share Show You Just How Much I Care. Watch Sad Movies Until Dawn. Share My Tissues ‘Til They’re Gone

Walk With You Barefoot In Sand Believe With You And Take A Stand. Share My Life Each Day I Live But There Is One Thing That I Just Can’t Give.

I Can’t Give You Any Time – What’s Yours… Is Yours. What’s Mine… Is Mine. Can’t Wrap It Up In Ribbons Blue. Your Time Belongs To Only You.

But If I Could – I’d Share My Days I’d Find A Hundred Thousand Ways To Split My Time… Without A Doubt So You’d Have MoreAnd Not Run Out.

Time Is Short, And When It’s Through I May Have Time, But Won’t Have You. © 2013 Susan Cook McClure

Time Is Short  
Time Is Short  

Dedicated to my big sista... Carla