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DIAMTS receives positive feedbacks at NAIAS (Detroit Reporter) The Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Te c h n o l o g y S h o w ( D I A M T S ) receives positive feedbacks from top tier-1 OEM suppliers at North American International Auto Show The NAIAS presents new vehicles, concept cars and electric vehicles from major carmakers worldwide. Besides those, Johnson Controls, Federal Mogul, FAG and other tier 1 OEM suppliers also showcase their technology at the second floor. The DIAMTS has approached those companies had received positive feedbacks and showed intent to participate at the DIAMTS. Besides NAIAS, DIAMTS has also introduced the show for companies attending at Automotive News World Congress a n d A PA C C m i x e r s u c h a s Delphi and also received positive

feedbacks. The DIAMTS is an innovative show with hottest topics, advanced manufacturing. The DIAMTS has three themes, OEM auto parts, electric vehicle and machine tools. Exhibitors are coming from industries of vehicle, electric vehicles, machine tools, defense, aerospace, energy, and medical. The DIAMTS will be held during O c t o b e r 3 - 8 , 2 0 11 a t C O B O Center, Detroit.

2011 DIAMTS receives support in Detroit (Detroit Reporter) Detroit International Auto Salon, the organizer of 2011 Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (DIAMTS) states the show has received supports from Detroit as right topic, timing and strategy. The show will invite top companies worldwide participating in the show. As the recovery of the automotive industry, the Detroit Big -3 has started providing more job openings after the economy downturn in 2008 and 2009. The DIAMTS is coming in town in the right timing. The Detroit has been the capital of the automotive industry for a century. The COBO center was packed of different trade shows for decades ago. However, as the economy went down, the show business had also gone slowly. The COBO center had suffered from the economy downturn. For this reason, government,

chamber of commerce, associations in Detroit had given positive support for DIAMTS as the show will promote the business in the state. The supporting organizations of DIAMTS includes Economic Development Growth Engine, Detroit R e g i o n a l C h a m b e r, D e t r o i t C h i n e s e B u s i n e s s A s s o c i a t i o n a n d A u t o m a t i o n A l l e y. O t h e r s associations such as Center of Automotive Research, KOTRA, Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD), Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Greater Detroit (TCCGD), MEDC, SMG, OESA are also in contact. Besides those organizations in Detroit, the DIAMTS has received supports from Sweden Association of Automotive, China Auto Parts and Accessories Corporation, Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry, Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association, Wheel Associations in Taiwan and China.

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T h e 2 0 11 D e t r o i t I n t e r n a t i o n a l A d v a n c e d Manufacturing Technology Show (DIAMTS) proudly presents a professional, innovative and diversified exhibition in COBO Center, Detroit, October 3-8, 2011. The DIAMTS has three themes, OEM Auto Parts, Electric Vehicle and Machine Tools and diversified topics including vehicles, OEM auto parts, electric vehicles, parts specially for electric vehicles, machine tools, defense, aerospace, energy and medical. For more information, please visit

Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show will be hosting in the Detroit Cobo Exhibition Center (Detroit Reporter) As the recovery of the automotive industry, the 2011 Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (DIAMTS) proudly presents a professional, innovative and diversified exhibition in COBO C e n t e r, D e t r o i t , O c t o b e r 3 - 8 , 2011. The DIAMTS has three themes, OEM Auto Parts, Electric Vehicle and Machine Tools and diversified topics including vehicles, OEM auto parts, electric vehicles, parts specially for electric vehicles, machine tools, defense, aerospace, energy and medical. The show claims itself as a show for both exhibitors and visitors. For example, the Top 150 OEM suppliers in North America can be both exhibitors and visitors. The DIAMTS is also a show with most free activities. The organizer has planned a series of events to attract more professional visitors and to assist exhibitors obtaining more business opportunities.

The free events include seven free reception nights, tens of professional forums and Prayer Breakfast Meeting in Detroit. Besides those, the organizer has also planned golfing games with charge.

*Free city tour *Free plant tour *Free booths for supporting organizations, universities and research and development centers.

The forums in the show will invite speakers from government

for investment incentives, professional speakers for futures of industry and executives from industry for advanced manufacturing. The DIAMTS will be held during October 3 to 8, 2011 at COBO Center, Detroit. Advertisement and sponsorship are available.For detail, please visit www.diamts. com.

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Features of DIAMTS •DIAMTS is the trade show especially designed for American-made products for the worldwide market, especially products from the US automotive industry •DIAMTS will provide the best opportunity to showcase your advanced products, technologies, and services to current and potential customers worldwide •DIAMTS is the trade show to showcase the strong recovery of the US automotive and manufacturing industries •DIAMTS is the trade show especially designed for small- and medium-sized companies in Michigan to present their products and services to local and international customers •DIAMTS will be the most cost effective and productive trade show in Michigan in 2011 •DIAMTS is the trade show to group together all the top US OEM manufacturers & suppliers under one roof and will provide a “one-stop shopping solution” to international customers, especially from rapidly developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) •DIAMTS is where customers can find the latest and most advanced technology in one venue

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2011 Chinese New Year Celebration by DIAMTS

Pastor Edwin Rowe with Eric Huang, Dias CEO, speak in Chinese New Year Party.

Men group singing by Chinese School Choir

Male Solo by Professor Jinsheng Zhang Guests for Chinese New Year Party

People line up for food in the party

National folk by Jenny Shang

Past Frank, pastor Edwin Rowe and Magic show in the party Eric, CEO of dias in the party

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Eric Huang, DIAS, appointed as advisor for Internatioanl Leadership Foundation DETROIT-International Leadership Foundation hosted Detroit Award Ceremony on January 15, 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The honored guests are former IFL Chief Executive, former Federal Deputy Director of Business Development, National Minorities Commission of Business Development, Chiling Tong. ILF Detroit Division Executive, Qingchao Kong. Michigan Foundation, Daisy Wu. University of Michigan Engineering Professor Jun Ni. Former President of Delphi China, Marcus Chao, and other approximately 50 people attended this ceremony. ILF is Asian Businesses Entrepreneurs Association Leader and Volunteers, to work together for creating new Asian business opportunities into American Politics, Public Service, and Politicians. ILF is now established by Ministry of Agriculture, Special Secretary Farook Salt, Dr. Changyu Li, Wallace Tsusha, and Actor Mr. Jackie

Chen, etc. The people who can be granted certification represents American Business, Transportation supported by the US government. Detroit International Auto Salon, Chairman Mr. Eric Huang says: “Detroit is heart automotive city; the American core automotive would be concentrated on R&D, Manufacturing and Production. The US government has invested huge number of money on advanced manufacturing technology, developing electric vehicles in order to restore US manufacturing and revival US automotive industry. The opportunity also will bring Asian automotive industry enormous business opportunities. Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show in Detroit will be hosting on October 3-8, 2011 at Detroit Cobo Exhibition Center; the major topics include OEM Auto Parts, Electric Vehicles, and Machine Tools. For more information, please access to website www.

Eric Huang, DIAMTS with Chiling Eric Huang rewarded for advisor of ILF Eric Huang with Marcus Chao, former Tong, ILF and Amy Seetoo president of Delphi China

Group photo of the consultants

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2011 Automotive News World Congress DETROIT -- During the week of the 2011 North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit, there was another headline occurring right down the street at the Detroit Marriott Rennaissance Center (home to the GM World Headquarters): t h e 2 0 11 A u t o m o t i v e N e w s Wo r l d Congress. This special industry event ran from January 11th to the 14th and ran around the theme, “Prospering in the Next Normal.” Speakers and guests-in-attendance included key figureheads from the auto industry, technology sector, and academia. The U.S. Big 3 all made a strong showing and reflected upon the recovering American automotive

industry through the presence of GM CEO Dan Akerson, Ford’s VP Mark Fields, and Chrysler’s CEO of Dodge brand, Ralph Gilles. Representing the continuing growth of non-domestic b r a n d s w e r e N i s s a n ’s V P C a r l o s Tavares, Volkswagen of America’s CEO Jonathan Browning, and James Lentz, C E O o f To y o t a M o t o r S a l e s U S A . OEM suppliers such as Delphi CEO Rodney O’Neal, Johnson Controls’ VP Jeffrey DeBest, and OnStar president J. Christopher Preuss gave their insight into the future of the supplier’s role in a evolving industry and the connected car, respectively. A common theme that pervaded throughout the congress was the strength of recovery in the auto

industry and the lessons learned from the economic crisis that crippled the industry. Finally, it was stressed that the integration of technology and the automobile would be a key emerging sector within the industry. On the final day of the World Congress, a special “China Session” was held to address the trends and opportunities in the world’s largest market. Guest panelists included the University of Michigan professor of mechanical engineering Dr. Jun Ni, Volvo Car C o r p o r a t i o n ’s S r. V P F r e e m a n Shen, Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation’s (BAIC) president Dr. Dazong Wang, and Amherst Partners’ managing director Ling Wu.

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2011 North America International Auto Show

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U.S. lags while China leads January 23. 2011 Tom Watkins

China's President Hu Jintao met with President Barack Obama in the White House last week. A play on the Chinese president's name might be reminiscent of that old Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" routine, but the dialogue between the two p impact on U.S. lives. Many people of my generation remember our moms imploring us to clean our plates because "children are starving in China." China is wide awake now and on a r o a r. T h e i r e c o n o m y i s o n g r o w t h steroids and they are eating our lunch — both economically and educationally. Napoleon Bonaparte once said of China, "Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world." We should be thankful that China was in a domestic slumber and convulsive until Deng Xiaoping threw off the ideological yoke of the past in the 1980s and opened China to the world. I n t h e l a t e 1 9 t h a n d 2 0 t h c e n t u r y, China's internal chaos gave the U.S. economy a running start as they s t u m b l e d a n d s n o r e d . Wa r l o r d s , J a p a n e s e i n v a s i o n , We s t e r n occupation, Civil War, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were a huge dose of Ambien to the sleeping giants awakening. The days of Mao suits and Little Red Books are long gone in China. China's economy continues to climb in spite of recession and has become the world's second largest economy behind the United States. While the friction of currency manipulation and unfair trading practices remain, it was softened by the signing of business deals totaling more than $45 billion worth of

American exports to China supporting 235,000 American jobs in 12 states during President Hu's visit. The Economist magazine predicts China will surpass the U.S. by 2019 if this "seesaw" (China rises as the U.S. declines) effect continues. Based on recent tests given to students in 60 countries by the Organization for Economic Cooperation, Shanghai students scored first overall in the world on assessment of their reading, math and science skills. The U.S. ranked 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math. China, not content to remain the low cost "factory to the world," has begun a steady march toward the top of the education, economic and innovation food chain. T h e N e w Yo r k T i m e s r e c e n t l y reported that China would surpass the United States in patent filings in 2 0 11 . Q u o t i n g a T h o m s o n R e u t e r s report, "China is targeting solar and wind energy, information technology/ telecommunications, and battery and manufacturing technologies for automobiles," as part of their innovation/patent crusade. The tensions between our countries are heightened by global economic stress, China's military build-up, North Korea and a clash over values related to human rights, recently punctuated by the awarding of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to China dissident Liu Xiaobo. A r n o l d To y n b e e s a i d i t b e s t i n h i s book, "A Study of History." He wrote, "Mankind is surely going to destroy itself unless it succeeds in growing together into something like a single family." Our futures are inextricably linked, so it remains vital to global stability

that the U.S. and China find ways to accommodate our differences and build upon our strengths. Our two countries see the world differently, so differences will always exist. Like a kaleidoscope, our futures will be full of constant and unpredictable change, but for the sake of all humanity, let's hope our leaders can m a n a g e t h o s e d i ff e r e n c e s i n w a y s where we all prosper. Tom Watkins has traveled throughout China for two decades and was the China consultant to the CBS-Detroit documentary “Building Bridges Between the Great Lakes and the G r e a t Wa l l . ” H e w a s M i c h i g a n ’ s superintendent of schools from 2001-05. E-mail comments to letters@

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Mercedes to produce SUV in China

Automobilwoche STUTTGART -- Mercedes Benz plans to produce its GLK SUV in China, part of the German automaker's effort to gain share in one of China's fastestgrowing product segments. "Within a reasonable period of time, the GLK compact SUV will also be built in China for Chinese customers," said Mercedes sales chief Joachim Schmidt in an interview with Automobilwoche. So far, the Stuttgart-based automaker has manufactured the C- and E-Class in a joint venture with the Chinese firm Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. An engine factory is also planned as part of Daimler's 3 billion euro (26.8 billion yuan) investment in China. L a s t y e a r, M e r c e d e s s o l d 1 4 7 , 7 0 0 v e h i c l e s i n C h i n a , a 11 5 - p e r c e n t increase. A total of 12,500 vehicles were GLKs built in Germany. By 2015, the volume is due to climb to 300,000 units. The compact SUV segment is likely to grow significantly in China. The forecasting institute IHS Automotive

中國新聞 / China News

expects it to increase from 408,000 vehicles in 2010 to 586,000 in 2013. The GLK could then reach 17,000 units in 2013. By comparison, rival Audi Q5 will likely achieve sales of 39,000 units, while the BMW X3, an import, stagnates at 5,000 units. "China is an important growth market for us, but our sales strategy is naturally not only focused on it," Schmidt said. In 2010, Mercedes improved a great deal in nearly every region, he said.

GM tops Hyundai as China's 2nd biggest foreign automaker; VW remains market leader

Automotive News China SHANGHAI -- General Motors Co. overtook Hyundai-Kia as China's second largest seller of light vehicles last year, while Volkswagen AG remains the topselling automaker. In 2010, GM sold 1,121,000 Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicles in China, according to statistics released by J.D. Power. GM grabbed 6.5 percent of China's light-vehicle market. Those figures do not include sales recorded by SAIC-GMWuling, a three-way venture that sells small commercial vehicles. GM has a 44 percent stake in that venture. The Hyundai Group, which includes the Hyundai and Kia brands, sold 1,091,200 units in China last year. The Korean automaker's Chinese market share dropped to 6.3 percent, down from 7 percent in 2009. Last year, 17.2 million light vehicles were sold in China, up nearly 33 percent on an annual basis, according to

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J.D. Power. The Volkswagen Group, which sells the Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi brands in China, remains a clear leader in China's market for passenger vehicles. Its sales reached 1,952,900 units last year, accounting for 11.3 percent of the market. Aside from VW, GM and Hyundai, China's ten biggest foreign automakers last year included Toyota, RenaultNissan, Honda, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Ford, Suzuki and Mazda.

Report: GM raises stake in Chinese JV to 44%

Automotive News China General Motors Co. has increased its stake in its minivan production joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co. to 44 percent, up from 34 percent, the official Xinhua news agency said. Wi t h t h e C h i n e s e g o v e r n m e n t ' s approval, GM received the additional stake from Wuling Automotive Group Co., a state-owned company controlled by the Liuzhou city government in southwest China's Guangxi region. GM paid $51 million for the share transfer. It also pledged to provide technical support to the joint venture over the next three years, Xinhua reported. Wuling's stake in the partnership has dropped to 5.9 percent. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.'s controlling 50.1 percent stake remains unchanged. The partnership, established in 2002 as a three-way joint venture among SAIC, GM and Wuling, is China's largest minivan manufacturer. Last year it sold 1.0 million commercial vehicles, up 65 percent from 2009, according to J.D. Power. For years, GM has rebadged a few of the joint venture's minivans as

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Chevrolets and sold them in other emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. In 2009, GM and SAIC formed a joint venture in India. The two companies plan to build the joint venture's commercial vehicles in India.

Changan, Ford mull exports of Chinesemade cars

Reuters BEIJING (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co. is in talks with its Chinese partner, Changan Automobile Co., to export Chinesemade Ford vehicles to emerging markets, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Ford aims to expand its joint efforts with its Chinese partner. "Ford and Changan are exploring ways to expand their partnership," said one source with direct knowledge of the situation. "Export of China-made models is only one of the possible options." Another source said the ongoing discussions are in line with Ford CEO Alan Mulally's call to broaden ties with its Chinese partner. The sources declined to be identified since they were not authorized to talk to the media. A spokesman for Ford, which makes Fiesta, Mondeo, Focus and X-MAX models in a three-way venture with Changan and Mazda Motor Corp., said the company has no plans to export from China. "We are building high-quality, fuel e ff i c i e n t , f u n - t o - d r i v e v e h i c l e s i n China, for China, and have no plans to export vehicles from China," Trevor Hale, a China-based spokesman with Ford's Asia Pacific and Africa operations, said in an emailed statement. A Changan spokesman declined to comment.

中國新聞 / China News

Ford, the only Detroit automaker to have steered clear of a U.S. government bailout and bankruptcy in 2009, is a relative latecomer in China, where General Motors Co. and Volkswagen AG have built up a lead. However, Ford has been accelerating its expansion -- building a new assembly plant with Changan and Mazda -- and its 30-percent owned Jiangling Motors Corp. also is constructing a new $300 million plant. Last year, Ford sold 582,500 vehicles, up 40 percent from the year before, outperforming a 32 percent overall increase in China.

Ownership curbs may cause 17% sales dip

Automotive News China HONG KONG -- If other Chinese cities adopt Beijing municipality's curbs on car ownership, sales of new vehicles this year may plummet 17 percent, the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch web site said, citing Credit Suisse. In December, Beijing announced it would limit car purchases within the city limits to 240,000 units in 2011, down from 800,000 cars in 2010. If dozens of other Chinese cities with serious traffic congestion problems adopt the same rules, both domestic and international automakers would suffer. "There has been rising market concerns that other congested cities could follow suit," the Credit Suisse analysis concluded. China's 24 largest cities account for roughly a third of the nation's vehicle sales. These cities have been overwhelmed by the rapid growth of their vehicle fleets. For example, the south China city of Guangzhou has about the same density of cars as Beijing, which has been ranked as the world's most congested city. Shanghai and Tianjin are two other major cities that suffer from serious gridlock.

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Credit Suisse's sales projection is considerably more pessimistic than most analysts, who generally forecast a nationwide sales increase of 10 percent this year.

Volvo to set up China headquarters in Shanghai

Reuters S H A N G H A I - - Vo l v o C a r C o r p . says it plans to establish its China headquarters and a technology center in Shanghai. Volvo aims to boost annual sales in China to 200,000 cars by 2015, up from 30,000 last year. The company hopes to exploit China's rapidly expanding market for luxury cars. Volvo expects China to become its biggest market as early as next year and its "second home market" after Sweden, said Freeman Shen, the brand's China head, on the sidelines of the Detroit auto show earlier this month. Last year, Volvo sold 60,000 units in Sweden, roughly double its sales in China. Volvo plans to launch local production in China to reach its 2015 sales goal. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group bought Volvo Cars from Ford Motor Co. for $1.7 billion (11.3 billion yuan) last year in China's biggest acquisition of a foreign carmaker.

Ener1, Wanxiang Group form battery partnership

Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) -- Ener1 Inc. has formed a joint venture with a unit of China's largest auto-parts maker Wanxiang Group Co. to make lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Ener1's EnerDel unit owns 40 percent of the new joint venture, Zhejiang Wa n x i a n g E n e r 1 P o w e r S y s t e m

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Co., and will contribute intellectual property and technical expertise, according to a statement. Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co. owns the remaining 60 percent and will provide an existing factory in the east China city of Hangzhou. The partnes said they will produce up to 40,000 battery packs a year by 2014. "Applying our advanced battery technology will enable us to hit the ground running in serving what is potentially the largest advanced battery market in the world," said Ener1 CEO Charles Gassenheimer.

GM to ship $900M worth of vehicles, parts to China

Automotive News China SHANGHAI -- General Motors Co. has signed a $900 million contract with its joint-venture company, Shanghai General Motors, to export Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet vehicles and components to China. The contract includes $500 million worth of vehicles and $400 million worth of components, GM China said in a statement. The deal is part of a series of trade and investment agreements signed by China and the United States during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to

中國新聞 / China News

the U.S. last week. Shanghai General Motors is a 51-49 joint venture between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and General Motors. In 2010, Shanghai GM sold 1.0 million Buicks, Chevrolets and Cadillacs in China.

BMW to launch at least three models in China this year

By Amanda Zheng , Gasgoo Shanghai January 13 ( In light of its great sales performance in the Chinese market in 2010, BMW Group announced on Jan.10 that it plans to import the all-new BMW X3, new BMW 6 Series, Mini Countryman and other models to China this year, nfdaily. com reported Thursday. The German automaker saw its China sales jump 87% from a year earlier to 168,998 vehicles in the past year, of which sales of the BMW 7 Series reached 26,553 units. The long wheel-base BMW 5 Series also had a pretty good performance in the country, with single-month sales surpassing 5,000 units in both November and December 2010. Total sales of the BMW 5 Series including its predecessor were in excess of 42,000 units in the year. M ean w h ile, th e M in i b r an d broke the one million mark for the first time with 10,509 units sold, an increase of 140% compared to 2009. BMW has expanded its dealerships in China to more than 200. Its local joint venture with Brilliance China, however, has a limited capacity at present. The JV has thereby strengthened construction of its new plant, which will lift its annual production capacity to over 150,000 vehicles in early 2012. China's luxury car market is expected to grow 20% to 30%

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this year, while BMW aims for even higher growth than that, meaning it will sell more than 200,000 vehicles in the country, approaching Audi, Dr. Daniel Kirchert, Senior Vice President of BMW Brilliance, said at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show. BYD, after delays, says EVs are coming in 2012 Contact Automotive News DETROIT -- BYD Co., which originally planned to launch U.S. retail sales of the e6 electric crossover in 2011, has pushed the U.S. launch of its EV and plug-in hybrid back to 2012. Now the company is trying to reassure skeptics who question its EV strategy. Mike Austin, vice president of BYD's U.S. operations, said Monday that the automaker has leased 10 plug-in hybrids -- dubbed the F3DM -- to the Housing

Authority of the City of Los Angeles. BYD, which is 10 percent-owned by billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., plans to lease some units of its e6 electric crossover to other government organizations, too. Austin says the company delayed the launch of the e6, which was supposed to go on sale this year, to redesign the vehicle's floor. The original version's rear seat did not have enough leg room, Austin said. BYD will take the time to make sure its products are ready for the U.S. market, Austin insisted. “We are in no rush to launch our vehicle,” he said. “Our main market is in China.” After years of breakneck growth, BYD has become China's largest private automaker. But the company ran into

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中國新聞 / China News

hybrids -- a small fraction of the 50,000-yuan subsidy it offers in five cities for plug-in hybrids. Last year, Changan sold 1,095,900 cars and micro-commercial vehicles in 2010, up 34 percent.

trouble in 2010 when it added too many dealers too quickly. A number of Chinese dealers went bankrupt, and the company's sales of 520,000 units fell far short of its 800,000-unit target. In the U.S., Austin says BYD will sell vehicles through five independent dealerships which also will sell nonautomotive products such as solar panels, LED lights and home charging stations.

LG Chemical to make batteries for Changan EVs

Automotive News China CHONGQING -- Changan Automobile Co. has signed up LG Chem Ltd. to produce batteries for its alternative energy vehicles in the southwest China city of Chongqing. The two companies will jointly build a plant to produce lithium ion batteries in the industrial park of Chongqing's Liangjiang District, Changan said in a statement. The two sides have yet to disclose further information about the battery plant. Changan, which is located in Chongqing, has developed its ownbrand electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. The company has built a production line capable of producing up to 10,000 conventional hybrids a year. But the production line has remained idle because of slow demand. China's government offers a sales subsidy of 3,000 yuan ($455) for conventional

EV rechargers installed on Hainan Island

Automotive News China HAIKOU, China -- The Hainan Power Grid Corp. has installed the first of a network of recharging stations for a fleet of electric vehicles to be deployed on the south China island of Hainan, the state-owned Xinhua news service reported. The first recharging stations will be located in the provincial capital of Haikou, where a government fleet of 30 electric vehicles will be deployed in the first half of the year. Haikou is one of 25 cities chosen for a pilot program to create recharging networks for EV fleets. By 2012, Haikou will have six recharging stations and 759 recharging posts for 400 electric vehicles plus 650 plug-in hybrids. Nationwide, China plans to install 4,000 recharging stations over the next five years, Xinhua reports.

BMW watches governments for green-technology direction

Mark Rechtin Automotive News -- January 12, 2011 - 12:19 pm ET DETROIT -- BMW Group, traditionally a maker of highperformance luxury vehicles, is moving from that emphasis to embrace a greener future. Whether it is front-drive small cars, electric vehicles or diesels,

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BMW is looking at “sustainability as a key theme,” Ian Robertson, BMW Group's board member for marketing, said today at the 2011 Automotive News World Congress. Governments are more likely to force automakers' technological hands than consumer desires, he said. Robertson, 52, foresees electric vehicles representing 5 to 7 percent of the global vehicle mix. But if Chinese companies and research universities make a breakthrough in battery technology -- a nationwide technical agenda -- Beijing could trigger a massive shift in demand by mandating EV sales in China's congested metro markets, he said. “Nobody knows which technology will have the most traction. If you don't have the full gambit, you won't satisfy regulations or customer desires,” Robertson said. One segment Robertson dismissed is hydrogen power. Although BMW tested the hydrogen-powered 7 series a few years ago, Robertson said storage and infrastructure issues make hydrogen a doubtful technology. While automakers scramble for the alternative-fuels killer app, they also must make existing fleets more fuel-efficient. That is why BMW will introduce frontdrive small cars in the near future. “There is a lot of technology allowing capable performance from front-wheel drive,” Robertson said. “Mini has always been front-wheel drive, and is known for handling and dynamics. In producing a front-wheel-drive BMW, all elements that make a BMW will be incorporated.” He added that BMW would produce

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numerous vehicles derived from its smallcar architecture, code-named UKL. “Small cars in the premium segment are going to see growth,” Robertson said. “Small cars will be a substantial part of our business.”

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中國新聞 / China News















































型 S6DM、兩輛升級版雙模混合動力



汽車F3DM (其中一輛已上有加州牌










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F3DM要更為便宜,” Montiel隨後還





執行官Rudolf C. Montiel和一家比亞




Matthew Barber是鹽湖城的韋德汽


Matthew Barber也在新聞發佈會上作了

車集團(Wade Auto Group)的合夥

比亞迪進軍美國 作者:中國汽車要聞,邢文軍 邢磊 羅林丹

人,他已經與比亞迪有了一年的接 觸,探討設立比亞迪汽車試點經銷店 的可能性。據Barber介紹,比亞迪計 畫在美國市場引入兩款e6車型:一款 功率為75千瓦的環保型e6和一款較大 功率為160千瓦的運動型e6,後者是 四輪驅動,從靜止加速到60公里時速 僅需八秒。這兩款e6車型的最高時速 可達87公里,使用功率100千瓦的專 用快速充電器時完全充滿電只需要40 分鐘。使用標準的功率10千瓦充電樁 充電時需要6個小時充滿。 韋德汽車集團的所有人Jared Wade向 中國汽車要聞表示,韋德汽車集團可 能將在洛杉磯建立其第一家比亞迪汽

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中國新聞 / China News

在大會上做了題目為創新和清潔汽 車——歐洲前景的主題發言。 日本汽車工業協會(JAMA)是由其 前身汽車工業協會與日本小型汽車工 業協會於1967年合併而成,會員由14 家日本國內轎車、卡車、客車和摩托 車製造商構成。2002年5月又與汽車 工業振興會和汽車產業經營者聯盟合 併發展至今。2010年首屆全球汽車論 壇上,其協會北京代表處首席代表新 野雅史先生在大會上做了題目為日本 車經銷店。他表示,比亞迪還需要

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協會(ACEA), 日本汽車工業協會





據比亞迪北美副總裁Michael Austin







2011年全球汽車論壇 (2011 Global



Automotive Symposium or GAS 2011)


(Dieter Zetsche)從與比亞迪相鄰的





首席執行官 Neil De Koker在大會上





球發展動態和中國的實踐。” 論壇由










世界各 國汽車和相關行業的主管定期











1991年,成員是歐洲 15 家主要的






團、DAF 汽車、戴姆勒•克萊斯勒










2011年全球汽車 論壇繼續得到各 國行業協會支持







公司。成員公司均為集研究、設計、 開發、生產及銷售於一體的整車製造 商,是國際汽車市場上舉足輕重的參 與者。2010年首屆全球汽車論壇上,

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By Rick Warren MONDAY MANNA A service to the business community January 17, 2011

There are many ways of defining success: status, power, p r o m o t i o n s , m o n e y, a n d m a n y other things. But one important measure of success is impact – the influence individuals have on people surrounding them, whether in the workplace, the community, or their own homes. What difference has their life had on others? L o o k i n g h i s t o r i c a l l y, a s w e l l a s s p i r i t u a l l y, f e w p e o p l e h a v e made as much of an impact with their lives as the apostle Paul, whose life and writings are p r e s e n t e d i n t h e B i b l e ’s N e w Te s t a m e n t . B y t h e e n d o f h i s life, Paul had been instrumental in spreading the Christian faith across the entire Roman Empire, despite traveling mostly on foot. Imagine what he might have accomplished if he he’d had a je t , a c el lu l ar p h o n e, an d a f a x machine! Even though many of us devote our lives to pursuits in the business and professional world, I believe the life of Paul offers many lessons that we could apply to our own lives. Here are keys to his successful life: S E N S E O F D I R E C T I O N : To achieve success, it is important

心靈雞湯 / chicken Soup

to know where you are going – what your goals and objectives are. “I run straight toward the goal in order to win the prize…” (Philippians 3:14). U N D E R S TA N D I N G : We n e e d t o be able to deal with unexpected circumstances and rise above a d v e r s i t y. “ I h a v e l e a r n e d t h e secret of being content in any and every situation” (Philippians 4:12). COMMITMENT: Once we embark on an important enterprise, success requires willingness to persevere in the face of difficulties and challenges. “I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me” (Acts 20:24). C O M PA S S I O N : J u s t a s t h e apostle Paul remained sensitive to the needs of people around him, we also must strive to protect the best interests of those working with us. “I may have all knowledge…and the faith to m o v e m o u n t a i n s … b u t i f I d o n ’t have love, it does me no good” (1 Corinthians 13:2-3). E N T H U S I A S T I C FA I T H : Successful leaders believe strongly in their mission, and their enthusiasm is contagious. “I have the strength for all things through Christ who empowers me. I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me” (Philippians 4:13). S E RV I C E T O O T H E R S : S e l f centered leaders generally have

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short tenures. The leader devoted to serving others, helping them reach their goals, is the one that finds eager followers. “I will be glad to spend all I have, and myself as well, in order to help you” (2 Corinthians 12:15). S TAY I N G P O W E R : T h e a d a g e reminds us, “It is not how you start, but how you finish.” This certainly was true of Paul. “I am hard-pressed on all sides, but I’m never frustrated; I’m puzzled, but never in despair; I am persecuted, but I’m never deserted by God; I may be knocked down but I’m never knocked out!” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). Tr y b u i l d i n g t h e s e q u a l i t i e s into your own life and see what happens. © 2 0 11 , P u r p o s e D r i v e n L i f e . All rights reserved. Adapted f r o m a c o l u m n b y D r. R i c k Warren, the author of numerous books, including the highly acclaimed, The PurposeDrive Life, which has been translated into many languages and sold throughout the world. It affirms the importance of having a carefully considered, clearly expressed purpose to guide everyday life. It has been named one of the 100 Christian books that changed the 20th C e n t u r y. H e a l s o h a s w r i t t e n The Purpose-Driven Church.

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By: Robert J. Tamasy MONDAY MANNA A service to the business community January 24, 2011

It seems to happen so often these days, we hardly flinch: A prominent leader – a politician, business executive, celebrated sports figure, even a member of the clergy – committing some major ethical breach or being caught up in serious scandal. When we hear or hear about it, we just shrug our shoulders. So what else is new? What a sad commentary this is, however, on the world in which we live. Throughout the ages, without question, highly recognized and powerful leaders have fallen from positions of great influence to the depths of immense failure. But should this be accepted as the norm? Are we to assume a universal application of the adage, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”? Nobody is perfect, we argue. O r w e u s e t h e “ We a r e o n l y human” defense. Although both statements hold a measure of truth, they do not excuse u n e t h i c a l o r i m m o r a l b e h a v i o r. The fact that such failures are still “news” underscores the reality that adherence to high ethical standards and moral values is still what we expect from our leaders, whether those in government,

心靈雞湯 / chicken Soup

small business owners, or CEOs of huge monolithic corporations. T h e g r e a t e r i s s u e , h o w e v e r, i s not how to convince leaders we will never meet to live according to higher ethical and moral requirements. The issue involves you and me: How can we consistently abide by what we know is right and wrong – to be leaders worthy of following in our own homes, workplaces and communities? In reading the timeless “business manual” better known as the Bible, we see an honest assessment of the human condition: “There is none righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10). But that statement is not offered as justification for a lack of integrity or refusal to follow commonly accepted moral guidelines. Instead, the Scriptures provide warnings and suggestions for attaining – and maintaining – a higher standard of behavior: N o o n e i s i m m u n e . Ye a r s a g o I heard about the head of a major non-profit organization who had declared, “The one area where I will never fail is that of relationships.” A few years later he was discovered in an adulterous affair with his administrative assistant. That is why the Bible warns, “So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you do not fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12). Beware when things are going well. We can be most vulnerable to temptation when things are going well, when we feel that we have everything under control. At such times we tend to rely on our self-

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sufficiency and can forget about dependence on God. “Now in my prosperity I said, ‘I shall never be moved…’” (Psalm 30:6). We all have an escape. “I couldn’ t help it” is a poor excuse if we yield to temptation and fall into ethical or moral failure. The temptation might seem too great to resist, but if we look to God, He will enable us to avoid taking temptation to the next step – sin. “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it” (1 Corinthians 10:13). Everyone needs help. “I’m too weak; I cannot resist the temptation.” That might be true, but if we believe the Bible, it assures us we can receive the strength of Jesus Christ to do what we cannot do on our own. “…For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10). “I can do everything through (Christ) who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).

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Detroit Auto Salon News Your Direct Link to China Automotive Market

Access China’s Automotive Market by the team that most familiar with their culture Powerful Reach Our newspaper is distributed in Taiwan, China and Detroit for total 15000 copies combined. Staff in Taiwan and China distributes newspaper in automotive-related trade shows and by mailing. Experienced team selects the best trade shows to distribute newspaper gaining business opportunities for you. Who Should Advertise? 1.Companies interested in exploring China and Taiwan’s automotive market. 2.Companies looking for joint-venture, investment and starting business opportunities in China and Taiwan. 3.Companies looking for exporting advance products to China and Taiwan. 4.Companies would like to expand business to China, Taiwan and Detroit. Who are our Readers? 1.Automotive industry executives in China, Taiwan and Detroit. 2.OEM suppliers and manufacturers. 3.Aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers. 4.Automotive-related people, including R&D, engineers and others in China, Taiwan and Detroit. Detroit Auto Salon News is glad to help you overcome language barrier by translating your advertisement. SIZE/尺

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Contact: Tel: 248-461-2678/248-461-2679 Fax: 248-461-2680 E-Mail: Website:

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Sure Solutions Your Best Minority Manufacturing Partner in Automotive Industry

Partnering in the Global Market Sure Solutions provides a singular integrated approach for supplying components, systems, assemblies and all related services. We offer a wide variety of technologically advanced processes and services to help our customers compete in a global market. Sure Solutions capabilities are far-reaching through our global strategic alliance networks and joint venture partnerships. Your business will have access to worldwide markets through our global presence.

Corporate Headquarters : 5385 Perry Drive Waterford, MI 48329 Phone: 248-674-7210 Fax: 248-674-7215

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The Henry, Autograph Collection Fairlane Plaza, 300 Town Center Drive · Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA

Now offering Marriott Reward Points. Complimentary High Speed Internet Access. DirecTV with 24 HD channels, exclusive The Henry Bed by Lady Americana. Adjacent to Fairlane Town Center. 3 miles from The Henry Ford historical attraction. Less than 2 miles from Ford World HQ, Carhartt or AAA offices

Fairlane Plaza, 300 Town Center Drive • Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA Direct: 313 441 2000 Fax: 313 441 2051

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