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Design Studio 6

Professor Maria Jose Marcos

WALL IN THE CITY & CITY IN THE WALL DESIGNED BY LEE SOOMIN KIM KIL YOUNG brief GENERAL EXPLANATIONS When we think about Mixed use buildings that located in Korea, we generally think about a big mass and featureless elevation. And it had to break the ow of the city because of its massive body. Many cultural complex facilities built in subway station or train stations. We would like to design complex facilities with a lot of open space and greenery, and programs that holds the diversity of the site, ShinChon.Therefore we thought that we need the placement of a small buildings and there were connected to the idea of high and narrow buildings. The walls that deďŹ nes the actual building forms implement the true meaning of the mixed use from the pure element by contatining variety programs in the walls or by their faces. Each wall are positied in the site depending on the context of the site. Programs are divided to 7 categories and each categories have each characteristic. The characteristic programs will give city the new identity.

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young Midterm presentation

Midterm Presentation by Lee Soomin and Kim Kil Young

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young Studio presentation

Studio Presentation by Lee Soomin and Kim Kil Young

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young What we learned By using laser printer we made detail structure of our building, truss. It made us chance to study about the structure and it was a very good chance to know about composition of our building.

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young What we learned From studying and using rhino it was very good strategy to know the space of the building, it was very useful then the program we used before. Also, we understand the way of making freeform design by this activity.

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young What we learned By taking video for the site analysis, we learned more about our siteÂ’s condition. Also, we learned about the new way of explaining the project infront of people who doesnÂ’t know about the site.

FINAL Presentation Lee Soomin Kim Kil Young What we learned In the material shop, it was chance to know about the way of using new material that we didnÂ’t used before. Lots of materials that we can see easily can be also architecture modeling source.

post cards Writing to My

Grandmother In users sight By 5making and writing post card to someone we choose, we thought about our project not in architectÂ’s side, but thought about the side of client and users.

post cards

post cards Writing to My

Grandmother Human scale rather than birdÂ’s-eye view By this strategy we looked in to detail of our project and we conclude if our building can be realizable. Also, we if we see our building in human scale position, how our building will be shown in their view.

Study Model Free development #1 By thinking fo contexts of the site, concept, scale and etc, we started to rearrange the artiďŹ cal topography and started to allocate the programs. First, we selected the three node and selected the catagories by the context of the site. Then we positioned the walls inside.

Siteplan Diagram Free development #2 The site has three node. By studying with the model we fixed the program’s location and made lots of outdoor place. 7 catagories are put together with similar programs. But public and energys’ programs are located in every place.

section General Mixed-use building The general section shows a lot of variety elevation. By the variety elevation the vairety programs are also showing .




variety elevation and variety program


Type of the Wall Free development #3 By the 7 catagories, the building type are divided into variety programs. 7 catagories are mobility, energy, publid, culture, leisure/sport, commercial and knowledge.7 catagories are from the site research. Each program have different and characterestic spaces.

Future Expansion Free development #4 In the future the wall can spread out to near the site. Variety of walls will spread out to variety spaces. For example, commercial area beside our building, they doesn’t have place to rest so the resting wall will spread out. The office area doesn’t have lots of green space, therefore the garden will loacate in there. The dark turnnel will need bright space, so the turnnel can become museum.

section Detail Mixed-use building This project has variety programs. Depending on the program the elevation changes. Therefore, our project has variety section and elevation.


Axonometric Urban context The wall inside the city, goes in to the peopleÂ’s life. The wall makes the new lifestyle for the users.

Organization Diagram

Final Postcard How organizaed mixed used By mixing the variety wallÂ’s together the multicomplex building looks like city. We wanted to make variety programs and similar programs to be together. By the position of the wall lots of outdoor spaces are made.

WINDMILL :wind ows into the windmill and makes energy

Artificial Climatic Design How organizaed mixed used We put many energy system in our project. Since the multi-used complex building has lots of programs and they takes lots of energy. Therefore we wanted make lots of energy system to down the energy use.

RAINUSE : by collecting rain, rainuse system cleans the water and provide to the building

SOLAR PANEL : solar panels’ are on the north side of the building. î ˘e panel collects the sun.

main structure : steel frame -join together and become thd core of the wall. -1~4 frame spread out from the middle of the core, these de ne the size of the wall.

Structure Free development #5 Since the building has lots of elevation and programs, we wanted to use the same structure to all the programs. We choose truss to stand our building and the slaves are hanged.

steel frame that spread out from the top, are connected with the strong cable and x the slaves. From these structure we can design variety spaces and variety oors.

GARDEN : garden makes the space fresh and cool down the climate

Natural Climatic Design How organizaed mixed used Our building has lots of energy wall. We have lots of artiďŹ cal system wall but also natural energy wall. By making small spaces the energy are low used. And the place which heating and cooling are not needed, we didnÂ’t put facade. So the ventilation natural energy system are used very well.

VENTILATION :the air ows because of the open structure

GREEN WALL : in the summer, the green wall gives building the cool air

Detail Plan Plan of energy wall

Detail Plan Detail section of seminar wall This lecture room that has diagonal slab shows the possibility of steel structure. Flexible slab that hangs from steel structure will make the

Detail Model Structure and facade We made the whole model detail model. We wanted to show the structure of our building and how they are connected with the facade and the program of the building.

Mass Model Final model We made the model in big scale then before. We made this size because we wanted to feel the space of the building.

kim kil young, lee soomin final project  
kim kil young, lee soomin final project