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Bryce McMath Hello Grad Class, look at each other, now back to me, now back to each other NOW BACK TO ME. Sadly, I’m not old spice guy. However, I am honoured, to be Valedictorian for this proud, smiling, unique, group of students standing, maybe sitting, before you. You are our teachers, friends family, parents. You are our team, our support. Do you recognize us? You might best remember our faces covered in homemade chocolate cake, or remember our footsteps pattering towards the Christmas tree at four in the morning. That moment of taking off the training wheels might be forever etched into your minds. But

we are no longer your little boys, and little girls. We have grown into handsome young men, and gorgeous young women. We’ve finished our high school careers, we’ve gotten jobs, some of us already live on our own. Some of us can almost cook. We’ve learned and absorbed most of what you’ve given to us and one thing is for certain. Without your love and your guidance, we would surely not be here today, and for that we are ever thankful, ever appreciative. It may be a little unnerving to know our childhood has come to a close, to realize soon we will be responsible, solely responsible, for ourselves; that soon we will be thrust into the real world. Daunting, maybe, difficult most likely, but far from impossible, especially for a group such as your-

selves. The real task is what we decide to do once we are out of our comfortable cage. Some will go on to college, university, some will work, others will travel, and see the world. But whatever you do, my advice to you grads, with my limited worldly experience, is this: Never, ever, pass up an opportunity. Whether it is to learn something new, move out of your comfort zone, change your routine, move up in your career of choice, whatever opportunity it is, seize it. 1 can sum it up no better than this: Kung Fu Panda, 2008: ”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it, the present.” I believe you can see the anticipation, and the eagerness in our eyes, maybe to graduate, maybe for my speech to end. But fresh out of the gates we are not only greeted with

opportunity, as every generation is, we are faced with new challenges and responsibilities. In my opinion the best way to truly thank you for all you’ve done, is to put to use our able bodies and bright minds, and push forward for what’s needed and for what is right; grow to be outstanding representatives of our school, our class, and this magnificent country we are so blessed to belong to. Now Grads, that may sound a little intimidating, but a part of me also feels that it’s a little like my old man once told me: ”You might not change the whole world, but you can better your corner of it.” Grads of 2011, it’s been pleasure, congratulations, I wish you success however you see it to be. Thank you.

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Wed June 15, 2011 News Mirror  

Complete June 15, 2011 issue of the Sooke News Mirror newspaper as it appeared in print.

Wed June 15, 2011 News Mirror  

Complete June 15, 2011 issue of the Sooke News Mirror newspaper as it appeared in print.