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Cont’d from page 11 the CRD fails to enforce its own plans to protect the long term livability in the region, it will be up to the people to pick up the slack. Brendan Harry Victoria

Addressing myths and facts The District of Sooke’s advertisement addressing myths and facts regarding the proposed wastewater franchise agreement as well as other commentaries supporting the agreement certainly confirm the need not to support the 21-year agreement. The reasons given for this long-term contract are not valid and miss the real issues facing our community. The agreement presumably, “provides stable parcel tax rates and long-term planning.” However, the valid increases in costs explained further in the advertisement certainly demonstrate that regardless of the contract, unforeseen cost increases will likely occur in the future, which will require changes to the tax rates. Facilitating “longterm planning” is a very ‘soft’ benefit and certainly does not justify a 21-year agreement. The municipal long-term plans will be affected much more by the volatility in the economy and by other external forces. Any changes

to the parcel tax rates will be very minor compared to the many other challenges facing the municipality. Hopefully a major determinant of the long-term plans will also be the Official Community Plan, which will further affect our taxes more than any changes in wastewater management services. The lamentable lack of transparency throughout this process is an ethical, competence and communications issue that needs to be addressed at election time and through an objective, independent administrative review. The overriding concern is not the soundness of the agreement or the quality of the contractor or the trustworthiness of the staff in negotiating the best deal for the community. As previously stated it is keeping our tax dollars in our local economy to develop our community. The question is how do we do this? An obvious alternative is to create a public works department. But the municipality has already rejected this alternative because it was said to be 30 per cent more expensive than EPCOR. It appears that this is based on a cursory comparison to other municipalities and not a thorough alternative evaluation of in-house operation of our Sooke wastewater

system. A basic analysis of EPCOR’s Operations Fee Schedule indicates that this 30 per cent estimate is grossly inaccurate. A second alternative, not previously considered, would be to create a community cooperative to provide this service. This alternative would provide a private-sector service with all the profits remaining in the community and greater flexibility in providing the services and distributing the profits. A most important consideration is the

expertise provided by EPCOR to manage the system. It is people, not a corporate entity, who have the expertise. Ideally the people actually running the operation now will continue to operate it regardless of the alternative chosen. Otherwise, skilled resources can be hired or trained. Either of these two alternatives can be developed to provide a successful service with greater benefits to the community than EPCOR. Hopefully enough people will sign the response forms so that the municipality will not bother with a referendum and these two alternatives can


be properly developed and objectively compared to the EPCOR agreement. At least then, we will have a much clearer choice. Don Brown Sooke



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Capital Regional District Notice of

Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Sections 890, 891 and 892 of the Local Government Act that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Planning Office Located at: 6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC On: June 29, 2011 at 7pm

To consider adoption of: Bylaw No. 3705 – cited as “Juan de Fuca Land Use Bylaw, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 104, 2010”. The proposed general amendments and new zoning maps affect all of the lands subject to Bylaw No. 2040 as shown on Map 1 below. The proposed specific amendments are shown in the inset maps below. The purpose of Bylaw No. 3705 is to amend the Sooke Land Use Bylaw, 1992, Bylaw No. 2040 by: General amendments:

äLQFreasing the accessory building height from 4m to 6m for a one-storey building


äDGGLQJto Section 4.20 a prohibition on detached accessory suites on lots with a two-family dwelling äreplacing zoning maps for East Sooke, Otter Point and Shirley/Jordan River to consolidate amendments thereto for the entire area subject to Bylaw No. 2040 as shown on Map 1 below Specific amendments: ärezoning Lot A, Block 70, District Lot 39, Malahat District, Plan 23590 to Forestry (AF) as shown on Inset 1 ärezoning Block 69 & 70, Malahat District, PID: 010-068-414 to Forestry (AF) as shown on Inset 2 äFKDQJLQJWKHzoning boundary alignment for RR-2 zoned properties in Sheringham Point as shown on Inset 3 ärezoning Wolf Island (District Lot 185, Sooke District, PID: 009-392-882) in Becher Bay in East Sooke to a new Rural Wolf Island zone as shown on Inset 4

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The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected.

All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed bylaw. A copy of proposed Bylaw No. 3705 and other relevant documents and information June 1, 2011 to June 15, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the Capital Regional District (CRD) website at email to Written submissions should be received no later than 4pm on June 15, 2011 to ensure their availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of the public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors. The public hearing on Bylaw No. 3705 is to be held by the Electoral Area Director, or Alternate Director, as a delegate of the Board of the CRD. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making the delegation is available for public inspection along with a copy of the bylaw referred to in this notice. For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206 or S. Santarossa, Corporate Officer

Wed June 15, 2011 News Mirror  

Complete June 15, 2011 issue of the Sooke News Mirror newspaper as it appeared in print.

Wed June 15, 2011 News Mirror  

Complete June 15, 2011 issue of the Sooke News Mirror newspaper as it appeared in print.