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SOOKE NEWS MIRROR - WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 Cont’d from page 10 to make it so that costs relative to ownership and operations of this sewage treatment system are in the black by year 14. I feel very comfortable saying EPCOR is a morally responsible Canadian company. moonfist Sooke


also make it easier for businesses to apply. When we are asked the question about the HST, will it be the right question? K.L.Smith Shirley

sion are we giving to those people who are considering moving to Sooke, the tourist population and other businesses? This is not an industrial site and should not be used as one. I certainly hope this will be cleaned up soon as our tourists are upon us. Anne Van de Reep Sooke

Clean up Keep your act previous Over the past few months Sooke has been exemptions developing new and Agreement Soon we will have to exciting developments and changing the look decide about the HST. Will that be yes we of the Village of Sooke, concern don’t want it or, no,we should keep it? If we decide against the HST, will the provincial government have to repay the federal government money forwarded for the implementation of the HST? Would that theoretically be us paying ourselves back? There would be less objection to the HST if things that were tax-exempt before were not being taxed now. I think anything that is”Made in Canada” should be tax-exempt and all else can have HST. Once this is decided can we have it so that the taxes are included in the price? This will simplify it for the consumer who would no longer have to calculate the price and then figure the tax amount and then add it to the price to arrive at the real cost. It should

however, I have also noticed that a property on Sooke Road at Dover across from the elementary school and on the main drag of Sooke is being used as a dump. There have been full bins, cars with no tires, etc. I understand that the property was once or still is owned by a Sooke council member, Mr. Herb Haldane. This is not the place to be leaving behind objects such as the above. The Sooke Elementary School is just across the street. The Mariners’ Village’s brand new building is just up the street. This lot is an unsightly mess. There is also a truck parked in Razu welding’s parking lot which is just a mobile sandwich board. This would be a new one, which are not allowed. What kind of impres-

I am extremely concerned about the third extension of the Operating and Maintenance Agreement between EPCOR and the District of Sooke. According to the Community Charter this is completely illegal. This agreement must by now have been put to a vote by the citizens of Sooke. It cannot run beyond five years without voter approval. This is not the first time that both the CEO as well as the CAO have ignored the Community Charter’s provisions over the years and vari-

ous councils. It would appear that the District of Sooke is without an agreement with EPCOR. I know that this can be checked out with the district’s legal advisors, at the earliest possible date. If the non-existence of such an agreement is the case, all sorts of liability and legal issues may arise and raise their ugly heads. If there is no agreement due to this serious lapse in existence, can either party just walk away from this previous agreement? A legal, by the District of Sooke solicitor, public clarification of this issue is most urgent. Fred von Ilberg Sooke

Stop resort Amongst the priorities of the CRD’s Regional Growth Strategy are: protecting green space; sustainable use of natural resources and environments; and making sure that settlements are compact and foster complete communities. Planning to tear out popular forest lands along the Juan de Fuca

trail, Vancouver-based developer Ender Ilkay’s company Marine Trail Holdings will contravene all of these priorities. They will destroy habitats, encroach upon and damage an extremely popular provincial park, and build suburban-style dwellings way outside the urban containment boundary. Far removed from municipal services like water supplies and waste disposal, these developments will have long-term negative impacts upon their surrounding environments; meanwhile, their remoteness from healthcare services and fire stations means that healthcare emergencies and forest fires would be unmanageable for these utterly incomplete communities. For all these reasons and many more, the proposed developments along the Juan de Fuca trail fly in the face of the CRD’s mandated strategy. If the CRD wishes to maintain its legitimacy, it must stop Ilkay’s plans dead in their tracks. And if

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25¢ Capital Regional District Notice of

Shirley/Jordan River Advisory Planning Commission Meeting Date: Time: Place:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 6:30 p.m. Open House with APC Meeting to start at 7:00 p.m. Shirley Community Hall 2795 Sheringham Point Road

1. Proposed Bylaw 3759 (Amendment to Bylaw 2040, Sooke Land Use Bylaw, 1992 - New Zoning for Lands Subject to Bylaw 189 in the Shirley/Jordan River OCP Area) Due to advertising deadline, other items may be included on the agenda. For confirmation or further information, please call 250.642.1500. Visit the JdF E.A. website:

The Royal Canadian Legion Br. #54 Phone: 250-642-5913 BONA FIDE GUESTS ALWAYS WELCOME

Why not make it your Legion

OUR STRENGTH DEPENDS ON OUR MEMBERS. With your renewed memberships, our programs will prosper and with our extensive member benefits program you will prosper too!

4th Annual


Capital Regional District


Notice of

Land Use Committee of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area June 21, 2011 7:00pm Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Office #2 – 6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC 1. Development Permit with Variance Applications a) DP-08-11 – Block 352, Malahat District, Except Part in VIP84067 and Block 399 Malahat District (Isis Land Corporation/Hawes) b) DP-09-11 – Lot 1, Section 74, Renfrew District, Plan VIP71883 (Lynge - 11237 West Coast Road) 2. Rezoning Application a) Z-01-11 – Lot 1, Section 110, Sooke District, Plan VIP84396 (Proposed New East Sooke Fire Hall) b) Z-02-11 – Lot 1, Section 36, Township 13, Renfrew District, Plan VIP50819 (Port Renfrew Recreation Centre) Due to advertising deadline, other items may be included on the agenda. Please call 250-642-1500 for confirmation. Comments on agenda items can be submitted before noon June 21, 2011 by email to or be submitted at the meeting. Staff reports will be available after June 16, 2011 on the CRD website at: index.htm or can be viewed at our office at 2-6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

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Sun June 26 $40 INCLUDES STEAK DINNER See Bar for Entry Form

Date: Time: Place:

MONDAY’S Euchre 7 pm FRIDAY’S Texas Hold’em 6:45pm TUESDAY’S WEDNESDAY’S 54/50 Ball Team Stan Jones @ 6:30 p.m. Cribbage 7 pm THURSDAY’S Drop in Darts 8:00 pm FRIDAY’S

Steak Night Hosted by Navy League





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