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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Woman drowns at Sooke Potholes Pirjo Raits Sooke News Mirror

It was the clothes on the rocks and a straw hat floating on the water that alerted a group of young people to a body submerged in the water at the Sooke Potholes. At about 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 16 Sooke Fire and Rescue Services responded to an RCMP call while they were dealing with a motor vehicle incident on Sooke River Road. A 34-year-old Sooke woman was found drowned, submerged in six to eight feet of water. “She was hard to see,” said Fire Chief Steve Sorensen. He said if the youth hadn’t spotted her clothing in the water she might not have been found. Her belongings were found nearby. He said she was found at “beer bottle, a pool with no current. As to injuries, Sorensen

said there was nothing obvious and an autopsy would be performed. Staff Sergeant Steve Wright had stated that it is believed she fell in and was alone at the time. The incident was a good combined effort said Sorensen. Six fire and rescue personnel as well as RCMP and ambulance attended the scene. CRD staff were instrumental in keeping people away from the scene. Police did not release the name of the deceased but a comment on Disgus in the Sooke News Mirror by her daughter identified the victim as Leanna Simpson. The Sooke Potholes are a popular swimming spot for people from across Vancouver Island. Each year there are numerous accidents and incidents where people have to be rescued, but rarely are there any deaths by drowning.

Truck accident

Pirjo Raits photo

Summer Aid

Pirjo Raits photo

Quenching her thirst for a little spending money, this young lady was selling lemonade in front of Western Foods so she could buy a computer game.

Three young men were lucky to survive a plunge down a steep embankment on Sooke River Road. See story on page 3.


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Valuable new resource gets set for grand opening Benjamin Yong


NEXT CHAMBER WORKSHOP is scheduled for Aug. 24. The topic is: Public Speaking. IF YOU ARE interested, please register at the chamber office, call 250-642-6112. Workshop is from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Prestige Hotel. PRESENTER: SARAH DAVIAU – Piece Of Cake Communications.


BY ORDER OF the Fire Chief. DUE TO EXTREME fire danger, effective immediately and until further notice, a complete ban on burning including campfires is in now in effect in the District of Sooke. THIS APPLIES TO all areas of the District of Sooke with the exception of supervised campsites such as Sooke River Flats Campsite, Sunny Shores Resort and Sooke Potholes Campsite. VIOLATORS WILL BE subject to a fine of $200 plus $600 per hour fee if the fire department is called to put the fire out.

Thumbs Up! TO THE GOOD folks who live in and around Shirley for the wonderful family day held this past Sunday. IT WAS A true community event, open to everyone young and old. Good job.

NEWS • 3

Sooke News Mirror

The Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre that is set to open in a month nearly didn’t get built. Project manager Wally Vowles called the project a “leap of faith.” The brainchild of the Juan de Fuca Salmon Restoration Society, Vowles said there had been talk of opening up a centre one day but it was thought to be a long-term vision. Costing “well over a million dollars,” everything was suddenly kick started by a $318,000 government grant from the Western Economic Diversified Fund, whose mandate is to promote the development and diversification of Western Canada. “I believe several hundred proposals were put in to the federal government, and ours was one of the few that floated to the top,” said Vowles. Still not nearly

Benjamin Yong photo

Ray Vowles, chairman of the Juan de Fuca Restoration Society, left, stands with brother and project manager Wally Vowles at the entrance of the newly-built Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre. enough money to take on the ambitious task of constructing a multibuilding facility, the opportunity was just too good to pass up. “It was one time funding, and all the agencies said you’re not going to see funding like again for many, many years with the economy.” The rest of the

money, astonishingly, was provided by various organizations and individuals, said administrator Elida Peers. “The donations — people have been so good. We are doing our recognition board, we’re working on it right now (and it) has just about 100 substantial donors,” she said.

Consisting of both a completely volunteerrun demonstration hatchery and an education centre, Peers said their goal is, “to bring young people and the world into focus and understanding the system of salmon, and how they come back and reproduce and go back and keep the cycle

going in a sustainable fashion. “The purpose of all this is to have the coming generations aware (of declining fish stocks),” she said, and added the centre is in no way designed to compete with existing hatcheries. Almost the entire structure, that began construction a year ago and is now about 95 per cent complete, is built from locally milled recycled lumber to give it a “rustic effect.” But don’t let the surroundings fool you — the equipment inside is state of the art. The classroom area features a SMART Board, which takes the idea of the traditional blackboard and fuses it with technology. Fluid images show up on the board that people can interact with and manipulate with either their fingers or a set of colored “pens.” There will also be microscopes for the classroom, as well as

a couple of aquariums, one saltwater, hosting a variety of fish species. A terrarium complete with lizards and treefrogs is also on its way. “There is a young fellow in Port Renfrew who’s getting all the wildlife for us so there’s all those things for bringing kids abreast of the process,” said Peers. Next door, the demonstration hatchery building has two big green tanks that will soon have salmon fry swimming in them. Behind, there are trays for holding eggs. The grand opening is on Sept. 25, and a dedication ceremony is planned for 1:30 p.m. Call 250-642-4200 or email to register by Sept. 18. There is no parking at the centre, but shuttles will be running from 12 p.m. at Milne’s Landing (Edward Milne Road at the BC Transit Park & Ride).

Truck plunges off embankment, three hurt Pirjo Raits Sooke News Mirror


f not for the seat belts the three young men were wearing they would most likely be severely injured or dead On Tuesday, Aug. 16, in the early afternoon, a pick up truck carrying the trio went off a high bank on Sooke River Road. Several vehicles were travelling along the road towards Sooke when the driver of a pickup attempted to pass a number of vehicles when the truck driver lost control and went down the embankment.

Const. Rowat of the Sooke RCMP said the deployed air bag and the seat belt saved the driver. The driver walked away from the crash with minor injuries and the two passengers were sent to hospital with what Rowat termed as minor injuries. “It was lucky no one was killed,” said Const. Rowat. The truck had to be hauled up out of the steep embankment with two tow trucks. Traffic was intermittent along Sooke River Road for several hours as the mess was cleaned up. Police say alcohol and drugs were not a factor

but the driver of the truck will be charged with driving contrary to restrictions. He was a

“N” driver and was not allowed to carry more than one passenger, he had two.

Const. Rowat said on Thursday that the injured passengers and driver were fine,

Phillip Road Acreages

$614,900 Almost 3 Acres

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Newer Home Plus Cottage Plus Large Shop 2710A Phillips Road

2.13 Riverside Acres Open House Sat 11-1 3043 Phillips Road Located Victoria side of Sooke. New Construction HST Included. 3 Bedroom plus den & 2 baths. PLUS 2 Bedrm Legal Suite. Great opportunity to enjoy “The Good Life-Riverside”.

Masterfully finished with local woods throughout the home. One level living with partial walk-out basement. 1 bedrm separate cottage & separate large shop with own driveway. Loads of possibilities!

although they were all stiff and sore.

Did You Know? The last 2 weeks has shown some action in the Sooke Real Estate Market. There has been 16 house sales (including mobiles and condos) Aug 1-Aug 21/11. 13 of those are under $400,000. Buyers continue to “shop” for that perfect home at a price they are comfortable with. Interest rates are great making the current market a smart time to buy.

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4 • NEWS




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Benjamin Yong

Sooke News Mirror


Benjamin Yong photos

Vincent, top, works on the nose of a four-foot black bear (below) that he is mounting for his wife after she shot it on a recent hunting trip. his prize to see Jens Teglman of the now-defunct Sooke Taxidermy. Fascinated by his operation, Teglman agreed to let him watch. The two quickly became friends. “You know, I go down there, shoot the s--t, have some coffee — next thing you know he’s like ‘throw an apron on, here’s a knife.’ I’m like whoa!” The relationship

evolved from friendship to teacher/apprentice, with Teglman agreeing to pass on his knowledge for free with the stipulation that Vincent not start a similar enterprise in Sooke until he retired. That happened October of last year, when he handed over the reigns of the business and Sooke Taxidermy became Vinker Taxidermy, an amalgamation of Vincent and

mounts, he also does fiberglass replicas of animals. For instance, Vincent is currently working on the repair of a salmon that was created off a picture the owner took of the original catch. Turnaround time for a project is anywhere from four to seven months, depending on the size and complexity. Price can go from $36 an inch for a fish to $800 for a four-foot bear. “I don’t promise customers anything,” he said. “It’s taxidermy, it’s not like building a boat or something. When it’s done, it’s done.” A lot of the time is spent waiting for things to dry and cure. Most of the work is also done during evenings and weekends since Vincent is still in the navy, although that will eventually change. “I’m coming up at the end of my career in the military and this is going to be my full-time job.”

“Sooke’s Real Estate Professional” Sooke’s #1 Re/max Real Estate Agent Since 1991*


VERNON “To my delight, (although our property languished, unsold by the previous JOHN B.A., C.H.A. realtor) you sold it in six weeks. When Og Mandino, in one of his many books, gave the advice to “go the extra mile”, he must have been thinking of people like you. Because of your hard work you made my life easier, and for that I thank you (and my father does too). Bless you, and may you always go that extra mile!” D. Hamilton


camosun westside



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Violin he Lessons tick in Sooke

• Anne McDougall, MMus • Concert Master Sooke Philharmonic • 36 yrs. teaching in Edmonton • Performed Professionally with the Alberta Baroque Ensemble and Edmonton Symphony; String Department Head, Alberta College Conservatory, 2002-4 • Studied with Norman Nelson and Sally Thomas • Lessons available for children and adults of all levels.

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Clay Atchison

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s a wide-eyed seven-yearold visiting his aunt in Quebec, Sunriver dweller J.P. Vincent saw something he would never forget. “In her big, big log cottage she had an owl, this frickin’ owl was in the corner and it had big yellow eyes. And everywhere you look it looked like the eyes were following you.” The owl was a preserved specimen done by a taxidermist, that sparked Vincent’s interest to pursue the trade some 30 years later. “I’ve always talked about it with buddies you know, ‘yeah yeah I’m going to get started with taxidermy,’” said Vincent, whose day job is a supply technician with the Canadian Navy. “We always talk about yeah, we’re going to start this, we’re going to start that and you know what? I did it,” he said with a grin. Joining the military at 18 and moving around Canada, free time wasn’t in abundance. When he did find some, hunting was something Vincent enjoyed. Starting with grouse at 13, he worked his way up to deer, moose and bears. After moving back to B.C. in 2009, he shot a black timberwolf in Prince George that he took to a local taxidermist in Sooke and that changed his life. “I called him up, and said ‘can you do my wolf for me’ and he said ‘sure.” And so, Vincent took

his wife’s name. He now operates his business out of the garage in his Sunriver home. Incredibly tidy (i.e. no blood stains), the sparse workshop didn’t look unlike any other garage. Some cabinets, a large work table, scattered machinery against the wall. He explained that everything he needs is there, from a fleshing machine that thins out an animal’s hide to a plierlooking device designed to split open an animal’s ears so tanning solution can seep in. “I do all my own tanning, I don’t send it away,” he added. Vincent said all the work is very meticulous, as well as creative — how you pose the figure, recreating the facial expression — something people might not associate taxidermy with. “The creativity, believe it or not, starts the minute you skin the animal out.” The skin is pretty much all that remains the same. The bones are discarded, the meat is given back to the owner, and the rest is stretched over a plastic mannequin (one of the few things he doesn’t fabricate himself) that he orders from Alberta, or the United States. Models of every size and shape imaginable are available, even ones for non-conventional species like the African Black Buck and Cape Buffalo that Vincent said he was fortunate enough to do for a client. Aside from skin



Almost live... a taxidermist’s art


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Best Views on The Street!

Charming 1911 Character Home


Attractive 3 Bdrm Rancher. Big Livingroom With Cozy Fireplace Insert. Wood Floors. Separate Laundry/Utility Room. Huge Kitchen With new Counter top and Cabinets. New Ceiling Fan and Light Fixtures Throughout. Inline Dining Area & Glass Sliders To Sunny Patio. Upgraded Bath. Loads of Upgrades Private Fenced Backyard Perfect For Kids & Pets. Single Garage with loads of storage and workspace. Loads of parking. Sunny Deck overlooking Koi Pond. Close to Shops & Bus. Stop paying Rent..... Call and Ask. $309,900

Beautiful lot in Stoneridge Estates w/ expansive views of the Straits & Olympic Mtns from most rooms. Masterfully built w/ exceptional finishing’s this 2700+ sq ft 3 bdrm plus den 3.5 bath home has it all! 9 ft ceilings on main w/open concept, custom cabinetry, quartz counter top, s/s appliances, gas range, hardwoods, tiles, oversized windows..the list goes on. Perfect home office, games room or bachelor suite. Completion September 30th. Price includes Net HST. $584,000

Charm & hospitality radiate throughout this restored 1911 character home. Renovated Kitchen boasts granite counters, S/S appliances, cozy wood stove & brkfst nook. 3 BRs, 2+BA, entertainment sized LR w/ 9ft ceilings, gas FP & gleaming fir floors. The walkout lower level has huge FR w/ FP, 2 BRs & potential for in-law suite. Verandas on 2 levels, new roof, HWT, updated plumbing & electrical. A splendid country setting w/ beautiful gardens, patio, gazebo, pond and shop. $599,900

Allan Poole

Tammi Dimock

Marlene Arden

Lorenda Simms

Very private 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Townhouse. This totally private end unit with new floors unit has greenspace all around. Featuring: 2 interlocking brick patios with tiered garden bed border, skylights, vaulted ceiling, propane fireplace with fan, huge master ensuite with jacuzzi tub, balcony off mstr bedroom, dining room, modern kitchen with bay eating area, single car garage. One of the nicest units in the complex. Was originally custom built with many extras. Must be seen!

Allan Poole

Lorenda Simms

6 • NEWS


Reader’s Photo of the Week


Bookmark my Website: 1) Ella Rd. 7292, 1 Acre, Private ...................... $549,900 2 ) Au s t i n s P l . 7 2 0 9 , S t e p s t o B e a c h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 5 8 9 , 0 0 0 3) Seagirt 91…Dock, Pool, Suite ...................... $977,000 4) Seagirt 27…Idyllic seaside .......................... $889,000 5 ) H a r r i e t R d . 2 9 1 5 , Vi c t o r i a c h a r a c t e r . . . . . . . . . . P E N D I N G 6) Solent 2007... REDUCED! ........................... $599,000 7 ) W. C o a s t R d . # 1 4 - 7 1 0 9 C h a r m i n g ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1 3 9 , 0 0 0 8) Grant Rd. 6845…REDUCED! ....................... $465,000 9) Grant Rd. 4 PLEX ..NO DN PYMT ............... $214,900 10) E. Sooke Rd. 5805 East Sooke Rd ..............PENDING 11) Kennedy 2015 .........................................PENDING 12) Cabin Creations…incl stock ....................... $250,000 1 3 ) N a r i s s a 1 6 5 4 … + + VA L U E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 5 4 9 , 0 0 0 14) Becher Bay 296…REDUCED! ..................... $599,000 15) Riverstone 6494 ...................................... PENDING 1 6 ) We s t h i l l s , G l e n v a l e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P E N D I N G 17) Henlyn 2118 .................................................SOLD 18 ) Rhodenite, 6833…Great Fam. Home ..............$449,000

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Andrew Ferguson photo

Frequent wildlife photo contributor Andrew Ferguson sent along this photo of a family of otters. Reader’s Photo of the Week is sponsored by Ellen Bergerud. Send your good quality jpegs to: editor@sookenewsmirror. com. They will be published as space permits.

Share your walking photos, videos, stories and maps. You and your community could win big! Contest runs Aug. 8 through Sept. 19, 2011 See website for contest details. Restrictions may apply.

Comparing apples to glasses.

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NEWS • 7

Tributes pour in for Jack Layton Tom Fletcher Black Press

Tributes flooded in for federal New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, who died of cancer early Monday at age 61. Layton’s death comes just months after he led the NDP to Official Opposition status in Canadian Parliament, a first for the party. On July 25, Layton announced he was fighting a second bout of cancer, and was taking time away to seek treatment. The NDP says Layton died peacefully before 5 a.m. Monday at his Toronto home. His wife and fellow MP Olivia Chow and loved ones were with him. Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement in Ottawa. “On behalf of all Canadians, I salute Jack’s contribution to public life, a contribution that will be sorely missed,” Harper said.

File photo

Jack Layton 1950 - 2011 “I know one thing: Jack gave his fight against cancer everything he had. Indeed, Jack never backed down from any fight.” B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix said: “While the country is the poorer for Jack’s passing, Canada is richer for his immense contribution over a lifetime in politics. Wherever he went and whoever he met, Jack made his mark with his opti-

mism, dynamism and boundless energy. “As we grieve, we also commit ourselves to continue to build on his legacy and the principles he fought for all his political life.” Premier Christy Clark also issued a statement. “It was with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of federal New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton,” Clark said. “A

Camosun Westside 2042 Otter Point Rd.

passionate Canadian, Jack Layton was a tireless advocate and his energy, dedication and intelligence have been at the service of Canadians since his days as a municipal politician.” “Collectively, Canadian hearts are breaking,” national Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said in a statement. “Jack will always be remembered for his unfailing love of Canada and his dedication to this country and its citizens.” When he announced he was taking a medical leave, Layton recommended as interim leader Hull-Aylmer MP Nycole Turmel, one of a surge of new Quebec MPs that lifted the NDP to 103 seats. Layton, leader since 2003, was the focus of the campaign that saw a collapse of Liberal and Bloc Quebecois support.





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Good donation


From left: Brian Phillips, zone chairman I-2; Al Beddows, 19-I Lions Clubs International district governor; Nicky Logins, Sooke Family Resource Society executive director; Daphne Raymond, children and family services manager; Paul Curtis, raffle winner and Georgia Medwedrich, Sooke Harbourside Lions president. The key to the playhouse is handed over to Curtis who is from Sooke and won the draw off one ticket.

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Love is better than anger

Tributes have been pouring in for federal NDP leader Jack Layton. He was a respected and beloved party leader who stood up for the common man/woman while still taking care of parliamentary business. He resurrected the flailing party federally and brought in more MPs than have ever sat in Parliament. The official opposition has a strong role to play in this country’s politics. They are the ones who question the actions and policies of the party in power. They are the watch dogs of the process. We need Jack Layton stood up for more people Canadians who are often unheard and unaccounted like him... for in the business of running this country. He had no personal agenda and he is to be commended for that. While some who enter politics do so because of what is to be gained, Layton entered because of what he could give. He put Canadians and Canada first. No matter where your political sentiments lie, it is a sad day when a strong and dedicated man is taken away too soon. He fought with dignity and honour against his cancer just as he did against his political opponents. We need more people like him to remind us of what a leader can and should be. His last words were, “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.” Rest in Peace Jack.

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Do you feel safe swimming at the Sooke Potholes?

Yes, if you’re careful. It makes me worry for my Don’t do anything stupid, children’s safety. It defidon’t be intoxicated and nitely makes me more don’t be alone. cautious. Matt Vaus

No, I don’t swim there because it’s too cold. (But) lots of people have died at the Potholes, usually doing stupid things.

No, not at all. It doesn’t change my mind about going there.

Shelley Godin

Armin Lampe

Carly Gillie


Time to rethink the role of the CRD


hat’s the point of having districts. It was foisted on the taxdirectors in each of the payers, whether they liked it or not. While they serve a purpose they municipalities and unincorporated areas if they have no are relatively unanswerable to any other legislative body, or the actual decision making powers? public for that matter. The Capital Regional Regional districts have District has 22 directors, fashioned their own votwith directors from municing structures, again withipalities appointed by their out broader public input. respective councils and They rule the roost, so to the representatives from speak, and their powers the electoral areas directly are in many ways limitless. elected by their resident Does a director from Saanvoters. ich have the right to vote Any vote can be heavon issues in the Juan de ily weighted with Victoria Fuca? Does a director having three directors Pirjo Raits from Sooke care what and Saanich having happens in North Saanfive. Each of the other ich? Should they? cities, districts, towns Hard Pressed Can the members and electoral areas only dictate what happens in have one. This voting sysmunicipalities or electoral areas tem is based on population. When regional districts were other than their own? Apparently formed back in the mid-1960s, it was they can. Is this fair? Probably not. The CRD adopted a Regional to share the costs of services, such as fire protection, hospitals and to Growth Strategy where a vision was provide borrowing power. The pro- created as to what areas should be vincial government had stepped densely populated and which areas away from governance of unincor- should remain rural. They didn’t porated areas and set up the sys- want urban sprawl and rightly so in tem of regional districts. There have many cases, but what defines “urban been changes since then giving the sprawl”? Is it huge arable acreages regional districts much broader covered over with big box stores? Is sweeping powers. They have in it recreational cabins hidden in the essence become a third level of gov- forest? Is it a subdivision of affordernment, created without public able single family homes? The coninput. While the electorate can vote cept of “urban sprawl” is open to for some directors, the public never interpretation and it is being used had a say in the creation of regional as a club by special interest groups

to get what they want, even though they are not appointed or elected by anyone except themselves. The RGS is narrow in focus and out of date with what is actually happening in rural areas. They could not have, at the time it was instigated, predicted the need for economic development and jobs. They did not anticipate the shrinking job base in the resource sector or see that the only foreseeable option was tourism. The world economy has sent once prosperous companies to the brink of bankruptcy and people are finding vacation opportunities closer to home. If tourism is to be the economic saviour, in the reaches beyond Greater Victoria, then those communities have to cater to all tourists, not just the ones with backpacks and a hunger to trek, or the ones who go no further than downtown Victoria. Each community knows their community best and the elected directors were voted in to speak for the people they represent. The CRD Board should not have the right to hamstring a director by taking away his/her power to govern and they should not make a director a eunuch by giving him no options for economic development. Pirjo Raits is the editor of the Sooke News Mirror.


Presenting a vision I would like to present to the citizens of Sooke with yet another vision before the upcoming elections that requires the participation of everyone — all visionaries, that means you. In an attempt to move forward into realizing the true potential of our citizens and our community, will you join with me in a non-biased discussion concerning what kind of council we wish to have in the next few years? I am certain that we all want to live in harmony with each other and be able to adapt positively to whatever future changes might happen. So, let us seriously ask the questions that need to be asked so that we might eliminate the unnecessary drama and political conflicts that often prevail at election time. What type of people does Sooke need on council? What kind of expertise do we need? How experienced will our facilitators need to be? Will they have our trust? Will they have vision? Let’s have an honest discussion about who would be right for the job and why that couldn’t be you? Here lies a list of qualifiers I feel we need. This is my list, what’s yours? 1. Someone who understands group process and has facilitation skills. 2. Someone knowledgeable in health and social issues. 3. Someone who understands building aesthetics and the environment. 4. Someone who has a broad knowledge of our community and government policy. 5. Someone who can advocate for the local arts and businesses and who has financial and economical long term planning skills. 6. Someone with listening, speaking skills and negotiating experience working on boards, who can put aside their personal agendas for the betterment of the community. I am sure this paper would be more than happy to publish as many possibilities as they could. Let’s help each other decide who would be best. Mark Ellis Sooke


Building ahead

Pirjo Raits photo

The heavy equipment was out last week at the site of the new Toronto Dominion Bank building on Sooke Road next to the A&W.

Smart meter concerns I am appalled at our government’s decision to permit BC Hydro to install Smart Meters on our homes and businesses, without our permission. There is mounting evidence that the Smart Meter’s informationcarrying radio waves, transmitting 24/7, will effectively blanket homes and neighbourhoods with radiation that could adversely affect not just humans but all living systems. In particular, these meters have the potential to affect not only electrohypersensitive persons, but children and pregnant women, persons with medical conditions such as heart arrhythmia, those with compromised immune systems, and others who rely on medical and/or metal implants or equipment. In addition to health concerns, Smart Meters bring with them questions about fire and security hazards. Please join me in refusing to permit installation of a Smart Meter on your premises. Visit this website for more information on how to notify BC Hydro of your refusal: Gail Gingras Sooke

Sewer deal still smells We would all like to move past the sewer topic but that may be difficult. As Jim Mitchell pointed out the finances can’t and won’t balance out. You can’t go from $600,000 a year to $1 million a year and keep the fees at $510 per household. Expect the shortfall to come from a huge property tax increase. Thankfully it is only five years and not 21, because this shortfall will occur every year as the funds are simply not being collected. Council took care of EPCOR but forgot about the taxpayer. Herb Haldane Sooke There are problems with governance in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. This unorganized territory, which takes in two-thirds of the land base in the Capital Regional District, including the Chatham Islands off Oak Bay, elects one person, the regional director. The regional director confirms the appointment of every member of every board or commission for the six subdivisions of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. Decisions cannot and should not be made by one elected official who has the power to appoint every other decision maker. The rules for governance of an unorga-

nized territory are laid out in the Local Government Act and differ in many details from those governing municipalities. In the case of the JdF EA CRD directors have the duty to give a second look and final approval in all decisions. Land Use Committee A (Sooke, Colwood, Langford, Metchosin and JdF EA) and LUC B (Highlands, Langford, Central Saanich, Saanich and JdF EA) were created to take care of the routine housekeeping matters covered in Part 26 of the Local Government Act, not to have total authority over all decisions. Part 25 decisions, affecting the whole of the region, must be dealt with by the whole board. We are not urban people. We have shown that by our unwillingness to join Sooke at its birth, by referendum in February 2005 and by East Sooke’s exploration of joining with rural Metchosin. Sooke, Colwood and Langford,with deciding voices in our decisions, are clearly urban and developer oriented. Splitting the CRD would not solve our governance problems or protect our desire to remain rural. It might even be seen as a real estate grab; moving the JdF EA from the frying pan into the fire. Rosemary Jorna Otter Point

Competing views and intimidation On Sept. 6 (and 7 if it proves necessary, and it looks like it will) there will be public hearings on the Ilkey proposal for development of his land adjacent to the Juan de Fuca Marine Tail. These will run from 5 to 10 at Edward Milne. There is nothing new to be said regarding the proposal which has been mulled over in committees and in the public press for years. There are advantages and concerns which are matters of legitimate debate. What is new is the declared attempt by the Dogwood Initiative and their allies to turn this public hearing into a bearpit with the particular intent of intimidating elected officials who will be running for re-election. This is outlined on their website and has also been published in Vancouver via the Georgia Straight. In their declaration of war, the Dogwood Initiative accepts that legally they have no more bullets to fire. So get out the bullhorns and pack the meeting. I have no doubt that the individuals legally charged with reviewing this application and making recommendations on its disposition are fully capable of drawing their own, independent conclusions as is their duty. It is galling that they will be bombarded with hours of repetitive and tedious rhetoric from the rent-a-crowd from the city. It would be nice to think that they will also hear from local residents - pro and con - amidst the sloganeering of the crowd. Peter Martin Victoria

! !


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Cont’d on page 10

Letters Deliver by mail or hand to our office, or e-mail editor@sooke Letters should be 300 words or less, and we may edit for length, tone and accuracy. Please include contact information.

*8==&O?H:81=&8D&56L.MN5.ML6M& 'B8?=K& B?H:81=E?H0P?91==9//01FH/B& !"#$%&%'($)'&*"$+,&*$(-,$%&!'$%,#&.&+//01&&



Cont’d from page 9

Look and you will find

office. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, call me Moonfist—Myke Colbert 250-661-2226. A happy horse is afraid of the shadow of a whip. May the shadow of things be enough for all to not have to suffer needlessly. Myke Colbert Moonfist Sooke

One of the Questions Here we are three months out from the civic elections and some issues are emerging. One issue is how well do we want our elected officials to support the Regional Growth Strategy, (RGS)? That goes for the Official Community Plans as well. Just paper or real planning? Some people in the real estate and construction industry want



Please note that the Motorola TX500 Bluetooth® Car Speakerphone (WebID: 10172504) advertised on the back cover of the August 12 flyer DOES NOT have an FM transmitter, as previously advertised. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

On the Aug 12 flyer, pg 16, please note that the Fido LG Optimus 2X (Web Code: 10175272) shows an incorrect monthly rate plan for the price advertised. Be advised that the phone is available for $49.99 only on a 36-month select voice and data plan. Also, please note that the incorrect product specifications were advertised for the Samsung 14" Laptop (SF410-S01CA/ WebCode: 10176436) found on pg 6 of the Aug 12 flyer. This laptop features 4GB of memory and the 1st generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, NOT 6GB of memory and the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, as previously advertised. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

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communicate openly without fear, to answer every question and address concerns in our community. All who ask questions or make statements will be answered until clarity is achieved. Do people have to understand everything... No! It is absolutely impossible to understand everything about almost anything. Let us go with what feels proper for the benefit of our community. Thinking, feeling and voting with the heart. I do intend to stand for election to council of the District of Sooke. Communication that is direct and replies that openly convey information are what we already have in the District of Sooke. If you look for it you will find it, if you don’t seem to be able to find it... call and ask someone at the district

to already developed areas. A developer apparently offered to bring 10,000 people to Jordan River. Thanks but no thanks. That offer could only be made in ignorance of the Regional Growth Strategy or by ignoring the vision of the whole community in favour of the vision of a few. New housing, more people and infrastructure will provide jobs in Sooke, Langford, Colwood and the core municipalities. The jobs are there without people trying for easy pickings. Heather Phillips Otter Point


Wholesome is that which “tends to produce moral or general well-being.” I feel this definition is important to communicate to our community as I have recently seen local writing that seems to leer at my use of the term “wholesome.” I care for the community, I place all others before me and I do so willingly without limit. For the first time since I started caring for the environment, I was away for a short while and then injured myself camping on Mayne Island about 10 days ago. I am feeling much better and hope to be back out in my yellow shirt within the next few days. To talk of things on behalf of and to the benefit of the whole, this is my path. To


people to think the RGS is bad. For them, it interferes with buying raw land cheap and turning a profit by building and selling to the next tier of land owners. (The next tier turns out to be ordinary people who want good roads, reliable water supplies and services, all for minimal taxes. Like the rest of us.) The RGS represents a joint decision that we need to protect our agricultural land and keep some raw land as habitat and for resource use. Since the RGS was adopted in 2003, a majority of people understand the economics of natural green space much better. It isn’t just pretty. It serves a vital purpose in providing clean air and water for our communities with only the cost of leaving it in its natural state. The RGS aims to protect agricultural land, resource land and green space as it directs growth



Capital Regional District Notice of

Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Sections 890, 891 and 892 of the Local Government Act, that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Otter Point Fire Hall Located at: 3727 Otter Point Road, Otter Point, BC On: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 starting at 7pm To consider adoption of: Bylaw No. 3797, cited as “Sooke Land Use Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 109, 2010.” The purpose of Bylaw No. 3797 is to amend the Sooke Land Use Bylaw, 1992, Bylaw No. 2040 by deleting lands from the Agriculture (AG) and Rural A (A) zones, and adding to the Agriculture 1 (AG-1) and Rural (A-1) zones, for the purpose of permitting a twolot subdivision on Lot 1, Section 18, Otter District, Plan VIP53538, except part in Plan VIP77828, as shown attached on Plan No. 1, attached to and forming part of this bylaw.

This summer could be a scorcher.

Nearly half of wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell. For more information, visit

The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed bylaw. A copy of proposed Bylaw No. 3797 and other relevant documents and information may be inspected at the Juan de Fuca Planning office, 2 – 6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday from August 17 to August 30, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the Capital Regional District (CRD) website at Written submissions should be sent to the Juan de Fuca Planning office, by mail to Box 283, Sooke, BC V9Z 0S9; by email to or by fax at 250.642.5274. Written submissions should be received no later than 4pm on August 30, 2011 to ensure availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of the public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors. The Public Hearing on Bylaw No. 3797 will be held by the Electoral Area Director, or Alternate Director, as a delegate of the Board of the CRD. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making the delegation is available for public inspection along with a copy of the bylaw referred to in this notice. For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206. S. Santarossa, Corporate Officer

SOOKE NEWS MIRROR - WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2011 Cont’d from page 10

A needless caper So, a few people wish to sever ties with the Capital Regional District and set up a new regional district. I suggest that such a move would perhaps enable these same ‘few’ to further their own interests at the expense and inconvenience of the vast majority. Most certainly, our taxes would be increased by the needless duplication of facilities and manpower by such a needless caper. Dale W. Read East Sooke

Liability side of balance sheet The Aug. 17, 2011 letter from Mr. Parliament in relation to the boat launch fails to mention the district paid $915,000 for the property, making the project cost $2.75 million, not

$1.84 million. The cost to the district is $1.55 million, not $635 thousand, leaving aside the lost tax revenue from the property. The letter implies that there will be free slip space for non-profits/others, which is not the case, and states that there will be fuel service, which is no doubt quite a surprise to SNC Lavalin, who inexplicably missed it in the environmental assessment, and the contractor, who doesn’t appear to have installed it. It asserts that the facility will be free to the public, although the first line of the Performance and Progress Measures in the business case submitted in support of funding states that the measurement of success will be an increase in launch fees. Another objective is: “Encourage physical activity and outdoor lifestyle through water sports; ie. kayaking, sailing, canoeing, fishing.” The performance measure is, “Dedicated use of the boat launch for water sports groups,” an apparent exclusion of charter operators that would appear to explain why


the parking design is practically useless for anything bigger than a car-topper, and with a 5’ draught on my sailboat, I doubt I’ll be putting in there much. A partnership means an equity position, not a long-term liability. With both EPCOR and the convention center “partnerships” Sooke’s position is on the liability side of the partnership balance sheet. Terrance Martin Sooke

Learn what’s working You said it so very well, Pirjo. Those who serve on committees at the Capital Regional District know they are over-extended. But what can they do? To some it’s a power trip to enjoy. Others know they are underserved. Starving for information, lacking in technical support. Mandated to vote on issues which they do not fully grasp.

Even if they were democratically installed in positions of authority. Educating them will take longer than they have left in their terms. So they turn to reports by experts on contract who are in short, sales persons. What they need is the documented advice of in-house research staff. Personnel who will be around for years. Not to reinvent the wheel. But long enough to examine the most recent developments. It’s all been done by other municipalities, globally. To learn what’s working well. And what is not. We are not unique on this island. Write again, please. Bob Seeds Victoria


Pursue CRD issue Pirjo Raits. Your column appeared in The Peninsula News Friday, Aug. 19, I thank you for saying what I have thought for 20 years and I hope more likeminded people will rally to depose this dictatorship. Check out a letter to the editor in the Times Colonist on Saturday, Aug. 20 “Tough Choices in Central Saanich.” Please continue to pursue this issue. Good Luck. Judith Herman Sidney Editor’s note: The column referred to is the same one which appears on page 8 of this week’s Sooke News Mirror.

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Capital Regional District Notice of

Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Sections 890, 891 and 892 of the Local Government Act, that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Shirley Community Hall Located at: 2795 Sheringham Point Road, Shirley, BC On: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 starting at 7pm To consider adoption of: Bylaw No. 3717, cited as “Official Community Plan for Shirley/Jordan River Bylaw No. 1, 2010”. Bylaw No. 3717 covers the area referred to as Shirley/Jordan River, which is a part of the Capital Regional District (CRD), as outlined on Map 1 which is attached to and forms a part of this bylaw, and repeals the CRD Bylaw No. 3352, cited as the “Official Community Plan for Shirley/Jordan River Bylaw No.1, 2006”. The proposed bylaw updates the existing Official Community Plan by including: äD Greenhouse Gas Reduction statement, ä amending the Development Permit Area No. 1: Steep Slopes by changing the lands designated from areas having slopes exceeding 20 percent or 11 degrees in slope over a minimum 6 metre run to areas having slopes exceeding 30 percent or 16.7 degrees in slope over a minimum 10 metre run, äproviding additional exemptions for development permits, äreflecting adoption of the Parks Plan, and äincorporating revised mapping. The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed bylaw. A copy of proposed Bylaw No. 3717 and other relevant documents and information may be inspected at the Juan de Fuca Planning office, 2 - 6868 West Coast Road, Sooke BC between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday from August 17 to August 31, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the CRD website at Written submissions should be sent to the Juan de Fuca Planning office, by mail to Box 283, Sooke BC V9Z OS9; by email to or by fax at 250.642.5274. Written submissions should be received no later than 4pm on August 31, 2011 to ensure availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of the public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors.


The Public Hearing on Bylaw No. 3717 will be held by the Electoral Area Director, or Alternate Director, as a delegate of the Board of the CRD. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making the delegation is available for public inspection along with a copy of the bylaw referred to in this notice.

- Ê<  ,-ÊEÊ "7Ê" Ê 69ÊUÊÓxä‡{Çx‡Çxä£

For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206.



Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30am - 9:00 pm Sat. 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Sun. 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

S. Santarossa, Corporate Officer





Can a working farm in Sooke work? It’s become apparent recently that many Sooke citizens would like to see their tax dollars utilized in support of some form of unionized public works department, as opposed to the outsourcing of services. Now, I know for a fact that many services which are outsourced, are being outsourced to small, locally based businesses, which I think is pretty cool. I know some of the people who are taking care of elements of our community infrastructure on a contractual basis, and they are doing a great job. But this letter is not intended to discuss the relative merits for and against outsourcing, I simply wanted to mention that outsourcing is done in

our District, and that it can work really well for everyone if done mindfully. Over the past couple of years, the concept that Sooke could purchase Woodside Farm and maintain it as a community owned, working farm has floated about. Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea, however, the practicality of paying a mortgage on this property through profits made on the farming component seems dubious to me at best. Namely because farms these days don’t seem to be able to generate any profit, unless they are of the ‘factory’ variety, or well positioned as tourism-based entities. Woodside Farm has potential to generate economy in other

respects, like tourism and the like, and I for one would love to see that property preserved and owned by our community, but there’s a lot of work to do to get it up to speed. But if there is vision and desire, I bet it could fly. When one looks at this property through the right lens, one might even see farmed land sharing space with solar power generating cells. T’Souke is becoming recognized as leaders in the field of solar power, (no pun intended) and a partnership between the District and T’Souke First Nation, could raise this property to a whole other level. I find myself constantly amazed by the adaptability, innovation and progressive nature of

this land’s indigenous people. What they are doing is inspiring, to say the least. It behooves the District to do everything it can to coordinate efforts with the First Nation to bring clean power and sustainability to all people who call Sooke home. There has also been interest expressed in developing a composting facility in Sooke, which could potentially service the entire South Island region. To place such a facility nearby to our sewage treatment plant makes a lot of sense, and it is quite possible that the profits made in running this composting facility could go toward paying the mortgage on Wood-

Happ 80th

Please donate what you can at any register

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We gonna party like it’s your birthday Pension’s comin good Gettin discounts like you should A few decades spent From Beatles to 50 Cent Still rockin lookin good Hot in Saseenos hood Open a bottle of bub Now that you’re In Da Club.

Good Health and Happiness from all your Family and Friends

Learn more at: or call 1.800.663.7466.

Love You Dear, Bill

Learn more at an info session:

Monday, August 29, 2011 1:00pm City University of Seattle in Victoria 305-877 Goldstream Ave. Langford, BC V9B 2X8 RSVP to 1.800.663.7466 ext.105


Go, go Homie It’s yo Birthday

With your M.Ed. in Leadership, or M.Ed. in Leadership and School Counselling, you’ll be ready to step into a school counsellor or other leadership position in public or private schools. This program is offered in local BC communities. Apply now for fall programs.

The term “university” is used under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education effective April 11, 2007, having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. City University of Seattle is a not-for-profit and an Equal Opportunity institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


NEWS â&#x20AC;¢ 13

Home of the Week 1889 Sq Ft 3 bdrm / 2.5 bath +den + flex room Energuide Rated 77 Built Green Gold Rated Heather Williamson photo

Linden is a star in Port Renfrew

Nominated for CARE Award 2011 - Best Spec Home under 2000 sq.ft

! wood kitchen cabinets and granite bar ! heated tile floor in spacious ensuite bathroom ! wired media room & built in vacuum ! hardwood floors and vaulted living room

Trevor Linden was in Port Renfrew on August 16, heading for the West Coast Trail. He played hockey with the local children and was presented with a handcarved walking stick and blessings from the Pacheedaht First Nations.

! stainless steel appliances ! fully landscaped, fenced and irrigated yard

()*+,-./0.1&'232##.Incl Net HST

Linda & Bruce MacMillan



Summer Window

Makeover Until September 30th, trade in your energy wasting windows and save up to $150 off the cost of Centraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ecoSMART windows with Centraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s summer savings program* & Government Grants.** Showroom locations:






14 â&#x20AC;˘ OPINION



Pirjo Raits photo

Fogust Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that time of year again when the fog sticks around in the morning and dissipates later in the day. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commonly, though not lovingly, referred to as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fogust.â&#x20AC;? There are only 13 more days until the kids are back at school.

side Farm. The operating costs would include wages for employees, and if it makes sense to start building a municipal works department, this might be the opportunity weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d need to get going on that, without putting the environment at undue risk. The solar cells could pro-

ESQUIMALTâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;JUAN DE FUCA Constituency office is now open to serve constituents: ADDRESS:

A2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;100 Aldersmith Place Victoria V9A 7M8


10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;4pm, Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Thursday or by appointment


250-405-6550 250-405-6554


We are here to assist constituents with Federal government programs and services.

ANOTHER VIEW Contâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d from page 12

Randall Garrison, MP

vide clean power for this facility, creating a sustainable, valuable community asset kept up by generations of Sookies. This idea is not my idea. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard it mentioned many times during EDC meetings, and I always felt it was a great idea just waiting to be discussed, however it just hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really

come up. Which is why Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m writing this letter. Don Brownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concept of community-owned, coop-run public service utilities I think has merit, however I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t personally feel that something as crucial to our environment as a sewage system is the best place to start experimenting with this. Perhaps a composting

facility, and a municipally-owned farm with solar power generation can be our community experiment. It could be a gateway to discovering new ways of building sustainability and cooperative spirit into our community. Lorien Arnold Sooke

Capital Regional District Notice of

Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Sections 890, 891 and 892 of the Local Government Act, that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Otter Point Fire Hall Located at: 3727 Otter Point Road, Otter Point, BC On: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 following the public hearing on Bylaw No. 3797 (which is scheduled to commence at 7pm) To consider adoption of: Bylaw No. 3719, cited as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Official Community Plan for Otter Point Bylaw No.1, 2010â&#x20AC;?. Bylaw No. 3719 covers the area referred to as Otter Point, which is a part of the Capital Regional District (CRD), as outlined on Map 1 which is attached to and forms a part of this bylaw, and repeals the CRD Bylaw No. 3354, cited as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Official Community Plan for Otter Point Bylaw No.1, 2006â&#x20AC;?. The proposed bylaw updates the existing Official Community Plan by including: ä a Greenhouse Gas Reduction statement, ä amending the Development Permit Area No.1: Steep Slopes by changing the lands designated from areas having slopes exceeding 20 percent or 11 degrees in slope over a minimum 6 metre run to areas having slopes exceeding 30 percent or 16.7 degrees in slope over a minimum 10 metre run, ä providing additional exemptions for development permits, äreflecting adoption of the Parks Plan, and äincorporating revised mapping. The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed bylaw. A copy of proposed Bylaw No. 3719 and other relevant documents and information may be inspected at the Juan de Fuca Planning office, 2 - 6868 West Coast Road, Sooke BC between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday from August 17 to August 30, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the CRD website at Written submissions should be sent to the Juan de Fuca Planning office, by mail to Box 283, Sooke, BC V9Z OS9; by email to or by fax at 250.642.5274. Written submissions should be received no later than 4pm on August 30, 2011 to ensure their availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of the public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors. The Public Hearing on Bylaw No. 3719 will be held by the Electoral Area Director, or Alternate Director, as a delegate of the Board of the CRD. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making the delegation is available for public inspection along with a copy of the bylaw referred to in this notice. For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206. S. Santarossa, Corporate Officer

Remember your vacation. Not the medical bills. The days are getting shorter, grey skies and dreary weather are looming. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re planning an extended fall or winter trip south in search of sunny blue skies, you are probably also planning your travel insurance. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re like many snowbirds, you may even have an annual policy to cover you throughout the year. However, if you are heading away for a longer period of time, here are a few travel insurance factors to consider before driving or jetting off:

t 8JMMZPVSQPMJDZDPWFSZPV for ongoing treatment BOE GPMMPXVQ WJTJUT XIJMF youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re away? Typically, emergency medical insurance is for just that â&#x20AC;&#x201C; emergencies. It is not the same as provincial health care, which covers regular doctor visits. Most benefits end once the medical emergency is over and will not cover you for ongoing consultation and treatment. 6 O L O P X J O H M Z continuing with GPMMPXVQ EPDUPS visits could result in a costly medical bill for which you would be responsible.



t *G ZPV IBWF BO INSURANCE WITH annual multi trip policy, ensure JANELLA WILSON it covers you for the duration of your stay. If not, most insurers, including BCAA, will allow you to upgrade your policy with longer coverage. t 6OEFSTUBOE UIF CFOFGJUT BOE limitations of your coverage before you go. For example: t *GZPVOFFEUPSFUVSOIPNF prematurely to undergo medical treatment, is there coverage to get you back to your vacation spot once you recover? t %P ZPV IBWF QSFFYJTUJOH conditions? If so, are you covered if they act up while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re outside of B.C.? Some companies offer PQUJPOBMDPWFSBHFGPSQSF existing conditions, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to understand how this coverage works. Familiarize yourself with all of the related definitions and exclusions.

$BMMPS click on

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to note that Health Insurance BC may only cover 10% of medical expenses incurred outside of the province. Considering the high cost of health care outside of Canada, FTQFDJBMMZ JO UIF 64  JUT DSVDJBM to ensure you have adequate JOTVSBODF:PVDBOQVSDIBTFPVU PGQSPWJODF FNFSHFODZ NFEJDBM coverage through private insurers to protect yourself from the financial burden an accident or illness could cause. Before you go, remember to research and purchase the appropriate policy for you and your trip. BCAA can provide you with expert advice and travel insurance coverage to suit your individual needs, so you can be sure to remember your next vacation, not the medical bills. Janella Wilson is an Insurance Advisor at BCAA. She can be reached at


Stop singing in the shower - come out

Your high school diploma is actually

Sooke Community Choir is set to begin its new season The Sooke Community Choir is gearing up for the start of our 2011 fall session, under the exciting directorship of Sarah Wilson, and new accompanist, Katherine Russell. Our fall session begins on Wednesday, Sept. 7, at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 1962 Murray Road. Registration begins at 6:30, followed by a rehearsal to introduce some of the music chosen for this season. We always look forward to welcoming new voices to the choir. For new members to our community, our Wednesday rehearsals are a great opportunity to make new friends. We are a non-audition choir, and you do not have to read music to sing with us. We learn and improve our singing skills as we practise a wide variety of songs under Sarah Wilson’s

just around the

direction and guidance. Sarah integrates information and instruction to help those of us with no formal music training in our rehearsals. There are also music tracks of the selections available on a special website and on CDs to help members practice at home. As anyone who sings in the shower, or whistles in the garden knows, music can elevate your mood, and make you feel happy. Being a member of a choir not only gives us a chance to ‘open our throats, and sing, and sing, and sing’, but our performances are an opportunity to

entertain our relations, friends and neighbours, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. Music graces our community inside and out. The Sooke Community Choir is proud to be a longstanding member of Sooke’s vibrant music scene, and brings its spirit and love of song to a variety of events throughout the year. Whether it be solemn moments to honour Canada’s heroes in November, sacred and fun carols at Christmas, the joy of listening to and singing with Sooke’s young students at our March Spring Sing-Out, or cele-

ARTS • 15

brating the season with our April Spring Concert, the choir’s music marks our community calendar. Please join us, the Sooke Community Choir, at our first practice on September 7 to find out more about our program and how you can bring music into your life and share music with our community. There will be a chance to socialize with friends, old and new, over tea and cookies. For more information: call Gail at 250-6422773, or Laura at 250642 4282. You can also check out our website,

!"#$% &#

Westshore Learning Centre and Edward Milne Community School have partnered to offer flexible high school diploma completion for adults, right here in Sooke. Manage your learning around work and family by attending evening classes at EMCS, once or twice a week. Classes begin September 6th.

Appointments available August 18th: An academic advisor is available on Thursday, August 18th at EMCS between 5:30 and 7:30 pm. 6218 Sooke Rd. Call 250-642-6371 to book your appointment.

Your education is

!'"(&# than you think.




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Library gets tech savvy


Benjamin Yong Sooke News Mirror

The Sooke Library has just gotten a whole lot more tech saavy with the addition of Kobo eReaders to its collection. The devices, that allow users to download and read electronic versions of books (ebooks) on a portable screen, were made available for borrowing last week and all three were snapped up within a couple days, said librarian Adrienne Wass. “A lot of (people) want to try an eReader out before making the decision to purchase one, and there are some people that also don’t have the means to purchase their own. But yeah, it’s just responding to the community’s needs, and they’ve been evolving,” said Wass. A total of 90 Kobos were made available to 38 Vancouver Island Regional Library branches, that service areas throughout Vancouver Island and surrounding islands. Greater Victoria has its own system. Checking out an eReader is just like checking out a book or DVD, except you need to have an adult library card in good standing. You can borrow it for a three-week period, and also put your name on a wait list if they’re all being used. It includes everything you need like a help guide and a USB computer cable to transfer files and charge the device. “It comes preloaded with approximately 100 books, classics, even if people don’t want to bother downloading books.” For those who are so inclined, other ebooks and related resources are available on the library website (http:// y/ ebooks). You need access to a computer to be able to install the required free software found on the Library to Go site, but once that’s done downloading an ebook to your device takes seconds, she said. Up to five electronic titles can be “signed out” at a time, just like their print counterparts. You can also put up to five holds on popular ebooks. The nice thing about it is though, you don’t have run to


Call for your FREE Quote

Benefits of

Metal Roofing Metal roofs are attractive and come in a broad spectrum of colors and designs. Metal roofing is non-combustible and provides fire resistance. Metal roofs are low maintenance and long lasting, resisting decay, discoloration and mildew. Metal roofs have excellent performance in wind resistance, water, snow, and ice shedding. They are also hail resistant. Metal roofs provide an excellent method for re-roofing existing roofs and increase your building’s value.

Benjamin Yong photo

Librarian Adrienne Wass turns on a Kobo eReader, a portable device that allows for the downloading and reading of electronic books, that is now available for borrowing at the Sooke Library.

Metal roofs are energy efficient.

WE’VE MOVED! 875 Viewfield Rd.

the library on the day they’re due. “There’s no overdue fines because when the time comes up they just expire. They disappear from your computer or your eReader so you don’t have to worry about late charges.” Not all books in print form are available as ebooks, however. There are also limited numbers of titles because of licensing issues. That said, a vast collection for all ages can

be found in the online database. Users are responsible for looking after the equipment, and the replacement cost for damaged or lost eReaders is $130. “We ask people to help keep these items safe. We ask that they return them to the branch rather than through the drop slot so that’s a little different, but most people understand it’ an electronic device and so

they’re going to handle it with some care.” If you need some assistance with using the hardware or software, you can call Wass at the library at 250642-3022. “We’ll be offering some eReader workshops in the fall, just to help people get used to using eReaders. And there’s definitely a need for it because people are coming in and asking.”

Saseenos Veterinary Services

is pleased to welcome our long time associate veterinarian DR. CARLA BELL as a new partner in the practice.

New Patients Welcome 5490 Sooke Rd

250-642-PETS (7387)



Triathlon affects Sooke business Benjamin Yong

Sooke News Mirror

The triathlon, over a number of days, drew lots of people to Sooke including spectators, families and, of course, athletes. But did businesses notice the extra traffic? “Absolutely,” said Lorien Arnold, owner of Sooke Mountain Cycle on Anna Marie Road. “I think it helped with everybody’s businesses in Sooke because we’re all interconnected.” For Arnold’s shop, it was athletes visiting his shop for quick repairs and buying souvenirs

like T-shirts and other promotional items. Their families also came along, and the question asked most often was where to eat. He quipped a friend of his had a saying that “cycle tourists were like 2,000 calorie-a-day tourists.” Stone Pipe Grill manager Randy Welters said their restaurant was definitely a recipient of the energy-starved. “There was an immediate increase in business through the whole week. We could tell for at least seven to 10 days before that there was a triathlon coming.”

From chatting with patrons and conducting an informal in-house survey, he said guests were of a “mixed bag variety” that included out-of-town volunteers and officials from all over Canada and the United States. Welters said there were “certainly lots of athletes” that were identifiable as soon as they walked through the door because “they looked like they were in shape.” However, the spike in customers through the door wasn’t felt across the board. Just a block over at the EdGe res-

taurant, sales went up “maybe for one day, 10 to 15 per cent,” said owner and chef Edward Tuson. Closed Sundays and Mondays, triathlon race day didn’t impact their establishment. On the Saturday, there was a “small influx” of people, many of which were athletes. “I sold a lot of pasta. Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta,” said Tuson, who added it was nothing like how busy they were during the Sooke Fine Arts Show. “I was hoping for more but it wasn’t.” A similar sentiment

was shared by a shop in a non-related sector: the Only Deals store in Evergreen Centre. “We didn’t notice it,” said owner Don Chou, who thought they might have even been a little quieter than usual. “I wasn’t expecting anything—it wasn’t a pay day thing, it wasn’t a big holiday, (and) the weather was going to be kind of iffy.” Sundays are traditionally an unpredictable day for his store, particularly in the summertime, and Chou said he wouldn’t want to say the triathlon affected them negatively.


2 bedroom manufactured home with new kitchen, electrical and paint and trim. Just move in and enjoy. Located in a pet and family friendly park with it’s own private access to the Sooke River and backing onto the galloping goose trail.

$47,400 250-642-6480



ommunities in Bloom judging took place in July with a ceremony at the Sooke Harbour House. Congratulations to all who participated in the beautification of Sooke. The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerceprovided window decals and certificates to all participants. The chamber also cosponsored the Sooke Fine Arts “Taste of Sooke.” The event was well attended by Sooke residents and visitors. Eleven food service providers from the area donated savoury sweets, freshly prepared sushi, and delicious tastes from their kitchens – thank you to all those who participated, your generous

Pirjo Raits photo

CIB winners: Sunriver Allotment Garden donation is certainly appreciated by all. Our next major undertaking will be our 9th Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament being held September 8, at DeMamiel Creek Golf Course. A $5,000 hole-in-one sponsor hole has been donated. Teams of four golfers will be competing for the grand prize. We are still accepting registration for golfers and prize sponsorship.

If you would like to participate, please contact the chamber office 250-642-6112. In our e-news Aug 15 edition, we mentioned bringing your own dishes, etc. Our thoughts were to go “green.” For those unable to bring your own, for whatever reason, we will have a supply on board, even one less paper plate, one less plastic fork and one less plastic cup in

our landfill helps. Following our golf tourney the Sooke Lions will be hosting our first mixer of the fall. Join us Sept. 29 at the Prestige Hotel from 5:30 – 7:30 where the Lions will share some exciting ideas and plans with chamber members. The chamber will be holding an open house October 12. We invite you to join us from 5 –

MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS “Experts in your Best Interest”

Eleanor Brooks







Across from Home Hardware Right Above The Mortgage Centre

Home SALE..........................

$ 495.00

(new, used or strata properties - includes payout of one mortgage)

Home PURCHASE.............

$ 995.00

(used or strata properties - includes preparation of one mortgage)

Home RE-MORTGAGE........ $ 595.00 (new, used or strata properties - includes payout of one mortgage)

Prices include all legal fees, disbursements and HST! We Have the Best Advertised Prices on Vancouver Island ! If you can find a better price that we can confirm, we’ll do our best to top it!

“Lawyer Services at Notary Prices”

7 p.m. at our new location Unit 1B 6631 Sooke Road. Workshops for the fall include: SuperHost (October) and First – aid (November). Welcome new chamber members: GNK Insurance, Shine Bright Cleaners, Corsica Systems, Nanotech Nutritionals, and Shadow OFA level 3 Attendant Services/Security.


PRIME currently 3.00%

1) Don’t Just Sign That Renewal Notice 2) Let Me Save You Time and Money 3) Phone:


YOUR OWN MOUNTAIN! 60 ACRES IN METCHOSIN “30 Chains” Mountain rises to an altitude of over 700ft. where the eagles soar and offers breath taking views from many locations. Several ideal building sites exist as the property while sloping features many plateaus. At the base of the mountain the beautiful Veitch Creek meanders through the corner of the property and is home to a healthy population of small cutthroat trout. Subdivision potential as the minimum lot size in this zoning (UP) is 9.88 acres. A must see!! MLS # 292269 $949,000

Brendan Herlihy Time for a move?

250 642-3240

Mortgage Shopping Made Easy! We will beat any competitors fixed or variable rate term. OAC. No fee transfer mortgages. Get the banks to fight over your mortgage One call beats them all

3 . 49 % 2 5 0 - 6 4 2 - 0 4 0 5 1A-6631 Sooke Rd

20 â&#x20AC;˘ LIFESTYLES







We Serve


Where Good Friends Meet!

Sooke River Hotel Sooke River Hotel ......................250-642-9900 Castle Beer & Wine Store Licensed Liquor Store ..............250-642-5055 Yenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen ...............................250-642-3111 Castle Cafe ...................................250-642-6156 6309 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC


Sookeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Full Service Copy Centre! $FEBS(SPWF$FOUSFt"U)3#MPDL0ĂłDF 1-6716 West Coast Rd. V9Z 1G1 email:

TEL:t'AX: 250-642-7155

We have started to compile the 2012 Directory and will be contacting our Customers over the next few weeks.

Submitted photo

Happy babies A super cute picture from the winter prenatal class reunion at Sooke Family Resource Society. It has been one year since they started the classes and outreach program. The next prenatal class is in September. The Prenatal Education and Outreach Services provides local group or individual prenatal education, support, and outreach to pregnant women and their families in Sooke and the surrounding areas. This service works to ensure that all who need or want prenatal services can access low to no-cost programming. All pregnant women may find benefit from the support of these services and resources. The overall goal of this program is to provide services to enhance the health of families in our community. If you or someone you know needs extra support in pregnancy please call: Sooke Family Resource Society at 250-642-5152.

Residential Listings New listing? Have you changed your number or address? Let us know. Fill in the card in the back of the 2011 directory and mail in or contact us by e-mail or phone. New Feature This year the Directory will be available on our Web Site: or 778 425-4420 AL or Lorne


Where milk comes from... Youngsters nowadays sometimes grow up thinking milk originates with cartons in a grocery store. Fifty years ago in Sooke dairy farms were still a feature of the landscape, with herds of milk cows grazing the fields, a bull in their midst. Youngsters at that time would likely see milk cans along the roadside of farms, waiting for pickup by a freight truck carrying them to commercial dairies such as Island Farms in Victoria for processing. These farms with dairy herds included the Jensens in Saseenos, the Milnes at the river, the Sheilds/later Kendrews on Phillips Road, the Nissen farm later operated by the Cotterills which was situated where Journey Middle School and Ecole Poirier stand today; the Rudds on Church, the Lunsons on Helgesen, the Acremans (now “the Ponds”) and Woodside Farm, home of the Glinz/Wilfords. A farmer with a substantial herd generally kept his own bull to service the cows. As a cow is geared to produce milk after calving, it follows that if no new calf was underway, the cow’s milk production would decrease. Smaller farms that did not keep their own bull were faced with the need to arrange a meeting between a neighbour’s bull and their cow that was ready to

School District #62 (Sooke) REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND SCHOOL START/DISMISSAL TIMES SEPTEMBER, 2011 Parents new to the Sooke School District are asked to register their children at their neighbourhood school between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. during the week of August 30 – September 2, 2011. The first day of school is Tuesday, September 6. All schools will be in session for one-half day. Classroom vacancies will not be known until after the first day of school so children new to the school may not be placed until September 7 or 8. Kindergarten parents please note: The first regular day for Kindergarten students will be Wednesday, September 14, with orientation sessions scheduled from September 7 – 13. Details of this schedule will be communicated by the school.

renew production (“in heat”). Back in the 30s, 40s, 50s it would generally be the chore of a farm boy to lead the haltered cow along the roadside to the farm that hosted the dairy bull. This Mirror photo by Susan McLean in 1983 shows advanced mechanization in bringing the cow to the bull;

Slim Braulin who owned the milk cow drove the truck while Phil Wilford of Woodside held the halter. Today, technological advancement has meant that bulls are seen less frequently on farm fields of the area as artificial insemination has replaced the natural process. A contrast indeed

to a century ago when bulls and cows that had grown wild roamed the hills in the North Sooke and Saseenos areas, likely strays from the “Sooke Way Dairy” run by John and Ada Doran near Glinz Lake Road. Elida Peers, Historian Sooke Region Museum

Edward Milne (Friday only) Journey (Friday only) John Muir Poirier Port Renfrew (Friday only) Saseenos Sooke

Start 8:40 a.m. 8:40 a.m. 8:45 a.m. 8:45 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 8:45 a.m. 8:45 a.m.

Dismissal 3:05 p.m. 1:45 p.m. 2:50 p.m. 1:45 p.m. 2:50 p.m. 2:45 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 12:10 p.m. 2:45 p.m. 2:45 p.m.

Fall Registration

September 6th and 7th • 4pm - 7pm Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & Modern Dance

109-2675 Wilfert Road •




life in their shoes

The Hero In You® education program offers a series of FREE curriculum-linked lesson plans (grades 4-7) aimed to motivate children to find the champion within themselves. In addition, teachers can request a FREE classroom presentation delivered in-person by a Hall of Fame athlete!

Attention Teachers:

NEWS • 21

If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would like to book a presentation for your classroom, call Michael Markowsky (604) 647-7449 or visit to download lesson plans.

9th Annual Fundraising

Golf Tournament and Dinner

Thursday September 8 DeMamiel Creek Golf Course Registration and Check In 11:45 Shot Gun Start 1:00 9 Holes Dinner to Follow Tickets $50 each Available at the Chamber Of Commerce Of ce

Call 250 642 6112 FUTURE SHOP - CORRECTION NOTICE NEWSPAPER RETRACTION FOR THE FUTURE SHOP AUGUST 19 AND 26 CORPORATE FLYER Please note that the 32” LG LV3400 Series LED HDTV (WebID: 10176357) advertised on the front cover of the August 19 flyer and the back cover of the August 26 flyer has 720p resolution, NOT 1080p, as previously advertised. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers


i n f o @ s o o k e r e g i o n c h a m b e r. c o m

Do you have doubts or think doubts make you a weak believer? Our spiritual models of all times experienced doubts: !nding their certainty was in a land of uncertainty. They wondered, wavered, yet still believed beyond belief, because doubt is a good thing. It’s something for which we should be grateful. For unlike answers that presume the static nature of God and the spiritual life, doubt stretches us beyond ourselves to the guidance of a God whose face is not always in books. Doubt leaves us open to truth, wherever we !nd it; however dif!cult to accept. Doubt requires us to recon!rm everything we’ve ever been made to believe is unassailable. Who wants a series of packaged assumptions? Moreover they don’t even belong to us. Who wants another’s truth that we have made our own? We’d have all that, if not for doubt. Accepting truth as it comes to us, rather than seeking truth for ourselves, brings big problems. Those other truths are not worth dying for, because then we’d have ideas within us that would result in lives lived with neither passion nor care. You’ve seen it... the kind of faith that happens around us, but not in us; a “go through the motions” faith. Doubt, on the other hand, is the mother of conviction bringing about a stronger belief system. It brings the knowledge that truths are now true for us, not just for someone else. So, don’t suppress doubt nor discourage thinking. If you do, you’ll make a person more susceptible to the cynical, and more of a naive believer. There’s no doubt about that!

The Revs. Alex and Nancy Nagy, Holy Trinity

REDEEMER LUTHERAN CHURCH (LCC) 911 Jenkins Ave, Langford, BC SERVICE: Sun 11:00am (Holy Communion) SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:30am BIBLE STUDY: Sun 9:45am Tues 9:30am 250-478-4149


HOLY TRINITY Anglican Church 1962 Murray Road | 250-642-3172 HOLY COMMUNION SERVICES Sunday & Wednesday 10am Saturday 5pm Revs Dr. Alex and Nancy Nagy

KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 2110 Church Rd | 250-642-4124 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:15 am Pre-Service Singing 10:30 am Family worship Rev. Dr Gordon Kouwenberg Parents Room and well equipped Nursery

SOOKE BAPTIST CHURCH 7110 West Coast Road | 250-642-3424 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:00 am Children, youth & adult ministries Pastor Dwight Geiger Email

ST. ROSE OF LIMA Roman Catholic Parish 6221 Sooke Rd. | 250-642-3945 | Fax: 778-425-3945 Saturday Mass 5pm | Sunday Mass, 10 am Thursday Mass 10:30 am Children’s Religious Ed: Sat. 3:45pm Office Hours: Tue-Wed 10-2, Thurs 2pm-4pm Rev. Fr. Michael Favero

6851 West Coast Road Pastor Eduardo Aristizabal SUNDAY SERVICE 10:00am 250.642.4822




Benjamin Yong photo

Learning centre Work is being completed at the Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre. The facility will be opening in September.

Questions and Answers from Sooke

PROFESSIONALS Q. Just heard about the (LiveSmart) grants offered by the BC Government! Are you involved in this and, if so, what can you tell me? A. Well, as a home owner you can get up to $7,000 and more in tax-free BC government grants for new furnaces, hot water tanks, heat pumps, geothermal heating, solar, tankless water heaters, air conditioning ... and more which started April 1, 2011. You can apply for grants for $700 for gas high efficiency furnace; $1,600 for a heat pump; $300 for condensing water heater or tankless on demand water heaters; $700 for Condensing Boilers; $1,100 for HRV units; $500 Solar hot water system and $2,500 Geo Thermal. If you have a plumbing, gas, propane or heating that needs questions answered, don’t hesitate to call us at 250-642-4499 or Kel’s cell at 250-883-4349. 24/7 Lost? Look for the Northern Star for direction. We specialize in ‘Peace of Mind’

How quickly your home sells depends on several factors. Pricing - How does the Price of your home compare with similar homes? Presentation - Sprucing up & making minor repairs to your home is the most effective thing you can do. Promotion - The more Buyers know your home is For Sale the better. In a “Hot Market” a For Sale sign in your Living Room window may be all it takes to bring in Buyers. In today’s Market the importance of Pricing, Presentation and Promotion are critical in ensuring your home sells in a timely fashion and for the best price. Questions? Call Michael at 250-642-6056 or email

Q. How can I tell if my air filter needs changing? A. You can usually tell the filter needs changing by looking at it. If it appears dirty, change it. If you are unsure, try this; when that engine has warmed up, put the car in park or neutral and, with the emergency brake on, let the car idle. Open the filter lid and remove the filter. If the engine begins to run faster, you need to change the filter.

Q. I’m a parent and wondering, should I consider critical illness insurance for my child? A. Many things come to mind when we think of our children: their health and happiness, their future and financial security, and our own peace of mind. We don’t want to think that anything will happen to our children, but most of us know someone whose child has become ill and the family has had to struggle financially to go out-of-town or take time off while their child undergoes treatment. Critical Illness Insurance can provide important coverage that can last throughout a child’s life. It pays a lump sum benefit if your child is diagnosed with a critical illness and allows you to take time off to be with your child during this crucial time. You may also add an option that returns what you’ve paid if a claim has not been made. It’s great to know that if you don’t need to use the insurance you could get your money back.

Q. Where can I find help after school for my daughter who’s struggling with reading, and my son who has difficulty with math? A. The Sooke Region Literacy Project has partnered with the READ Society to offer some new tutoring services right here in Sooke, beginning this September! The READ Society is a nonprofit agency that has provided learning and literacy programs in Greater Victoria for 35 years, from Sidney to Colwood. For the first time, READ Society services will be available in Sooke, two days a week at Edward Milne Community School. These low-cost services are also offered on a sliding scale, so all families can access them. For more information, or to register your child, call the READ Society at 250-388-7225.

Q: Can I be pre-approved for a mortgage? A: We get asked this question the most at this time of year. You can be pre-approved for a mortgage. It is best to know how much you can afford to spend before you start shopping for your next home. Also, when you get a pre-approved mortgage, your interest rate is guaranteed for up to 120 days. Obtaining a pre-approval is absolutely free, with no cost and no obligation.

Jodie McDonald 250-580-2252 Literacy Outreach Coordinator Sooke Region, Vancouver Island


Wanderlust is satisfied for great views of the Sooke Basin.

With permission of Rural Observer and Rosemary Jorna; Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society Here is an inventory of local trails and walks in the Sooke /Juan de Fuca area that are easy to moderate in length and footing. Be on the lookout for wildlife and other trail users. And take your garbage home with you. Enjoy! Sooke - Park at the Ella Road beach access for a beach walk. - Park at the Whiffin Spit lot and walk the Whiffin Spit to the lighthouse and back. Or check for a low tide to walk along the beach past the Sooke Harbour House to the stairs up to Austin Place. Return along Deerlepe Rd and turn right to the Whiffin Spit parking lot. This is a boulder beach with interesting rocks. Watch your footing and enjoy the seals and sea birds. - Park at Ed Macgregor Park parking area on West Coast Road. Enjoy the board walk and shore.


File photo

East Sooke Park is a favourite for walks and wanders. - Park at Phillips Road just before Sunriver Way and enjoy a 1.5 km nature trail along the Sooke River. - The Galloping Goose Park on Sooke River Road at Charters Creek and check out the new Salmon Interpretative Centre. Proceed under the trestle and left up to the Galloping Goose. Cross the Charters Creek Trestle and take an immediate right to the Owl Trail down to Sooke River Road, right again back to your car. -Go to the right on the Galloping Goose to the Todd Creek trestle

and back. If the creek is low, cross the trestle and follow the horse ford trail back to the Galloping Goose. There are spectacular wild flowers in the spring. - Park at the Sooke Potholes Regional Park for many wanders near the Sooke River. At upper parking lot (Barnes Station) proceed onto the Goose and immediately to the right to follow Mary Vine Creek to a waterfall. Many Hikes in the Sooke Hills beyond. - Park on West Coast Road at Cooper’s Cove and walk the Goose towards Roche Cove

East Sooke - Park on Gillespie Road at Roche Cove. Walk on the Galloping Goose towards Matheson Lake; take the Cedar Grove Trail through the deep woods parallel to the Goose; or follow the path along Matheson Creek to Matheson Lake. For a long hike follow the trail around Matheson Lake. - Park on East Sooke Road at Seagirt Road and follow trails in the Ponds Community Park. - Park at the end of Pike Road and follow the trail to Iron Mine Bay; enjoy old growth forest, sea stars, anemones and views. - Park at the Aylard Farm parking lot at East Sooke Park and proceed to the beach; go left around the Point for excellent views or go right to the petroglyphs and return. Enjoy many much longer hikes with varying levels of difficulty in East Sooke Park. (More next week)

Dr. Justin and Lesley Epstein, Dr. Cam McCrodan and Dr. Netty Sutjahjo, Optometrists

Eye Examinations Available Drs. Justin and Lesley Epstein, Dr. Netty Sutjahjo, and Dr. Cam McCrodan, Optometrists, provide complete eye health & vision exams at IRIS in Victoria, Sidney, and Langford. New patients welcome! Receive !100 Cash Back when you purchase featured frames with fully coated lenses. See store for details.

Tillicum Centre

1964 Fort Street



707 View Street


Langford 693 Hoffman Avenue



Hillside Centre


Mayfair Shopping Ctr.


Sidney 2423 Beacon Avenue


Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and IRIS The Visual Group.

What’s Up in Sooke This Week Wed. Thurs. Fri. August 24

August 25

August 26





TOASTMASTERS Enjoy an evening of public speaking with the Sooke Harbour Toastmasters. From 7 until 8:30 p.m. upstairs at Village Foods. Everyone is welcome.

TAI CHI join the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada Pacific Region for some Tai Chi. Beginners and continuing classes offered at the Sooke Legion on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Call 250-642-2731 for more information or to register.

VITAL VITTLES Free lunch every Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Holy Trinity Church on Murray Road. Everyone welcome.

COUNTRY MARKET Today on Otter Point Road at Eustace.

OPEN MIC NIGHT Drop by the 17 Mile House Pub and catch a musical act or two during their weekly open mic night. Open until 11 p.m. 250-642-5942 for more information.

EUCHRE NIGHT Starts at 7 p.m. sharp at Sooke Legion.

YOUTH CLINIC at Harbour Family Medical Clinic – 4 to 7 p.m. 250-642-4233

SOOKE FAMILY RESOURCE SOCIETY Come out for a walk from 9:30 until 11 a.m. at the boardwalk that concludes with bubbles at Ed MacGregor Park. Meet at SFRS.

BODY HEALTH The Sooke Integrated Health Network wraps up its Healthy Living Nutrition Course with a one-hour grocery store tour. Must be an IHN client to register, call 250519-5295.

August 27

MEAT DRAW Every Saturday at the Sooke Legion at 3 p.m. Tickets are a dollar each. Good luck!


DRUG MART 250-642-5229

All Community events which purchase a display ad will now appear in our current community event calendar at no charge. All FREE EVENTS will be listed at no charge. Space permitting.

August 28

Charters bear

August 29

SOOKE MOON The Community Wellness Society is holding its annual general meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Reading Room Cafe. Open to the public.

August 30

BABY TALK Join VIHA’s Sooke Health Unit to learn about the first foods for your baby at the CASA building from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Info: 250-642-5464.

24 • NEWS

Capital Regional District Notice of Public Hearing Public Hearing Notice No. 1

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 890, 891 and 892 of the Local Government Act that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Edward Milne Community School Theatre Located at: 6218 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC On: September 6, 2011 at 5 pm and September 7, 2011 at 5 pm To consider adoption of: Bylaw No. 3755 – cited as “Land Use Bylaw for the Rural Resource Lands, Bylaw No. 1, 2009, Amendment No. 2, 2011”. The purpose of Bylaw No. 3755 is to amend Bylaw No. 3602, “Land Use Bylaw for the Rural Resource Lands” to create a new Marine Trail Resort (MTR) zone providing for a destination tourist resort complex. The proposed new MTR zone will allow for the following uses: 257 cabins, one resort lodge building, two resort recreation buildings, six caretaker residences and public park. Bylaw No. 3755 proposes to remove the following lands from the existing Resource Lands (RL) zone and add them to the MTR zone: District Lot 564, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63203; District Lot 565, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63203; District Lot 566, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63204; District Lot 567, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63204; District Lot 568, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205; District Lot 569, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205 and District Lot 570, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205 as shown on Maps 1-7 provided (the “Lands”). The permitted uses in the MTR Zone are allocated on the Lands in accordance with the development areas shown as A-1 to A-9 and the park land dedications areas on Maps 1-7 provided. The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed Bylaw. A copy of the proposed Bylaw No. 3755 and other relevant documents and information may be inspected at the Juan de Fuca Planning office, 2-6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from August 24 to September 6, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the Capital Regional District (CRD) website at Written submissions should be sent to the CRD, Juan de Fuca Planning office, by mail to P.O. Box 283, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0S9; by fax at 250.642.5274 or by email at Written submissions should be received no later than 4 pm on September 1, 2011 to ensure their availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of a public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors. The public hearing on Bylaw No. 3755 has been delegated by the CRD Board to the Electoral Area Director, or his or her Alternate Director. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making this delegation is available for public inspection along with the Bylaw referred to in this Notice at the location, days and hours set out in this notice for the inspection of Bylaw No. 3755. For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206 or

Public Hearing Notice No. 2

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 905.3 of the Local Government Act that a Public Hearing: Will be held at: Edward Milne Community School Theatre Located at: 6218 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC On: September 6, 2011 at 5 pm and September 7, 2011 at 5 pm Bylaw No. 3783 – cited as “Capital Regional District Marine Trail Holdings Phased Development Agreement Bylaw No. 1, 2011”. The purpose of Bylaw No. 3783 is to authorize the Capital Regional District (CRD) to enter into a Phased Development Agreement with Marine Trail Holdings No. 1 Ltd., Marine Trail Holdings No. 2 Ltd. and Marine Trail Holdings No. 3 Ltd. (the “Developer”) in the form attached to the Bylaw with respect to the lands described as: District Lot 564, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63203; District Lot 565, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63203; District Lot 566, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63204; District Lot 567, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63204; District Lot 568, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205; District Lot 569, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205 and District Lot 570, Renfrew District Except Part in Plan VIP63205, as shown on Maps 1-7 provided (the “Lands”). The Developer proposes to develop the Lands to create a destination tourist resort complex that fits within the parameters of proposed Bylaw No. 3755 “Land Use Bylaw for the Rural Resource Lands, Bylaw No. 1, 2009, Amendment No. 2, 2011”. Bylaw 3755 removes the Lands from the Resource Lands (RL) zone and adds them to the Marine Trail Resort (MTR) zone which permits the following uses on the Lands and which allocates those uses on the Lands in accordance with the development areas A-1 to A-9 and the park land dedications areas as shown on Maps 1-7 provided: 257 cabins, one resort lodge building, two resort recreation buildings, six caretaker residences and public park. The purpose of the Phased Development Agreement applicable to the development on the Lands is to secure park land, trails and other amenities that have been offered by the Developer; to address water and septic services, fire protection and emergency services; and to require covenants to protect the conservation area, to restrict use to temporary accommodation, to require bear smart initiatives and pet control, and for fire protection. Under the Agreement, the CRD agrees that Bylaw No. 3755 will not be amended or repealed without the consent of the Developer for the 10 year term of the Agreement. The Agreement may be assigned to a Strata Corporation, to the purchaser of a strata lot or an affiliate of the Developer if such Strata Corporation, purchaser or affiliate agrees to assume the obligations of the Developer. The Agreement may only be assigned to other persons if the CRD consents in writing. The actual bylaw should be reviewed to determine specifically how particular lands may be affected. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw will be provided an opportunity to be heard, or to present written submissions, on matters contained in the proposed Bylaw. A copy of the proposed Bylaw No. 3783 and other relevant documents and information may be inspected at the Juan de Fuca Planning office, 2-6868 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from August 24 to September 6, 2011, excluding statutory holidays, and are available from the CRD website at Written submissions should be sent to the CRD, Juan de Fuca Planning office, by mail to P.O. Box 283, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0S9; by fax at 250.642.5274 or by email at Written submissions should be received no later than 4 pm on September 1, 2011 to ensure their availability at the public hearing. Submissions will also be accepted at the public hearing. Following the close of a public hearing, no further submissions or comments from the public or interested persons can be accepted by the CRD Board of Directors. The public hearing on Bylaw No. 3783 has been delegated by the CRD Board to the Electoral Area Director, or his or her Alternate Director. A copy of the CRD Board resolution making the delegation is available for public inspection along with a copy of the Bylaw referred to in this Notice at the location, days and hours set out in this notice for the inspection of Byalw No. 3783. For further information, contact June Klassen, Manager, Local Area Planning at 250.642.1500 local 206 or S. Santarossa, Corporate Officer










SOOKE CRISIS & Referral Centre, 2043 Church Rd. Open 10am-1pm, Mon.-Fri. 250-642-0215.

MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees needed! Hospitals & Dr.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s need medical office & medical admin staff. No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1888-748-4126.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783

Dynamic Rail Services has an immediate opening for a Track Maintenance Foreman working out of our Vernon, BC office. The successful applicant will have a minimum of 5 years experience working on all aspects of track work and have experience as a Track Foreman. Please submit resumes including education, training and references to

PROFESSIONAL LIVE-IN couple w/customer service and marketing skills to manage midsize motels Comox Valley. Hotel/Motel exp. Salary/accommodation provided. Resume Fax 604-515-9773. Ph: 604760-5972

FULL-TIME CERTIFIED Heavy Duty Mechanic required by Bailey Western Star & Freightliner. Experience in service & repair of trucks, trailers & equipment. Fax resume to 250-286-0753 or email:

Needs a part-time clerk. Please bring resumes to the store. 250-642-7846

NEW LOCATION SENIORS Drop-In Centre DROP-IN across fromCENTRE Petrocan

TIRED OF the same old Hollywood Schlock? Rent feature length Awareness Film Night documentaries from Video-ToGo, 6660 Sooke Rd. Open 1010.

Firemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on SookeLounge Rd in Sooke Municipal Hall downtown Sooke 2205 Otter Point Rd. Reasonably priced Reasonably priced Lunch available available lunch Must Mustbe be19 19years yrs

250-642-6898 250-642-6898 formore more info for info

CALL FOR ENTRIES 9TH ANNUAL Kitty Coleman Woodland Artisan Festival. Fine Art and Quality Crafts Juried Show. Presented in a spectacular outdoor setting SEPT 3,4 & 5 Applications for Artisans are available at or phone 250-338-6901

FRENCH BEACH COOKING SCHOOL 2679 Seaside Dr., Shirley, BC Saturday, August 27, 10:00am-2:00pm Cuisine Shabu-Shabu Pork is a Japanese specialty; easily created and exquisite in taste and texture; Cost: $40/class Register: Marcie Gauntlett @ 250-646-2772 SATURDAY, August 27, 10 am - 2 pm, Sooke Fall Fair Flea Market, Sooke Community Hall dining room. $10/table. Call Candace 250-6425869


PERSONALS DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, Free to Try!!! 1-877297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call: #4011 or 1888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call: 1-866-311-9640 or #4010. Meet Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).

LOST AND FOUND FOUND: Did you lose something valuable near or on the Boardwalk on Friday, Aug.19. Please call 250-664-6884

GETAWAYS LONG BEACH - Ucluelet Deluxe waterfront cabin, sleeps 6, BBQ. Fall special. 2 nights $239 / 3 nights $299. Pets Okay. Rick 604-306-0891

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CHI RESOURCE website :


CONTACT LOAN Cupboard call 250-389-4607. Need a ride? Call 250-389-4661. DOWNTOWN VICTORIAparking available, 800 block of Broughton St. $225/month. Call 250-381-3633, local 247. JUAN DE FUCA Emergency Program Office: 250-642-2266 Co-ordinators Homes: 250642-3772. Cellular: 250-8830607. Email: Provincial Contact: 1800-663-3456 SOOKE MEALS on Wheels, Box 109, Sooke, BC V9Z 0E5. Alma Anslow 250-642-2184.



Courses Starting Now!

12160 - 88th Ave Sry. BC


SPACES AVAILABLE in Licensed After School Care. 250-642-2263 SUNRIVER CHILDCARE Centre has openings for ages 2 1/2 - 5. Open to all Sooke residents. 250-642-0608 DRIVERS/COURIER/ TRUCKING

Dry Bulk Owner Operators Required for work in Fort St. John. Excellent revenue up to $50,000/month! Call Ron: 1-250-263-1682 or E-mail Resume:

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Looking for a NEW job?


CAMP RESIDENT CARETAKER. Shawnigan Lk. BC Pls. refer to


Required: Journeyman Parts Person for Western Star Truck Dealership in Williams Lake Competitive wage and benefit package. Email or mail to James Western Star Sterling Ltd. 50 Rose Street, Williams Lake BC V2G 4G5 Absolutely no phone calls. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.




Call us for Complimentary

New Moms: Sonia 250-642-2120

Get certified in 13 weeks



Newcomers to Sooke & Surrounding Area: Judy 250-642-2268

WANT A career in the medical industry? Medical Office & Admin. Staff are needed now! No experience? Need training? Career Training & Job Placement Available! 1-888-7780459




12:45 - 3:00 pm

$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.



Thursday 12:45 - 3:00 p.m.




Every Tuesday & Every Tuesday & Thursday




Regular games

&!-),9x!../5.#%-%.43 #/--5.)49x !../5.#%-%.43 42!6%, #(),$2%. %-0,/9-%.4 0%23/.!,x3%26)#%3 "53).%33x3%26)#%3x 0%43xx,)6%34/#+ -%2#(!.$)3%x&/2x3!,% 2%!,x%34!4% 2%.4!,3 !54/-/4)6% -!2).%



Bonanzas, Bonanzas, Cracker Cracker Jack, Jack, Regular games

-!*/2ĂĽ#!4%'/2)%3ĂĽ ).ĂĽ/2$%2ĂĽ/&ĂĽ !00%!2!.#%

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required. Specialized in Honda or Yamaha outboards. $25 to $30 per hour plus benefits. Apply in person to Colleen Cox or e-mail resume in Port Hardy to:


The Lemare Group is currently seeking a heavy duty mechanic for the North Vancouver Island area. Full time, union wages. Email resume to or fax to: 250-956-4888.


We Believe in You. Small$MBTT4J[FTtMonthly Intakes Qualified*OTUSVDUPSTt Latest Software Financial OptionstFree Lifetime Refreshers No8BJUJOH-JTUTtCareer Fairs Job1MBDFNFOU"TTJTUBODFt4LJMMT Warranty }Practical Nursing }Health Care Assistant (Formerly Resident Care Attendant)

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384-8121 JOIN US ON:



The Lemare Group is currently seeking a heavy duty mechanic for the North Vancouver Island area. Full time, union wages. Email resume to or fax to: 250-956-4888. THE SOOKE NEWS Mirror cautions readers about sending money to obtain information about any employment opportunities





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IRRIGATION/SPRINKLER SYSTEMS SOOKE IRRIGATION SERVICES Sprinkler Installations, Repairs Renovations Maintenance Call Ben 250-818-7279


JN PAINTING “WCB Insured” Reliable/References Interior/Exterior


Now In Sooke Call Carrie 250-664-6236 250-893-5419

Ed & Faye 250-642-2398

SOOKE MOVING AND STORAGE Heated indoor storage, self contained, various sizes, 24 hr. security. outdoor storage available. Public access 9-5pm. Mon.- Sat. 2018 Idlemore Rd. 250- 642-6577


Gel Nails

Cheap disposal of furniture, appliances, junk and what have you? U&I type moving with covered pick-up truck.


COAL MOUNTAIN Fabricators are hiring experienced ticketed welders in Tumbler Ridge. Shift is 7 on 7 off (12hr days). Journeyman rate is $35/hr with benefits. Accommodations negotiable. If interested in joining a dynamic team in a fast paced environment please send resumes to: or ph: 250-242-9353.





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PATCHES,Drywall, skimming, old world texturing, coves, fireplaces. Bob, 250-642-5178.


*new construction *re roofs *repairs Call Deano 250-642-4075


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STUCCO/SIDING PATCHES, ADDITIONS, restucco, renos, chimney, waterproofing. Bob, 250-642-5178.



CLARK’S HOME RENOVATIONS (Family Owned & Operated Business)

Office: 250-642-5598 Cell: 250-361-8136 Service Installation


Tubs, Surround, Sinks, Taps, Vanity, Drains, Hot Water Tanks

Roofing, Framing, Drywall, Bathroom, Kitchen, Laminate, Decks, Fence, Painting

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FREE ITEMS FREE: WHISKERS, Very friendly neutered male cat, needs new home. Black and white, 5 years old, healthy. 250-642-7528

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FURNITURE ESTATE FURNITURE Sale: DayBed w/Trundle, 2 Mattresses, Bedding Pkge. Complete #349., King-Size Solid Pine Hdbrd., 2 Night Tables, ChiroPractic Mattress Set w/Roller Frame Complete $499., Mahogany Wash Stand w/Mirror, Bowl & Pitcher $349., Wicker Trunk $99., Oak Pedestal table, leaf, 4 chairs $299. Wooden Rocking Chair $199.; Back to School Sale Now! BUY & SAVE 9818 4th St., Sidney.

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REAL ESTATE ACREAGE 82.8 ACRES, 300’ lakefront, S Cariboo. Beautiful, pastoral, private, rural setting. Borders crown land. Adjacent 80+ acre parcel available. view/lonebutte/ann/

THIS HOME HAS IT ALL! This 16 year old custom built 3600 sqft, 3 storey home features 4 bdrms, 4 baths, fabulous kitchen, roomy living room, natural gas fireplace, master bdrm with 4 pce ensuite. Great rec room (31x14) in finished basement. Completely finished 40x57 deluxe shop with separate bath. Property is 2.26 gorgeous, well kept acres. Visit for more information on this “one of a kind” property. Asking $649,000 RE/MAX Mid Island Realty Port Alberni, B.C. John Stilinovic 250-724-4725 Toll Free 1-877-723-5660


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RECREATIONAL PROPERTY COTTAGES- 1Bdrm Avail. Sept. 1st- $600; 2 Bdrm Avail. Oct 1st-$800. E-mail:

RARE OPPORTUNITY: waterfront property on beautiful Jim Lake, 0.83-acre with 360 sq ft insulated cabin, located near Green Lake/Watch Lake. Rare privacy, only three lots on the lake, good fishing for rainbows to 10 lbs, nice swimming, surrounded by crown land. Great trails for hiking, ATV and snowmobile. Seasonal 10-km back road access in 4x4 or pick-up. FSBO. $230,000. 250-395-0599. (Please see

RENTALS APARTMENT/CONDO LUXURY WATERFRONT, 2 bed condo, Sooke, $1300 unfurnished, $1600 furnished. Short or long term rental 250415-9787 SENIORS ONLY - Cubbon Apartments and Wetherby Apartments for Seniors - 55+ only please. We currently have a selection of 1 and 2 bedroom suites in our seniors only rental buildings in Victoria, B.C. Rents range from $800 for a 1 bedroom to $1100 and up for a 2 bedroom. Please call the following staff for information: Cubbon- 1035 North Park Street - 250-383-1162 and/or Wetherby Apartments - 3205 Wetherby Road - 250-598-1650



FRENCH BEACH, PROVINCIAL PARK furnished, $750, n/p, absolutely no smokers. Suitable for OLDER person. Damage deposit and references required. 250-646-2516.



Value Newer 1436’ Rancher 2/3 Bedrooms. 2 Bath Sooke Core. Hardwood, Gas, Heat exchange + extras. Email: Phone: 250-881-0164 HOUSE & COTTAGE for sale on 1.2 acre 250-642-1961





$900.00 - 2br, 1 bath walkout suite. incl 5 appliances, utilities, 1 parking spot. no pets, no smokers available now! 250-514-6471

INSTANT AUTO credit We can finance your auto loan in minutes, you Drive Home Now or we deliver to BC & Alberta



FEED & HAY HAY FOR sale 250-642-3151


GREAT PYRENEES Pups, 4 months, semi trained. Excellent Guard/Companion. Quiet and gentle. Good homes only. 250-642-0058





3 BD , Sooke town core, large yard/deck, ocean view. w/d, f/s, dw, wdst, new renos. Avail. Now. $1000.+ utils. 250-8899429 to view BRAND NEW Lower Duplex, 5 min. walk to Whiffin Spit. 2 bdrm, 1 bath, patio, fenced yard, W/D, 4 stainless appl $1050. + utils. Sorry, no pets. Avail. now. Call 250-642-0311.


4BR, 2 family rooms, dining kitchen, den, 1 bath washer/dryer, bright, N/S house, carport, yard for $1380 plus utilities. 50m to bus, next to Elementary school, walk to amenities. 250-642-0788 before 8pm FOR RENT: Cozy 2 Bed, 1 bath. 5 appl., wood stove, large fenced back yard. Pet friendly, $1400 + utilities. 250888-6171

OFFICE/RETAIL RETAIL SPACE in unique destination area. High tourism traffic; reduced off season rates. Established Native Art Gallery and Antique Store on site. Call 250-954-8981 or 250-586-1372.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CORNERSTONE PROPERTIES LTD. STEVE ROE Property & Strata Management Long time Sooke Resident Licensed & Local Prompt & Professional 250-642-1021

SHARED ACCOMMODATION SOOKE: SPACIOUS private bdrm and bath with shared living room, kitchen facilities for a single female boarder in the Brown’s home, 5686 Woodlands Rd, on acreage in Saseenos, just 20 mins from Langford. $595/mo, util’s, WiFi incld’d. NS/NP please. Call Christine and Don 250-6427992,

SUITES, LOWER 1200 SQ.FT, 2 Bed, Country setting. Available Immediately, $850 plus utilities. 778-4252527 2 BDRM. Bright large BSMT suite, close to Bus stop. N/S, N/P $900. plus half hydro. 250-642-7123

WANT A vehicle but stressed about your credit? Christmas in August, $500 cash back. We fund your future not your past. All credit situations accepted. 1-888-593-6095.

CARS 1990 DODGE Shadow, 144,000 K, reliable and well maint, $900obo. 250-478-8869 1993 TOYOTA Camry, good condition, $2400 obo. Call 250-380-9474. 1995 BMW 325i, lowering kit, new paint, custom wheels, new rubber, rear spoiler, $5500. Call 250-213-3180. 1998 MERCURY Mystic, 4 door sedan, auto, AC, PS, Sirius radio, radar detector. $3000. 250-642-3683 2002 HONDA Civic EX. 4-door, 5-speed, sport package, silver with grey interior. One owner, all service records avail. Power windows/locks, air. 111,000 km. $8500. 250884-2295. 2005 TOYOTA Prius Hybrid. $2500. (250)514-4535.

SPORTS & IMPORTS OKANAGAN’S Largest Used Car Super Store. Always open online at: www.b cmoto r product m 250-545-2206

TRUCKS & VANS 2007 DODGE Dakota, silver, 41,000kms, auto, a/c, cruise. $15,500. Call 250-884-6998.


2 Bed Basement Suite Sooke Core $800 + Utilities 250-642-3966 For Sept. 1, 2011

AVAILABLE NOW, 2 Br walkout suite. 5 appl, gas fireplace, screened windows & doors. Alarm system, gas, water, hydro, quiet parklike setting. Non smokers only. References required.$950. Available Sept. 1 250-642-1081


LOWER MAIN, 1 BR + Spare, F/P, Laundry room, storage, high quality, large, all utilities included, small pets, $890. N/S, References required for Sept. 250-642-5332 PM


SOOKE- LRG new 2 bdrm, W/D, 4 appls, close to amens, prkg, N/S. Refs. $950 inclds utils. (250)294-0874.



WATERFRONT DELUXE Ste, $750. Bach .Ste, private smoking porch, shared bath, $475. Sept1/Oct1. 250-642-2527

SUITES, UPPER LARGE 2 Bed, main floor of house. Fenced yard, pets ok., children ok. $900/m plus utilities. Available Immed. 250642-7700 after 6pm THE WHOLE second floor, 2BR,2 bath large suite, bright dining/living, large deck, sunroom. Large storage, small yard. N/S, quiet tenants only. At bus stop in centre. $980 plus utilities. or 250-514-7910 6-8pm

WANTED TO RENT $700-$800, Oct. 1st. 1 Bed, Sooke area. Utilities included. Quiet couple, N/P, outdoor smoker. 250-642-0441

TRANSPORTATION AUTO FINANCING FREE CASH back with $0 down at Auto Credit Fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599 DLN 30309. Free Delivery.


BRANCH 88 SOOKE AGM Wednesday Sept 7 1:00pm Sooke Fire Hall



Sooke Moon Community Wellness Society

Annual General Meeting



Monday August 29, 2011 6:30 PM

At The Reading Room Cafe 6660 Sooke Road

- Evergreen Centre -

Have You Got Bottles? Have You Got Drive?


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Graceful Folds

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Custom Blinds & Shades

We pay full deposit on ready to drink beverages except Milk and Milk Products...also, full deposits on Wine and Spirit Bottles and all Imported Beer Bottles!

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We are Located at 2032 Idlemore Road, Sooke B.C.


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COPY CENTRE Sooke’s Full Service Copy Centre! Bookkeeping & Payroll too!


250-642-3231 250-642-7155

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EYE EXAMS 642-0742 250-642-0742

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OPTICAL 642-0774 250-642-0774

L i s t y o u r b u s i n e s s C a l l 2 5 0 - 6 4 2 - 5 7 5 2 t o d a y. . .




Standing out for a cause Copsforcancer

Oceanside RCMP officers garnering plenty of attention in lead-up to Tour de Rock ride Auren Ruvinsky Black Press

When the Oceanside RCMP detachment’s Tour de Rock riders are out in full gear, they attract a lot of attention with people waving, honking and stopping them on the side of the road to chat. Const. Rochelle Carr and auxiliary officer Bill Peppy from the Parksville-based detachment take the interruptions in good spirit, aware the point is to get as much attention as possible as they train hard for their 1,000-kilometre cycle down Vancouver Island in September. “I love to work with kids,” said Carr, who has been in Parksville about one year, Special coming from three years at feature her first post in Tofino. She said that while Black Press Parksville isn’t exactly the newspapers on Lower Mainland, it feels Vancouver Island like a large, populated will publish this area compared to her time special feature covering four blocks in page spotlighting Tofino. police officers Growing up in the busy taking part Fraser Valley she imagined in this year’s Island communities would Canadian Cancer be too small for her, but she Society said she has come to enjoy Cops for Cancer the small-town atmosphere Tour de Rock. and loves how smaller communities come together for events like the Tour. Peppy, on the other hand, is used to smaller communities, having been in Parksville since 1999 and coming from the Cowichan Valley. He has volunteered with the RCMP since 2006, the year he and his wife Debbie took over organizing the Cops for Cancer golf tournament. They have been heavily involved in the Tour for years and last year even helped out with some of the cooking. “My wife has been the biggest supporter of the Tour. She’d be riding if she could,” he said, pointing out she’ll get to do more of the tournament organizing this year. “It’s about going to the next level of giving back,” he stressed. Peppy, bakery operations manager for Country Grocer in Nanaimo, has two children, Kurtis, 20, and Lindsey, 16. In his spare time is also head instructor of the

ON TOUR: This year’s Tour de Rock begins in Port Alice on Saturday, Sept. 24 and ends Friday, Oct. 7 in Victoria. Tour de Rock raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research and programs. Black Press photo

Const. Rochelle Carr and auxiliary officer Bill Peppy from Oceanside RCMP in Parksville will ride up to 150 kilometres per day, starting on Sept. 24, as they complete a 1,000-km bike journey across the Island to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

HELP OUT: Donations to Tour de Rock can be made at

for the trip. Carr, Peppy and the rest of the 22-member team of law enforcement, media and military personnel will ride as much as 150 km a day, on top of scheduled public events in communities from Port Hardy to Victoria.

FIND OUT: To catch up on all the Tour de Rock news, including rider profiles, please go online to:

Oceanside Martial Arts School in Parksville. The team is out training on local roads and appearing at numerous public events in the next couple months under the guidance of previous Parksville riders Pam Bolton and Dave Kokesch as they gear up



Freshly updated, beautiful neighbourhood, landscaped with a large flat backyard… this is an excellent spot to raise a family. This spacious home has 4 bedrooms including a large Master with ensuite. Sundeck off the very large kitchen. Sky lights, new Roof. Downstairs is a large “In-Law” suite with separate entrance. Backs onto treed acreage. This won’t last !!! Make this house YOUR HOME for $415,000.

MIKE WILLIAMS Proud to Sponsor

• Cops for Cancer •




Weeeeeeee are the champions 2011 BC Senior Games heat up

Loggers victorious in Manitoba tournament Benjamin Yong Sooke News Mirror

Sooke’s own Loggers men’s fastball team are the Western Canadian Senior Fastpitch champions. Returning home last week from the four-day event at Quarry Park in Stonewall, Manitoba, the team lost only one game at the tournament on their way to the top. “We were pretty confident—there’s four really good teams and it just worked out, we just got hot and played really hot,” said player manager Brian Banner. Play was a roundrobin format with nine teams, with every team playing six games. The loggers won all but the last game against the Bruno Merchants from Saskatchewan, losing to them 9-2. They would have a chance to even the score, however, facing them twice more in the playoffs with victories of 9-1 and then 2-1 in the gold medal game. “Our last game was good—we had just a couple tough outs (and) didn’t get the balls where we wanted to. (Then) we got a couple runs and we held them,” he said.

Barb Sinclair photos

Submited photo

The Sooke Loggers, 2011 Western Canadian Senior Fastpitch champions, take a team photo with their medals after the tournament in Stonewall, Manitoba that took place Aug. 11 to 14. From front left: Andrew Medwedrich, Darcy Walushka, Kris Walushka, Nick Medwedrich, Harley Thompson, Darren Koster, Sean Koster. Back left: Coach Len Banner, Chad Bryden, John Bishop, Chris Caron, Adam Shnarr, Rich Haldane, Brian Banner, Jared Cooper, coach Joe Medwedrich.

‘Our defence basically won us the game, it was outstanding.’ --Brian Banner Loggers’ player and manager “Our defence basically won us the game, it was outstanding.”

The Loggers had to find a way to win without pitcher Scott Lieph, who was away playing in the U23 Men’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championship in Ontario. They picked up a pitcher from Kelowna, Rich Haldane, who plays for the Invermere Braves. Haldane was “unreal” going 5-0 in the tournament. “I think he had 43 innings pitched, he had like 47 strikeouts.” The final on Sunday against the Merchants was a nail biter. The Loggers went into the

seventh inning up 2-0, then the Merchants scored a run. They had runners on first and third base with two out, then hit a fly ball to centre field caught by Nick Medwedrich that ended up winning the game. Notable mentions: the strongest hitters were second baseman Chad Bryden and shortstop Andrew Medwedrich, who scored the first run and, fittingly, drove home the winning run, said Banner. Nick hit a double in the fifth inning going two for three at the plate.


Congratulations to Brayden Heal on being nominated as this week’s SEAPARC Star. Brayden is a 7 year old Sooke Elementary School student who is looking forward to starting grade 3 in September. He is turning 8 soon and is planning a birthday party for himself and his brother who also has a birthday in September. His sports interests include hockey, dodge ball, baseball, soccer and swimming. He loves to sing and is starting piano lessons soon. He says that he would like to learn how to play hockey as well and might sign up for that too. We are told that he is very creative and can draw anything and does it very well. When he’s at home, he likes to play sports with his family and video games when his Dad lets him. He is very good at reading and thinks it’s because his Mom and his Nana started reading to him at an early age. He says that he started reading in grade one and likes reading Star Wars books. He learned how to ride his “two-wheeler” this summer and is proud to say that he can ride it on grass, sand and other bumpy surfaces. He helps out at home by making his own bed, putting away his laundry and helping with the family dog Fernando. He says that he’s a good big brother most of the time and his little brother Brennan agreed with that claim. Brayden is described as a very creative young man who is well mannered, helpful and very good with other children. His career choices include a Soccer Player, Prime Minister of Canada, an NHL Player and an Artist. What great goals you have Brayden! Thank you for being our SEAPARC Star of the Week; you are a wonderful young man.

Round Robin Stonewall Phantoms 3-3 Cree Nation Outlaws 1-5 Clanwilliam Greys 1-5 Bruno Merchants 6-0 Bulyea Rustlers 3-3 Clear Prarie 3-3 Lloydminster Dodgers 5-1 Sooke Loggers 5-1 Inuvik Huskies 0-6

The 60-and-over Sooke senior soccer players, above, stretch with the rest of their zone 1 team (players from southern Vancouver Island) last Thursday at the B.C. Senior Games in Castlegar. Also in action that day, The 55-and over-Sooke squad won their game against zone 6 (West Kootenay/Boundary) 3-0. Below, 60-and-over zone 1 teammates from Sooke Jim Wakeman, left, and Henry Heggelund take a picture before the game. Temperatures soared above 30 C in the three cities that took part: Castlegar, Trail and Nelson with various games played in each of those locations. There were several events held from Aug. 16 to 20 that included badminton, bowling, curling, ice hockey, slopitch, soccer, tennis, track and field, cycling, darts and even horseshoes.

WANT TO BE A LIFEGUARD? WE ARE OFFERING ALL OF THE NECESSARY COURSES THIS FALL. Bronze Star * Bronze Medallion * Bronze Cross* Standard First Aid National Lifeguard Service Register early (programs start in September) and be on your way to becoming a certified lifeguard! Call us for dates and details, and register early!

ICE SKATING LESSONS IT’S TIME TO REGISTER FOR OUR FALL ICE SKATING LESSONS FOR ALL AGES. *Check out our new convenient time for lessons on Sunday mornings. Do not be disappointed, these classes will fill up. Register today. Check out our website:



Bite Me Derby pays tribute to founders


Submitted photos

Benjamin Yong

Bottom left: derby winner Kevin Packford with his 42.7 chinook. Volunteers, left, unload the winning salmon.

Sooke News Mirror

Not only was the 2011 Bite Me Derby a sell out, but it was also extra special. This year’s event was dedicated to co-founder Laurie Spears who died from cancer last spring, said derby chairman Richard Jones. A memorial prize, a cottage trip for two in Port Renfrew, was created in his name for the largest hatchery fish caught, won by Doug Carter with a 23.2 lb. chinook salmon. Started 17 years ago by Spears and a couple of other fire fighters, tickets were $65 for the two-day open fishing competition in Pedder Bay that ended with a big barbecue at the Metchosin Fire Hall. “(The derby) was awesome. Our net proceeds go to the Pacific Salmon Foundation.” Jones said in the past they’ve donated up $10,000 to the foundation, and numbers for this year are still being tallied but he guessed between five and $10,000. The event also honours Hermann Volk, the former mayor and fire chief of Metchosin who passed away a few years ago. A $200 memorial prize was awarded for the largest salmon catch by a Metchosin firefighter, which went to Mark Woodger. The biggest overall fish was caught by Kevin Packford on Saturday with a 42.7 pounder. He sailed away with a 14 ft. boat, trailer, and motor worth $8,000. The other top 10 winners of the derby are listed to the right.




MON-SAT 8-530 SUNDAY 10-2

Only Locally Owned & Operated


Residential and Commercial PICK-UP SERVICE

Garbage & Recycling Drop-off FREE Metal Drop-off *Charge for refrigerants LOCATED AT: Quality Ser vice Butler Brothers a t A f f o r d a bl e P r i c e ! 6229 Sooke Road THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT

relax • awaken • refresh • empower

Pure Elements hair design & bodyworks ltd hair salon • esthetic services • spa

We are thrilled to Introduce...

WENDY CHARLTON our new master stylist & instructor!

Top 10 catches Place


Fish weight (lb.) Prize value

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Kevin Packford Melanie Gibson Scott Adams Dave Purnell Ryan Fairclough Trevor McCall Michael Lafrenere Frank Grandberg Eric Lund David Mountan

42.7 37.8 32.5 31.8 29.6 29.1 26.8 26 25.4 25.1

$8,000 $4,000 $1,500 $1,350 $1,200 $800 $700 $700 $450 $450


Born in Leeds, England, Wendy Charlton immigrated to Canada when just six months old. Over the years, she moved back and forth “across the pond” several times, finishing grade 12 and completing a two year arts degree in England. Wendy’s hairdressing career began at age 14, doing shampoos on weekends, while living in Bridlington, England. She soon moved on to complete a three year apprenticeship program at Warrick & David’s Hair Design. In a 4th year of intensive training, she studied advanced colouring and cutting at Vidal Sassoon and also at Tony and Guy. In 1990 Wendy returned to Canada and taught “pivot point” (a unique hair cutting technique requiring specialized training) for four years at Raymond Academy in Vancouver. From 1996 to 2011, she owned and operated her own salon, Hairz, in Vancouver. In 2003 Wendy was also head hunted by Blanche Macdonald as an instructor, teaching all aspects of the pivot point cutting technique. Recently relocating to Sooke for its natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere and great people, Wendy is honoured to work with Gwen and the entire Pure Elements team. Combining duties as both a Master Stylist and an Instructor, she looks forward to building her Sooke client base... and teaching the Pure Elements staff in their new Apprenticeship Program. Wendy is excited to offer her clients fabulous cuts, colours, foils, extensions, chemical restructuring and updos.

Would you like to try a fresh new look... with a European influence? Contact Wendy for a consultation... she looks forward to meeting you!

6689 Goodmere Rd 250-642-6452 at the corner of Murray Rd... 2 blocks south of the Otter Point Rd and Sooke Rd traffic lights

Monday: 10 - 4 • Tuesday - Thursday: 9 - 8 • Friday: 9 - 5 • Saturday: 9 - 4 • after hours by appointment

The Oak Bay Police Board Invites applications for Constable with a minimum of 2 (two) years current Police experience within the Province of B.C. Submit resume package to the

2205 Otter Point Road, Sooke Phone: 250-642-1634 Fax: 250-642-0541 email: website:

Chief Constable, Oak Bay Police Dept., 1703 Monterey Ave. Victoria, B.C. V8R 5V6 Closing date: September 7, 2011 The Oak Bay Police Dept. is committed to employment equity and encourage applications from qualified women and men including Aboriginal peoples and visible minorities.

Employment Opportunity The District of Sooke is currently seeking a full time Senior Engineering Technologist to join our dynamic team. Visit for details. Competition closes at 4:30 p.m. on August 26, 2011.


By order of the FIRE CHIEF Due to EXTREME Fire Danger, effective immediately and until further notice, a complete ban on burning including campfires is in now in effect in the District of Sooke. Effective: August 18, 2011

Upcoming Public Meetings There are no scheduled meetings until September 2011 This schedule is subject to change. Please call 250-642-1634 to confirm meetings. Council meeting agendas may be viewed at


Professionals eye local young football star

Benjamin Yong Sooke News Mirror

Malachi Ince may be an EMCS high school student now, but he could be well on his way to one day playing in the NFL. He was one of three kids in B.C. selected to attend Football University’s (FBU) annual Top Gun training camp late last month, an elite invitation-only two-day program in Williamsburg, Virginia. “It was a passing camp,” said the articulate 14 year old. “We did bag drills and stuff like that and they just wanted to see how you understood drills and reaction time.” “They” refer to about 100 former NFL players and coaches as well as scouts that look for young North American talent to mold into future professionals. Malachi said it’s a “fast track for a college scholarship,” because invitees get paired up with the National Collegiate Scouting Association. That means potential exposure to 400 colleges. “That’s what they emphasize, to get an education while playing football. That’s what they help you do.” The youngster, who started his career in town with little league, received an invite to Top Gun while in Vancouver at FBU’s regular camp that is held in over 40 cities in Canada and the United States. Grades six to eleven students who get nominated to join participate in three days of intensive football training, and a handful of lucky kids who display exceptional skills get

picked to move on. “There’s a lot of guys from Sooke that actually went to the original FBU camp, I’m the only one with the Top Gun but not everyone makes it the first year,” he said. Loree Ince, Malachi’s mother and personal fitness coach, said the program is great because of the academic aspect. “They plan them young with this group. It’s really neat, because before, back in my day, (in) football you could be dumb as long as you played the game. Now, they want these young men to have an education and be rounded, good productive members of society.” Malachi just finished his last season with the Sooke Peewee Seahawks and currently plays for the EMCS junior varsity team, which is a AA-level team. To be eligible for college football, though—he mentioned the University of Pittsburgh as a top choice because they also have a good history program which he wants to pursue—he needs to be playing AAA. That’s why he’s also playing for the Victoria Spartans community football league. “As far as we know, and have been told, Spartans is AAA,” said Loree. Whether a league is or isn’t is determined by the numbers of eligible players that meet a list of criteria like ages and grade levels, she said. If the Spartans aren’t AAA by the time Malachi gets to Grade 11 next year, they have to “make some big decisions” like enrolling

him in a school with a bigger football program like Mount Doug, Belmont or Nanaimo. “We have family (in Nanaimo), we’d all have to move—or he’d have to live with (his) aunt and uncle,” she said. They are hopeful that

won’t be the case, however, and Malachi can stay at Edward Milne and commute to Victoria for training and games. Loree, who is also a business owner and full-time foster parent, said people may not realize how much

SPORTS • 31 File/submitted photos

Malachi, front left, takes part in a group photo with his Sooke Peewee Seahawks teammates earlier this year. Below, he receives his credentials on the first day before the Top Gun opening ceremonies in Williamsburg,Virginia.

talent Sooke has. “We’ve got all these different athletes that are actually going past the community level that are doing really good,” she said. “There’s more football out there than meets the eye.”


Make sure they make it to class safely. This school year, prepare your kids for the road with a BCAA Student Membership. They’ll be protected with the same Road Assist services as our Basic Membership like towing, changing flat tires, boosting batteries and opening locked doors. Rest easier this semester knowing they’ll always be a phone call away from a BCAA trained technician who can help. Members, add a Student Membership for $51, non-members pay $87.25.* Give us a call at 310-2345 (toll free), visit or drop by your nearest BCAA office. *Prices exclude HST. Some restrictions may apply. Visit for complete terms and conditions.




for Members




Catching the big ones, wherever they are we look after you



Opportunity knocks!!! Builder Alert-Large mostly level .32 acre property awaiting your new home plans! Priced to please at $124,900 this expansive third of an acre lot is bordered by a seasonal babbling brook while also being afforded privacy by way of some mature Oliver Katz evergreens incl. fir & cedar. SituPersonal Real Estate Corporation ated in an area of newer homes in the always popular Broomhill area This attractive residence in the always popular Broomhill location is sure to please, featuring: 4 BR + Den 3 ba home with roomy 1 BR suite with separate entrance & parking. Bright spacious & updated Kitchen and family room with sliders to deck, Living & Melinda Brake Dining with gas fireplace vides cosy comfort and offers Mtn. & seasonal Ocean views.

Submitted photo

Above, Cole Rice, right, caught this 17 lb. salmon in Port Renfrew last month on a fishing trip with his cousin Dylan Lum, front, and guide John Lum. Right, Bill Hall with his 450 lb. catch in Mexico. He used a six-pound tuna as bait. It took him 1 1/2 hours to land the sword fish.


Canning Supplies

Day Time HT Time HT Time HT Time HT 24 05:38 3.0 21:38 8.9 SOOKE 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

06:30 07:15 07:56 00:40 01:45 02:50 03:55

2.6 2.3 2.0 9.2 9.2 8.5 8.2

13:52 14:10 14:34 08:33 09:08 09:41 10:12

6.9 7.2 7.5 2.3 2.6 3.0 3.6

15:50 17:51 19:30 15:01 15:29 15:58 16:28

6.9 6.6 5.9 7.9 8.2 8.5 9.2

22:38 9.2 23:38 9.2 20:33 21:28 22:21 23:13

5.2 4.6 3.9 3.3

TIMES ARE IN STANDARD TIME, HEIGHTS IN FEET Best fishing time: 1½ hours after high tide.




11 Decorative Mason Jar 20500

On All Rods And Reels

Decorative 500 ml Mason 1/12-Case PackJar 0 60528 20500 4 CASE: 500ml

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FAS Sidestripe Shrimp 1 lb - $13

3 or more Crabs - 10% off Local Seafood • Bait • Tackle • Gear • Fishing Charters 250-642-4410 • 6947 Westcoast Rd. @ Jock’s Dock

How do you spell Savings? F









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57 g



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Natural fruit pectin. Gels fruit/sugar mixtures for cooked or freezer jams.

Includes funnel, magnetic lid lifter, jar wrench and tongs. 4418-053 Reg. 13.99

Pectin Original

TRUE NORTH Electric Smoker



Reg 129.99



Smoker Chips 900g Bag


6626 Sooke Road 250-642-6366


Reg 5.29


Reg 2.29

Widemouth Lids 1-pc


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Agreement #40110541


Pirjo Raits photos

Clockwise from top left: Jean Conway and Jean Whiffin of the Sooke District Lioness Club; everyone gets into fitness; Shirley and Trevor Cope from Exsmith, England; Ida McDonald spins and promotes the Sooke Fall Fair; martial arts demonstrations; three pirates, Quinn, Blake and Dylan; Nicole paints a butterfly on seven-yearold Gravity’s face; Jenny and Minda Crandall at Jenny’s Old Country Fair. See all of the Shirley Day photos on the web at: www.sookenewsmirror. com. Click on Photo Store/Gallery on top right of web page.

Now Open Arrangements can be made in the privacy of your home or at our convenient location *Personalized Services & Memorial Receptions * Pre-Arrangments Available

250-478-4467 • #104 - 3212 Jacklin at Sooke Road


2 • ARTS


Be a director of your own film

Sooke Lions Club Wishes to Announce:

Western Canada’s newest film festival goes wild — Paws and Claws Film Festival debuts this fall

A new film festival showcasing local wildlife-inspired short films and documentaries, The Paws and Claws Film Festival, presented by the BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre, (Wild ARC), will make its debut Oct. 31 and run until Nov. 5 in Victoria. “We are really excited about the launch of this first ever annual film festival,” says Gina Bugslag, BC SPCA events coordinator for Vancouver Island. “The purpose of the festival is to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people and nature, through excellence in film, television, and other media. We are inviting all Western Canadian filmmakers, first time, amateur or pros of any age to submit their take on the diversity of wildlife in


Chris Knoglinger photo this part of the world and the challenges they face. We’re eagerly looking forward to reviewing the submissions and showcasing them at a special soiree when the festival wraps up November 5.” Films can be submitted from one of three categories: Youth Wildlife Education; Urban Wildlife; Wild Settings. Entry fee is $10; films made in any style or genre after 2009 are eligible. Deadline is October 15. Nominated films will be screened during the festival, with a screening Nov. 3 in

Victoria at which the general public will be able to vote for their favourites. Online viewing and voting will run from Oct. 31 to Nov. 5. Viewing and voting is by donation. Prizes will be awarded for the top three films and winning films will be featured in BC SPCA promotional materials. Films can portray Western Canadian wildlife at play, engaging in interesting behaviour, at home in their natural habitat or adapting to life in an urban environment. “Wildlife” encompasses free-living birds,

mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects. For detailed information on how to submit material as well as other pertinent details please visit www.spca., or email gbugslag@spca. for more information. The festival soiree will be held at CFB Esquimalt (Naden Wardroom), Nov. 5, 6-10 p.m. and includes gourmet short-plate dinner, film presentation and silent auction. Tickets will be available online.

Will be postponed until September, 2012 due to other other club commitments BUT we will be back bigger and better in 2012. Offer ends Sept. 30, 2011 .

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Aberdeen Mall Brentwood Town Centre Coquitlam Centre Guildford Town Centre Lougheed Town Centre Mayfair Shopping Centre

Metropolis at Metrotown Oakridge Centre Orchard Park Shopping Centre Park Royal Shopping Centre Richmond Centre Seven Oaks Shopping Centre


NEWS • 3

WestShore Centre for Learning & Training


WestShore Centre is the school of choice for over 2600 students annually We have classes that run during the day, night and even on weekends. We are open 12 months of the year because any time is the RIGHT TIME to learn. What are you interested in learning? What would you like to change for your future? Check out the information below and find the right fit for you. Come and join our growing WestShore family. You are sure to have a unique learning experience!

WestShore Centre, part of School District 62, has been providing academic courses, grade 12 completion and workplace training since 1986. Virtual Learning Anytime The newest and fastestgrowing phenomenon in education today is all about choice and connectivity. Courses are now available on-line so that learners can choose to study what they want, when they want, and where they want. There is an almost endless list of available courses that can be studied, any where, any time with the click of a mouse on your home computer or the touch of a finger on your iPad, and of course, because of the education guarantee from the Ministry of Education, all classes are FREE of charge for any BC resident. On-line learning enables everyone to have the opportunity to work around their personal schedules in order to access the great world of knowledge. Whether you are interested in updating a current certification, graduating from high school, or just learning something out of sheer interest, you will find the solution you are seeking

with on-line classes. With no scheduled classes to attend, you can work around your personal learning preferences. You also have the flexibility to finish your course in just a few weeks or conversely, you can take a full year to complete your learning. If you have not tried on-line learning before, now is the time to try something new. WestShore Centre operates a storefront classroom that is open 11 months of the year, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, to support you whenever you decide that you need some faceto-face time with your teacher or just a quiet place to work. Traditional or new age, it doesn’t matter… you have the choice in how you want to blend learning into your lifestyle and timeline. We offer solutions for all learners. We have courses and teachers who will help you build your skills and confidence with technology and help you navigate within the virtual learning world. Traditional learning, however, never goes out

of style and it is always available for those of you who prefer the paper version.

Join the FUTURE of LEARNING today. Make an appointment with our course counsellor and get connected! Join the other 1600 virtual students “learning their way” at WestShore!

What Is New At Westshore Centre This Year? Education is always growing and changing and at WestShore we make sure we grow and change too so that you get what you want and need.

Our New Line-Up For This Fall Includes: Introductory Spanish Bienvenido a español 11! This fabulous introductory Spanish course covers the basics from greetings and language structures to expressions and cultural understanding. You can use this course as a stepping stone to university entrance requirements, or to develop “survival Spanish” that is perfect for travel. Emphasis on communication will ensure that you are

speaking the language in poco tiempo. Don’t miss out on this clase excelente! Art Art class will give you the opportunity to explore the principles and elements of art through drawing, painting and print making. A variety of projects will include pen and ink drawing, scratchboard art, figure drawing, still life drawing, water colour & acrylic painting, and lino block printmaking. Each project will demonstrate different elements and principles of design. Social Justice 12 This is a self-paced course for those who are passionate about today’s world and want to explore the “issues of the day” while earning high school graduation credits. Advanced Placement AP classes promote educational and individual achievement in the subject areas you are passionate about. This program prepares students for College or University and allows students the opportunity to gain college or university credits as well as earning Advanced Placement credits while attending high school. The program promotes strong curricula, and helps school-aged students navigate the assessment

tools required for the rigors of higher education. This year we have 3 classes to choose from: • Advanced Placement English 12 • Advanced Placement French 12 • Advanced Placement Calculus 12

First Nations Grad Program Connection to community is a priority in this program. Students participate in career fairs, field trips, attend First Nations community events and partner with local First Nations Artists for art class. Who should consider the program? School aged students, who have completed grade 10 and Adults who require Grade 12 graduation (over 19) Academic courses The core program courses include: • Communications and English • Principles of Math or Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus • BC First Nations Studies • Aboriginal Art • First Nations Leadership • Physical Education

101-814 Goldstream Ave., Victoria, BC • 250-391-9002

Electives: • Carpentry - Students construct a variety of projects for members of the community. • First Nations Art 11/12 - Explores the diversity of First Nations art forms and design using a variety of mediums. Guest Instructors from the local art community will provide their experience and guidance throughout the course. Schedule Core subjects occur Monday to Thursday, 8:45-3:00 and electives on Friday mornings, 8:45-11:30.

It’s Easy To Register! • Call 250-391-9002 for an appointment with our academic advisor • Complete a personal learning plan • No registration fees • No tuition fees for academic courses • Textbook deposit may be required

Camosun College University transfer courses, see Page 4 for details.


4 • NEWS


WestShore Academic WestShoreCentre, Centre,Your YourSchool SchoolofofChoice Choicefor for AcademicCourses Courses250-391-9002 250-391-9002

Day & Evening Classroom Academic Schedule SUBJECTS


Mathematics Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10 Pre-Calculus 11 Foundations of Math 11 Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11 Principles of Math 12 (Sem 2) Sciences Biology 12 Chemistry 11 Physics 11 (Sem 1) Sustainable Resources 12 English English 12 Communications 12 Electives Art Foundation 11 or 12 First Nations Art 11/12 Carpentry 11/12 Physical Education 12 Accounting 11 Computer Foundations (Info Tech 10) Data Management 12 (DM12) Business Information Management 12 Musical Theatre 10/11/12

Semester 1 September b 6 to January 27, 2012

Day Classes AM - 8:45 to 11:30 PM - noon to 3:00

Afterschool & Evening Classes Afterschool 3:30 to 5:30 pm Evening - 6:00 to 8:30 pm, or 6:30 to 9:00

Storefront Tutorial Support Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, and 3:30-6:00 pm

Tuition Free If you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and a resident of BC a refundable textbook deposit is all that is required for most classes and can be paid by a post-dated cheque, MasterCard or Visa. International Student tuition fee: $500 if registered with SD62, $750 if out of district.

Learning Support All students registered in any WestShore Centre course or program can drop in to the Westshore Storefront, Monday to Thursday, for homework support with a teacher. Hours are Monday to Thursday, 9 am - 3:00 pm and 3:30 - 6:00 pm. Please check with your teacher on times for specialized tutorial assistance.



Mon/Wed Mon/Wed


Tue/Thur Tue/Thur


Tue/Thur Mon/Wed Tue/Thur

Wed/Fri Tues or Wed

Tue/Thur Mon/Wed

Wed Fri Wed/Fri Wed

Wed Wed Wed Mon/Wed Fri

Tue Wed Wed

Sundays (1-8 pm) Spencer Middle School

Classes start each month. Westshore Learning Centre offers Grade 8 to 12 academic courses, leading to a BC Graduation certificate, through our school, Juan de Fuca Distributed Learning. Grade 8-9, JDFDL Online provides a more flexible learning environment and the opportunity for acceleration. Grade 10-12, Secondary school students may supplement their regular school schedule with additional courses through JDFDL on-line or use this environment to begin Advanced Placement classes. The Adult Program provides a number of choices, from online courses to teacher-led seminars. These programs provide you with flexible learning options to complete graduation requirements. One-on-one or Small Group Assistance with homework and assignments is available at the Westshore Storefront located at the Goldstream Campus.

Grade 9 Mathematics 9 Science 9 Social Studies 9 English 9


Mon/Thur Tue/Thur

Online Academic Courses

Grade 8 Mathematics 8 Science 8 Social Studies 8 English 8


Grade 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus 10 Science 10 Social Studies 10 English 10 Spanish 10 PE 10 Planning 10

*Some courses may be paper-based or have a required classroom component. All students who register must meet the academic prerequisites of the course where applicable. For BC residents the tuition is free. A textbook deposit may be required.

Grade 11 Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11 Foundations of Math 11 Pre-Calculus Math 11 Earth Science 11 Physics 11 Chemistry 11 Biology 11 Social Studies 11 English 11 Communications 11

Call 250-391-9002 for an appointment with our academic advisor.

Grade 12 Principals of Mathematics 12 Calculus 12 Physics 12 Chemistry 12 Biology 12 Geography 12 History 12 Law 12 Physical Education 12 English 12 Communication 12 Data Management 12 Graduation Transitions Family Studies 12* Business Information Management 12* Social Justice 12: (Leadership & Global Studies)* Studio Arts Drawing & Painting 11, 12 Art Foundations 11, 12

Complete your personal learning plan. Courses follow Ministry of Education approved curriculum and meet the BC grad requirements.

AP French 12 Experience has shown that BC students who have completed or who are in the process of completing Français Langue 12 (Immersion) have already acquired all of the language skills necessary for success on the Advanced Placement French Language exam. AP French 12 is a course created at the WestShore Learning Centre to prepare students to write the exam.

The AP French Language course is comparable in content and difficulty to a university course. This course is offered online (via the Internet) so students may complete the course when it is convenient for them (September – April). Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn 4 provincial graduation credits. WestShore Learning Centre will help students to register for the exam (registration usually happens in April).

It’s Convenient!

Juan de Fuca Online! Courses that fit into your schedule.


Take the courses you need to complete graduation requirements.

Secondary School Students!

Work ahead and finish early. Achieve the prerequisites needed for post-secondary education.



NEWS • 5

250-391-9002 WestShore Centre, Your School of Choice for Academic Courses Medical Terminology This very intensive course will help you develop a solid knowledge of medical terms. Learn to spell, pronounce and understand medical words and phrases. Develop a basic understanding of body systems, anatomy, and medical disorders as well as word structures, prefixes, suffixes and root forms. This course is a fundamental prerequisite for many positions in the medical field. Expect extensive homework. This course is recognized by Camosun College for entry into certain healthcare programs and is the required prerequisite for VIHA and the Medical Transcription Program. Instructor: Angela Kemna 24 sessions Fee: $395 Location: WestShore Annex Text: The Language of Medicine 9th Ed. (Approx. $95) Prerequisite: English 12 or equivalent. Tuesday & Friday, Sep 20 - Dec 13, 2011 6:00 - 8:30 pm Tuesday & Friday, Jan 31 - Apr 24, 2012 6:00 - 8:30 pm Tuesday & Friday, May 1 - July 20, 2012 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Medical Transcription Information Session September 1, 7:00 pm The focus of the Medical Transcription Program is the use of digital technology to receive and transcribe medical reports, emphasizing a functional and comprehensive review of English usage and Medical Terminology. Learners will practice editing and proofreading techniques while building word processing skills and increasing their typing speed. The program combines traditional in-class training with a hands-on training experience (practicum) at a medical facility, or online organization. The Program consists of 115 instructional hours and 40 practicum hours. Digital Medical Transcription Discuss the importance of patient record confidentiality, the legal relationships between physicians and patients, the rules and application of punctuation, grammar, plurals, nouns, adjectives and proofreading and editing will be introduced. Using computers and medical transcription equipment, you will learn how to transcribe medical reports with attention to correct grammar, capitalization, numbers, punctuation, abbreviation, symbols and metric measurements. Medical terms in various medical specialties,

proofreading and editing, dictating practices, as well as efficient use of medical references and professional ethics are emphasized and practiced throughout. Medical Transcription Practicum: Once the classroom instruction is completed, and learners have fulfilled the required practicum prerequisites, you will work with the instructor to find a suitable placement for a minimum of 40 hours of practical work experience. Program Prerequisites: Applicants must fulfill the following prerequisites for acceptance into the program: • English 12 or equivalent Medical Terminology (proof of 75% within the last 3 years or assessment) • Typing speed of 40 wpm minimum (documentation or assessment is required) • Good computer and word processing skills (documentation or assessment is required) • Expect regular homework. Over 700 dictation minutes out of class work expected. Program Fee: $1625 Registration fee (non-refundable): $50 Materials: $380 (includes books, CD’s & WAV pedal, USB headphones)

Basic Medical Terminology for MOA’s This eight session course introduces you to basic medical terms you may encounter in a medical office or clinic. This course is offered as a prerequisite for Medical Office Assistant Procedures but does not fulfill entry outcomes into VIHA and most college programs. Adult students who have completed the 60 hour Medical Terminology course within the past 3 years, with 75% or better are not required to take the Basic Medical Terminology for MOA’s course. Medical Office Assistant Procedures Learn what is required to function efficiently in a medical office environment. Learn office procedures, medical records, communications, telephone techniques, how to assist physicians and the importance of confidentiality. Medical Billing & Keyboarding Learn computerized medical billing and scheduling using OSLER Medical Systems. A comprehensive medical billing program with varied and up-to-date modules that will assist the MOA in the medical office. Keyboarding speed and accuracy is a portion of this medical program and vital to an MOA.

Tuesday & Thursday, Oct 11 – Mar 29, 2012 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Instructor: Lee Price

Medical Office Assistant

Option A: This option includes Basic Medical Terminology for MOA’s, for those who do not already have Medical Terminology.

Information Session September 1, 6:00 pm A skilled Medical Office Assistant is an invaluable asset to any medical office, able to work smoothly and efficiently with medical professionals and patients while performing a range of office duties. If you enjoy working with people in a dynamic environment, this program will provide you with the skills to get started in this exciting career. Designed for adult students who already have prior computer and typing skills, this program consists of four core topics which total 80 hours, Basic Medical Terminology for MOA’s, Medical Office Assistant Procedures, Computerized Medical Billing and Medical Keyboarding. Adult students who do not have sufficient typing or computer skills are expected to achieve these skills prior to the Medical Billing and Keyboarding portion of the program. Assessment may be required.

Fall 2011 Program

Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30 – 9:00 pm Sep 26 – Feb 1, 2012 Feb 13 – June 6, 2012 Fee: $949 plus a $50 nonrefundable registration fee at registration. Texts: Medical Terminology – A Short Course - approx. $45 Procedures for the Medical Admin Assistant - approx. $95 Option B: For those who have already completed the 60 hour Medical Terminology course within the past 3 years, with 75% or better. Monday & Wednesday, 6:30 – 9:00 pm Nov 7 - Feb 1, 2012 Apr 2 - June 6, 2012

How to Apply for Career Programs Complete an application form; include all relevant documentation and $50 registration fee. Remainder of program fees are required on acceptance. Download an application from our website

Teaching Assistant Certificate Program (TACP) The Teaching Assistant Certificate Program (TACP) prepares students for a variety of para-professional duties in schools. Educational Assistants (EAs) work with pupils from K to 12 providing support with physical, learning, behavioral or emotional needs. Under the direction of a teacher, EAs perform diverse duties including coaching in basic subjects, preparing specialized teaching materials, meeting pupils’ physical needs, and maintaining progress records. The Teaching Assistant Certificate Program (TACP) consists of seven courses and two practicum placements. This is a part-time program. Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday evenings and alternate Saturdays. Evening classes are held 6:30 – 9:30 pm at S. J. Willis Education Centre, and Saturday classes are held from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at the WestShore Learning Centre, 814 Goldstream Ave. Applicants are encouraged to speak to people currently employed as EA’s and to look at the employment information on the site of the school district where you are interested in working.

For an application, contact S. J. Willis at 250-360-4332 Email: Medical Transcription Information Session September 1, 7:00 pm Medical Office Assistant Information Session September 1, 6:00 pm

Fee: $700 plus a $50 nonrefundable registration fee at registration. Texts: Procedures for the Medical Admin Assistant approx. $95

WestShore Centre for Learning & Training

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WestShore Centre, Your School of Choice for Academic Courses 250-391-9002 Bookkeeping Basics

Learn the fundamentals of the manual double entry bookkeeping system. Learn how to maintain a set of books and understand the principles involved. Instructor: Kerry Hall-Jardine 8 sessions Fee: $225 + book Wednesday, Oct 12 – Nov 30, 2011 6:00 - 8:30 pm Wednesday, Feb 1 – Mar 21, 2012 6:00 - 8:30 pm Text: Basic Bookkeeping - An Office Simulation (Approx. $95)

Bookkeeping Foundations with Simply Accounting

Learn how to cope with the bookkeeping demands of a small business. Explore the concepts and application of both manual and computerized bookkeeping through relevant, practical exercises and projects. The last 5 classes are on Simply Accounting. Instructor: Kerry Hall-Jardine Text: Basic Bookkeeping - An Office Simulation (Approx. $95) Simply Accounting materials included. 45 hours Fee: $549 + bookkeeping books Thursday & Friday, Feb 2 – Mar 22, 2012 6:00-9:00 pm

Keyboarding and Word 2010

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, use various typing programs and MS Word to improve your typing skills and increase your speed and accuracy. Learn the main features, text enhancements and proofing tools of Word 2010 to produce professional business letters and documents. Timed typing exercises will be conducted each class. Monday, Sep 12 – Oct 31, 2011 - 6:30 – 9:00 pm Monday, Feb 6 – Mar 19, 2012 - 6:30 – 9:00 pm Bookkeeping and Accounting courses are conducted at WestShore Learning Centre.

Traffic Control Person

This course is required for construction and road maintenance workers or for those who deal with traffic as part of their work. You will cover the newest Ministry of Transportation and Highways & WCB regulations, plus safe traffic control procedures and set-ups. Must wear approved footwear. Dress appropriately for the weather. Instructed by Roadmasters Safety Group Fee: $230 Location: WestShore Annex Classes are Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sep 24 & 25, 2011 Oct 8 & 9, 2011 Oct 22 & 23, 2011 Nov 12 & 13, 2011 Nov 26 & 27, 2011 Dec 10 & 11, 2011 Jan 14 & 15, 2012 New classes starting in February

Air Brakes Certification

Learn the basic principles in the operation of air brakes. Prepare for the provincial certification exam. The interactive classroom instruction includes an air equipped training device, a demonstration brake wheel and audiovisual aids. This course includes 16 hours of classroom instruction and 4 hours of practical hands-on training on an air brake-equipped vehicle. Instructed by Roadmasters Safety Group Meets ICBC requirements Please bring a valid driver’s license to class. Fee: $200 Location: WestShore Annex Classes are Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sep 17 & 18, 2011 Oct 8 & 9, 2011 Nov 12 & 13, 2011 Dec 10 & 11, 2011 Jan 14 & 15, 2012 New classes starting in February

Forklift Training

This Safety training course meets the requirements of WorkSafe BC and Canada Labour code regulations. The focus is on the prevention of accident & injuries that may be caused by the improper and unsafe use of forklifts. The training consists of a short classroom session and one-on-one practical training. Upon successful completion, each participant will receive a wallet card with a 3 year record of completion. Instructed by Roadmasters Safety Group Fee: $200 Location: WestShore Annex Classes are Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Sep 17, 2011 Oct 15, 2011 Nov 19, 2011 Dec 17, 2011 Jan 21, 2012 New classes starting in February

Composting 101

Learn the basics of composting in this two hour workshop. We will discuss several different methods for creating beautiful humus for your garden, including sheet mulching, trenching and hot composting, composter design and construction and the do’s and don’ts for backyard bins. Instructor: Candace Thompson Fee: $25 + hst Saturday, Nov 12, 2011 - 9:30 – 11:30 am Monday, Feb 6, 2012 - 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Preserving the Harvest Learn about canning, dehydrating, fermenting and storage methods. First class will discuss theory and participants will decide what to preserve in following class. Please bring recipes of interest to be considered. Instructor: Candace Thompson Fee: $45 + hst Saturday, Sept 17, 2011 - 9:30 - 2:00 pm Saturday, Oct 1, 2011 - 9:30 - 2:00 pm

Starting Seeds Indoors

Learn about soil mix, container options, seed selection, germination, planting techniques and timing. Please bring seeding questions and one variety of seed that you would like to start in class. Instructor: Candace Thompson Fee: $25 + hst Monday, Feb 27, 2012 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm Monday, Mar 12, 2012 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm Monday, Apr 2, 2012 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Eat Fresh Veggies From Your Garden Year Round

Even the seasoned West Coast gardener is likely to learn a few new tricks, but this is also a great class to take as an intro to growing your own veggies. Learn about planting and harvesting timelines, crop and seed selection, and how to lay out, design and prepare garden beds. Please bring a diagram of your garden space with dimensions and sun exposure. Instructor: Candace Thompson Fee: $45 + hst Saturday, Oct 22, 2011 - 9:30 – 2:00 pm Monday, Feb 13 & 20, 2012 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm Monday, Mar 19 & 26, 2012 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm

101-814 Goldstream Ave., Victoria, BC • 250-391-9002 •

WestShore Centre for Learning & Training

Let college come to YOU this fall!

Camosun brings more university transfer courses to the West Shore Each course provides transfer credit to UVic, VIU, UBC, SFU, and other BC universities. Find detailed info online at

Intro to Anthropology Computer Concepts

Criminal Justice System

English Composition

Intro to Philosophy

Contemporary Issues

ANTH 104-006 6-9pm, Thur. Sept 8-Dec 8, 1026 Goldstream Ave. Instructor: Karoline Guelke, MA This course introduces the four major sub-fields of anthropology, including archaeology and linguistics as well as physical and cultural perspectives.

CRIM 154-004 6-9pm, Mon. Sept 12-Dec 5, 2139 Sooke Rd. Instructor: TBA In this course, you’ll examine the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Canadian Criminal Justice system. You’ll analyze who does what (policing, courts, corrections) and look at how the system is supposed to function efficiently in our society.

ENGL 150-046 6-9pm, Tue. Sept 6-Dec 6, 2139 Sooke Rd. Instructor: Kari Jones, MA This is a required course in almost all university and college programs throughout BC and is equivalent to firstyear university English. As you develop your writing skills and learn to write in an organized, clear and effective manner, the course will prepare you to succeed in academic writing and research as well as critical thinking.

PHIL 100-006 6-9pm, Wed. Sept 7-Dec 7, 2139 Sooke Rd. Instructor: Craig Derksen, PhD Philosophy teaches us to think critically and clearly, and to develop valuable problemsolving skills. This course introduces issues such as the existence of God, the nature of knowledge, morality and justice, and the mind/body relationship.

PSYC 130-005 6-9pm, Tue. Sept 6-Dec 6, 1026 Goldstream Ave. Instructor: TBA This first-year course introduces you to major issues in psychology and considers their historical origins. Topics include personality, abnormal behaviour, and social interactions.

COMP 156-005A/B Sept 7-Dec 9, 814 Goldstream Ave. Lectures: W & Th, 4-5:20pm Labs: Fri 3-4:20pm (A) or 4:30-5:50pm (B) Instructor: Ken Hartman, BSc This course provides a solid foundation and practical exposure to the computer and can be used as an approved science elective for many university programs. Topics include computer terminology and environment, applications and usage, and a brief introduction to programming.

Less time driving means more time studying. And other fun stuff. For 40 years, adult learners have come to Camosun for university transfer courses. Now, at last, we’re coming to you! Continuing our partnership with the WestShore Centre for Learning & Training, Camosun is offering six of our most popular courses, using classroom space in West Shore facilities. These evening classes !"#$!$%"#!&$'(&)'*$+'"$,'"-)*%$!./0&12$!*.$3'/400$5#*#6&$+"'7$&8#$17!00$90!11#1$!*.$%"#!&$)*1&"/9&)'*$ Camosun is known for.

For more info: 250-370-3224



Apply now to start in September 1. Go to to apply online or download an application form to submit by mail, along with your application fee. The program you’re applying for is called: University Transfer. 2. Enrolment Services will mail you details about how and when to register. 3. Once you are registered in your course(s), purchase your textbooks in the Camosun bookstore. 4. Your tuition fees will be due two weeks after classes start.

w . c a m o s u n . c a / w e s t s h o r e


Where in the World?

to k c a B


Kids frames from $49.50

NEWS • 7


Kids complete package with scratch resistant lenses from $129.50

DIAMOND OPTICAL _ _ EYECARE June Williams photo

The Evans family from Calgary brought along a friend “Silverback” to read the Sooke News Mirror during their visit to Orveas Bay at Shirley this August.

6711 Eustace, Sooke, BC V9Z 0E4 (Off Otter Point Rd)

Eye Exams 250 642-0742 Optical 250 642-0774 Kids under 18 NO CHARGE Eye Exam with BC Care Card

This Ain’t Your Dad’ s Metal Roof Sooke homeowners discovering the benefits of “Ironwood Shake” roofs With Summer upon us, many homeowners are thinking about replacing their aging roofs after a nasty wet season. Although there are just about as many roofing options as there are rainstorms in a Vancouver Island winter, more and more homeowners are choosing to invest in a roofing material known as “Ironwood Shake,” a type of metal roof that many say strikes the perfect balance of beauty, durability and affordability. “Often when people hear ‘metal roof’ they immediately think of those long-form metal roofs that you see on barns and country houses,” says Len Anglin, owner of Ironwood Shake and Tile. “But Ironwood Shake looks just like other highend roofs, like concrete tile. You wouldn’t even know it’s metal to look at it.”


Forget everything you think you know about metal roofing! Permanent metal roofs, such as these Ironwood Shake roofs, are beautiful, eco-friendly and last forever. Ironwood Shake is just one style of what Anglin calls “permanent metal roofs,” a category that also includes European tile and heavy shake styles, as well as a stunning new “Iron Slate” profile that was introduced on Vancouver Island just this year. Like concrete tile roofs, Ironwood Shake is guaranteed for life, has great “curb appeal” and tends to considerably increase the value of a

home. However, concrete tiles can become porous if not treated regularly, and their incredible weight – about 10 pounds per square foot – essentially makes concrete a non-option unless the home was built with a specially engineered truss. Ironwood Shake, on the other hand, can be installed over just about any existing roof, and once installed the roof lasts for decades with-

out any maintenance. In Ontario, says Anglin, there are homes with 100-year-old metal roofs that still look great. Another explanation for Ironwood Shake’s rise in popularity is its growing reputation as an eco-friendly roofing option. Its heat-reflecting properties have earned it an Energy Star rating and the manufacturer is located in nearby Surrey, which means fewer emissions due to trans-

port. In addition, the roofing materials are recyclable and therefore don’t end up in landfills, and rainwater running off an Ironwood Shake roof is free from toxic waste from oil refining, a concern with cheaper asphalt or fiberglass shingle roofs. Anglin, who lives in Courtenay and has been in the metal roofing industry for more than 35 years, says he’s installed “thousands” of

permanent metal roofs on Vancouver Island. In fact, he’s never installed any other type of roof. “I have no confidence in them,” he explains. “If you want a beautiful, eco-friendly roof that will last forever and increase the value of your home, you can’t do better than a permanent metal roof. It’s the least expensive architecturally designed metal roof on the market, yet it’s superior in many ways

to other materials. I absolutely believe this is the best product and the best price.” To learn more about Ironwood Shake and other permanent metal roofing options, visit and www.vancouverislandsbestroof. com. For a free, no-obligation estimate, call 250-5321725 or 250-380-4853. Ironwood Shake and Tile

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Our Amazing New Website Has It All www.cityo!



Langfor t u o b A e u’ll Lov o Y s g n i Th .m.

’re I nv t GRA o a HU ited… G N

tadium m - 2p rket 10a ear Mountain S a M n io T AUGUS oldstream Stat Football at B fo at G in ls Aug. 27 estshore Rebe k. Tickets and r W a . P 7 e r m Aug.2 o 4 p.m Cent Park from 2 t at City r e r o h s e est ilidh ic in th www.w of Mus rk with Cooke k e e w a t l P Las -2 pm Memoria Aug. 28 m 10 am o r Veterans f t e k ar s. tation M BER tream S ton Fairground M s E ld T o P G E x S 4 u 2 L , t 17 a 10, Fall Fair Sept. 3, Luxton .lu 18 16 . t at www Football at Sep ark. Details ls e Centre P b e y R it C e r t o a Westsh Stadium Sept. 17 Bear Mountain rk entre Pa t City C 11. 10am-2pm a ll a b t 0 for 2 ls Foo ER OCTOB estshore Rebe Station Market ena W A m a idge r stre Oct. 8 st Gold ween at Eagle R a L 15 . allo Oct entre Family H Ridge C le g Oct. 31 a E t air a BER Craft F NOVEM t Shore s e ns Park W t Vetera a ir Nov. 4-6 a F raft p and C ER ciation DECEMB istsmas Lightu perators Asso hr t O f Dec. 3 C land Equipmen stival o s I e d erce Fe 3 a m r a m P o Dec. k C c Big Tru re Chamber of o e WestSh e Truck Parad ity Centre Park ir Dec. 18 C F t s a t k h Lig Par s in the a m t is r Ch bsite at Dec. 18 new we

at C D OP E EN ity C entr ING e Oct . 22 nd Park

From the Mayor StewDesk of Young Watch fo r the gr Sportsp and open lex and ing of th ice aren e new The 20 a at City lane, 10 Centre Pa pin fam rk Oct. area tha ily bowli 22! t can be ng centr divided e in birthday c lu o d ff es fo a parties r corpo n and even rate gath cozy fir ts. The erings, eplace, le s ix lane sec ather co tion featu uches a Take the res a nd a ref fr ee reshmen L angford exciting t bar. Trolley to sports action w City Cen a round ith Wests tre Park of mini h for o r e R g ebels foo olf, and Playzone. tball, enjo relax wh The Lan y il e th gford T e kids h attractio rolley co ave a bla ns, scen nnects st in ic lakes, y ou to all shoppin awardof Lang g areas. w in n ford’s ing trail Stroll th coffee o rough G system r meal a o a n ld d s tream V mong th illage an dancing e palm d stop waters. trees, fl for a owers, fo untain, Discover lights an why Lan d gford is raise a the perfe family o r retire. ct place It’s all on to open a busines ly minu tes away s, in Lang ford.

g r amazin !angfor o y it visit ou .c www

ng citi x e s ch ebel R Cat e or tsh s l e W tbal o o F .27 Aug 17 t. Sep .8 OCt

Explore the Vibrant Heart of the Growing West Shore

GlenHeights Condos

Actua View f l rom Condo

NEW HOURS Mon-Sat 8am-4pm

2829 Peatt Rd., Langford 250.391.8636

Tues - Sun 11am to late night Live music Friday & Saturday 5285 West Saanich Rd. 250.479.6612


$259,900 includes net HST

Magnificent Views of Langford Lake & the Olympic Mountains





Display Centre Open Daily From 12PM – 4PM


Contact: 250-889-4445 or Email:

Open 7 days a week • Mon to Sat 8am - 6 pm • Sun 10am - 5pm

With Coupon – Expires 9-15-11 – BLACKPRESS

872 Langford Parkway • 250.590.5678

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