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How To Avoi d S crew ing Up B i g T ime


This guide book prevents readers from making mistakes and helps them receive secret information and advice.



How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Before start to read, look for cards to get advice from BFA alumni. (1)

Visiting Artist Lecture Posters



Job Interview Flyers



Free Popcorn and Bagels

Student Affair


Print Lab Key



Ed Fella

MFA 1 Studio


Access to iMacs

Mac Lab


Free Shampoo and Conditioner



Free Condom and Bandaid



Breakfast Burrito


(10) Donut



Near BFA1 Studio

Grad Crit Room

(12) Graffiti

Basement Floor

(13) A113

First Floor


Design Books



Redcat Posters


Collect scavanger hunt tickets from the above list to fill blanks in the book and get advice from recent BFA alumni.


Book Recommendations


Read lots of design books to get to know history and be inspired. Scott will recommend books for first year to buy. Stop by the library early and be the first to read.

1) Pioneers of modern typography. 2) IDEO Magazine. 3) Megg’s History of Graphic Design. 4)Designing with Type, 5th Edition: The Essential Guide to Typography. 5) Thinking with Type. 6) Typeform : a History




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Maybe buying them is better, Then they are yours forever. 04

Book Recommendations

Also here are our recommendations for you.

1) Eye magazine. 2) Graphic design : now in production. 3) Edward Fella : letters on America : photographs and lettering. 4) The Little Know-It-All. 5) Typography: Formation and Transformation: Introduction to Typographic Process. 6) Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics. 7) Manage Your Dayto-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind. 8) Don’t Get a Job, Make a Job: How to make it as a creative graduate.




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time






Lab Information and Supplies.


Make lots of cool posters.

But make sure to go to orientation. Orientation is a yearly event. You must attend one each year. The orientation database entry and the online orientation agreement are yearly events and is a contract between the you and lab - since things change on a yearly basis we require you to attend one orientation every new school year.




Before you screen print, you need awesome paper. Where do you go and get paper? You can get paper from the print lab cage, but here are other option.

Kinko’s or Staples When printers at school don’t work and you need to print work in a hurry, maybe these are good emergency options. Also they sell some color papers.

French Paper Co. You can buy various size of papers (12.5×19, 25×19, 25×38) but you need to order online. Don’t forget to ask to get a sample book when you order.

Kelly’s Paper You can see paper colors and feel the texture in the store. But if you need to buy tabloid size color paper, you need to buy in bulk.

North Hollywood, 12641 Saticoy St.






Read instructions in the dark room.


Ask Dansby or the lab tech that is on duty.





How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Don’t take a scoop coater and squeegee from the locker without permission and don’t make a mess on the tables. Don’t press any button in the coating room without reading instructions. Don’t steal the squeegee. Don’t play with the guillotine cutter. Don’t ignore what the lab tech says. Don’t throw rags anywhere. Don’t misplace your screens.

You need scrap newsprint paper, good paper, ink, rags, tabs, and cleaners nearby.

Red bins are for extremely dirty rags. And yellow bins are for rags that could

h if t

ere is a p

blem. ro

e I ask ed



us ca

I know


But I will ask


aga in,

to clean your screens.


rags available. Try to only use one rage

trus t

For sure

be re-used when there are no clean

Tips and Tricks

If you are doing Machine Project poster or Redcat poster, you don’t need to pay. But you have to get reimbursement or recharge form and a department authorizing form from the instructor. The budget for Redcat is $35 for 25-30 prints and Machine Project is $100 for a minimum of 8 posters.




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Schedule subject to change. Look on artserve. or the print lab door for up to date infomation. For weekend after hour access. email Dansby before Thursday 3pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please have receipts and forms filled out when using the cage or large format services.

To buy supplies or print at the school, you need to pay at the accounting office. Bring the receipt back to the cage or lab as proof of payment.


Account code for large format printing Account code for the cage Lab deposit *deposit amount : $50






Life Hacks

Don’t fall Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t


Here are two ways to keep you from falling

a sleep in class. It sounds a bit crazy, but put your foot under the leg chair.

Don’t pull an all-nighter. Be productive in day time. 17


How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

l asleep


wake up for an early morning class, but you spend a lot of money for tuition and the classes are worth

. . . . . .. in class.

If you have long hair, pull your pony tail

between your chair and your back.


I know it’s hard to

going to.


Enjoy annual school events. 5.

Try to participate by submitting your work.



How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Print Fair A student-organized event that features the print work and crafts of CalArts students, alumni, faculty, and friends. Attendees have the opportunity to browse and purchase handmade goods such as posters, zines, totes, t-shirts, and more. Workshops hosted at this event give students and visitors the opportunity to make their own works with practicing graphic designers in the Los Angeles area.

T-Shirt Show T-shirts designed and printed by graphic designers will be selling at the T-shirt show.

Mosho An annual show for the graphic design department to showcase everyone’s motion pieces.





Hidden Places

Find your own cave.


I hope you’re doing well. not crying. Fingers crossed.

The best place to cry without people knowing hallway near the print lab 23



How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

It can be the studio, but I would rather be in my own cave. Find a spot where you can focus on work or cry in secret.


Hidden Places

Here are other hidden spots to get away from people and design. Clear your mind by hiding at these spots.

Secret cool places - Staircase in art hallway leads

MFA1 Studio

from ground floor to roof. - Other staircase near

BFA3 Studio

Stevenson Blanche leads up to roof. - End of the world : far

Graduation Courtyard

MFA2 Studio BFA2 Studio

corner picnic table in lower Chouinard parking lot. Nature places - Fire Valley : expanse behind Chouinard hall.

cry here.

Print Lab

- Freeway Vista Point : above or behind soccer field. - Below Ahmanson or near BB6 , Butler Building 6 studio : nice

The Wild Beast

area to relax around oak trees. 25



How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

Mailroom Campus Safety

Caryn’s Office

Tom’s Office

You can get print lab

BFA1 Studio

key for B100 and binding machine key


Shelley’s Office

when you need after hour access.

Wild Beast Field

BFA4 Studio

General exploration of whole school to ... 1. figure out best paths to take. 2. find cool weird places 3. hide




Meet people around school and chat




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

“Break the rules only exceptionally.” 28

Inside Information


Set yourself time limits.

Toggl will help you manage time. Toggl is a program in which you can set a timer to track your activities. Also, using Google calendar is a good idea. It syncs with CalArts Hub page and sends alarm emails.




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time


Mingle More !


Visit and ask questions and meet alums outside the institute.

I went ahead and asked some alums for advice and tips. Seek, gather, and glue the cards to see a hidden message from former BFAs



How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time



Don’t be shy, say hello!


Feel free to drop them a line. They won’t bite. They love to chat...I guess. I am also here to help.




How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time

List of people who have contributed advice to this book Amanda Lui

Angela Bac

Aamina Ganser

Chris Burnett

Jennifer Earnest

Karin Yamauch

Lila Burns

Melissa Kuo

Nick Humbel

Stedman Halliday

Tiffanie Tran

Hit me up too! /


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How To Avoid Screwing Up Big Time  

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