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Based on news articles about victims of 2001 postal anthrax attack


He has a fever and a splitting headache. He decides he can no longer work, so he goes home early. return to page 11


While opening letters, he winces as the paper slits through his index finger. Through the whole day, it does not clot and keeps oozing blood.


He does not feel hungry. In fact, he has no appetite even for his favorite salmon sandwich.


The next day, Bret Wincup goes into the senator’s office feeling under the weather. He did go to bed early yesterday, but he still feels awful.


The morning of Oct. 16, 2001


I remember someone popped their head into the room and said an envelope was opened with powder in it. It looked like baby powder. I was wearing a dark grey skirt and black shoes, and you could see it — just vividly — on the dark colors. I swept all the powder that fell on the floor, then threw it all into the trash bin. return to page 7


That day, Lauren had red lipstick on, and when she talked I could not help but notice the red stain on her immaculate teeth.


I recall buying a salmon sandwich for lunch. You could almost see the through the fresh suface of the meat. It looked like pink glass.


Going back, I noticed a stain on the window that was not there before. It looked like someone threw a tomato. The stain had wipe marks on it as if someone tried to clean it up but failed.


The endo spores enter the body through a cut or an abrasion on the skin. Once inside the stream the endo spores migrate to the blood stream. return to page 3


Airborn spores are inhaled into the body. After brief journey to the lungs, the endo spores enter alvioli sacks, where they attach to the tissue of the alviola. This is where the body initiates an immune response against the endo spores.


Endo spores are introduced to food, which is then consumed. It spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body, while also continuing to make toxins.


The endo spores germinate at the site of entry into the tissues and then spread via the circulation to the lymphatics, where the bacteria multiply.


After a hard day’s work, he cleaned up his desk and drove home safely. go to page 15


He sometimes slacks off from work. Today, he chatted breathlessly for twenty minutes with his co-workers in front of the water cooler. However, he has high ambitions to become a senator himself one day.


He had a salmon sandwich for lunch with Lauren, one of his co-workers.


On the morning of October 15th, 2001, Bret Wincup wasn’t even paid to be there. As an intern at the senator’s office, his job was opening letters.



The morning of Oct. 15, 2001

The morning of Oct 15, 2001  
The morning of Oct 15, 2001  

The morning of Oct 15, 2001