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22 - 24 NOVEMBER, 2018 Mahatma Mandir Convention Cum Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

VOL. 1 | ISSUE 1 | June 2018


REFCOLD INDIA 2018 Leading The Transformation Message From Chairman, REFCOLD INDIA 2018


t gives me immense pleasure and zeal as we launch this first issue of REFCOLD Express – the industry newsle er for the biggest, focussed event that the Indian Refrigera on & Cold Chain industry has seen. It also gives me an opportunity to reach out to all of you periodically and share the updates with regards to this event. REFCOLD INDIA was an idea that has taken shape with an objec ve to bring forward the best technology solu ons and increase the overall growth of the Refrigera on & Cold Chain sector. To a ain this growth, it is impera ve to cover all the sec ons of the refrigera on and cold chain industry and bring all the stakeholders together under one roof. It also meant providing a pla orm to the global investment community to connect with their counterparts and stakeholders in India. The event, set to debut on November 22 in Gandhinagar, is progressing at a very rapid and fulfilling pace. Not just the en re industry and interna onal bodies, now the Indian government is also showing posi ve encouragement to this

Mr. Pankaj Dharkar Chairman, REFCOLD INDIA 2018

promising event that should bring about a quantum leap in terms of technological and economical advancements and avenues for our industry. Our recent programs on 2nd May at JW Marrio , Pune and on 4th May at The Hya , Delhi received a huge response from our partners / decision makers and various government officials. We will be organizing many events for the first me India like Global poster compe on, Innova on Pavilion etc. The details will be circulated soon and covered in forthcoming edi ons of REFCOLD Express as well. Work, in terms of planning and execu ng the logis cs, with clock-work precision is on. There is a huge focus on marke ng the event, reaching far and wide with an endeavour to include the maximum number of par cipants. We are carefully cura ng the co-current events within this large consor um. I would like to wish every member of our team, the best wishes, to work hard and create a whole new flagship brand with REFCOLD INDIA. May this be your best by far!

NürnbergMesse India Speaks

REFCOLD INDIA 2018: Augmenting a new platform for opportunities, collaborations and innovations in the Cold Chain industry


he best memories in life are marked with most special events in one's life. In the professional world, the most memorable achievements result by forging new ideas and immersing in them as they take a shape. And when you see one significantly big idea being actualized, you can foresee history in making; and that is one challenging, yet fulfilling and severely exci ng space to be in.

Ms. Sonia Prashar Chairperson of the Board & Managing Director NuernbergMesse India Pvt. Ltd.

With this excitement, we bring to you the first issue of REFCOLD Express, our periodic newsle er for the debut of the annual REFCOLD INDIA - the grand pla orm to bring together the en re Refrigera on & Cold Chain Industry in the country. REFCOLD INDIA will be one-of-its-kind exhibit whose sole objec ve would be to ensure a well-rounded growth of the Refrigera on & Cold Chain industry in India.

REFCOLD The event, in effect, would be an endeavor to cover all the varied sec ons of the refrigera on & cold chain industry and bring together the vast base of business prospects under one roof. It will also be the arena for the global investment community to connect with stakeholders in Refrigera on & Cold Chain sector in India. REFCOLD INDIA would mark its debut on November 22, 2018. It would be a three-day event that will close on November 24, 2018. The venue, Mahatma Mandir Conven on Cum Exhibi on Centre in Gandhinagar, Gujarat,

is aptly chosen for its size, grandeur, technological preparedness and the dis nct character reflec ng the prosperity of Gujarat. I invite every stakeholder in the Indian refrigera on & cold chain industry to follow and par cipate in this coveted event and watch this space. More details with regards to the event are up on the live website:

REFCOLD INDIA 2018 Partner Preview

Solar Cold Room from Ice Make India Ice Make has gained con nuous reverence as one of the leading brands offering Commercial & Industrial Refrigera on Equipment catering to industries like dairy product, ice cream, food processing, fruit ripening, hor culture/floriculture, hotels-restaurants, pharmaceu cals, logis cs, plas c and chemical industry. This encouraged us to develop the innova ve Cold Storage powered by solar stand-alone units for improving storage quality and reducing wastage of hor culture and floriculture produce to the Indian cold chain industry.

their produce immediately a er harvest which results in overabundance and low price realiza on. Stand-alone Solar Power is the one of best solu ons for opera ng small cold storage system in rural areas where there is certain limit of power load.

Most of the hor cultural / floriculture produce require a cooling temperature between 0°C to 15°C for safe storage and transient purposes. In the absence of cold storage and related cold chain facili es, the farmers are forced to sell Solar energy based refrigera on system is quite relevant to Indian weather because it is blessed with intense and uninterrupted solar energy in most parts of the country, throughout the year. This rich source of endless energy is the main power source for the Solar Cold Room built by Ice Make and it gives a 24 Hours backup with no door opening. Ice Make Solar Cold Room is a hybrid Cold Room designed to use throughout the year, even when there is no sunlight. This Solar Cold Room can be used with the alternate power source during the absence of Sunlight i.e. Electric Power.

You can check more details regarding this path-breaking product and other offerings from Ice Make India on the following coordinates: Email: Toll Free Sales No.: 1800 120 5061 Website:

This Solar Cold Room is portable, making it a mobile cold room that can be shi ed any me anywhere. Addi onally the maintenance is very low and there is no running cost while opera ng through solar stand-alone. These characteris cs make this Ice Make Solar Cold Room best suited & affordable for farmers.

REFCOLD REFCOLD INDIA 2018 Partner Preview

Sanhua - The next big thing Discover • Witness • Embrace Sanhua is the world's leading HVAC&R manufacturer of controls and components with 34 years of experience and a global footprint with 15 factories, 5 R&D centres, and more than 20,000 employees. Our co-opera on with the largest companies in the Automo ve, Appliance and HVAC&R industry makes Sanhua a leading worldwide OEM supplier providing the highest quality components at the most compe ve price. Over the past years, Sanhua has increased its focus on the India Market and has developed me culous plans to invest and boost its HVAC&R business in the country. Already supplying to all major OEMs, Sanhua has also developed a vast distributor network with 7 distributors across the length & breadth of the country and is expanding it to further increase its reach to the end customers.

Sanhua had already launched & would be launching in the upcoming years. Sanhua super conduc ng board/freezing pad is an example, winning the 2018 ACREX Award of Excellence in Innova on category and Sanhua SHF series low-pressure high-capacity 4-Way reversing valve winning the 2018 Innova on product award at China Refrigera on Show. Sanhua will mark its glorious presence at REFCOLD INDIA'S debut show in Gandhinagar this November.

Sanhua believes in true innova on as the innova on at the best possible economics. On the road of product innova ons and R&D, Sanhua had been making huge investments & con nuous efforts, which could be seen with the products

REFCOLD INDIA 2018 Exhibitor Preview

Pre-engineered Steel Building Structures from Lloyd Insulations


old Store building infrastructure is an important component in a Cold Chain Industry. Efficient design, supply and construc on of the cold storage building envelope is a key to the successful and efficient running of the cold storage.

K.K. Mitra Sr. Vice President (Tech. & Mktg.), Lloyd Insulations India Limited

Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) panels. The steel structure is designed and supplied from factory and no fabrica on work is done at site. The PIR panels are fire safe and highly energy efficient. One of the recently constructed Cold Storage is of BOSCO at Kundli.

The building envelope comprising of the steel frame structure and prefabricated insula on system creates a Controlled Atmosphere inside the cold store, which is the most important requirement of a cold store for maintaining the proper quality of Fruits, Vegetables or Processed Food products. The building envelope creates a leak proof cold storage and also adds to energy efficiency. The latest concept in building envelope construc on is Preengineered Steel Building Structure and provided with


REFCOLD INDIA Emerson Awards 2018


Celebrating talent and innovation in the Indian Cold Chain Industry

a er 1st June 2015), the last category is for Refrigera on products either manufactured in India or imported into India and are commercially available for use in the country.

ISHRAE is proud to launch the first edi on of REFCOLD INDIA at the premium exhibi on venue of Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar on 22nd to 24th November 2018. The exhibi on will focus on all facets of Refrigera on industry and the Cold Chain Segment.

The Award will be bestowed upon the Project / Product that has demonstrated excellence by focusing on innova on, energy efficiency and concern for the environment and in the process showcase a project or a product which others can look up to. The winners of the REFCOLD INDIA Emerson Awards would have demonstrated excellence in the project or product design space by delivering high performance.

To encourage and recognize significant achievements made in the refrigera on and cold chain industry, ISHRAE along with Emerson have ins tuted REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS. These will be given in the following categories. • • • • • •

Innova Innova Innova Innova Innova Innova


ve Refrigera on Projects in Food Processing ve Refrigera on Projects in Dairy ve Refrigera on Projects in Logis cs ve Refrigera on Projects in Retail ve Projects in Industrial Refrigera on ve Refrigera on Products

Each category will have a winner and a runner-up. These will be selected by an eminent panel of independent jury members. Awards will be presented at a grand func on on the first day of the exhibi on (22nd Nov 2018) to honor the winners. To download the nomina on form and for further details please visit

While the first five are for projects that have come up anywhere in India during the past 3 years (Commissioned



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